LATE Chapter 028

The Scarf


“Am I interrupting?” Dr. Ludwig had arrived.
“Good evening, Doctor.I was just giving Sookie her engagement ring.”

“Well let’s see it,” the little doctor said, and Sookie reached out her hand.

“Very nice, Northman. I told you he was loaded, girl. Wear that in good health.”

“Thank you.”
“Well, let’s get on with the examination. Lie down, little girl and let’s see how you’re doing.”

Sookie stretched out on the bed, a little self-conscious that she wasn’t wearing underwear again, but as Eric said, she’d just have to take it off. The little doctor raised the bottom of the white shirt to expose Sookie’s belly – and everything else – and she pressed and felt around her abdomen.

“Any more cramps?”

“A few but not too bad. My trainer gave me a massage that helped the last time.”

“Good. Northman learned to do the massage yet?”

“She’s going to teach him Sunday night.”
“Good, good.” She patted the bulge then reached into her bag – oh no, the gloves. “Ok, little girl, you know what to do.”

Sookie bent her knees and raised her legs so the little doctor could feel inside of her. She looked at Eric because it was embarrassing, and his eyes were soft and comforting. She could feel him sending a sense of calm and relaxation through the bond.

“Well, now, I’d say you’ve reached your two month point. No need to be quite as careful from this point forward, though I still don’t want you on your feet a lot.”

“Doctor,” Eric said. “We asked the King to extend his protection for Sookie to the child. He specified that the child had its protection while it is in her body, and he will extend it further at an announcement in Las Vegas next week.”

“And you want to know if magick can be used to remove the child from the womb?”



“I know Niall Brigant. I think you can be sure that this baby is safe from other magick until it is born, and I’m sure he’ll cast protection as soon as he is. Anyone who tries to mess with this baby is going to get a universal backlash that I wouldn’t want to be near. Don’t let de Castro scare you. He’s full of hot air, and probably a bit jealous.”

“He was very… touchy with Sookie when we told him.”

“And you managed not to kill him? I’m impressed, Northman. What a mess that could have created. I’m glad you had some control.”

“He licked my palm…” Sookie said.

“He wanted a taste of fairy. You smell awfully good to the vamps right now.”

“Yeah, I got that.”

“You’re exercising every day now?”

“Just for the past couple of days.”

“Make it every day now for as long as you’re able. Eat more red meat, as rare as you can stand it. I know you’re feeding from Northman because you’re strong and healthy. You’ll have less and less nausea now, and the belly will continue to grow. The cramps will be worse – ibuprofen, lots of massage, lots of sex.”

“She has been very aroused and aggressive lately, doctor.”

“Good – enjoy it while it lasts.”

“Are you sure she won’t get hurt?”

“Another month from now you might need to be a little less active, but for right now, be as wild as you want. Enjoy your time together – you’ll have a baby in the house before too long, and he’s going to be a handful. Well, that’s it – call me if you need me.” And she was gone.

“Mmmm – as wild as we want to be…” Sookie wiggled her eyebrows at Eric.

He laughed. “Yes, that’s too bad…”

“Why is it bad?”

“Well, my plan for the night is a very quiet one.”

“Does it involve sex?”

“Oh, yes.”


“Will I like it?”


“Oh, I think you will like it very much.”

“OK – what do you want me to do?”

“Go over to your side chair and sit there.”

Sookie gave him a quizzical look, but she did as he asked.

He picked up the scarf and walked over to her. He stroked her hair.

“Do you remember earlier you promised you would wear this scarf for me?”

“Yes…?” Sookie was confused.

“I’m going to put it on you now, and I want you to be completely still and quiet.”


He stepped behind her and pulled the scarf around so it was covering her eyes. She started to protest, but he said, “Quiet, Sookie, you promised.”

And she sat still and didn’t speak.

“Have you ever been blindfolded before, Sookie?”


“I thought not. Do you trust me, Sookie?”

“Of course I do.”

“OK, then here’s what I want you to do. I want you to be as perfectly still and quiet as you can. Don’t speak. Don’t move. If I want you to move, I will move you. Can you do that?”


“It’s harder than it sounds.”

“I can do it.”

“OK, start now.”

She sat still and quiet as she could. She waited.

She waited.


She waited.

Still nothing. What was he doing?

She couldn’t hear him moving – damn vampires don’t make noise – and she tried to stay still and listen, but the sound of her breathing was getting in the way, and it was getting louder.

Still nothing. She wanted to move. She had an itch. Her leg wanted to jiggle. She concentrated on not moving, but her breathing was becoming difficult.

