LATE Chapter 013

Laptops and Candle Wax


“Miss Sookie?” Alicia knocked on the door and looked tentatively into the room.

“Hmmm?” Sookie said, stirring for the first time all day.

“Miss Sookie, I have lunch for you.”

Sookie blinked and rubbed her eyes “You made me lunch?”

“Yes, Miss. Mr. Northman asked me to begin making sure that you eat in the afternoons when he’s away.”

“He didn’t tell me.”

“He called me very early today and said you were sleeping. He said if you hadn’t come down for food by 2pm, I was to bring lunch to you.”

“Thank you,” she said, sitting up. Alicia carried a tray over to her, folding down the legs and putting it in place over her lap. “What is it?”

“It’s a spinach quiche, orange juice, and Iced tea. I also brought a couple of cans of ginger ale to keep beside your bed in case you have any nausea. Mr. Northman said you’ve already had some morning sickness.”

“Yeah, I have, but it seems to happen in late afternoon. Wait – don’t you only work twice a week?”

“I’ll be working every day until after the baby comes and there’s at least nanny or doula in place. Mr. Northman wanted to be sure there’s someone in the house with you in case you need anything, and to make sure that you eat.”

Sookie had already downed half of the orange juice and was working on the quiche.

“So you and Eric worked it all out?”

“Yes, Miss, he was very generous as usual and very specific that you were to have whatever you needed. I’m shopping accordingly now, but if you need anything or want anything, I can run to the store for you, or I can drive you, as you prefer.”

“Thanks, Alicia. I’m sorry to be so much trouble.”

“You’re not trouble, Miss Sookie.”

“You could just wake me up and tell me it’s time for breakfast tomorrow.”

“Actually, Miss, Mr. Northman said you’re to spend as much time in bed as possible, so when you aren’t already up, I’ll bring a tray.”

“He told on me, huh?”

“About staying in bed? Yes, he said you would fight it, but to keep after you.”

“He knows me too well sometimes,” Sookie laughed.

“He cares very deeply for you. It’s sweet to see such a big, important man taking such pains to be sure you have what you need. Most women would give anything for that kind of care and attention.”

“I never really thought of it that way. I tend to give him a hard time when he tries to Daddy me.”

“Oh, I don’t think he’s paternal toward you – I think he knows he’s got it good and wants to make sure it stays that way.”

“Thanks, Alicia.” Sookie blushed a little but smiled at her. It was nice to have a little reassurance from an outside source, even if she did work for Eric.

“You finish up there and I’ll get your laundry from the bathroom, The upstairs maid will be in tomorrow to dust and vacuum, but I’ll be coming up to take care of the towels and your clothing.” She went into the bathroom and came out with a bundle of towels and clothes. “I’ve also got this for you” she said as she took a small white box from the pocket of her uniform.

“What’s that?”

“Technically, it’s a baby monitor.”

“A baby monitor?”’

“Yes. I’ll have the receiver with me wherever I am in the house. If you need me, just push this button and I’ll be right up.”

“Doesn’t a baby monitor stay on all the time?”

“Some do, but this one has a privacy option that’s set so that you have to push the button to use it.”

Sookie was finished with her quiche, which was so good she’d have licked the pan if she didn’t have an audience.

“That was really good – you’re a good cook.”

“Thank you, Miss –” she stopped because the doorbell rang.

Sookie was surprised. “Who could that be?”

“Probably UPS, Miss. He said you were expecting a package today.”

“I am?”

“You are. It’s a surprise, I think, but he was clear that he wanted you to open it and get started immediately. I’ll be right back”

‘He spent money on me,’ Sookie thought ‘even though he knows how it makes me feel. He said he would, though, so whatever it Is, I’m going to try not to fight with him. He says we spend time fighting over nothing instead of enjoying our time together. I really have been a bitch to him for a long time, mostly because he scared me, but also because I knew he was right.’

‘I did want him from the first time I met him. I was so afraid Bill would notice, but I was secretly thrilled when he asked me to sit down and then asked Bill if he was “quite attached” to me. If I really understood what he was asking at the time, I’d have died right on the spot. I was so silly, I just thought he was saying he liked me – I didn’t realize until later that he was actually asking Bill for permission to use me for sex and blood. He was just so smug and sure of himself, but I’m glad the night was interrupted because if he had asked me to leave Bill I might have done it. I never had that kind of attraction to a man before. I swear if he had patted his lap, I would have been tempted to hop right on there and run my fingers through that golden hair. I don’t know if it was love at first sight, but it sure was lust. I could hardly breathe around him. When he said my name…”

“Here we are, Miss.” Alicia came back with a box about the size of a toaster oven.

