LATE Chapter 004


Eric put her down on the bed, but she got right up to get her uniform off. He already had his vest and boots off and headed into the master bathroom. As she wiggled out of her shorts, Sookie called to him, “Eric, sweetie, would you consider a bath instead of a shower? It’s more relaxing.”

“Of course, my lover. What kind of bubbles do you want?”


“Yes, I ordered a new selection of bubble bath crystals and gels. Some of them smell very good. This one called Amber has a wonderful scent.”

“Well, if you think it smells good, let’s try that.”

“As you wish, my lover,” He agreed as he bent to turn the faucet on. The tub was huge – one of the biggest they made that wasn’t intended for 4 or more people.

“Wait a minute,” Sookie said as she tossed her panties on top of her folded clothes, “Eric Northman bought bubble bath? You’re kidding,” she laughed.

“What’s the saying about bread and butter?” he asked as he lit several candles and turned off the light

She came into the bathroom naked, he scooped her up and sat her gently in the tub.

“You mean about knowing which side your bread is buttered on?”

“That’s it. The more pleasant I make your time in the tub, the more time I get to spend in the tub with you. “

“So by buying bubble bath, you are being pragmatic and manipulative?”

“Some would see it that way, I suppose. I just see it as indulging my lover’s senses and enjoying the results” he explained as he climbed into the tub right behind her.

She leaned back against his chest, the ever-erect “gracious plenty” folded up between them. Eric pulled the elastic that was holding her ponytail out of her hair and dropped it on the floor.

“Lean back and wet your hair,” he whispered.

She let him shampoo her hair. “Mmm – it smells like strawberries.”

“That’s new, too. I’m glad you like it.”

“Get that on line, too?”

“Yes. I find myself spending a lot of time thinking about what will please you. It’s very distracting, but not in an unpleasant way. It seems to annoy Pam, though.”

“That you’re thinking about me?”

“No, that I make her try out all these things before I get them for you. She says she feels like a lab rat.“


“She won’t admit it, but she likes the products, too, and so do her female companions.”

“Pam has…”

“Shhhhh, Sookie, relax.” He rinsed her hair with the hand held shower, then twisted it and clipped it up at the back of her head.

“Why’d you do that?”

“So it won’t get oily.”


Eric reached for a bottle of golden liquid and popped the flip up top, pouring a little into his hand and gently spreading it on her shoulders.

“Oh, that smells delicious – what is it?”

“Almond massage oil. It’s edible so it’s safe for many different applications.”

“And you know this how?”

“Just be glad that I do. It will save you some discomfort later on.”


“Quiet, my lover, you wanted to relax so trust in me and do as I say.”

He had both hands on her shoulders now, slowly squeezing and kneading the muscles there, pressing his thumbs firmly into her flesh at the bottom of her shoulder blades. Kissing wasn’t the only technique Eric had spent a thousand years perfecting. As his fingers danced over her skin, she felt all the tension melt away from her neck and shoulders. She hadn’t realized she was so tense, but then again, it made sense because she had been worried for days.

Eric pressed the heels of his palms onto her back on each side and slowly pushed them downward, his fingers kneading her lower cheeks as they circled around and he pressed his thumbs on either side of her spine and pushed them all the way up to the base of her skull. He traced that pattern on her back over and over and then he reached under her arms to her waist and pulled her back to him, kissing her shoulder, her neck, her ear lobe.

She began to worry she would fall asleep when he began massaging her breasts. OK, now she was awake. Relaxed, yes, but wide awake. He poured a little more oil on her breastbone and smoothed it down over her stomach. He began to make little circles on her belly with his fingers as they moved back up to her breastbone, her collarbones, gliding back down to her breasts and teasing the nipples. He spread his fingers across her ribs and stroked, pulling his hands back, then pushing forward to gently squeeze her breasts again.

He began to rub himself against her back as he pressed her oiled flesh back into his chest and his throbbing cock. She laid her head back on his shoulder and arched her neck to him. He kissed her neck, and moved his hands down between her legs, each stoking her soft folds in turn as they moved down and then back up several times.

“Sookie, turn and face me,” he whispered as he pulled her right arm around and guided her to straddle his lap. She thought he was going to enter her, but he shook his head slowly. “Not yet, my lover, be patient.” He kissed her deeply as his hands kneaded her cheeks and thighs, and she bent forward into him.

