LATE Chapter 018

Dinner with “Uncle Jason”


Sookie stretched luxuriously – what a great night’s sleep. She smiled remembering her night at Fangtasia. Wow – that room had a lot of things she wanted to ask Eric about. There must have been some really wild scenes down there – she wondered how hers compared – was it tame or wild? She wanted to know. She had read a lot of romances but she hadn’t really read that much about sex, and she wondered what else she had been missing.

She ran her hands over her body, under the covers – she wasn’t sore, exactly, but she knew she had been… well, what would the word be? Well loved, maybe? She giggled to herself – whatever you call it, she liked it. Eric was so amazing. He could be so sweet and then so wicked. Not evil, just wicked. He knew her so well it was almost scary – she had never been so close to anyone before. She certainly never knew anyone as exciting as he was, and he was so good at everything.

She understood why Pam was so loyal to him. She knew they had that vampire sire/child connection, but you could tell it was more than that with them. They really liked each other and knew each other’s likes and dislikes. They loved each other, they just weren’t IN love with each other. She never thought that was really possible, but she was learning a lot of things she didn’t think were possible. You’d think she’d be jealous of Pam, but she’s not. She didn’t feel like having sex with Pam was being unfaithful, either. Pam was a part of Eric. Love him, love his child – literally, she laughed to herself.

She rolled over on her side, in what she now thought of as her ‘Baby Eric’ position and wrapped her arms around the little bulge in her tummy. What a difference this week had made in her life! She was going to be a mommy. She was going to be a wife to a rich and powerful vampire. They were going to have the only nest of its kind. She was starting to like the idea of calling it a nest. It was different than just a home – it was magickal, like Eric, like the baby, like Niall.

She wasn’t going to have what everyone else had – she was going to have something better than anybody else had! She would have the ultimate Supe family. She wondered what the baby would look like. She hoped he had Eric’s clear, bright blue eyes. Those eyes made her feel so warm and so loved, even when he was giving her that scary, wicked look. Ohh- she shivered a little just thinking about it.

‘Northman Fever’ she laughed to herself, and ‘I don’t need no doctor!’ She remembered that from that metal band, W.A.S.P., that Jason used to play all the time, driving her and Gran up the wall.

Speaking of Jason, she had to get ready to make dinner for him. It was 2:00, and he was supposed to be there at 6:00. First thing she needed to do was call him and remind him. Jason was known to get distracted easily, especially if he hooked up with a pretty girl at Merlotte’s last night.

She didn’t know how he was going to take this news. She would make his favorite, fried chicken, to butter him up a little. She couldn’t cook as well as Gran, but like any self-respecting Southern girl, she could fry a proper skillet of chicken when she wanted to. She needed to go to Walmart and get the stuff to make it. She was sure there was nothing in the freezer, and she wouldn’t have time to thaw it even if there were.

She rolled out of bed and headed for the shower. A shower was just a shower without Eric. It was downright lonely in there without him. As the water flowed over her, she took stock of a few bruises and bite marks. Fortunately, none of them would show once she was dressed. She would wear a pretty dress today, too. Jason appreciated any girl in a pretty dress, even his sister. He liked “girly girls” and there weren’t many of those in Bon Temps. It was a jeans and sneakers kind of town.

As she was combing out her hair, she was thinking about Eric’s hair – how it fell around his face when he leaned over her – ohh, shivers again. How can a man be that beautiful? She was starting to get that tingling feeling between her legs again.

‘Damn, Sookie, calm down,’ she thought, ‘you can’t be getting all worked up when you’ve got to deal with family! Get a grip….’ But then the word grip reminded her of a certain party and his ‘gracious plenty’ and she was off on a tangent again. This was going to be a long dinner. How long until sundown?

She found a nice blue dress with little yellow flowers. Very Southern Belle looking – Jason and Eric would both like it. She packed up some clothes to take back to Shreveport with her. She slapped on a little makeup, grabbed her purse and headed for the kitchen.