“What is it?”

“Would you like me to help you open it?”


Alicia moved Sookie’s tray over to the dresser, and handed her the box.

“Hmmm – the ends are taped.”

“Do you want me to get a knife from the kitchen, Miss?”

“Actually, there’s a box cutter the pencil holder in Eric’s office across the hall.”

“I’ll be right back with it, Miss.”

Sookie laughed to herself when Alicia returned with the box cutter. Most of the ones she had ever seen were yellow. This one was neon pink. No masculine insecurities in her man, ha ha!

Alicia cut the tape on one end of the box, and there was another box inside. Sookie took hold of the inner box as Alicia pulled the outer box away from it. The box was made like a briefcase, but it had a picture of a computer on it. HE DIDN’T.

He did. He bought her a laptop. A MacBook Aluminum to be exact. She barely knew how to use a computer and here’s this little thing that had to cost a lot of money and probably does all kinds of wonderful things about which she had no clue. It would probably take her a year to learn how to do anything on it. What the hell, Northman?

“Oh, that’s very nice, Miss. Apple computers are very advanced, but they have a reputation for being easy to use.”

“Really? They’re Easy?”

“Very. Here let’s unpack it.” Alicia helped her open the briefcase box and she got a look at today’s challenge. It was sleek and silver and very sharp. As computers went, this one was pretty cool looking.

Alicia pulled out what she guessed was a power cord and slid two weird parts together to make the cord longer. “Oh, that’s convenient – there’s a power strip set up right here by the bed,” Alicia said as she bent over to plug it in. Sookie had no doubts about who had put that power strip in place before he went to his hidey-hole, knowing this critter would be here before he got up.

Alicia raised the lid on the little computer, and it was black and shiny and beautiful. She pressed a button that was hardly visible in the upper right corner next to the screen and it lit up with a “bong” sound that surprised her. After a few minutes, it said “welcome.”

“Alright, Miss, just follow the instructions from there. It will walk you through the set up process. I’ll go take care of some things in the kitchen. Call me if you need me.”

Sookie, who had been a little mesmerized by this little marvel, looked up and said “Oh, Ok, thanks:”

Sookie started following instructions and filling in her information and it was two hours before she looked up again. She had a user account and a Mobile Me account and it was telling her all about how it worked with iPods and iPhones. She had a wicked little thought about asking Eric if he’d get her an iPhone, but she knew if she did it would be there the next day, just like this thing was here less than 24 hours since he decided she needed one.

She had mixed feelings about this. On one hand, as she told him repeatedly, she didn’t want to feel “kept.” On the other hand, they were getting married, and technically, half of everything he had would be hers. She didn’t want to take advantage of his generosity, but it seemed to give him such pleasure to buy her things like this. Maybe if she started accepting a few goodies like this, Eric wouldn’t be tempted to do anything outrageous like Niall had. When you’re dealing with Supes, you never know what’s going to get into their heads.

The introduction program on the computer had already led her to the point that she had Safari open and was on the internet, because it automatically found Eric’s wireless network – well, two of them really, but one was password protected and one was open. She used the open one and she was on Google in no time.

At about 6:00, Alicia came back and had a tray with a HUGE Caesar Salad.

“Wow,” Sookie said. “That looks great, but didn’t I just eat?”

“That was several hours ago, Miss Sookie. I added some grilled chicken to this to add some protein and it’s got plenty of anchovies.”

“Thank you so much, Alicia.”

“You’re welcome, Miss. Enjoying the new laptop?

“Yeah, I am. I think I actually sort of figured out what I’m doing.”

“Good for you, Miss. Is there anything else I can get you?”

“Is there a cold ginger ale?”

“Right here, Miss.” She pulled a can of soda out of her pocket and set it on the tray.

“I’m going to leave one warm one up here, because that’s better for nausea, but I’ll take the second one from earlier back down and put it in the fridge for tomorrow. If there’s nothing else you need, I’ll be going home now, and I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.”

“Thank you so much, Alicia, for everything.”

“Have a good evening, Miss.”

