LATE Chapter 025

Eric’s Point of View


He loved to watch her sleep. She always slept so soundly as he moved around her with his camera. She had no idea he had all those photos of her naked, asleep, looking so sweet and vulnerable. No one else would ever see them, of course. He’d kill anyone who did. He pulled the covers back quietly, and looked at her, so soft and warm. She was so open and so trusting. She was smart but she just didn’t understand the depths of darkness in the world or in him. She didn’t have the capacity to understand that kind of evil. He wished she never would, but that was inevitable.

He focused the camera on her erect nipple – she must be a little cold. He would cover her up in just a minute. He didn’t want her to be uncomfortable, but he wasn’t done watching her just yet. He’d have to go to ground soon enough.

He loved her… violently. She didn’t understand that. She should be afraid of him. He could have killed her in his office tonight and enjoyed it. He’d be grief-stricken afterwards, of course, but the act of taking her life would have been sweet, indeed. He shook himself as he pictured draining the life from her, trying not to dwell in the rapture of the prospect. If she ever let him turn her, that would be the most erotic and satisfying event of his long life – to hold her and drink from her as her life began to slip away, then to fill her with his own essence so she would be a part of him forever. It would be even sweeter than when he turned Pam, his greatest creation, and she’d make a magnificent vampire. She was already magnificent, but once she was immortal, she would be a Goddess.

She had sworn tonight that she would never be afraid of him – he prayed that was true but realistically, he knew that at some point she would understand – really understand – who he was and she’d be afraid of him. The best he could hope for is that it would happen so far in the future that it wouldn’t matter anymore. They’d be a family, her life would be so entwined with his own that she’d never walk away from him.

They had exchanged blood so many times now, and would continue to through the birth of the baby, that they were literally inseparable. They could sense each other’s feelings and project feelings to one another, but soon she would feel ALL that he felt and he expected that to be the point where she’d be overwhelmed and start to pull away, but it was already too late. She would have his child, she would have his blood in her, she would be so ensconced in his life that there would be no quarter for her elsewhere – but he’d rather she think she stayed with him for love.

They were a part of each other now, like it or not. He had wanted it that way the first time he saw her. It wasn’t just her looks, though – he had been with some of the most beautiful women in history – it was her innocence and defiance that made him take notice. She had started to talk back to him, but Compton had stopped her, twice. She thought she had a choice. She still did. She thought the wedding ceremony they would go through together had meaning. In her mind, that was some kind of permanence or commitment.

She didn’t understand that she really did belong to him, literally, and it was entirely up to him where, how and even if she lived or died. She would think of that as slavery, and would balk at it, but that would be like saying his left hand was his slave because he could control what it did. She was a part of him. They were no longer two separate beings. The longer she thought of that in romantic terms, the better, so he was careful to foster her illusion of independence and free will, even to the point that he allowed himself to look weak on a few occasions when he shouldn’t have.

He knew Pam disapproved of his leniency where Sookie was concerned. She liked Sookie, but she thought it would be better for all concerned if Sookie understood her place. Pam would have him break her, but that wasn’t what he wanted at all. He enjoyed her resistance, as futile as it might be. He liked the struggle, the energy, the defiance and he enjoyed the process of plying her with words, or gifts or, especially, sex. Pam’s approach would be quicker, but he was in no hurry. He was slowly training her to be exactly what he wanted, and she thought it was her idea.

He smiled as he remembered how she took him by the belt buckle and led him back to his office. She had offered herself up to him, bending over his desk just as he had fantasized, and she thought she did it on her own. Now that she had done that, he could bend her over it any time and take her, and she’d think she had initiated it. She didn’t realize he had been projecting the image to her all evening. She felt daring and brazen because she thought she was in control of the situation, and it cost him nothing to let her have her illusions. If it made her more pliable, it was more than worth it.

She rolled over on her side, giving a lovely line to her back, and he moved around to the bed to capture the graceful curve of her with a wider-angle shot. Mmmmm – look at that tiny waist, the curve of her hip, those lovely legs. He could see that her hips were beginning to grow to accommodate his son within her and that filled him with pride, and lust, and a sense of dominance like no other he had felt before.

He was used to being in control, and he liked it, but the idea that his seed was growing in her body was a new and exciting prospect. He was changing her from the inside, out. Her body was altering itself to make a home for his child. He was sure human men didn’t really understand what a profound thing this was. He saw the human trash procreating mindlessly, caring little for the progeny left in the wake of their mediocre encounters with equally shallow women.

His son was a child of magick – unique among vampire and Fae alike, let alone his minor human heritage. Sometimes, lately, when he touched her little bulge he could get a clear picture of the baby inside her, tiny and warm, bathed in her sweet blood. The lucky little fucker – he didn’t know how good he had it. Imagine, being enveloped in that womb, in that intoxicating blood, listening to her heart beat every minute, warm, and wet.

He put the camera away and walked around to her side of the bed. He pulled the covers up over her legs, but knelt beside the bed to stroke the little bulge with the backs of his fingers. She opened her eyes briefly and smiled at him, going right back to sleep. His angel – his warm, sultry angel. He inhaled deeply, relishing her scent. What a confusing, glorious mix of emotions she created within him. She was a drug to him. She would have this glorious scent and exotic flavor for another 2 years. What a wonderful time this would be if she continued to love him.

He had two conflicting goals he had to balance carefully between. First, he was putting all the energy and expense he could into creating a fairy tale life for her, complete with a designer wedding gown and a castle full of servants. That was a small price to pay for her favors. He smiled to himself as he remembered taking her on the quilt in the back yard under the stars. He planned to make good use of that quilt when the pool was opened. He’d fuck her under the stars, they would swim in the moonlight, and she would fall asleep in his arms after he carried her to his bed. It was a fairy tale for him, too, and he knew other vampires would literally kill to have what he had. Compton would be suicidal when he realized his seed was planted in her womb. If he were honest with himself, he’d admit that part of the reason Compton still walked the earth was so he could lord his relationship with Sookie over him. It made having her that much sweeter, if that were possible.

The other goal was darker and more dangerous. He’d been very pleased to discover his little angel had a taste for being dominated. That made her all the more perfect for him, and he planned to develop her tastes fully. He had only pushed her hard a couple of times, the last being their threesome with Pam at Fangtasia, but she came away from each encounter with a positive view of their exploration. He was going to push again over the next couple of days.

When he left Pam cleaning up his office, he told her he wouldn’t be back to Fangtasia until the following Tuesday. He decided he didn’t feel like sharing her between now and the wedding. He wanted more time to explore her and train her. She was in such a state of arousal from the pregnancy that he was pretty sure he could take her very far if he did it in what she perceived to be the relative safety of their own bed. With the right approach, he would reduce her to nothing but impulse and sensation and she would thank him for doing it.

He pulled the covers up to her shoulders and bent to kiss her. She opened her eyes, reached up to stroke his cheek and smiled, then dropped back off to sleep. Dawn was coming and he had to leave her for the day, but he would be back tonight and if all went according to plan, he would do things to her this night she would never forget.


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