Score! Amelia made coffee for her. She probably shouldn’t, but one cup wouldn’t hurt, so she grabbed a cup and headed for the phone.

“Hello?” She woke Jason up, apparently. He was as bad as she was.

“Jason? It’s Sookie.”

“Hey, Sis, what’s up?”

“I just wanted to make sure you were still coming to dinner at 6:00.”

“Is that today? Oh, yeah… Ok, yeah, I’ll be there at 6. What’s for dinner?”

“Fried chicken. Anything special you want with it?”

“You going to Walmart?”


“Pecan pie would be nice.”

Pecan pie. She thought of Gran. The last one she had was the one left when Gran…

“Ok, you got it. Now don’t forget because I really need to talk to you, OK?”

“I’ll be there. See ya, Sook!” He hung up on her without waiting for a response. ‘Nice manners, Jason.’

There was a note on the counter from Amelia – she was visiting friends and wouldn’t be back until late. Ok, so she might have been alone with Jason if Eric wasn’t there. Actually, she wanted Eric there anyway. He and Jason needed to tolerate each other. She wanted Little Eric to have an Uncle Jase to pester.

She and Eric hadn’t talked about names, but she was pretty sure he was going to want a Jr. and she could handle that. She hoped he was a big strong Viking like his daddy. She giggled. She loved the picture of Eric Northman, huge tough vampire boss, having an itty bitty baby.

She threw a little white sweater on over her blue flowered dress and headed for Walmart. She looked at her car – Eric was right, it was a piece of crap. It was the best car she ever had, but still, it wasn’t something Eric Northman would want his wife to drive. She figured she’d have to work on stuff like that, to live up to his image. She wanted him to be proud of her. She sometimes felt like she was embarrassing Bill, especially around other vampires, but Eric loved everything she did, as long as she didn’t make him look weak in front of others, and to be fair, no man would put up with that. He liked to show her off and if she was honest with herself, she was starting to like that. She even liked it when he’d get possessive. Weird, huh?

The trip to Walmart was uneventful, except she kept thinking about Eric and the night before and giggling or blushing. People looked at her like she was high or crazy or something, but everybody thought she was crazy anyway so she was used to that. She was really bad when she went past the baby department. She even bought the cutest little onesie, in blue, for baby Eric. It was so tiny and cute she just had to have it. She couldn’t wait to show ‘Big Eric.’ She laughed out loud at that, ‘Very big Eric!’ she laughed to herself, blushing.

She wondered if he could show affection to a baby. Vamps tend to be a little stoic and they don’t have normal emotions like humans, but Eric was pretty demonstrative with her. Maybe that was because he was half fairy? He definitely made her feel loved, so he could probably handle the daddy stuff, but maybe not the baby talk and goo goo eyes, but she’d be doing plenty of that. She couldn’t wait!

The baby would be a fairy. She really did need to learn more about what that meant. She knew Claudine and Claude and Niall and Eric and that was it. They were all strikingly beautiful, even Niall, though he was so old. What if the baby had pointed ears? Dr. Ludwig said he’d probably be able to fly and be telepathic. How do you keep up with a toddler that can fly? Maybe that was why they needed a daemon nanny?

She got home and unpacked her groceries, throwing the bag with the little baby onesie and a little pocket calendar she bought to make some plans in on the couch in the living room. Did she have everything she needed? She remembered to get peanut oil, buttermilk and self-rising flour and chicken. She was making green beans, mashed potatoes and biscuits. She got two pecan pies and two tubs of Cool Whip, planning to send what was left home with Jason. She even got Ziplock bags to put everything in for him.

She had a brief pang of sadness when she pulled Gran’s old iron skillet out of the oven where they stored the extra pans. She filled it with oil and turned on the fire. Then she washed and cut up the chicken the way Gran had taught her, and rolled it in buttermilk, then flour and spices. She remembered that the secret was to get the outside all brown, then put a lid on it and turn the temperature down so it would cook all the way through. Getting the outside done and leaving the inside raw was a rookie mistake she had no intention of making. The last thing she needed to do was make Jason sick.

