LATE Chapter 035

Baby Wants A Bottle!


“Good Morning, Miss. Miss? Miss Sookie?” Alicia put the tray on the dresser and walked over to Sookie’s side of the bed. She felt her face, which was warm, but not too warm, so she was pretty sure she was just sleeping heavily. She patted Sookie’s cheek and called her name again, and Sookie began to stir.

“Sookie, can you hear me?”

“What?” she began to respond, but was obviously groggy.

“Do you feel alright, dear?”

“Yeah, I’m just really tired.”

“Do you think you can eat a little bit?”

“I guess…” Sookie tried to sit up and Alicia helped her a little bit.
“You were sleeping very soundly. You had me a bit worried.”

“I’m OK, I think, just…*yawn* really tired.”

“Well, I’ve got 2 glasses of milk here, some orange juice, bagels cream cheese and salmon again.” She got Sookie settled with the tray.

“Oh, good! I didn’t think I’d get that again so soon!”

“Mr. Northman said when you’re not eating rare meat you’re to eat fish.”

“Good idea. The baby has some unusual nutritional needs.”

“So I gather. How was your dinner last night?”

“It was pretty good. He sort of gave us his blessing – he has some high expectations for Eric, but I think he expected that.”

“I’m sure he wants what’s best for you.”

“Yeah, I guess, I just hope what he thinks is best really is best.”

Alicia gave her a sympathetic look.

“Do you trust his judgment?”

“I don’t know – he’s really old and his ideas are very old fashioned. Eric knows what he expects – he knew better than I did – but I just hope it all works out.”

”Do you trust Mr. Northman to do what’s best for you?”

“Yes – I know he’ll always do the best he can for me.”

“Concentrate on that – that’s what really counts.”

“Yeah, that’s true.” Sookie knew that the situation was more serious than Alicia could imagine, but she did trust Eric, and she was right – that was the main thing.

Alicia handed Sookie the note from the dresser and went to gather laundry, then went back down stairs while Sookie enthusiastically dug into her salmon and read Eric’s note.


My Angel –

I hope you had a good night and that you will relax as much as you can today. Remember that we are meeting your brother at Fangtasia so the tailor can work on our suits, so be ready to go with me when I get up.

There is a Fed Ex delivery expected today. It is the travel plans for Las Vegas. You may open it if you want to see the itinerary, and I’ll get them from you this evening.

Never forget, Sookie – I love you and you and our son will always come first for me.



She knew he was trying to reassure her so she wouldn’t be scared. She felt comfort in the bond and knew the baby was sending it to her.

“Thank you, Baby E.”


“Daddy will take care of it, right?”

Happy. Love. Comfort. Trust.

The baby had no doubt that his daddy could handle things, so she’d try to have faith, too. For all she knew, since it was about magick and destiny and all that, the baby might know more than she did. She got happy vibes from Baby E when she drank the milk and ate the salmon, too, but he didn’t seem crazy about the orange juice. Interesting.

She began to realize that she had a craving – a really strong one – for True Blood. Did she dare drink blood in front of the maids? She felt the baby move, and realized he was telling her he wanted a blood. She couldn’t decide if it was a good idea or not. She was torn between being afraid the maids would freak out and wanting that blood badly. She could feel WANT coming from the baby now. He wasn’t going to let up – he was a baby and he needed what he needed.

Bobbie would sneak her one but she wasn’t due until 4 and it was only 2:30.

WANT. Baby E wasn’t in the mood to wait.

OK, this was not an option – she had to have it. She decided her best bet was to act like it was the most natural thing in the world. His daddy was a vampire, so she needed to drink it for the baby. Act like it’s no big deal, Sookie and get the baby what he needs.

She decided to put her bathing suit on and go down to the pool. On her way out, she’d just pop into the fridge and grab a blood. It’s possible the maids wouldn’t even notice. If they did, Eric was a vamp and the baby needed it. Simple, straightforward, logical, right? Please, Freya, don’t let them freak out.


