LATE Chapter o12

Sookie gets caught with her hand in the cookie jar


Eric had been gone for a long time. Sookie considered going after him, but suddenly he was back, carrying a plate and a glass of milk.

“What’s that?”

‘’A chicken salad sandwich and a glass of milk.”

“How did you know I was hungry?”

“I could feel it in you. As soon as you were otherwise satisfied, you began wanting food.”

“Sometimes you knowing how I feel is a really good thing,” she said as she sat up on her side of the bed.

“Yes, sometimes it is. You eat your sandwich and drink your milk. I’m going to check my email quickly to make sure there’s nothing I need to delegate to my day man for tomorrow, and I’ll be back in about 15 minutes.”

“Then what?”
“Then you will feed from me. Most days you’ll just take a little of my blood, but tonight I want you to take a good amount to help your body adjust and make sure we have the bond with the baby well-established.”

“And then…”

“Are you hinting around for more sex, my lover?” he laughed.


“If you eat all of your sandwich and you are not too tired after you drink from me…”

“Then you’ll fuck me?”

He laughed “No, my lover, then I will very gently make love to you and hold you in my arms until you fall asleep and I must go below ground.”

“Why very gently?”

“Because you need rest. I’m afraid we’re going to over do it. As much as I enjoy this new insatiability in you, I am afraid you aren’t getting enough rest and the doctor was very clear about that.”

“She said sex was OK.”

“She said sex play was fine, not a sex marathon.”

“Wouldn’t I know if I were overdoing it?

“I don’t know, but we’re going to slow down for the rest of the night anyway.”

“Can’t keep up with me, huh?”

“Nice try, my lover, but you will not goad me into wild sex with such blatant challenges.”


“Sookie – eat your sandwich and I will be back.”

She stuck her tongue out at him as he walked away. He was still laughing as he sat at the desk in his 3rd floor office and woke the computer up. There wasn’t a lot of email, but he did have to review invoices at the club Friday night and he did need an appointment with his accountant to make preparations for his son and soon his wife. He sent an email to Bobby Burnham to contact his accountant and set up a meeting on an important matter but didn’t go into detail. He also asked Bobby to come up with recommendations on a wedding planner. Sookie shouldn’t have to do all of that by herself. He was a little sad when he thought about her having no mother or grandmother to help her. He knew that was important to women and he really did want her to be happy. He also didn’t want her stressed out.

He was worried about Saturday evening. She was going to cook for her idiot brother and tell him about the baby. He would have to insist that they stay at her house Friday night so he could be there as soon as he awakened that evening. He didn’t want her alone in the house with her brother. He was too prone to fits of temper.

‘If he strikes her again, I will break him in half’ he thought.

He was also worried about privacy. Her brother was too prone to talk about private matters and he was afraid news of the baby would spread too far too fast. He planned to issue a very real threat to Stackhouse when he could get him out of Sookie’s range of hearing. A lot of people would be very unhappy about this baby. Sam Merlotte. Alcide Herveaux, maybe Calvin Norris, Bill Compton.

Bill Compton would be more than unhappy – he will be furious, and jealous, and grief-stricken. He laughed to himself – maybe he should just stake Compton now and be done with it before the wringing of hands and tearing of clothes began. That was the practical thing to do, but then she would be unhappy and he could not bear for her to be unhappy for any reason, and especially not because of him. She was the first thing he had truly enjoyed for a long, long time and he was going to keep her that way, even if it meant making allowances for the likes of Compton.

He thought of the first night he saw her at Fangtasia. Like a light in the darkness and so deliciously naïve, she wasn’t even savvy enough to fear him as she should have. She still doesn’t understand how afraid of him she should be, and he hoped it stayed that way for a good long while. He wasn’t going to let her go no matter what happened, but it would be more pleasant for everyone concerned if she stayed because she wanted to.

