LATE Chapter 016

The Big Round Bed


Pam stood up and helped Sookie stand.

“You can keep the shoes on, dear one. They look lovely with your outfit. Pam, you are over dressed.”

“Yes, Master.” Pam wiggled out of her dress, leaving only a tiny black thong.

“Sookie, help Pam with her panties.”

Sookie looked at Pam, who was smiling at her in a very sexy way, and she slowly began to pull the thong down. Pam stepped out of it, and as Sookie stood, Pam moved forward and rubbed her body against Sookie’s. Sookie’s knees buckled a little and Pam caught her and kissed her.

“Very nice, girls, now please head downstairs.” Eric said. This could not get any better. He knew Pam would go along with anything. He knew Sookie was losing her mind with desire. The trick was not to push Sookie too far, too fast. Pam was apt to push, so let’s take care of that first, he told himself.

The three of them went down the narrow stairs into the bedroom under Fangtasia. Sookie had been in it once before, but didn’t remember much about it. The walls were black, the ceiling bright red. There was a large bathroom to one side, a huge round mattress on a platform, a refrigerator and a microwave, and all the fixtures and appliances were black. There was a single large leather chair facing the bed that reminded her of Eric’s throne upstairs. Eric motioned to the bed.

“Make yourselves comfortable, ladies.” Pam took Sookie’s hand and pulled her onto the bed. She pulled Sookie into an embrace, kissing her and exploring her with her delicate hands.

Eric was still fully dressed, watching them.  He walked over to the fridge, took out a blood and heated it up. He knew he couldn’t risk drinking from Sookie with Pam there. Pam would have to be controlled if he let her feed from Sookie, and he was thinking about doing just that.

“Pam, would you like to know a secret about Sookie?”

“Yes, Master.” She was nipping at Sookie’s neck. Sookie’s eyes were closed and she was moaning a little.

“I’ve told you that Sookie has an unusual taste – that she’s sweeter than most humans because she’s part fairy?”

“Yes.” Pam was nibbling Sookie’s nipples, as Sookie ran her hands all over Pam, smoothing her hair and exploring her.

“Well, since she has become pregnant, she’s bleeding pure fairy.”

Pam raised her head and looked at Sookie hungrily, growling and showing her fangs.

“How long since you’ve had fairy blood, Pam?”

“Three years.”

“Would you like to taste Sookie?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Would you be willing to be restrained so I could be sure you wouldn’t harm her?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Two points, Pam. Sookie, let Pam move to the center.”

“Yes, Master.” Sookie and Pam spoke in unison then, and Eric had to turn his back so they wouldn’t see him smile. ‘She’s a natural,’ he thought.

Sookie moved to the side a bit, and Pam centered herself on the bed.  She reached below the platform and brought up two leather restraints. She snapped one around her own wrist.

“Put the other one on her, Sookie.”

Sookie was nervous, and she fumbled a little, but she got the other restraint snapped.

“Pam’s a vampire, Sookie, you won’t be able to harm her. Do whatever you want to her, and let her taste you.”

Eric sat in the chair facing the bed. Sookie had thought that was exactly what it was for. He liked to watch.

Sookie had stopped thinking. It felt as if she was in a dream – a very hot dream – and she went with it. She straddled Pam’s tiny waist and cupped both of her breasts in her hand. She leaned forward and took Pam’s nipple in her mouth, nipping a bit with her teeth. Pam growled and pushed up between Sookie’s legs. She was writhing under Sookie’s touch as Sookie sucked hard on one nipple and pinched the other with her fingers. Eric was surprised at how rough Sookie was with Pam. For that matter, so was Pam, who was almost howling with pleasure. You had to get pretty rough to scare Pam, and he knew Sookie would never go that far.

Sookie raised her hips, giving Eric an amazing view, and leaned down to rub her breasts against Pam’s. He was amazed that she wasn’t showing any shyness.  Sookie moved up Pam’s body, kissed her on the mouth and said, “Where do you want to bite me?”

“Your breast,” Pam growled.

Sookie leaned over her so Pam could reach her breast with her mouth. Pam was straining upward and latched onto Sookie. Sookie cried out, but not in pain. She liked it, a lot. Eric made a mental note – he’d never been that rough with Sookie, but she seemed to respond positively.

‘She’s tougher than she looks,’ he thought, ‘good to know.’

Pam let go of Sookie’s breast, and she moved to offer her the other one. Pam latched on again, moaning, and Sookie reached back and caressed herself. Pam was done, and the blood had intoxicated her. She was writhing beneath Sookie, who moved down her body to nip at her breasts again, then moved further down and opened Pam’s legs.