When did Sookie Stackhouse start invoking Norse Goddesses? Then it hit her – Sookie Stackhouse wouldn’t – Sookie Northman would. Sookie Northman’s baby would be dedicated to Freya, and that’s the logical source to seek help from for him.

Sookie looked around and noticed her laptop on the table between the side chairs. She went over and opened it, doing a search for Freya – she figured she better know whom she was talking to. The first link, Wikipedia, took her to a definition that said

In the Eddas, Freyja is portrayed as a goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Blonde, blue-eyed, and beautiful, Freyja is described as the fairest of all goddesses,and people prayed to her for happiness in love. She was also called on to assist childbirths and prayed to for good seasons.

Freyja was also associated with war, battle, death, magic, prophecy, and wealth.


Wow – if you were going to pick a Goddess for this situation, Freya was the one you’d want. All three of them, mama, daddy and baby, were blonde with blue eyes, beautiful (as far as she was concerned) and in love. She handled fertility and childbirth, plus war, battle, prophecy and wealth. That pretty much summed up the whole situation.


Baby E reminded her what she was supposed to be doing.

“OK, Freya, my baby’s hungry so help me get him what he needs.”

Sookie buzzed Alicia and told her she was going down to the pool. She put on her pink bikini and cover up, took her pool bag and headed downstairs. She walked through the living room toward the kitchen, trying to be quiet so maybe no one would notice her. Someone, Margaret she hoped, was working in the dining room. She made a bee line for the fridge, and no one seemed to be around so she grabbed a blood, put it in her bag and headed for the little bathroom off the den. She locked the door, twisted off the lid, and guzzled the blood as fast as she could.


She put her hands on the bump. “Are you happy now, you little Viking?”


OK, that would hold him for a while. She left the empty in the wastebasket and hoped they’d think Big Eric left it there. She headed out to the pool, feeling sneaky but relieved. If the baby started wanting blood more than once in the evening, they’d have to figure something out. She couldn’t count on being able to pull this off every morning.

She set her ipod on the table playing “daddy’s” playlist and grabbed an air mattress. She played around with it a bit, then got up on it and leaned back, enjoying the water, though at one point she felt a little sick and wasn’t sure if it was her or the baby that was queasy. It went away, though so she was able to stay and get some sun on her belly and legs.

After what she figured was about 45 minutes, she got out of the pool and settled herself face down – she could do that because there was in indent where the cushion on the chaise folded and it made room for Baby E – and took off her bathing suit top so she could get some line free sun on her back, shoulders and backs of her legs. Sookie was usually careful to make her tan even and as line free as possible.

She fell asleep for a while and Bobbie woke her up.

“Sookie – are you asleep?”

“Bobbie, yeah, hi. Is it 4 already?”

“It sure is. Are you up to having a session?”

“Yeah – can you help me…” and she indicated the bathing suit top, which Bobbie fastened for her so she could get up. Sookie made the necessary adjustments in the top when she got up, noticing her breasts seemed really big today, and Bobbie waded into the pool with her, holding her arm because she wasn’t sure Sookie was completely awake yet.

As they were exercising, Sookie looked around to see if any of the human maids were around then she told Bobbie what happened with the True Blood. Bobbie said to make sure, whatever she did, that she got a blood when she felt that way, even if it meant freaking out the maids. The baby had to come first, and Sookie agreed. She suggested maybe Eric could get a little refrigerator for the bedroom, then Sookie could sneak them into the bathroom and leave the empties there. The maids would just assume they were Eric’s and Sookie wouldn’t have to sneak into the kitchen to get them.

Sookie said she’d mention that to Eric, because she had a feeling she was going to need more than one blood a day. Bobbie asked if she’d had any cramps and Sookie told her just a twinge here or there, but nothing severe. Bobbie thought that the severity of the cramps before was due to the fact that she wasn’t drinking blood. Sookie told her she was told the baby would need blood and milk so Bobbie told her to make sure she drank plenty of both right now.