She got the rest of the meal going and set the table. She figured she’d just have time to feed Jason before Eric woke up. He’d take the news better with a good meal and some pecan pie in him. She was nervous. He’d called her a fang banger before. Now she was pregnant by a vampire. Part of her hoped he’d love the idea of being an uncle. The other part of her was afraid he’d do something stupid like insult her, or worse, hit her in front of Eric. If he did that, she didn’t know if she could keep Eric from hurting him. Please, please let the two of them be civil to each other, she prayed.

Jason was actually a little early for a change. That was good. He came up the steps stomping his feet, yelling “Hey, Sookie, I’m here!”

“Hey, Jason, what’s going on?”

“Nothing. Hey, Sam Merlotte was asking about you last night.”

“I need to stop by and see Sam some time, but I won’t be able to for a while.”

“Why not? It’s just down the road…”

“It’s kind of a long story. Want a beer?”

“Sure. What kind you got?”

“Bud Ice – that’s the kind you like isn’t it?”

“Yeah, that’s great. Boy, smells good in here.”

“Supper’s almost ready. Go ahead and sit down so we can catch up while I finish.”

“So I was at Merlotte’s last night with Hoyt and Catfish, and Vampire Bill came in.”

“Really – I thought he was out of town?”

“He said he had been and just got back. Sam told him you don’t work there no more. He was really surprised. How come he didn’t know you quit?”

“It just happened a couple of days ago. The doctor said I couldn’t work there anymore.“

“Sookie, are you sick? You never been one to run to the doctor.”

“Well, she’s not a regular doctor. She’s kind of a specialist.”

“Are you gonna tell me what’s wrong?”

“I’m not trying to be mysterious, Jason, I was just hoping we could wait ‘til after we eat.”

“Well then serve it up, because I want to know what the hell is going on with you. Sam said you didn’t even call him yourself – that blood sucker did and then hung up on him.”

Sookie brought the chicken to the table, then a basket of biscuits, beans and some mashed potatoes. Jason dug in without a word.

“I told you the other night, that it was nothing to worry about, Jason. You and Sam don’t need to worry about me. Bill either.”

“I don’t know, Sookie, I’ve been talking to some guys I know who do construction in Shreveport. Your vamp has got a reputation, you know.”

“Such as?”

“Such as he’s a hound dog, and he’s a bastard to do business with, though they say he pays top dollar for whatever he wants and doesn’t quibble as long as you do what he pays you to do.”

“Well, he’s not a hound dog now, and it sounds to me like they’re saying he’s a good business man that pays real good if you do your job.”

“Yeah, but there are stories, Sookie. Fang bangers going missing. Wild sex at that club he owns. Other stuff. They say even the vamps in this area are afraid of him. That he’s got some kind of power over them.”

“He’s very important in the vampire community. He has a position of authority so the other vamps in this area sort of report to him and have to do what he says.”

“What about the shenanigans at his club?”

“Since when did you ever have a problem with wild sex, Jason Stackhouse? Isn’t that what got you in trouble over Maudette and Dawn and Amy?”

Jason winced at that.

“You didn’t have to bring all that up, Sook. I know I ain’t been much of a brother – I’m just trying to look out for you.”

“I’m fine, Jason. I’ve got Eric to look out for me now.”

“That’s another thing – are you sure you want to marry him? I know I called you some names and all, but you don’t have to marry the guy if you don’t want to.”

“I want to, Jason, I love him.”

“That’s a lovely thing to wake up to, my lover.”

Jason jumped as Eric came through the kitchen door, still dressed in the red silk shirt and black jeans from the night before.

“I didn’t know you were here,” Jason said, suddenly nervous.

“Jason, relax. I want you two to be civil to each other. It’s really important to me, especially now.”

“You haven’t told him yet, lover?” He bent down and kissed her forehead.

“No, I was waiting for you.”

“Very good – that’s what I wanted you to do.” Eric pulled out a chair and sat at the table with them.