Sookie pushed the tray out in front of her and sat cross-legged on the bed. She put the big bowl of salad in her lap and set her MacBook on the tray so she could see it while she ate. This thing really was pretty cool.

She was munching away at her salad and cruising the internet when she realized she was being watched. Eric was standing in the doorway, with that shit-eating grin that made her melt. “Hey!”

“Hey,” he said, “having fun, my lover?”

“Yes. You need to look as see if I’m doing things right.”

He came in and sat on his side of the bed, scooting over next to her, kissing her shoulder. “Do you like it?”

“Oh, Eric, it’s amazing! You shouldn’t spend this kind of money on me, though.”

“You shouldn’t worry about money. I told you, we’re wealthy. You can have anything you want, and I don’t want you to hesitate to buy whatever you need.”

“I don’t want to take advantage.”

“Caring for you is not a burden, dear one. It’s my greatest pleasure.”

“Your greatest pleasure?”

“I’m including the care I give you by making you scream my name as you spend.”


“Climax. Orgasm. It’s an old-fashioned word, I think, but it’s nicer than some I hear people use.”

“Ok, so you weren’t talking about spending money…”she laughed. He took the empty bowl from her lap and put it on his nightstand.

“You are in a very sweet temper tonight, dear one. What did you do today?”

“You’re looking at it. I sat here, I ate amazing food and I played with my new computer.

“Ah, finally – a lady of leisure” he teased as he closed the lid on the laptop and leaned over her to set it and the tray on the floor by her nightstand. As he came back up, he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her toward him and into a more horizontal position. She giggled a little and he kissed her.

“MMMmmmm. I missed you today.” She nuzzled his neck.

“Mmmmm. You smell like fish,” he laughed.

“I need to brush my teeth.”

“Have you bathed today, lover?”

“No, I was hoping we could take our evening bath together.”

“That sounds like a very good idea, lover. Let me check my email, you do all your ablutions and start filling the tub.”

“OK,” she said happily. She loved this new closeness between them. It was almost like once she stopped fighting everything he tried to do, they fell into a comfortable rhythm that made her feel more loved and secure than she ever had before.

Eric skimmed his email quickly, noticing that Bobby Burnham had set up a meeting with his accountant for Sunday with a request for a call Friday night so he knew how to prepare. Burnham recommended three wedding planners and he printed the email out to give to Sookie.

He heard back from a jeweler he had talked to two weeks ago about having a ring made for Sookie. He replied to the Jeweler that he wanted a 10-carat emerald cut diamond with a teardrop (blood drop) shaped ruby on either side, set in a platinum band. The jeweler had told him that he could provide a drawing in 24 hours, then it would take a week to execute the design. They had already discussed the requirements for the stones, which were to be top quality. Sookie wouldn’t know the difference, but he would and his wife was going to wear nothing but the best. He had an image to maintain, though he knew Sookie didn’t understand that yet. She would learn. He would bring her along a little at a time, teach her, train her, and she would be a glittering jewel in her own right.

There was email from Pam saying she would take charge at the club tonight and that he needn’t check in until he came in Friday to look at invoices. She needed him there as soon after dark as possible.

He put the computer to sleep and went back into the bedroom. He could hear Sookie splashing around in the water, and smell vanilla bubble bath. The light was on though and no candles. He would need candles later on.

“Vanilla tonight, my lover? Very sensual.” He began to light the candles arranged around the room on tables, in little sconces on the wall by the tub.

“It smells sort of like cookies.” She looked up at him and he kissed her, then continued with the candles.

“Does that please you, little one?” There were tapers in individual candlesticks on the ledge beside the tub that he hadn’t used yet. Tonight Sookie would find out what they are for. He finished, threw the matches back out on the dresser, and turned the lights out.

“Finally!” Sookie was impatient again. Very good.

“Finally, my lover? Were you lonely?” He purred at her as he climbed into the tub behind her. She immediately scooted back between his legs, and pulled his arms around her. He put his hands over her breasts and hugged her to him. Her eyes were closed, her breathing slowed. He kissed her hair, her ear, her shoulder.

“You kiss my shoulders a lot.”

“That’s because they’re beautiful. You know, in my culture, when I was young, the most attractive part of a woman was not her breasts or her legs, but her upper arms and shoulders.”