Still nothing. What was he doing? She knew he was probably sitting there watching her like he did that time that he caught her… he liked to watch her. There’s a word for that, but she couldn’t remember what it was…

Nothing. Why was it so hard to breathe? She could feel her breath shaking her.

She felt something brush her cheek and she jumped a little. It was Eric’s hand, she thought, stroking her cheek and running slowly down her neck to the top button of the white shirt she was wearing. She felt a tug and then a loosening of the shirt – he had unbuttoned the top button.



Oh, god, she wanted to move, and her breathing was still heavy and shaking her.

Another tug – another button.

Another tug, lower – another button.

One more tug, and the last button was open.

She was shaking. She felt him slowly peel one side of the shirt back a little to expose her breast, and he brushed it back off her shoulder a little.


Slowly, the other side of the shirt was pulled back off of her shoulder, and she was sitting naked except for the shirt still on her arms.

She was trying not to move. Her breathing was getting even heavier and she felt dizzy. She thought she heard a sound like Eric sitting on the bed, or maybe he was lying down…?




Don’t move, Sookie. He thinks you can’t do it. Don’t move. Nothing.

He was leaning back on the bed watching her. He could see her inner struggle not to move. He had been toying with her for almost half an hour, but he knew it felt much longer to her. Her breathing was heavy, and he watched as her beautiful breasts rose and fell. Her nipples were very hard. She might be cold, he thought, but more likely she just felt exposed. She was holding up pretty well so far. He knew she was strong, so he wasn’t surprised she lasted this long. A lot of people couldn’t even do this much.

She was so beautiful, sitting there, fighting so hard not to move, wondering what he would do next. He watched her awhile longer, her breathing so heavy it was making her shake.

He made kind of a production of getting up off the bed so she could hear him. He went over to his closet and slid the door so it banged the frame a little so she’d know he was going in there. He took a couple of things out of a small drawer and closed it loudly, and he smiled when he saw her jump.

He moved at vampire speed and kissed her lips, then moved away. He waited a long, long time before he moved again.

She gasped as she felt him against her lips. She was barely able to react before he was gone, then nothing.

She waited. And waited.

Something brushed her shoulder. She hoped it was Eric and not a spider or something. Something soft brushed her lips. Something ran up her leg. Now something circled her nipple.

Something soft pressed against her mouth, and she knew it was Eric. She opened her mouth and took in as much of him as she could. She let him do the moving, which was hard because she kept wanting to use her hands. She could feel his hand on the back of her head, and she managed to suck and breathe at the same time. He moved slowly to let her use her tongue as she wanted. She knew it wouldn’t take long because he would be so aroused, and she was right. After his release she continued to lick him clean as he stroked her chin with his fingers.

Suddenly, she was lifted in the air and gently dropped on the bed so she bounced a little. She almost laughed but managed not to. She felt his hand move her legs slightly apart. Her wrist was picked up and something wrapped around it. Her arm was stretched high above her head, and she knew it was being tied. Her other wrist was in his hand, and he stroked her palm, then kissed it.

“Sookie, do you want me to stop?”



“You know I’m going to tie your other wrist?”


“And you are giving me permission to do that?”


“You won’t be able to get away from me, Sookie – you understand that?”


Her other arm was pulled upward, her wrist wrapped with something soft, and it was tied. She still had the white shirt on, and she felt him spread each side open so she was completely exposed.

She felt his fingers run gently and slowly down her throat, between her breasts, over her tummy – her legs jerked a little as he tickled her stomach, and he put his hand on her leg to let her know to be still and she tried.

“Sookie are you able to snap your fingers? Show me.” She snapped her fingers a couple of times.

“OK, Sookie, it’s going to get very hard for you not to say anything, and you might have an instinct to struggle or say no when you don’t really want me to stop. You know what I mean?”


“OK, now unless I see you snap your fingers, I’m not going to stop what I’m doing. Do you understand? Even if you say stop, I won’t stop unless you snap your fingers. That’s like your safe word – that’s how I know you really want me to stop, OK?”


“Do you want me to continue?”


“OK, now try to be quiet, and I won’t stop unless you snap your fingers.”

She swallowed hard – she really, really liked this. Was there something wrong with her? Is it normal to want him to control her this way? He would stop whenever she wanted him to, so she was really in control of the situation. She trusted him to stop if she really wanted him to.