He made a tactical error that night that still just eats him alive. He believed her when she said she belonged to Bill, and that wasn’t true. She was a virgin, standing there in that pretty little dress, golden hair shining in the stage lights around the dais. If he had been paying more attention, he would have known. He remembered looking her up and down, but he didn’t get close enough to her to really get a good whiff of her scent. If he had, he would have known and Compton never would have made it out of that bar with her.

That was a setback. She’d have been his long ago if he hadn’t let Compton take that extra step with her. He was patient, though, and still was. She was worth an investment of some time and attention and a good portion of his wealth. Nothing else was going to bring him this kind of satisfaction. He did indulge her, though, more than he should have, and paid for it by watching her with that damned tiger. She didn’t know this, and never would, but he would kill Quinn for touching her when he knew she should be his.

He’d make sure Quinn knew it was him and why he was doing it, but it would be done in such a way that Sookie would never know that Eric was responsible. It would be easy to do since he was pretty much out of Sookie’s life. Compton was right next door, unfortunately, so he was very happy indeed that she had finally decided to move into this house with him. The less she saw of him, the better. She was a little too sentimental toward him for Eric’s taste.

He closed the browser and turned off the office light. As he stepped into the hallway, he stopped. What was he hearing? It was Sookie, breathing raggedly, moaning a little… was she…?

He moved silently to the door, and listened. He could hear the bed creaking, and a slight rustling of blankets. He caught the scent on the air. His little darling was pleasuring herself – and he hadn’t been gone that long. If he had known that being pregnant would affect her this way, he’d have been looking for a way to make it happen years ago. His mind was churning, moving the chess pieces to figure out just the right move with her. Does he let her finish? Surprise her? Punish her? Ah – of course…

Suddenly, noiselessly, Eric was standing over her, and the covers were gone before she could react. Sookie was caught with her hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

“ERIC !”

“Don’t move, Sookie. Missing me, my lover?”

“I was just waiting for you…”

“It doesn’t look to me like you waited for me at all, lover. In fact, it looks to me like you were being a very bad girl.”

“I was just…” She started to reach for the covers, but he threw them on the floor.

“Just what, Sookie? I told you not to move. You stay exactly where you are, and tell me what you are doing.”

She felt her face burning. She never felt as naked as she did at that moment, lying there in front of him, knowing that he knew she was…

“There’s nothing wrong with….”

“With what, lover? What sweet little name do you have for that very particular activity?”

“I’m sure you know words for it in twenty languages.” She was going to be belligerent. Perfect.

“Of course, but I don’t know what word sweet little Southern belles use to describe rubbing themselves to a climax when their lover steps out of the room for fifteen minutes.”

“Are you mad at me?”

“No, Sookie, I’m not “mad” at you. In fact, I think you should finish what you started.”


“Finish what you started, Sookie. Go on – I’m waiting.”

He walked to the dresser at the foot of the bed and leaned on the edge of it, never taking his eyes off of her. She closed her eyes. She could feel the blood rushing to her face, her chest. She couldn’t think of what to do.


Her eyes flew open – she was afraid to move.

“I said, finish what you started.”

“Aren’t you coming to bed?”

“Not until you have finished.”

“It’s cold, I need a blanket.”

“You’ll warm up when you get going again.”


“Sookie, I told you what I expect you to do. Finish what you started.
“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to watch you. Now get to it, and make it good. I’ll know from your scent if you’re faking.”

“I can’t!”

“You were doing just fine a minute ago. Get on with it.”

‘Eric, I’m embarrassed”

“Sookie, I’m becoming impatient.” His voice was soft but threatening.

“Alright, you don’t want me doing that… I get it.”

“I don’t think you do, lover. You are not moving from that spot until I have watched you pleasure yourself.”

“I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Nice try. I’m waiting.”

“It’s no big deal!”

“If it’s not a big deal, why aren’t you doing as you were told?”

‘You’re being a jerk”

“Jerk? Is that what little Southern girls call it.”

“No! I don’t…”

“Don’t what, my lover?”

“I don’t call it anything – it’s just something to do.”