If Eric breathed, he’d be holding it now. He was sure Sookie wouldn’t do that, yet there she was, stroking Pam with her fingers, probing her, bending down to kiss and lick her. Pam was wild, and Sookie seemed spurred on by her reaction. Eric began to unbutton his shirt cuffs.

“Ah!” Pam cried out.

Did Sookie just… she did, she bit Pam, not hard but it didn’t take much in that particular spot. Sookie the sadist.

‘That’s my girl,’ Eric thought, fighting not to laugh out loud. He was unbuttoning his shirt and kicked off his boots.

Pam was bucking hard, and Sookie was having trouble controlling her. Eric stood and reached forward. “Here, Sookie. Put her legs over your shoulders and hold onto them. She won’t be able to get away from you that way.” He was speaking softly because Sookie was damn near in a trance, and he didn’t want to break the spell.

She was eating Pam aggressively, and he took his pants off.  He came up behind Sookie, and stroked her bottom. She wiggled, but kept at Pam. He pulled her hips up a little so he could reach her, and slowly started to press into Sookie.

It started a chain reaction. Sookie was wild and Pam was wilder. He had to really hold Sookie still with his arms around her waist. He saw her let go of one of Pam’s legs and bring her hand up under her. He could tell when Sookie slid her fingers into Pam because Pam arched her back and cried out. Pam was deep in the thrall of the Fae blood, and he doubted she really knew what was happening. She was all sensation at that point.

Sookie was working Pam enthusiastically, and pushing back against him. He moved one of his hands from her waist down to stroke her.  “Unh, yes! More!”

Suddenly Pam went crazy and shrieked. He knew Sookie had done something different, but he couldn’t see what it was.  Pam’s reaction was so wild that he was glad she was restrained. Pam growled and arched her back high, then started hard thrusts upward punctuated by short cries.

“Stop, Sookie, Stop!” Pam called to her, and Sookie raised her head and let Pam rest. Now that he had her full attention, Eric started driving hard into Sookie and she was literally begging for more.

“AAHHHHHHhhhhhh – ahhhhh!” Sookie let out a scream and fell forward on Pam. Eric held her hips and continued until he reached a very similar conclusion. Everyone was still and the only sound was the sound of Sookie panting. Pam shuddered and moaned a bit. Eric was experiencing little shocks.

Sookie was moving and Eric realized she was slipping her hand back under her body to caress herself.

‘You’ve got to be kidding,’ he thought. He rose up, moved back just enough to be able to bring his palm down on Sookie’s back side with a loud SLAP!

“OW!” Sookie yelled. She looked back at him, shocked. Pam was laughing.

“What was that for?!”

“That was for being greedy.”

“What do you mean?”

“You just collapsed from one of the most intense orgasms you’ve ever had and you’re already caressing yourself.”

Pam was still drunk but laughing hysterically.

“Serves you right to be bonded to a nympho, MASTER!” Pam teased him. He laughed.  Sookie was rubbing her backside.

“Are you alright, dear one? I was just joking.”

“I don’t see anything funny about it,” she complained. He rubbed the spot and kissed it.

”I do,” Pam was still cracking up.

“What did you do to Pam to drive her so wild, Sookie? I thought she was going to break the restraints.”

“I did what you do to me sometimes.”

“What would that be?”

“She put her fingers up my backside,” Pam laughed. “She caught me off guard.”

“And without lube.” Eric looked at her with surprise and delight all over his face.

“Oops, I forgot,” Sookie said. Pam really cracked up.

“Well, my lover, if you were going to surprise anyone, Pam was a good choice. She likes that a great deal. Here, Sookie come up here.” He motioned for Sookie to move up and lie beside Pam, and he crawled up to the other side of her. He bent down to kiss Pam, then leaned over to kiss Sookie.

“Well, Sookie, was that what you had on your lusty little mind?”

“Yeah, but it was better than I thought it would be.”

“My Master has created a monster,” Pam laughed. She was always a little giddy after a good orgasm.

Eric stoked Pam’s tummy, as Sookie stroked her breast and leaned in to kiss Eric.

“Pam, I’m afraid I can’t let you go yet, you’re still high on fairy.”

“Yes, I am, and it’s lovely. I can’t believe you’ve got fairy on tap at your house,” she laughed. “Oh, Sookie – kiss me again,” Pam said. Sookie bent down to kiss her, and while she did Eric kissed her hair. He reached for Sookie and pulled her closer to Pam, then rubbed his hand over both of them. Sookie stroked Pam’s breast, then reached up and stroked Eric’s cheek with backs of her fingers.

