late Chapter 002

The drive home


“So, my lover, we have much to discuss. I think we should go home where we can be alone. Nothing is pressing here, and our plans are not that important.”

“I’d like that – It would be nice to take a shower and put on different clothes. I was too distracted to do that before I came over here.”

“Mmmmm – a shower sounds like a wonderful idea!” he said with his familiar leer. “You have clean clothes at my house, and that’s closest, so why don’t we spend the night there?”

“I’d like that. I need to call Amelia and tell her everything is OK.”

“Here, sit at my desk and use my phone – call your Witch, and let her know we are happy and proud. I will go inform Pam that I am leaving for the night.”

Sookie was scooting up to Eric’s desk as he walked out, and Ginger walked in with a ginger ale. Sookie laughed to herself about the “ginger” coincidence, as silly as that might be, and she was grateful to have it. This nausea thing might be a problem.


“Hi, Amelia – it’s Sookie.”

“Sookie! How are you – is everything OK?”

“Yes, everything is fine. I don’t want to go into too much detail over the phone, but I can tell you that it IS Eric’s baby, and he is thrilled about the idea of being a father.”

“Wow – that’s much better news than I was expecting. Maybe the Mighty Warrior has a soft spot somewhere after all. Wait – I just had a picture of Eric changing a dirty nappy – too funny!”

Sookie laughed out loud. “I’m glad you can picture it, because I certainly can’t!”

Eric came back in as Sookie and Amelia were giggling at the prospect of him changing diapers.

“All is well, my lover?”

“All is very well! I’m staying in Shreveport tonight, Amelia – I’ll see you tomorrow before I go to work. OK, bye!”

“Shall we go?”


“We shall. Can we stop and get me some food? Suddenly, I’m starving.”


“As you wish, my lover,” Eric promised as he ushered her out the back door, through the back lot and toward his tiny red sports car.

“Wow – no room in here for a car seat,” she said as he held her door open. “Two car seats are not enough?” Eric asked, not catching on yet.
“No, I mean a car seat that you put a baby in, for the back seat.”

“Ah, baby equipment,” he said as he folded himself into the car. “I suppose there is much for me to learn about these things. I haven’t been near children in a long, long, time, but I know from TV that there are many things to buy for an infant’s well-being, and that women take great pleasure in creating their nests.”

“You mean “nurseries” don’t you?” Sookie teased as Eric smiled at her.

“Nests, nurseries, these are all the same. Mothers feathering a soft place to nurture their young and protect them from harm. Some mothers might use twigs and feathers and some might buy designer furniture and baby clothes, but it is all the same. It is Mother Nature extending Her long life.”

“I never thought of it that way – I like that! Mother Nature extending Her long life,” Sookie repeated. “It almost makes Mother Nature sound like a vampire, though.”

“All life is vampiric in some way, my lover. When one thing feeds, another almost always dies. Life takes life to continue. Vampires are just a little more direct about it.”

“Huh – I never knew you were a philosopher,” she teased him again.

“One does not live for a millennium without occasionally thinking about the Nature of that life. What would you like to eat, my dove?”

“I want something really gooey and sweet, but that’s probably not a good idea. How about one of those big Chicken Caesar Salads at Hannigan’s? They have takeout.”

Eric turned right into the Hannigan’s parking lot and went to the curb service entrance. A frightened teenager in a brown uniform brought her salad out to the car. She heard him thinking that he had lost the draw to see who would serve the huge vampire. She forgot sometimes just how big and scary Eric can be to people who aren’t used to dealing with an almost-living Norse god. She laughed out loud, and Eric looked strangely at her as he pulled out of the parking lot and back onto the highway.

“You are amused?”

“I am giddy. This evening is already much better than I expected it to be.”


“If I have my way, this evening will get much, much better when I get you home and into the shower.” His blue eyes were glittering and his fangs came down a little. She knew what that meant and it made her squirm in her seat.

Eric laughed and took in a deep whiff of the air. “Ah, someone else is looking forward to our shower, too.”

He was driving too fast, as usual, but he couldn’t get them home soon enough to suit her.


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