One of the servants brought out the portable massage table, and Bobbie held up the sheet while Sookie slipped out of her bathing suit and got up on her side on the table. Sookie actually liked the feeling of being naked under the sheet outside and even found herself wondering what it would be like to sunbathe in the nude – no tan lines! – but she doubted she’d ever have the nerve to do that.

Once the massage was over, Sookie walked Bobbie to the front door and then stopped into Eric’s office to call Jason and confirm that he knew he was supposed to come to Fangtasia tonight. He did, and said he’d be there around 8:00. Sookie went upstairs, where Alicia was putting away some of her clothes that had been cleaned. She told her she was going to jump in the shower and Alicia asked her what she wanted to wear tonight. Sookie asked if the new sundress in shades of blue was ready to wear and she and Alicia agreed that would be very pretty. Sookie said she wanted to wear heels with it, because Eric liked the way her legs looked in them, and she knew pretty soon they’d be out of the question.

Sookie got in the shower while Alicia got her clothing together, then Sookie let Alicia dry her hair and put a little makeup on her, though she needed very little because she had a little sun glow. Alicia told her she’d look fabulous in her wedding dress if she looked like that on Sunday and Sookie told her she planned on making sure she got into the sun as much as possible between now and then.

Sookie put on the new sundress and noticed for the first time that it was very similar to her red and white dress that Eric loved so much. She also noticed that she had beaucoup cleavage today – Eric would be thrilled – and the full skirt almost hid Baby E. Almost. Sookie thought there was only about an 80% chance she was getting into that wedding dress on Sunday, but she wasn’t going to dwell on that now. She laid out an outfit for Eric and headed down to wait for him.

Sookie heard someone at the door as she was coming downstairs and it turned out to be the Fed Ex delivery Eric had told her about. She took it into the kitchen table and opened it. It was a really fancy package, with all of their plane tickets for Anubis Airlines, several copies of an itinerary they could give to their guests, a program for the wedding, a sample of the invitations to the cocktail party and a guest list, a handwritten note from Felipe to Sookie – ew! – and a form from Sandy asking about Sookie’s nutritional needs that was to be filled out and faxed back.

Sookie sat down and braced herself, and opened the letter from Felipe.


My Dear Miss Stackhouse,

I wanted to say once again how delightful it will be to host your party for your nuptials. I have taken great pains to personally oversee that every detail is executed according to your wishes, and I want to assure you that your wedding will be everything you have ever dreamed of.

We await your arrival most anxiously,

HRH Felipe de Castro


Sookie debated whether she should show the note to Eric or not, but she realized that the bond required her to do so, even if he would want to decapitate Felipe after he saw it. Sookie noticed that it felt strange to see herself referred to as Miss Stackhouse and she realized she had already made the mental shift into thinking of herself as Sookie Northman. She was surprised and pleased at that. It occurred to her that the wedding was just going to be a legal designation. She and Eric were already married, already a family, and her life was already a dream come true. Felipe was just hosting a couple of parties for them, so take that HRH Creepy Felipe.

She looked up and discovered she was being watched.

“Hi, sweetie!”

“Hello, dear one,” he bent to kiss her “you were deep in thought when I came in.”

“Yeah, I was looking at the package from Las Vegas. Felipe wrote me a note.”

“May I see it?”

“Of course.” Sookie handed it to Eric and she saw him raise an eyebrow as she felt the distinct feeling of wanting to kill someone flood into the bond. The baby felt it too, and moved, which caused Eric to look up and smile.

“My son agrees that he should not address my bonded in such familiar terms.”

“Your bonded could definitely live without it. Your son has been pretty active today.”


“Later…” Sookie whispered as Alicia and Margaret came into the room.

“Good evening, ladies.”

“Mr. Northman. She had a good day today. She even got to play in the pool and lie in the sun a bit.”

“I see that – she is glowing!” Eric bragged, then he went up to take his shower so they could head to Fangtasia, and Sookie ate a really rare steak while she waited.

In almost no time, Eric came back down carrying a blue purse and a suit bag.


“Did you forget this, my lover?”

“Oh – yes, thank you. I had a lot on my mind today.”

