LATE Chapter 027

Eric’s Hidey Hole


The first thing he noticed was the scent. He smelled something very sweet and erotic. Feed. Fuck. Both flashed through his mind instantly as he inhaled the scent.

He moved a little and noticed the weight on his arm. He opened his eyes, and it took a minute for him to realize where he was and who was with him. When he realized it was Sookie he couldn’t believe it. She had actually stripped and left herself naked next to a hungry vampire.

His fangs were fully down and he was nearly blind with hunger, but he controlled himself enough not to attack her right away. Instead, he got on top of her and forced her legs apart. She didn’t really start to wake up until he was in her, and he forced her head to the side and bit her neck, fucking and feeding from her at once. She was scared to death and she liked it.

She wasn’t being loved by her fiancé – she was being fucked and sucked by a hungry vampire who was more an animal right now than a person. The bond between them was vibrating with his wildness, and she was riding the wave of it. She never felt anything like this. It was more than sex – it was hunger and instinct and life and death.

It flashed in her mind that she could die right now, and it felt like the most natural thing in the world. He was more a vampire right now than he ever had been with her, and it was unbelievably erotic. It flashed through her mind that she liked the pain, she liked the danger, and she liked the power she had over him – the power to make him lose control.

If she could think, she’d think she was crazy not to be more scared, and did she have a death wish or what? but thinking was something far off and distant. She would figure out later that she was feeling what he felt as he was fighting not to let go completely.

He was growling against her neck and shaking all over.

“NO, no, nonono NO!” He was talking to himself, telling himself to stop drinking.
He managed to turn his attention to the fact that he was fucking her hard, and that felt as good as drinking from her tasted. She was crying out every time he entered her, but it wasn’t registering as pain – a part of him was listening to hear if he was hurting her, but he wasn’t hearing sounds of pain, it was an animal sound. It was like they were feeling the same thing.

He was trying to shake it off, trying to slow down, but Sookie didn’t want that. When she realized he had slowed, she dug her nails into his back as hard as she could and bit his shoulder really hard. He howled and went wild again. He grabbed her arms and stretched them above her head .

“Fuck me,” she growled.

“What?” he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
“Fuck me.” And she pulled her knees further back.

He groaned and shook his head, his hair flying out like a lion’s mane.
He finished with a huge spasm and collapsed on top of her.
What was that sound?
Sookie was laughing.
“Sookie, what are you doing – are you crying?” He couldn’t make sense of what was going on.

“No, Eric,” she laughed. “I’m not crying.”
“Are you … laughing?” He looked down at her.
“Yeah, I guess I am…”
“This was funny?”
“Not funny, really, but …fun. It was wild!”
He rolled off of her and onto his back.
“And you liked that?”
“Yeah – couldn’t you tell?” she laughed.
“So, you are not hurt, and you are not frightened.”
“It was scary at one point, but it was good scary.” She crawled over him, straddling his waist.

“Good scary?”
He held his hands up to meet hers and they entwined fingers.

“Yeah – it was a rush, like riding a roller coaster or something that’s probably not dangerous, but it could be.” She leaned forward, pushing his hands up and pinning them above his head, teasing him with her breasts dangling over his face.

“A roller coaster?”

“Yeah, you know how every year somebody gets hurt or killed riding a roller coaster, but people still get on it and ride it again even though they know that somebody died doing the same thing? Like that.”

He laughed. “My little masochist,” he said as he playfully reached up and nipped at her breast, deliberately missing her, but making her jump and squirm.


“Yes, my lover.”

“Does anyone ever….”


“…tie you up?”

He laughed. “Unfortunately – or fortunately – nothing but silver could hold me.”

“Hmm – that would burn you so that’s no good.”

“Do you want to tie me up, dear one?”

“I don’t know – it was just an idea. Now that I think of it, you’re more the type to do the tying than to be tied.”


“Oh, well – what are we going to do tonight?”

“We are going to spend some quality time alone…”

“I hope that’s not as boring as it sounds.”

“You have my solemn promise, my lover, that you will not be bored tonight.”