Damn, she hated it when he was so s-l-o-w and he knew it. He knew he was making her crazy, because she could see the sparkle in those sea blue eyes as she straddled his legs, resting on her knees. He reached for the bottle of oil again, pouring a lot of it into his right hand as he whispered “Kiss me.” She leaned forward again, raising up on her knees a bit to reach him.

As his tongue separated her lips, his hand spread the oil between her legs from her nub all the way back and up between her cheeks. Her eyes widened a bit at that but his left arm slipped around her waist and kept her from breaking the kiss. His right hand was gently massaging her labia, fingers slipping in and out of her. His right thumb slipped into her, as his fingers moved back up to the other entrance and began to press. She wasn’t sure what he was doing and she was even less sure why it seemed to feel good. She began to wiggle a bit on his hand and put her arms around his neck. She couldn’t look at him, but she didn’t pull away, either,

Eric breathed against her neck “My lover…” and as he did his finger slid into the other entrance as his thumb went deep into her vagina. She was impaled on his hand, feeling something she’d never felt before. She put her hands on his shoulders, grinding on his hand. Years of Christian upbringing were screaming in her brain but they were being smacked down hard by the pleasure that was building as she rode Eric’s fingers.

‘Oh. My. God. He has the longest fingers.’

He was really moving his hand in and out of her and he held her firmly around the waist. She began to lean backward into his hand, thrusting her breasts forward. His mouth found her nipple and bit. When the wave came crashing down on her, she understood why it’s called le petit mort – she was dying and she didn’t care.

Her legs were shuddering as he pulled his hand out and pulled her forward onto his cock with such surprising ease that she would later conclude that he’d done this before. A lot. She felt like a rag doll and not at all sure she could hold it together until he finished. He reached between them with his left hand to rub her nub and began to really push upward as she rode him.

He grabbed her with both hands and flipped her under him so she was now with her back to the tub. He began to take long strokes in and out of her, splashing water over the side of the tub, putting out several of the candles. His arms were on either side of her head, braced on the edge of the tub, his muscles bulging as he began to move with vampire speed.

“Oh, god, ERIC!” she screamed as he let out a growl she had never heard come from him before. Then, they were still. Sookie was panting, and Eric threw his head back and shook his hair like a lion’s mane. That was… intense.

Looking around a bit as she sat up, Sookie couldn’t believe the condition of the room. “We made a mess.”

Eric laughed with that shaky, ‘I just fucked like a vampire’ way of his. He was so smug. Damn he was sexy when he was pleased with himself. He pulled a stack of towels from a shelf and threw them on the floor to mop up the water they splashed over the sides.

“So, my lover, are you relaxed now?”

“Ah, I uh” Sookie chuckled because she knew there was a joke there somewhere but she couldn’t think clearly enough to find it. She was still laughing as Eric opened the drain to empty the tub, look a bar of soap and began to wash the oil off of her skin with the hand-held attachment.

“So, almond oil?” she laughed.

“Almond scented massage oil. And the best part is, your skin will feel like velvet when you’ve been washed and dried.”

“What… I mean, I never…”

“It’s good to try new things, Sookie. Sometimes things feel better than you might imagine if you didn’t know.”

“I guess so…”

Eric reached for a big, fluffy white towel.

“That thing is huge!” she said as he wrapped it around her.

“I can’t let my lover get cold, especially not now.”

“Oh god, I almost forgot – I’m a terrible mother!”

Eric laughed as he took the clip out of her hair. “You are an angel. It’s good to be relaxed and happy. It has to be good for the baby.”

He handed her a comb so she could finish her hair while he bent over the tub and washed his hair with the attachment. She could grow to love that thing, if only for the view it was giving her of Eric’s best feature.

“I know you are watching me, Sookie.”

“So?” She snapped a little defensively.

“I just want you to know that I know your eyes are on me whenever I turn my back to you. I need to get on with having that mirror put up over the bed.”

He came to stand behind her as she looked in the mirror, combing her hair.

“You wouldn’t really do that would you?”
“I would if it would please you.” He took the comb and started on his own hair.

“It’s kind of kinky, don’t you think?

“Kinky? That’s a word people use to describe sex they aren’t having. It does not apply to us, my lover. We are bonded – we do whatever we want, whenever it pleases us.”

“Ok, then, yeah, I’d like you to do that. “

“Ok, that’s the second order of business – right after I order your new car.”



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