Jason kind of stared at him, but didn’t stop eating. He seemed afraid to look away from him. “OK, Sookie, he’s here so what’s the big secret?”

“Jason, I’m pregnant with Eric’s baby.”

“What…” Jason choked and Sookie almost got up, thinking it might be serious, but he pulled it together.

“I thought blood su…. I mean, vampires, couldn’t do that?”

“Normally they can’t. This is a really unusual situation. I can’t explain the whole thing, but take my word for it, I’m pregnant, it’s Eric’s baby and he’s going to be born in about 4 months.”

“4 MONTHS?!” Jason yelled. “How long have you known about this?”

“Not long, Jason, this is the first chance I’ve had to tell you.”

He glared at Eric.

“Is this why you called Sam Merlotte and told him she can’t work there any more?”

“Yes. The doctor said it was necessary, and Sookie was too timid to tell him so I took care of it.”

Now Jason was getting pissed off.“Is this why you want to marry this guy, Sookie? You don’t have to, you know. Nobody is going to think any worse of you than they do of you for dating dead guys if you have a baby.”

Eric growled and Sookie put her hand on his arm to try and calm him.

“Jason, listen to me. I love Eric. He loves me. We’re going to be parents. I’m going to live with him in Shreveport most of the time. I’ll have everything I need.”

Jason was steaming. He threw his napkin in his plate. “Well, you got any pie?”

“Yes, I’ll get it – you two be nice.”

Sookie got up to cut Jason a huge piece of pie, but she was watching them as much as she could.

“Your sister will be safe with me. No harm will come to her.”

“She better be safe or I’ll…”

“JASON!” Sookie put the dish in front of Jason, and grabbed his shoulder. Eric was glaring at him and being way too quiet. That was never good.

“Know this, human. She will be safer with me than with some beer swilling redneck. She will live in a fine house, she will have everything she needs or wants, and so will my son. You are important to her, so I will tolerate your presence as long as you treat her with respect and cause no harm to her. If you ever strike her again, I will kill you.”


He never took his eyes off Jason. “He needs to understand, Sookie, that I will tolerate no harm or disrespect to you or my child. This is not negotiable.”

“You think I’d hit my pregnant sister?!”

“I know you struck her once. That is all I need to know. It will NEVER happen again.” Eric growled.

“OK, Ok, let’s all calm down,” Sookie pleaded. Eric relaxed a little, but Jason was still angry.

“Jason, you’re going to be an uncle, doesn’t that mean anything to you?”

“Of course it does, Sookie, but he’s gonna be a vampire.”

Eric growled.

“No, no, actually he’ll be a little like me and Eric both.”

“How do you know all this, Sookie, and how do you know it’s a boy?”

“Remember, Jason, I told you Eric found a special doctor for me.”

“A vamp doctor?”

“A special doctor who knows about vampires and shifters and other supes.”

“OTHER supes? You mean there’s stuff besides vampires and shape shifters?”

“Yes, Jason, but you really shouldn’t talk about it to anyone but me. Just know that I’m being cared for.”

Jason was still glaring at Eric. “What kind of dad will a dead guy make?”

Eric leaned forward, glaring at Jason. “The kind who doesn’t die, who will teach him to be a warrior, to survive. He will have the benefit of my thousand years on this earth. He will know everything he needs to know to live in my world and yours,” Eric said.

Things were getting a little tense again, and Sookie needed to lighten the mood. She remembered the little onesie in the bag on the couch. She popped into and out of the living room quickly.

“How can you guys be so angry about something that will fit into this?”

Jason laughed. Eric’s eyes softened and he smiled.

“I guess it’s a done deal, so we gotta roll with it. Alright, Sis, but it you ever need anything, or you want to get away from this guy, I’m here for you, OK?”

Eric raised an eyebrow at that but at least he didn’t growl. That was progress.

“Jason, I know it’s hard for you to understand because you don’t know vampire… society, but I’m going to be great. Please be happy for me.”

“OK, what the hell, Uncle Jason. I can’t wait to tell the boys.”