“So why are you not doing it?”

She moved to get up and he pinned her ankles in place.

She fought against his grip, but it was iron.

“Sookie, the sooner you finish, the sooner we can go to bed. I’m not letting you up until you do as you are told.”

“You’ll have to leave at sun-up.”

“If we are still arguing about this at sun-up, you will have more to worry about than a little embarrassment. Now lie back!”

She did. She shut her eyes hard, and she was shaking.

‘I’m going to let go of your ankles, Sookie, and you are going to lie still – do you understand me?”


He moved back to his perch on the edge of the dresser.

“Do you need direction, Sookie? Do you want me to tell you what to do?”

Her breathing was shallow. She was really shaking. He smiled to himself. Game on, little girl.

“Sookie, put your hands on your breasts and squeeze them.”

She hesitated, but then she did what she was told.

“Pinch your nipples, my lover, make them very hard.”

She could hardly breath, but she did it.

“Harder, Sookie”


“QUIET! No speaking.”

She whimpered a little, but kept going.

“Alright, Sookie – move your right hand down, and touch yourself.”

She swallowed hard. She was wiggling her foot out of nervousness.’

“Sookie, I’m waiting.”

Hesitantly, she reached downward and began to stroke herself. She couldn’t lie still. She bent her knees up, opening wider. She knew he could see all of her so she didn’t dare open her eyes. She moved her other hand down to help her zero in on just the right spot. She was rhythmically tilting her pelvis upward, then relaxing.

“Very nice, Sookie, Keep going.”

She licked her lips. She reached further down and slipped her first two fingers into herself. Her hips were flexing more deeply, tilting her pelvis up to meet her hand.

She felt the mattress shake and knew without opening her eyes that Eric had stepped up on the bed. A shadow moved across her face.

“Open your eyes, Sookie”

He was standing over her, looking down at her.

“Look at me lover, and finish.”

Her ears were pounding and her eyes were watering, but she looked at him. She was riveted by his gaze, his eyes bright and blue, his fangs fully down, a low growl coming from deep in his chest. He was so beautiful like that – the wildness in him was sexier and scarier than anything she had ever seen.

She started to moan and move faster.

“Don’t stop, Sookie. Finish for me, lover.”

He held her gaze as he lowered one knee and then the other so he was kneeling between her legs. He leaned over her without touching her as she lay there writhing. She never wanted anything as badly as she wanted him to touch her right now.

“Eric, please…”

“Please, what?”


He reached beneath him and took her left wrist in his hand, stretching her arm out above her head. She was still moving beneath him, the only part of him touching her still the hand on her wrist. He never blinked, She knew better than to stop, He bent forward a little more and inhaled – she knew he was taking in her scent, and she knew he could smell that she wanted him. His other hand reached for her other wrist, and stretched that arm out above her head, too. One of his knees nudged her leg up and to the side, then the other did the same. She was spread, pinned, dying for him to touch her.

“Eric, please”

“Please what?”


‘What do you want, Sookie? Tell me and maybe I’ll give it to you.”

“Come on…” She was trying not to scream TOUCH ME but she was very close to doing just that.

He leaned closer to her, whispering “What do you want, Sookie?”

“You. I want you … inside me”

He was in her before the words left her mouth.

YES! Finally. She couldn’t move much in her current position, but man, he could.

He released her wrists and she grabbed his face in both hands, kissing him as hard as she could. He laughed into her mouth, bent his head down to kiss her neck, nip at her collarbone.

He reached under her, pulling her to him with one arm, raising his other wrist to his own mouth and biting. Blood gushed from the torn flesh as he pressed it to her lips.

Oh, god, it was sweet – she usually tried to tell herself that she hated taking vamp blood, but it wasn’t true. She lived for the times when she could wrap her lips around one of Eric’s wounds. It was like this book she heard about once – Stranger in a Strange Land where they tried to ingest someone’s essence so they could “grok them in full.”