“So what are you thinking, Master,” she said playfully.

“I am thinking how much easier my life will be since my two girls get along so well with each other,” he laughed. Then he was a little serious, “I love you both, you know, in different ways.”

“We love you, too,” Pam said.

“Yes, we do,” Sookie agreed.

“And I suppose, if you had to have a little human of your own, you could have done much worse than our Sookie, even if she wasn’t a temporary fairy,” Pam laughed.

Sookie and Eric laughed, too.

“Hey, I asked you the other day what an orgy was like. Was this an orgy?” Sookie asked.  Pam laughed, but she was cooling down a bit.

“Hmm,” Eric replied. “What do you think, Pam. Does three close partners equal an orgy? Or does it require more than three? The presence of strangers, maybe?” he laughed.

“I never associated a ménage a trois with an orgy.  Orgies, to me, have lots of participants.”

“A what?” Sookie asked.

“A ménage a trois,” Pam repeated.

“I’ve seen that in books, I think. What does it mean?”

“Three people bedding each other as we just did?”

“I’m glad you told me. I’d hate to have done something and not know what it was called.” They all laughed.

“You do one thing without knowing what it is called,” Eric teased her.

“What would that be?” Pam was curious.

“Never mind,” Sookie said.

“Pam,” Eric asked her, “What was Sookie doing when you came back to the office earlier?”

“You want the technical term?”

“No, what do girls call it, just among themselves?”

“The girls I know around here call it ‘diddling’.”

“Is that what that means?!” Sookie was shocked. “The girls at work used to say that all the time, and I never knew what they were talking about. They’re a lot dirtier than I realized,” she laughed.

“Pam, can you control yourself now?”

“Yes, I’m just a little buzzed, but I’m not dangerous.”

“Sookie, open the restraint,” he said as he loosened the one on his side.

Pam stretched her arms, then put one around Sookie and kissed her. Sookie responded.

“Trade places with me, Sookie,” Pam said as she moved down the bed so Sookie could lie in between Eric and her.

Eric kissed Sookie and stroked her breast. Pam’s mouth found Sookie’s other breast and her hand slipped between Sookie’s legs. Sookie was moving her hips rhythmically against Pam’s hand. Sookie took Eric in her hand and stroked. He moaned.

Pam moved down the bed and pulled Sookie down the mattress a bit by her ankles, then moved up between Sookie’s legs, raising one over her shoulder and pressing their pelvic bones together. Pam began to writhe against Sookie and Sookie responded. Eric kissed her, then moved up the bed and moved himself so Sookie could take him in her mouth. Eric held her head in his hand, and moved gently in and out of her mouth, not wanting to overwhelm her.

Sookie was moaning. Pam grew more insistent, and Sookie responded in kind. Eric took Sookie’s wrist and put it in the restraint by his hip. He was stoking her face, watching her as he moved in and out. Pam was moaning and obviously approaching her release. Eric moved his hand down to Sookie’s breast and held her head up a little so she could take him deeper. Pam was moaning, cried out and was quiet. She stretched like a cat, stroking her nails gently down Sookie’s breast, ribcage, stomach and thigh. She kissed Sookie’s knee and moved back off of the bed. Sookie shifted and stroked Eric’s thigh with her free hand. He shifted toward her as Pam took her wrist and gently pulled it back to the other restraint. She closed the clasp, nodded to Eric, and left.

Sookie and Eric were alone. Sookie’s wrists were cuffed so that her arms were far apart, Eric pulled out of her mouth, and moved over her body, sliding his hands under her shoulders and raising her a bit so he could rub his face over her breasts, kissing her all over her chest and stomach, pulling her legs up and entering her slowly.

Sookie moaned. Being unable to move her hands made her more aware of her body, and she was completely focused on the feel of Eric moving slowly in and out of her. He stretched back up and kissed her. He nibbled her earlobe and whispered, “I love you, Sookie.” Their eyes met, and they held each other’s gaze as he stroked in and out of her. She was making little sounds each time he did, and he gently brushed his lips against hers over and over. He began to move his hips faster, and she raised her legs to take him deeper. He came up on his knees, his hands under her bottom to hold her at the right angle.

“Ah – Ah – Ah,” she was crying out softly with each stroke.

“Look at me, Sookie,” he said in a deep growl.

They looked in each other’s eyes as he began to move quickly.

“Oh, oh. Now,” Sookie panted and she arched her back, as she finished.

Eric made a few final, very definite thrusts and finished, slowly lowering himself on top of her. He bit her earlobe.

“Magnificent” he purred.



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