The room was completely silent, except for her breathing. She couldn’t tell where Eric was, and she was practically vibrating with anticipation. She took a couple of deep breaths and tried to relax. She heard him take something from his nightstand, but she couldn’t tell exactly what he was doing. She felt him kneel on the bed, and she realized he was putting headphones on her. She didn’t know what it was attached to, but she heard beautiful classical music, and nothing else. They completely covered her ears. She wasn’t going to be able to hear him move anymore. Can panic feel sweet? Nice touch, Northman – all she could do was feel.

Oh, god, what is he waiting for? Why didn’t he just fuck her and get on with it? She knew why, though. He was enjoying this and so was she. She was starting to sweat a little, and she felt cold and hot at the same time.

Ah – something brushed lightly against her nipple. Nothing again.

Something ran down the inside of her thigh. She spread her legs, but she felt a pat on her ankle, and she knew to be still.

Something tickled her underarm and made her squirm. It touched her tummy, and she reflexively pulled her knees up a little. She felt his hand under her ankle, lifting it up, and she felt him gently kiss the top of her foot, then move up her shin with more little kisses. His finger slowly traced a line from inside her ankle, up the inside of her leg, up the inside of her thigh and around the line where her leg joined her hip. Aw, come on!

She felt his big hands around her throat, then he gently ran them down over her breasts, her stomach, her legs in a way that let her know it was all his. He licked her hipbone and blew cool air where his tongue had been, and that made her bend her leg and arch her pelvis. She knew he was purposely not touching her there because that’s what she most wanted him to do. He was going to make her wait, and realizing that made it impossible to keep her pelvis still. She took a deep, shaky breath and stretched – she tugged a little at her wrists. Whatever she was tied with was soft and didn’t hurt, but she wasn’t going anywhere until he said so.

She felt the mattress go down as he put his knee next to her thigh and straddled her legs so she couldn’t move them. He leaned downward – she could feel him supporting himself on either side of her waist. She knew he was avoiding putting his weight on her little bulge. She could feel his hair brush against her skin. Suddenly, her nipple was being pulled hard, and she knew it was in his mouth. He slid his hands under her shoulder blades and pushed her upward to make her chest more accessible. He ran his tongue around her nipple and nipped just a little with his fangs – not enough to break skin, but enough to really feel it, and she cried out just a little.

He blew where his mouth had been, and it made her feel cold. Suddenly he was pulling on the other nipple, harder this time, and she gasped. It was intense but didn’t really hurt, and she could feel it in her… between her legs. The way he had her pinned, it felt as if all her feelings were centered on her breasts, and he was enjoying them greatly. She didn’t think he was actually taking blood, but he was sucking, nibbling, nipping, one then the other, over and over, for what seemed like hours, but it was probably only a few minutes.


At one point, she felt him lay his face between her breasts, like he was resting it there. She became very aware of her breathing again, knowing he was feeling her chest rise and fall beneath him. Her pelvis was in constant motion under him, but he raised up enough that she couldn’t arch against him. After a few minutes, he went back to work on her nipples, which were tender now, and he would occasionally pull until she cried out. Again, he wasn’t really hurting her, but he was…owning her.

He was letting her catch her breath, gently kissing his way all over her rib cage, her tummy, and he lingered with his forehead on the little bulge for a bit, then brushed his cheek against it.

Then he was gone.

She was straining to try to hear him, but all she could hear was the music in her headphones. Her breasts felt like they had a life of their own – she had never been so aware of them, and she had never had some of the sensations that left them tingling, either.

She was still moving her pelvis, almost compulsively. She could feel something creating vibrations at the side of the bed – she knew Eric was doing something, but of course she had no idea what. She felt a hand at her knee, pulling her leg up and to the side. Something was slipped around the back of her knee and pulled down. She felt the hand on her other leg, and realized she was being spread like a butterfly. Part of her wanted to kick him away, but it was too late. She knew she could snap her fingers and it would all stop. She didn’t want it to stop.

She felt him make adjustments so her legs were bent up and out, and her center was completely open. She was trying not to flex her pelvis as she had been, but she couldn’t stop. Oh, god, IT was alive in a way it never had been before. She couldn’t control her hips.

Where was he?

Nothing. She couldn’t hear anything but the music. She lay as still as possible, but there was no sign of movement except her own. She felt a breeze – something Eric had to be doing, but damn it made her feel naked and cold, though not uncomfortably so – just enough to let her know where she was and who was in charge. She stretched and arched her back, hoping he was watching and he’d lose control and take her soon. No such luck. If he was in the room, she had no way of knowing it.