“Um-hm. Yours would have inspired epics and poems among my people. They are smooth and flawless – a little too tan for those times, but that’s the standard of this culture.”

“It wasn’t good to be tanned then?”

“No, my lover, If you were tanned, especially a woman, it meant that you were poor and had to work outside and so did being thin. The skinny, tanned women in magazines in these times would have been considered quite ugly among my people..”

“So they wanted women who were pale and fat?”

“Fat would have been defined differently then. Fat would have meant very, very fat. In your culture in the 50’s, Marilyn Monroe was considered a Goddess, yet by 21st century standards, she is considered fat.”

“What do you think of Marilyn Monroe?”

“She had lovely upper arms, and I find her curves and softness very pleasing.”

“Is that why you don’t care if I get fat?”

“You are so far from fat, my lover, that it is inconceivable to me. You’d have to be very fat indeed to appear less desirable to me. I’m looking forward to having a voluptuous Sookie to cuddle for a while.” He ran his hands over her as he spoke. “Your belly and hips will grow round and ripe, and then after the baby comes your breasts will fill and swell, just begging to be touched and suckled.” He kissed her neck as she relaxed completely into him.

“What about the personal trainer?”

“That was for you, my lover, not for me. I will love you with or without it. I suspect that you will not love yourself, though, if you do not maintain your figure and I don’t want to see you unhappy.”

“If I wanted to start that, what would I do?”

“You tell me, and I will find someone with the training to work with an expectant mother. The sooner you start, the better, I think.”

“Will you go ahead and do that please?”

“As you wish, my lover, I will leave word with my day man before I go to rest today.”

“I didn’t know that different cultures and different times had different standards of beauty. I mean, I knew styles changed a lot, but I didn’t know things like that did.”

“Oh, yes, for example, in Japan they are very fond of bottoms.”


“Yes, and some cultures stretch their necks with rings.”

“I’ve seen pictures of that. And where they scar patterns into themselves and all kinds of tattoos.”

“The variety of cultures is a fascinating thing.”

“You’ve seen a lot of them, haven’t you?”

“Oh, yes, I have traveled a great deal in my long life.”

“Do you like tattoos?”

“On women?”


“They can be very beautiful if well done and well placed.”

“Would you like it if I got a tattoo.”’

“Only if it is my name tattooed on your perfect bottom,” he laughed.

“Yeah, you’d like that so nobody could touch me without knowing I am YOURS.”

“Exactly. But your skin is too perfect to consider marking it, so I will have to rely on other things to ward off those who desire you.”

“Tattoos hurt anyway.”

“They do, but some do not find it unpleasant. I have known people who enjoy the pain of tattooing. At a certain point, the brain releases the chemicals that it does when you have an orgasm, and the pain becomes pleasurable.”

“What’s that called when you like pain?”


“That’s what you said I had the other night.”

“You have displayed some capacity for masochism, yes.”

“What’s the opposite of it?”

“The opposite would be someone who likes to inflict pain. That is sadism.”

“Like the Marquis de Sade, right?”

“Yes, my lover.”

“I read a book by him once.”

”You did?” Eric’s eyes lit up. This was very interesting news.

“Yes, it was called Justine. Have you ever read it?”

“Yes, lover, I have read many such books.”

“Do you like them?”

“Some of them are very entertaining.”

“Do you like to cause pain or to feel pain?”

“Both, sometimes, in the right circumstances.”

“What is that called?”

“Sado-masochism. A person who can be either is sometimes called a Switch.”

“You like one more than the other, though?”

“I always take a dominant position, but there are certain forms of pain that an be enjoyable.”

“Really? Like what?”

“Hot wax can be exciting when used in sex play.”

“Hot wax?

“Yes – wax from a candle, usually.”

“What do you do with it?”

“Your lover drips it on your skin, like on your chest or your stomach, sometimes on a more sensitive area like a nipple.”

“Doesn’t it burn?”

“Yes, but only for a second. Vampires heal quickly.”

“Do humans like it?

“Some. Of course, the advantage of bedding a vampire is that our blood can heal instantly.”

“How hot is it?”

“It depends on the height from which you drop it. The wax cools a bit as it falls, so the closer to the skin, the hotter the wax.”

She was quiet, and Eric realized that she was looking at the candles in the candlestick holders on the ledge.

“Sookie, would you like to try it on me?” he whispered.

