LATE Chapter 010

A Whole New Sookie


‘Mmmm,’ Sookie thought, ‘that was really good Parmesan.’ She washed the plate and put it away, and she noticed that Alicia had bought several cans of tuna, some tins of anchovies and there was a whole pizza in the fridge with no meat, the way she likes them. She would save the Caesar Salad for tomorrow.

She headed back up stairs. It was almost completely dark at the top of the stairs, but there was a little nightlight on in the hallway so she found her way into the bedroom. It smelled like roses in the room, and she was guided by the candlelight coming from the bathroom. The tub was full and the water was warm. Eric walked up behind her and hugged her from behind.

“My beautiful lover.”

“I’ll bet you say that to all the girls.” She laughed.

“I’ll bet I’ve never said that in a thousand years, my lover.” She loved it when he talked that way, even if it wasn’t true, though she was pretty sure he really was telling the truth.

“You are over dressed, Sookie,” Eric purred as he pulled the t-shirt up over her head. He put both palms on her breasts and squeezed, then slowly kissed his way down her back. He took a little nip at her left lower cheek and she felt a little surge of lust. He helped her up into the tub, and followed her in. He settled in and she was in his lap immediately. She could barely wait for him to respond. He was already hard and she lowered herself onto him without any warning at all.

“In a hurry, my lover?”

“Yes, I want you right now. None of your slow stuff tonight. Fuck me hard right now.”

Eric laughed in delight. His little Belle was out of control, in the very best possible sense. He never thought she’d be this forward with him so soon – if ever. He moved to the center of the tub with her writhing on his cock. She leaned back to wrap her legs around him and he sat “Indian style” with his hands on her backside. He was moving her up and down with his hands, and she was grinding into his lap. It was almost like she couldn’t get him deep enough. She threw her arms around his neck tightly and buried her face in his neck as she continued to grind.

She whispered in his ear “Fuck me, Eric – harder. Oh, please, please, move me faster. I need you so much I can’t stand it.”

He was kissing her shoulder and neck. He ran his tongue from her neck to her collarbone, and Sookie was getting wilder by the second. He was moving her up and down very fast, and she braced her hands against his shoulders. She threw her head back and actually yelled “Ahhhh – ah! More, oh god, MORE!”

He had never seen her like this. It was an amazing turn on, so he decided to make the most of it. In one swift sweep she went from his lap to on her knees at the back of the tub Eric lifted her back side so she was over the side of the tub. He bit her right cheek savagely. He wasn’t doing it to feed – he was doing it to spur her on, and it really, really worked. She howled, and he raised up on his knees, entering her from behind and he was rough about it. Sookie was whimpering, and panting. She grabbed the edge of the tub and stretched out her arms. She arched her back , shaking her head from side to side and Eric began to really drive her hard. She let out a gasp at the end of each stroke, and started to shake. “harder, please, harder, please,” she repeated. “Harder” was exactly what he gave her, holding her hips tightly so he didn’t slam her head into the wall. She was climaxing and he wrapped his arm around her waist, holding her tight, while his right hand stroked and petted her between her legs,

“Unh – unh!” the sound she made was primal – it was the first time he or anyone else had ever seen her lose control. Eric was finishing with slow but hard strokes and she went limp in his arms; He sat back on his heel laughing, pulling her to him. His right hand still teased and petted her, and it was making her squirm.

He held her firmly, continuing to rub her, and whispered “Can you do it again, Sookie? Can you come for me again?”

“Oh, ah, don’t stop – keep doing that. No matter what I say, don’t stop and don’t let me get away from you. Make me… make me take it even if I say I can’t.”

Wow – masochistic Sookie – that’s a new side of her.

He was definitely up for this little game but he started wondering if he was going to need to borrow Pam’s paddle. Never let it be said, though, that Eric Northman failed to rise to a challenge.

“Come here, Sookie” He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to face him. His hand was still stroking her relentlessly. She was going wild, trying to twist away from his grip. She grabbed his neck with both hands and pressed her forehead to his.

“Don’t stop, no matter what.”

“You might regret saying that lover. I have no intention of stopping now.”

Part of her seemed to want nothing more than to get away from him. Another part – a new Sookie – wanted to be pushed beyond her own limits, and Eric was more than happy to do the pushing.

“Do you know what you are asking me. Sookie?”


“You want to see how far you can go?


“I’m not going to stop, Sookie…”

“Oh, oh, ohhhhh god”

She was frantic. He didn’t let her go, and he didn’t stop.

He pushed her to the point that she was sobbing, writhing. When he thought she really couldn’t take any more, he shoved all four fingers of his hand into her at once, rubbed her with his thumb, and latched onto her breast, sucking really hard. She screamed, literally. Not just yelling out his name or calling on god, she actually screamed and cried, reaching out for him and biting his neck. He lost it.

He flipped her over on her knees and grabbed a handful of her hair to control her, pushing hard into her other entrance. Sookie was incoherent, and Eric knew it was time to bring her back to earth. As he pushed into her, she became still, trying to relax, so it wouldn’t hurt too much. It did hurt, but she liked it. He grabbed her upper arms and pulled her back into his chest as he pushed into her again. He wrapped his strong arms around her holding her immobile as he continued to push into her. He kissed her cheek, her forehead., her shoulder. She was shaking and still crying a little.


“Yes, Sookie”

“Hold me.”

“I’ve got you, dear one.”

“Don’t let me go”


He was slowing his hips and letting her relax. She was nearly limp as he sat back and gathered her onto his lap. She was shaking, and clinging to him. He liked this. She couldn’t talk but he could feel through the bond that she was HIS, just as clearly as if it were tattooed on her perfect bottom. As he held her in his lap, caressing her and kissing her, he turned the water on to warm the tub again, and he licked salty tears and sweat from her face and shoulders. It was good to be Eric Northman. Right now, it was very good, indeed.



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