Eric growled.

“Actually, Jason, the longer we can put off telling people the better. Just know that this is why I can’t go to Merlotte’s and this is why I can’t see Bill. Eric, I forgot to tell you, Bill is back.”

“You will be safe as long as I am here, but you are not to be alone here in this house while he’s home, Sookie.”

“I know, I know. I won’t. We’re going home tonight anyway, right?”

“Yes, as soon as you are finished with your dinner.”

“Jason, you want another piece of pie?”

“Yeah, thanks, sis.”

She got him more pie. Eric relaxed a little. Everybody was calmer, quieter. She noticed Eric holding the baby togs.

“Jason, how about I pack up all these left-overs and send them home with you?”

“That’d be great, Sis – I guess you all can’t use them?”

“Sookie’s maid prepares her food. It’s better she not eat grease while she is with child.”

“Sookie’s maid?” Jason was genuinely shocked.

“Of course. One of the maids is assigned exclusively to Sookie’s care. Soon she will have a doula and a nanny to help her.”

“One of the maids? How many do you have?”

“Three at the house, two at Fangtasia, at least one in each of my other homes.”

“You have more than one house?”

“I have many houses and businesses.”

“You know Eric,” Sookie interjected, “I was thinking, when you get me the new car, maybe I could give the old one to Jason?”

“As you wish, my lover. You won’t be using it anymore.”

Jason was astonished. “You’re buying her a new car, and giving the old one away? What are you – made of money?”

“Jason, Eric is… comfortable, he can afford nice things.”

“And I don’t want my wife or my child riding in that piece of crap. Her car will be here in a week, then you may take that one.”

“It will?” Sookie said. “You mean you already ordered it?”

“Of course, my lover. I don’t want you driving an unsafe vehicle. The BMW is much more appropriate for you and my son.”

“BMW?!” Jason yelled.

“Jason…” Sookie started, but Jason interrupted her.

“No wonder you want to marry the guy, Sookie!”

Eric growled and Sookie put her arm around his neck. “He’s just kidding, sweetie, don’t get upset. Jason, your stuff is ready whenever you want to go. Didn’t you say you had a date tonight?”

“Yeah, I did, I mean, I do. Thanks, sis. You guys have a nice evening. Sookie, you call me sometime from Eric’s house so I’ll have the number there in my phone, OK, and you let me know if you need anything?”

“OK, Jason, I will.”

Jason actually stopped and kissed Sookie on the cheek. She couldn’t remember how long it had been since he’d done that.

“Uncle Jason!” he yelled as he bounced out the door and down the steps, carrying a weeks worth of food with him. Jason wasn’t the type to dwell on things.

“OK,” Sookie said to Eric, ”Just let me do a couple of things and we can go home.”

“There is something I need you to do first, lover, “ Eric purred as he pulled her to him. He guided her to straddle his lap.

“Eric – in the kitchen? What if Amelia comes home?”

“I’ll hear her in time to stop.”

He leered at her as his hands went under her skirt and ripped her panties at both sides. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him. She didn’t know how he managed it, but he held her up with one arm and managed to get his pants undone with the other and sit back down, kissing her all the while. Then he was rubbing her clit, and slipping his fingers inside of her.

He laughed into her mouth. “Lover, you are already wet.”

“I’ve been waiting for you to get up all day.”

He laughed and lifted her onto his very stiff cock and she gasped as he lowered her. Having him inside her was like coming home. How could anything feel that good? He was moving her up and down and she couldn’t believe how deeply he penetrated her in this position. She’d have to remember this for the future.

She was riding him with everything in her and he began kissing her cheek, her ear, her neck. He ran his tongue down her throat and she shivered. When he could feel that she was close, he took hold of the back of her neck and pulled her to him, biting her on the throat. He almost never did that, but she had a feeling he was marking his territory. It also occurred to her that if Bill could smell the baby, he could smell this, too. Eric was sending a very definite message, and for once, she didn’t mind. She wanted to be his, and she wanted everyone to know it.



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