LATE Chapter 019

Wild Bill


Sookie was seeing stars again. After they finished in the kitchen, Eric stood up with her still on him and managed to get them into the bedroom. Her dress was up around her waist, a shoulder pulled down to expose her breast, and you would never know that Eric had just finished having sex because he was on fire.

She didn’t know what was into him but she liked it. He was talking very fast in that language again and nipping at her exposed neck and shoulder. He pulled her hips to the side of the bed and lifted her legs so her feet were at his shoulders. She was nearly folded in half the way he was bending her and he was going deep. He let out a noise that was damn near a howl, but he wasn’t coming yet – he was just into what he was doing. Oh Hell yeah, Sookie was laughing and it seemed to be spurring him on.

Suddenly, he grabbed her shoulders with both hands and Drove. His. Point. HOME.

Sookie would have asked him what the hell that was if she could speak, then she remembered that it was her fairy blood making him crazed. He leaned forward on her for a few minutes, then suddenly he grabbed her under her arms and sort of threw her up to the center of the bed. He moved so fast she couldn’t see him for a second and he was on her again, in her, his weight on her, his hair in her face – which was an amazing turn-on she was finding out – and he got his arms around her so he was hugging her hard as he plunged into her.

It seemed to go on forever.

He stiffened and yelled out again. He hesitated for a few minutes, then he swung her around so she was sitting on top of him. She had to brace her hands against his chest to sit up and he was moving her up and down because her legs were trembling. He seemed to be slowing down a bit, but he kept moving her and she was moaning. He reached under her skirt, which had fallen around her hips, and began to rub her clit. She cried out and started to jerk, and his other hand went up to her shoulder to keep her from falling. She had one last spasm and fell forward, so he slowly let her settle down on his chest. She was shaking and he was stroking her hair, purring at her. “My beautiful lover,” he laughed “Sookie, you taste so sweet, I can’t get enough of you.”

“Good, because I can’t get enough of you either. I’ve been wanting this all day, “ she laughed. She caught her breath a bit and sat up on him, and he played with the neckline of her dress.

“This is very pretty, my lover. You look as sweet as you taste in it. You are wearing this home, I hope?”

“Yeah, unless you think I should change?”

“No, lover, I want you to stay as you are.”

“I smell like sex.”

“Mmmmm- exactly. I want you to smell like I’ve been fucking you. It will make the drive home very pleasant for me. I love your perfume.”

“I’m not wearing perfume.”

“Not the kind from a bottle, the kind from your body.

“Yeah, yeah, you want to fuck me, bite me, and rub yourself all over me…”

“Oh, yes, my lover.”

”You sorta just did.”

“Um-hm, and I’m going to do it again at least two more times tonight. Maybe three.”

“I thought we were going home?”

“We are. As soon as you can put yourself back together, we’ll go.”

“Let me get another pair of panties.”

“Good – that means I can tear them off of you again when we get home — or in the car if I can’t wait” he said with his most wicked smile.

She laughed and climbed off of him and off of the bed, and took another pair of panties out of her drawer.

“I can’t believe how many pairs of panties I go through since I started hanging out with vampires.

“You have a point, my lover. I think I’ll call your friend Tara and see about buying them wholesale so you don’t have to worry about replacing them so often.”

“You would,” she teased.

“I will,” he assured her.

Sookie put her dress back in place, and finished what she had to do in the kitchen. They were laughing and talking as he locked the back door of her house and she was standing in the yard, admiring his rear view, then OOF- she was on her back and all hell broke loose. There was a vicious fight going on all around her but she couldn’t see what it was or who – they were moving too fast. She could hear growling and see limbs flying off trees around her yard. Her maternal instinct kicked in and she crawled over to Eric’s car and ducked down beside it.

There was a loud thud against the side of her house and it was Eric holding Bill against the wall by his throat, about to stake him with a tree branch.

“Eric, NO!”

“He attacked you, Sookie! Get in my car and lock the door, NOW!”

She scrambled up and got into the car, locking the doors, but she knew that wouldn’t stop a vampire and so did Eric.

Bill was snarling and trying to bite Eric, clawing at him but Eric had a longer reach. Thank heaven for those long arms. Bill was out of his mind. Sookie had never seen him that way, not even in Dallas when he went after the FOTS that attacked the house they were all in.

“Compton, don’t make me kill you in front of her. STOP.” Eric was trying to get through to Bill but he was crazed.

Sookie figured that Bill would be able to hear her even in the car so she screamed at him, “Bill, stop, please,” but it only made things worse. The sound of her voice just seemed to enrage him.

Not that it would do any good, but she slumped down in the seat trying to hide. “Eric don’t kill him, please don’t kill him,” she was saying softly, praying Eric could hear her and Bill couldn’t. She heard two more thuds, then heard a tree branch hit the ground near the car. She peaked up over the dash as the third thud hit – that one was Eric punching Bill so hard, she was sure his head would have come off if the house hadn’t been in the way. Eric hit him again and he seemed to go limp. Eric grabbed him by the belt and the collar and flew away with him.

Sookie was scared to death. Ow. She had a cramp in her stomach. OWW. She had another cramp. Something was wrong. Eric landed outside the car and was in the seat and driving as fast as he could. He was putting as many miles between them and Bill as he could.
“Eric what did you do?” Sookie asked.

“He’s alive, Sookie, I just knocked him out and put him in his house. You can call him when you get home if you want to make sure he’s OK, I just need to get you away from there.”

“What the – OW – what the hell was that?” She said as she doubled-over,

“Sookie, what’s wrong – are you alright?”

“I don’t know, I’m having cramps.”

“Do you want to call Ludwig – she can be here immediately.”

“Not yet, get me home, OK, I want to be home.”

“Alright, but if it gets an worse we’re stopping and calling her.”

Eric was driving like the proverbial bat out of hell.

“Sookie, lean your seat back and try to relax.” She actually saw fear on Eric’s face.

She was about to hyperventilate.

“Sookie, take deep breaths but try to slow them down.”

Once they were on the highway, he reached over and held her hand. She was slowing down a little and she hadn’t had another cramp.

“Eric, you can slow down, I think I’m ok.”

“I know you are not bleeding, so that is a good sign. We will get home and call the Dr.”

“Are you sure Bill is OK?”

“He’s not dead – not finally dead. I promise you, Sookie. I had to knock him out to give us time to get out of the area.”

“What was wrong with him?”

“Dr. Ludwig understated the severity of the problem with your exes. I thought she was exaggerating to get you to be careful, but she was absolutely serious. You can’t be around him at all until after you give birth. Call him on the phone if you must, but you are not coming back to Bon Temps for any reason and I’m going to give Bill an edict not to come to Shreveport for any reason.”

“Is this because we…?”

“I don’t think so. We have had sex within his range before and he never went berserk. This was a result of the pregnancy. It would probably have happened even if I had not touched you.”

“He really would have hurt me…”

“Yes, my lover, he really would have, but it would not have been his fault. Vampires are driven by instinct and his instincts caused him to attack you. If I hadn’t been there…” Did Eric just shudder?

“Don’t think about it now. We’ll be home soon. I’m hungry.”

“Did you not eat earlier?”

“Not much. I was nervous about Jason.”

“That went better than expected.”

“Yes, no one got killed.”

“That is always a good thing.”

She looked at him. He was serious. She laughed out loud.

“Yes, Eric it is always a good thing when no one gets killed – ya big Viking.”

He didn’t laugh but he did smile. ‘Smiling is good,’ she thought,’ if he’s smiling he’s probably not plotting to kill anyone.’

She was wrong.




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