LATE Chapter 026

Smoked Salmon


“Morning, Alicia,” Sookie said sleepily as she opened her eyes to Alicia putting more clothes in her closet.

“Good Morning, Miss Sookie. Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, I had one of my good dreams about Eric.” Sookie was sprawled in the middle of the bed, with the covers over her butt, but not much else. She reached for Eric’s pillow. It smelled like him, and she buried her face in it. Why did he smell so good to her? How could anything smell that good? It made her hungry and horny at the same time, and IT was a wide awake and throbbing at the thought of him.

“What kind of clothes did you get me this time?” She didn’t feel like moving but she didn’t mind chatting a little.

“Well, I bought some very pretty dresses for your trip to Las Vegas. I bought you two simple tank suits for your work outs and a little bikini for sunbathing, plus a nicer resort bikini with a higher waist on it you can wear at pool in Vegas. It will hide your little tummy.”

“Good thinking. It’s becoming more obvious.”

“Not too much yet – you’ll be able to get away with the dress you want next week. We’ll be sure to tell the seamstress to leave a bit of room for expansion. She’s bringing a range of sizes today so we can see what works best. You might want to go up a size or so for comfort.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s today, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Miss, I spoke to her – she’ll be here at noon, and I asked Miss James to come an hour later today to give you plenty of time. You’ll have your fitting and then your workout and massage. That’s quite a full day, plus I think Mr. Northman might have plans tonight because he left instructions that you were to rest as much as possible today.”

“Did he leave me a note?” Sookie stretched up to look at the dresser – there was an envelope with Eric’s lovely script on it. Alicia handed it to her and said she’d be back in a few minutes with her breakfast. Sookie raised up on her elbows, still hugging Eric’s pillow, and pulled the note out of the envelope.

My Dear One,

I know you have much to do today, but please rest as much as possible. I’m planning to keep you up very late tonight. Dr. Ludwig will be by at 8 for a check up, then you are mine, and we won’t be leaving the bedroom. I told Pam I’m taking a few days off to spend with my beloved. I have something special for you – it’s right on the tip of my tongue...


I love you,


‘Great – now I’ll be thinking about his tongue all day,’ she thought, but she knew that was his intention. He wanted her to spend the day anticipating what he was going to do to her. By the time he got up, he’d barely have to look at her to make her come. She wouldn’t have a minute alone to take the edge off by herself, either, with Alicia roaming around.

She lay back and looked up at the ceiling. She closed her eyes and pictured the beautiful naked Viking in the basement. Today was the day – she was going to join him in the basement before he awoke. She’d have to figure out how to get rid of Alicia, though. Alicia didn’t really know that Eric stayed in the house during the day. Only Sookie knew that. That’s why Alicia always referred to Eric “arriving” instead of getting up. No one but she could have any idea where he sheltered in the day.

Alicia came back with a tray. The food on it looked unfamiliar.

“What’s this?” Sookie asked as she sat up and pulled the covers to hide her chest. Alicia settled the tray across her lap. “It’s smoked salmon, cream cheese and a bagel. Mr. Northman ordered it especially for you. If you like it, he wants you to have it often because it is from his native Sweden, and fish is particularly good for the baby’s brain development.”

“He’s been on the internet again,” Sookie laughed.

“I think it’s very sweet that he’s thinking of your nutrition, though I’m not sure it would have been my first choice for a lady with morning sickness.”

“Yeah – actually, though, it smells kind of good. I don’t think I ever smelled it before, but it’s like I was craving it and didn’t know it.”

“That’s good then – you enjoy your breakfast. Do you want the TV on?”

“Yes, please, that would be nice.”

Alicia took the remote from Eric’s nightstand and raised the TV from its hiding place. She handed the control to Sookie who zipped around the channels and decided to stay on an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. That show was a little deep for her, but she liked the way the one detective grilled the suspects when they were in the police station.

Sookie really wolfed down her food. She realized she hadn’t eaten last night when they got home. “Alicia?” She buzzed on the monitor. “Is there any more salmon?”


“Yes, Miss, would you like another bagel and all with it?”


“Yes, please. I realized I forgot to eat last night.”

“I’ll be right up with it.”

Alicia actually brought two more bagels and cream cheese with lots of smoked salmon. Sookie hoped that stuff wasn’t too expensive, but it sure was good. She ate all of it.

“Finished, Miss?”

“Yeah, thanks – I can’t believe I ate all of that!”

“You’re eating for two – he’s going to need more and more nourishment as he grows.”

“I just hope I can get into the wedding dress.”

“It’s good to try it on when you’ve had a good meal. You’ll be at your biggest, and the seamstress can make allowances. She’ll be here in about half an hour.”