She was sure he wouldn’t leave her alone. Right? He was probably perched on the edge of the dresser with that smirk on his face, waiting for her to snap her fingers. Screw him – she could last as long as he could. He’d have to let her go at sun-up. She knew he wouldn’t leave her there for Alic – eww, don’t even think about that possibility. If anyone but Eric ever saw her like this she’d die.


She hadn’t fed from him yet tonight – oh, that set her off squirming again. It was no wonder people got hooked on V. Drinking Eric’s blood was second only to fucking him. Speaking of which – come on, Eric, where are you?

Suddenly he was kissing her lips, pulling away so she’d have to reach upward to maintain the contact. Something slipped under her head. He was kissing her over and over, then pulling back, leaving her mouth searching for him.

He kissed her very deeply, then when he pulled away, something went into her mouth that wasn’t skin, and she felt something pulled up to tie it in place. She was gagged.

He pulled her headphones out just enough for her to hear him say, “You can always snap your fingers, my lover, but until you do, scream as loudly as you want.” And he settled the phones back into place. Oh, hell.

She felt something cold drizzle on her….center. She felt fingers spreading … oil, she guessed, over every part, every fold, and back. One of the pillows under her head was pulled down under her body so that her pelvis was elevated a little. She felt him slide – two?- fingers into her, and he began to rub his thumb in circles around her nub. They moved in and out of her, and she felt more stretch, which she guessed was another finger. She was wiggling and moaning – no point in being quiet now – when she felt something – it wasn’t skin or fingers because it was colder than his skin, and it was hard – pushing at her other entrance. She yelled, more out of surprise than anything, into the gag as one hand drove her mad, and the other drove something forward slowly so she really felt the sensation of it going into her. This was insane – she was bucking against his hand, trying simultaneously to move away and relax so it wouldn’t hurt – it wasn’t painful, it was just really, really there, when whatever it was seemed to slip into place and stay put, filling and stretching in a way she never even imagined. She was moaning and squirming as he replaced his thumb with his tongue. Fingers, tongue, whatever – oh, god, who knew you could feel this way? She was frantic, moaning loudly and started to come – then he stopped.

Son of a bitch.

She tried to yell at him but she couldn’t. She started to sob a little, but just then he was in her, on top of her, exactly where she wanted him, and he meant business. She couldn’t believe he held out this long. She never figured out how he did it, but he managed to release her legs while he was riding her, so she could move a little.

It was less like an orgasm than a grand mal seizure. She never felt anything like it. When it was over, she considered snapping her fingers, but she didn’t have to. He knew when to take the headphones off, and the gag was easily released. She could hear him cleaning things up and putting things away, but she still couldn’t see or move her arms. He untied her arms and rubbed them. She started to reach for the blindfold but he stopped her.

“Not yet, dear one – I want more.”

So she took her hands away and let him turn her over. She knew he was going to do that since she was already lubed up, so she arched her back for him and held onto the edge of the mattress as he did what he wanted. Every part of her body was tingling and alive. She whimpered just a little, and he reached under her to hug her to him and kissed her shoulders. She was exhausted, and it felt so good to be held by him that she never wanted to move again.

“I love you, Sookie, more than anyone I have ever known. You are a living dream for me. I never thought I would find a woman like you, ever.”

Sookie gave a tired laugh, and said, “I love you, too. Can I take the blindfold off now?”

He laughed and pulled out the knot so she could see, and he collapsed to the side of her.

She was sort of stunned. That was the most intense experience of her life. He was so good – he knew exactly how far he could push her, and he knew exactly what she would like, even when she didn’t know. He was in the bathroom cleaning up, and she heard him turn on the tub.

He came back and scooped her up in his arms, settling her in a warm tub and climbing in behind her. He pulled her close, kissing her ear and shoulder as he gently massaged her body where it was tender. She turned and kissed him as hard as she could. She threw her arms around his neck.

“How did you know?”

“Know what, my lover?”

“That I… I never… ”

“How did I know you wanted to be tied up and pleasured until you couldn’t stand it?” he laughed.

“Yeah, that.”

“I know you, dear one. I know more about you than you know yourself.”

“I know you do. I don’t understand it, but you do.”

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“No, it was… intense and a little scary, but it was… amazing. You’re amazing. Eric?”

“Yes, my lover?”

“You didn’t feed me your blood.”

He raised his wrist to his lips and tore it open, pulling her back into him and letting her suckle the wound. He moaned as she drank from him, then she looked at him with bloody lips and kissed him.


“I want to be with you forever.”

“That’s entirely possible, you know.”

“Yes, I know.”

“We will speak of this after the baby is born.”

“OK, wash my hair?”


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