When she was drinking from Eric it was like knowing him from the inside out. She could feel him wanting her. She could feel his desire to taste her. She could feel his body tense and respond to the feel of her sucking on his arm – he was never more excited than when her lips were pressed to him, sucking. She took one last long draw from him and he roared, collapsing on her, little shocks running through him as he kissed her face all over.

He wrapped his arms around her and rolled over on his back, swinging her on top of him in one motion. He smiled at her and she beamed at him.

His eyes were warm. “My beautiful, beautiful little lover. That was magnificent.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, really.”

“I can’t believe you made me do that.”

“You wanted to do that, Sookie – you practically demanded it.”

“What?! You think I liked that?!”

“Stop thinking about what you are supposed to like and listen to your body, my lover. You liked that very much indeed.”

“Maybe the last part….”

“Sookie, I watched you the whole time. I never took my eyes off of you. I saw the desire in your eyes. I saw the way your breathing became rough and your skin flushed with excitement. If you were really honest with yourself, you would realize that you wanted to get caught.”

“I did not –you were just gone such a long time.”

“Oh, yes, all of 20 minutes, and so far away, right across the hall,” he laughed. “Think, Sookie. You know I have extraordinary senses – you knew I would hear the bed creak, smell the scent of your excitement clearly at such close range. You wanted me to catch you and you wanted me to watch you. There’s a part of you that is holding you back – when I see that part keeping you from doing what you want, it is important for me to give you permission to ignore your training and be who you really are.”

“I don’t need anybody’s permission, I just…”

“Think, Sookie. Wasn’t it more exciting when I insisted that you follow my orders?”

“But, that doesn’t make any sense – why would I…”

‘You are very brave in dangerous circumstances, my lover, but you are a little shy with me when we are in bed. There is a part of you that is as wild as any creature ever could be, but you’ve been taught to fear that part. I want to love all of you, not just the parts you have been taught are acceptable. Doesn’t that make sense?”

“Yeah, I guess so. So when you are ordering me like that is that what you were talking about in the bath earlier?

“Domination? Yes. I was dominating you so you would feel free to do something that you wanted to do but could not.”

“Is there a word for what I did by following your orders?”

“That is called submission.”

“Isn’t submission a bad thing? Like being dependent or being weak?”

“Not in the context of sex. When you submit to me in sex, you are showing that you trust me, and you are allowing yourself to do things that you would otherwise be afraid or embarrassed to do. “

“I’m cold.”

“Here, lean back there and I’ll get the blankets.”

“I’m not saying I agree with you, but just say for a minute that you are right…”


“How do you know I really want to do something if I say I don’t.”

“Because I know you, my lover. I have watched you for years, fighting your true nature because you have an idea of how a woman should behave.”

“But there ARE rules and things?”

“In proper times and proper places, of course, but not every time and every place. It took you a long time to admit that you wanted to be with me, though you wanted that from the first night you came to Fangtasia.”

“I did not.”

“If you were honest with yourself, you did. You saw me, you saw my power, and you wanted me, but it took you a long time to admit it.”

“You’re getting pleased with yourself again.”

“I am very pleased with myself, my lover, but I am far more pleased with you. You showed great strength just now.”

“How does submitting to someone show strength?”

“It takes a strong person to allow their will to be bent to another’s.”

“I’m not sure I get it.”

“That is not important. I get it, and I know you have a desire for it now, so we will explore some new games and you will understand it eventually.”

“It’s just you and me though, ri…” Sookie let out a big yawn, ”right?”

“Yes, my lover, it is just you and me. No one else will know how we pleasure each other if that is what you want.”

“I thought you already knew what I want,” she teased.

“Oh, but I do, my dear one, and you will enjoy learning it very much. Now, I am going to turn off the light, and you fall asleep in my arms, then I will see you after dark. Are you staying in today?”

“Yes, I still don’t want to leave the house.”

“Then don’t.” He turned off the switch in the headboard, and they were together in the dark. She fell asleep with her head on his chest, and didn’t dream at all.



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