“Yes, if it’s something you like, I want to learn it.”

“Turn and face me, my lover, straddle my legs and take me inside you.”

Sookie moaned as he entered her. She certainly liked this so far.

“I can’t not move,” she said, her hands on his shoulders.

“That’s alright, you can move a little, and soon you will move a lot.” His had his signature leer on his face, his fangs fully down. “Take that candle from the holder, my lover, and keep it upright. Move it slowly over my chest up high.”

She did exactly as he told her, trying very hard not to spill wax down the side.”

“Alright, Sookie, tip it and let it fall on my chest then move it to the side over the water.”

She did and he quickly closed his eyes and rumbled down in his chest.

“Do it again, a little lower, lover”

Drip. “Ohh” Eric said as he jerked just a little “Lower”

Drip ”Ahh” He was starting to move under her, in her. “Again”

Drip “Ah –“ he jumped and laughed a little. He was beautiful like that.

Why was she enjoying this? He caught her gaze and nodded to her, and she moved the candle over his nipple.

Drip “AHH” he bucked a little and gave her a look she had never seen on his face before. It was lusty and dark and a little scary. She swallowed hard and handed him the candle. She leaned back a little, grinding on him.

Drip “Ah” she jumped as a drop fell on her rib cage. Her breathing became ragged.

Drip –“Ahh: She jumped again as the wax fell on her left breast. She braced her hands on his arms as his free hand moved around her waist.

Drip – “UNH” that was right on her left nipple, and lower than the other two. She was grinding hard on him, and he still had that scary smile and narrow eyes.

“Do you want me to stop, Sookie?”


‘Are you sure”

“Yes, don’t stop.”

Drip “Oh” She jumped as the wax fell on her right nipple and from much closer.

”Lower,” she whispered.

Drip :”Ah, ha!” That was even lower, on the same nipple.

“More: she whispered.

Drip. “Ahh…. Eric … god.”

He threw the candle in the water and grabber her with both hands . She was really moving and he was helping her. Water was splashing and she was moving up and down on her knees.

He tightened his grip on her with one arm, kissing her hard, almost taking her breath. His other hand found the bottle of almond scented oil, popped the top and managed to get some of it onto the fingers of that hand. It was messy, but that was of no concern right now.

He was kissing her hard again as she moved wildly on him. His arm around her waist was iron, and she had her forehead pressed against his, arms around his neck and without warning he shoved two fingers into her back entrance, hard.


She screamed and squirmed and reached a mind-blowing release. Eric’s was just after, precipitated by Sookie biting his lip. She was still on his lap, and he was still working his fingers in and out of her slowly.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered to him. Her head was on his shoulder now – she couldn’t look at him again, and he smiled as he held her and probed her.

She sat back a little, hands on his shoulders again, eyes closed and lost in the sensations she was feeling. Eric was kissing the tops of her breasts, and she wiped away the remnants of wax so he could take her nipples into his mouth. He clamped down a little on the right one, and the pain was bright and exquisite.

Eric was still inside her, and hard again. His hand was relentless and she felt another orgasm building when he bit her nipple hard and began to draw blood deeply. Sookie screamed– she was crazed, sobbing, digging her nails into his shoulders and drawing blood. One scratch was really bleeding and she latched onto it before it could begin to close. She sucked it as hard as she could and Eric howled as he came again. When it was over, she was exhausted and he was quietly laughing as they both began to regain their senses.

She moved to one side of his legs and he pulled her sideways onto his lap so he could cuddle her. She laid her head on his shoulder and actually fell asleep for a few minutes while he held her.

She heard him gently laugh to himself again and whispered breathlessly “Why are you laughing?”

“I am delighted with you, my lover. Every day you grow more magnificent, more sensuous, more daring. You are my Goddess, dear one. I have never seen a woman such as you before. You fit me so perfectly, I feel as if you were born to be mine.”

“Do you really mean that?”

“My lover, I have no reason to say it if it were not true. We are bonded, we are engaged, we are living together now and we are with child. There is nothing more I could gain by lying to you.”

“Hold me a little longer before we wash our hair, ok?”

“I’ll hold you as long as you want, my lover.”

She got as close to him as she could. She would have hidden inside of him if she could. How was it possible to want anyone so desperately and love them as much as she loved him?

‘I could have him forever if I wanted to” she thought to herself, ’I only have to say the words.’



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