“Wow – I better get dressed!”

“I’ll put out some stockings and foundation garments, then you just wear a robe over that. No point in putting on clothes just to take them off again. You’ll want to wear what you would have on under it.”

“I’ll jump in the shower.” Sookie was out of bed and in the shower before she realized she got up naked in front of Alicia again. She didn’t seem embarrassed though, and Sookie didn’t have time to think about it.

She came out of the bathroom in a towel with another wrapped around her head. Alicia motioned for her to sit in one of the side chairs and walked behind her. She blotted Sookie’s hair with the towel and combed it out for her. “Would you like me to blow dry it, Miss?”

“Would you mind?” Sookie felt a little funny asking, but it did sound like a nice idea letting Alicia do it. It didn’t take long since they left it straight, and Alicia helped Sookie into the lingerie she put out for her. “Wow, this is pretty,” Sookie said as Alicia wrapped a strapless corset around her.

“You have good taste.”

“Oh, I can’t take credit for this, Miss. Mr. Northman left it for you to wear under your dress.”

“Eric picked this out?”

“I assume so. There are matching stockings and shoes as well.”

Once Sookie was snugly packed into it all, Alicia helped her into her pink robe and they went downstairs.


The seamstress, Miss Jean, was already setting up in the living room. She had a rack of dresses with her and a case with sewing items. Sookie apologized if she was late, but Miss Jean didn’t seem to mind. They tried several sizes on her, and they finally settled on one that was a size larger than Sookie normally wore. That would leave them room to let it out if need be by next week, but they didn’t think that would be necessary. Sookie couldn’t tell them that this baby was growing faster than a human one, so she just asked that they allow for her to gain a lot of weight if she kept eating like she did that morning.

There were all kinds of embellishments available for the dress, and Alicia said that Mr. Northman had told her to spare no expense on that, so they ordered some really beautiful beadwork that would take some time, but they’d have it ready to travel by Friday. She’d be back Wednesday for another fitting of the gown in it’s final form, and that would give them two days for any final adjustments. Altogether it took about two hours, and Sookie was getting hungry again. Her stomach growled, and Alicia suggested she have some yogurt and granola before her trainer arrived.

Sookie changed into her work out clothes as Alicia got her snack, and she ate in the downstairs kitchen. She opened the curtains and could see out where the men were working on the pool. Alicia spoke to one of the workmen and told Sookie it would be usable tomorrow. She was very pleased to hear that.

Bobbie James arrived and they went up to the fourth floor. Things went pretty well for the first half an hour, then Sookie began to feel a little cramping. Bobbie taught her how to use her breathing to slow the cramping, and she stopped the yoga a little early so they could concentrate on the massage part of the treatment.

“Has your doctor made any suggestions for dealing with your cramps?” Bobbie said as she slowly and deeply worked around Sookie’s pelvis.

“She suggested ibuprofen, lots of sex, massage, and not to panic if I wasn’t bleeding.”

“Ok, that sounds reasonable. Sex is probably the best thing you can do for the cramping – it works all the right muscles, sends blood to the pelvis, and relaxes you internally as well as relaxing you in general.”

“That’s good because I can’t think about anything but sex anyway.”

Bobbie laughed, “Some women are like that, but some are just the opposite. Be glad you’re still enjoying sex.”

“Oh, I’m enjoying it. By the way, the doctor wanted Eric to learn some massage that he could do when he’s with me and I have cramps.”

“Let’s see – he’s only available in the evenings, right?”


“How about we meet later on Sunday, and then I can give him a lesson when he gets… home?”


“That would be great. Could you come around 5 o’clock? We’d have time to work out in the pool a bit before he gets here.”

“OK, that should work just fine.”

Bobbie finished up with Sookie and helped her get her clothes back on. Once she left, Alicia set Sookie up in her bed again with another snack – apples and cheddar cheese – and Sookie went to sleep for a bit, but asked Alicia to wake her at 5:30. She explained that she was going to meet Eric, so Alicia could leave then and she’d see her tomorrow. Alicia didn’t like the idea of leaving Sookie alone, but she did.

Sookie went tiptoeing down to the basement, and went into the room where the rug hid the door to Eric’s hidey-hole. She rolled the rug away and raised the door, which sort of raises itself once you open it. The light inside it automatically came on and she could see Eric, ensconced in velvet, lying on the satin covered pillows naked and absolutely beautiful. She took her clothes off and folded them, throwing them toward the bottom of the space. There was plenty of room for her to step down in with him, and she flipped a little switch so the little nightlight stayed on, and she pulled the lid back down. He never moved. She moved his arm up so she could lay her head on it, and snuggled in next to him. Before she knew it she was asleep.


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