“What time is it?” He reached for the clock in the recessed shelf. “7 o’clock. Dr. Ludwig will be here in an hour.”

“What’s she coming for?”
“To check on your progress, and to talk to me about whether our son can be harmed by magick.”

“OK, I guess that’s important.”

“Very. Let’s go upstairs now. I want to check something in my office.” He reached up and opened the lid, and it raised itself the rest of the way.

She crawled down where her clothes were, but he threw her a white shirt of his own. “Put this on, my lover – I like to see you in my clothes.”

She put the shirt on with nothing underneath and gathered her clothes up in her arms. “Can I catch the service elevator down here?” she asked.

He showed her how to open the panel and sent her up to their bedroom, then went up to his first floor study. He looked in the top drawer and found that Burnham had left his little surprise exactly where he said he would. He zipped up the stairs where he found Sookie on the bed, sitting back on her feet. He wiggled his eyebrows at her, stepped into his closet and closed the door behind him.

Huh? Sookie couldn’t think of any reason Eric would shut himself in his closet. She could hear him moving things around in there, and her curiosity had her debating whether to go open the door on him. Before she could decide what to do though, he came out and walked over to her with both hands behind his back. He bent to kiss her, then she put her hands on each side of his face and asked, “What are you hiding?”

“Hiding?” he replied innocently.
“Ye-es, what are you hiding in your hands?”
“It’s a secret.”
“Show me.” She was kneeling on the bed in front of him trying to reach behind him.

“Show you what?”
“Show me what you have in your hands, please. …”
“I have something in each hand.”
“Are they alike?”
“No, they are very different.”
“Are they for me?”
“Both of them…?”


“Will I be mad?”


“Hmmm – are they soft or hard?”

“One of each.”

“One is soft and one is hard?”


“Are you going to show me?”



“Pick a hand…”

“Can I pick both hands?”

“No, you must pick one first…”

“Can I see what is in your left hand?”

“Close your eyes.”

She closed her eyes and felt something soft brush against her face. She opened her eyes and saw a beautiful, dark blue silk scarf.

“That’s pretty – what’s it for?” “It’s for wearing.”

“Wearing now?”

“For wearing later…”

“What do you mean later?”

“I mean that you will wear it later.”

“Nobody wears a scarf to bed, Eric.”

“Ah, but I didn’t say how or why you were going to wear it, did I?”

“I have no idea what you are talking about, you know…”

“Yes, I know. We’ll come back to that. I still have something in my right hand.”

“Can I see it?”

“Will you promise me that you’ll wear the scarf for me later?”

“Yeah, I guess – what is it?”

“Close your eyes.”

She closed them, and he raised a small box in front of her and opened the lid.

“Open your eyes, Sookie.”

She did and she was stunned into silence. She had never seen a ring that big in her life, and she didn’t have to ask if it was real – she knew it was real.

“Is that…?”

“I thought it was about time you got your engagement ring, since we’re getting married next week.”

“Oh, Eric, that’s so… so…”

“Beautiful? Spectacular? Amazing? I designed it just for you – no one in the world will have a ring like this one.”

“But it’s so…”



“It’s a good sized diamond, yes.”

“How big is that exactly…?”

“That’s a ten carat emerald-cut diamond with a one carat ruby tear drop on each side, in a platinum band so it will last forever.”




“Will you marry me?”

“Yes.” She was still in shock, so he took the ring out of the box, held up her left hand, slid the ring onto her finger and kissed her hand. She still wasn’t moving… or breathing.

“Breathe, Sookie…”

“Yeah, I’m breathing…” she was staring at her hand. At least she did seem to be breathing a little now.

“My lover…?”


“Do you not like it?”

“Oh, I … I like it. It’s so beautiful…”

“Good. It looks very pretty on your hand. When we are married, there’s a matching band to go with it.”

“Are you going to have a ring?”

“I have a simple platinum band that will match yours, if you want me to wear one.”

“Yeah… I mean, I do… want you to wear one. Maybe it will slow the fang bangers down a little if they see a wedding ring on your finger.”

He laughed, “Not likely, but I suppose it’s worth a try.”

She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him.


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