LATE Chapter 006

It’s a what thing?


“Are you going to pout now?”

“I am NOT pouting. I’m just tired.”

Eric gently ran his hand down her back, over her bottom and down the back of her leg.

“That’s too bad. I thought you might be on that towel for a reason.”

“That’s giving me chills.”

“Want to get under the covers?”

“No. What did you mean just now?”


“When you said you thought I might be on the towel for a reason – what kind of reason would I have?”

“I thought maybe you wanted to protect the bedspread from more oil or secretions. I can tell you are more… aroused than usual. I thought perhaps you wanted more massage or to explore a little more.”

She put her head down on her hands folded beneath her as Eric played with locks of her long hair.

“Explore…” she repeated softly.

“Hmmmm? Is that a request?” He leaned forward to nuzzle her ear, his hand resting on the small of her back.

“Not exactly. I mean…. I don’t know… I’m just thinking.”

He kissed her shoulder. “Tell me, my lover. What are you thinking?”

“It’s hard to talk about.”

“Sookie, we are bonded. You can speak to me of anything. You can ask me anything.” He stroked her hair and back again.

“You know I’ve only had a couple of boyfriends.”

“Mmm-hmm, I actually think about that a lot.” His finger traced the edge of her ear.

“I’m not always sure…. I don’t know if I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do.”

“Sookie, I am very happy with you,” he whispered, “happier than I have been…”

“No, it’s not that.” She turned her face away from him as his hand began to squeeze and knead her bottom gently. He kissed her shoulder and reached for a switch in his headboard that dimmed the lights in the room, then continued to stroke and rub her back and her bottom.

“In the bathroom before….” She said softly

“Hmmm” Eric was paying close attention to her words now and she couldn’t see them but his eyes were bright and his fangs were down a little.

“I… couldn’t look at you… but…”

He kissed her shoulder again, still rubbing her lower back and bottom.

“…that didn’t mean I didn’t like it.”

“It seemed to me that you liked it very much, my lover.” He squeezed one of her cheeks as he said lover and he said it in that tone that makes her feel a little dizzy.

“Um…yeah…do you like to… do that?”

“That?” His hand was kneading a little more firmly now.

“Yeah, but instead of with your hand…”

“Ah. Yes, my lover, I like that very much. I will never try to force you to do that, you know. I would only consider it if it was something you wanted.”

“Would it hurt?”

“Probably not, with a generous amount of lubrication, if you were very relaxed and I was very gentle.”

“Would you stop if…?”

“I would never hurt you, Sookie. I want to give you pleasure, not pain. I get no satisfaction from pain.

”If I liked it, though, you would get… satisfaction from it?”

‘Yes, very much.” He reached down between her legs and stoked her. She was very, very wet. She moved her legs apart and rose up on her elbows. He pushed up on one hand so he could reach her more easily. He stroked her silently a few more times, positioned himself over her, a leg and hand on each side of her, but not resting his weight on her back; He reached for the drawer beside the bed and retrieved a white tube. He rose up on his knees behind her, between her legs. He gripped her hips and said “Keep your weight on your elbows, lover, and come up on your knees.”

She did exactly what he told her to do. He reached around to the front and began to very slowly rub her nub and her folds. Eric kissed her shoulder and stroked her so that she couldn’t keep her hips still.

“Do you like that, lover?”


He rubbed the tip of his penis around the entrance to her vagina, then slowly slid into her. She gasped and arched her back to take him deeper. He moved very slowly and deliberately again. He was merciless with his hand in front of her and he gripped her so hard she felt like she couldn’t get away. With her knees so far apart she felt as if he was going right through the center of her. He was beginning to pump her faster now, grabbing her hips and slapping the front of his thighs against the back of hers. His hands were everywhere, on her breasts, around her waist pulling her back into him.

Her head was pounding and she couldn’t focus on anything except the sound of their bodies slapping together and what she was feeling between her legs. She tried to stay up on her elbows, gripping the edge of the mattress and just trying to hang on. She could feel her climax building and knew she would collapse – her legs would give out because they were so far apart, and she was THERE, oh, god, right there and Eric was pounding her like he had never done before.

She couldn’t really think, but it flashed through her mind that he was more excited than usual because she had talked about that. Before she could form another thought, Eric was coming, his arms tight around her waist, puling her to him and keeping her from falling on her face. When he was done, he released her waist and let her slowly stretch out before him again. Her legs were still very wide apart.

“Sookie, can you come up on your knees a little, and arch your back a bit.” As she moved into place again his hand went underneath her from behind. He stroked from her nub all the way up between her cheeks this time.

“Sookie, this lubricant will feel cold at first.”

Whatever it was, he spread a lot of it between her cheeks. His fingers began to open the ring of muscle, much more slowly than he had done earlier. He moved it in and out of her, adding more lubricant. She felt more pressure, and realized that he was slowly forcing a second finger into her. She couldn’t be still, and she was a little afraid he would think she was trying to get away from him. The two fingers moved in and out slowly.

“Sookie, are you still offering?”

“Unh, y-yes.”

“You know I’m bigger than this, yes?”


“Are you sure?”


She could hear sounds of him opening the tube again, but she didn’t feel anything. Then, his fingers retreated and were quickly replaced by something much larger. He pushed forward slowly and she felt a little panic briefly – she was really being stretched. It didn’t really hurt, but it was really tight. She was panting,

‘Relax, Sookie – don’t tense up;”

“ahhh- hhhh”

He was pulling out, but went right back without hesitating. He was making short strokes at an easy, even pace and it seemed to go on for hours though it was only a few minutes. She reached back with her own hand to rub herself. There were tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Sookie, my lover, oh, god, Sookie, you are mine. Promise me, you will never, never do this with anyone else.”

“W- we’re bonded, I did promise.”

“Promise me now, Sookie, right now.”

“I promise Eric,”

“Say it,” he growled.

“I promise I won’t do this with anyone else. Only you – AHH!

He bit her shoulder, hard. She was seeing stars, in a good way, and trying not to scream.

Now he was really moving. The bed was hitting the wall, and Sookie’s legs and arms both failed her. She was flat on the bed now, and Eric’s weight was mostly on top of her. He was talking very fast, in that language she was going to have to learn, his forehead pressed to her shoulders.

“Ahhhhhh: YYYEESSS!” he screamed and collapsed on top of her. Eric was laughing – “Ohhhh, Sookie, I do love you.”

“I can’t breathe”

He was still laughing as he rolled to the side.

“Is something funny?” she croaked, still out of breath.

“No, my lover, I am just happy. I am very, very happy. “

“Because of what we just did?”

“Because of everything – you, our bond, our baby AND that. That was the best possible end to a very good day.”

“And what was all the possessive stuff – you know I hate that. It’s medieval.”

“It’s important in my world – more important than anything.”

“Why does it matter? We’re bonded, isn’t that the be all and end all for vamps?”

“For vampires, yes, but not for men.”


“Did you ever do that with Bill?”

“Obviously not.”

“Or Quinn?”

“Absolutely not.”

“But you did yield to me, my lover, and that is very special to me.”

“So you’re saying it’s a dick thing?”

“Where did you hear that expression?“ Eric seemed genuinely shocked.

“From Dawn, at work. She and Arlene used it all the time.”

“Ah, well – never use it again, but yes, my lover, it is a dick thing.”


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