“I’m sure. Are we ready to go? Bring the Las Vegas package, too.”

“Yes, I’m done eating.”

They said goodnight to Alicia and Margaret, who would be leaving soon, too, and headed for the corvette. Once in the car, Sookie turned to Eric.

“So guess who made me sneak a bottle of blood out of the fridge this afternoon?”

“Who – the baby?!”

“Yep, Baby E wanted a True Blood at 2:30 and he wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

“What did you do?”

“I sneaked it out of the fridge when no one was looking and drank it in the bathroom off the den. “

Eric laughed out loud.

“Go ahead and laugh, but he’s wanting more than one blood a day and I don’t know how we’re going to take care of that without Alicia and Margaret knowing I’m drinking blood.”

“Do you think this will be a daily thing?”

“Yes, I do, because I can feel him getting ready to start now wanting another one.”

“Any ideas?”

“Bobbie suggested you put a small fridge in the bedroom and stock it with blood so I can sneak them into the bathroom where the maids won’t see.”

Eric nodded.

“That’s a good idea. They’ll think I’m drinking them at night. I’ll tell Burnham to purchase one and have it delivered tomorrow. We’ll fill it with Type B’s for you and you’ll only have to worry about getting around Alicia.”

“Thank you. I’m sorry to be a pain, but…”

“Feeding my son is no pain, my angel. I told you he would have a large appetite.”

“Well, I think you were right because I can’t believe how much I’m eating for breakfast every day.”

“I’m afraid we need to be more careful to see you eat at night, though.”

“Yeah, that third meal gets skipped a lot. We could put some of those supplement drinks in the fridge, too. Baby E likes them.”

“He likes them?”

“Yeah, I don’t know how he knows what they are, but he got major happy when I drank a chocolate one.”

“Is it possible he can taste what you eat?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know that much about human babies, let alone Fae babies. It could be magick or motherhood, or … whatever, but he definitely reacts to what I eat. He doesn’t like orange juice.”

Eric looked at her, then back at the road, then at her again.

“Orange juice?”

“Orange juice. He’s not crazy about it. And I think he gets a little sea sick on the air mattress when I float in the pool.”

Eric laughed out loud again.

“What are you laughing at?”

“My son is very precocious. He is already making demands. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it.”

“Yeah, he’s quite the little Viking already. He even had me calling on Freya for help today.”


“Yeah, I was praying for help to figure out how to get him a blood today and I caught myself talking to Freya. I had to look her up on the computer.”

Eric laughed with sheer delight.

“My lover, you called on the right Goddess…”

“Yeah, so I found out – blondes, babies, beauty, magick, war, She’s got us all covered.”

Eric roared with laughter.

“I’ll turn you into a Swede yet, Sookie!” he laughed.

“I think you already have – Sookie Northman, Freya-worshipper.” she said, only half-joking, as they turned into the parking lot at Fangtasia.

Eric helped her out of the car with a huge smile on his face, and they went into the back of the bar, he with his suit bag and she with the travel package.

“Master, Sookie, ” Pam nodded at them

“Pam” Eric nodded

“Hi, Pam”

“Pam, you will never guess what my son did!” Eric bragged

“Your son?”

“Yes, my son made his mother sneak a bottle of blood out of the refrigerator today and drink it in the bathroom where the maids wouldn’t see.”

“He demanded blood?”

“And would not take no for an answer. He harassed Sookie until she did as he wanted.” He was laughing with delight again.

“Demanding blood and pestering Sookie – sounds like your son alright,” Pam deadpanned. Sookie was just shaking her head, and went to sit on the couch in Eric’s office. Eric was hanging the suit bag up and called Pam.

“Yes, Master?”

“We are expecting Sookie’s brother at 8:00. Please bring him back to my office when he arrives.”

“Yum. Yes, Master.” Pam said as she winked at Sookie, who laughed at her.

Eric was beaming with pride.

‘He’s quite the Alpha Male at the moment,’ Sookie thought, ‘enjoying the fact that his son is going to be a warrior-pain in the ass just like he is.’

“You’re getting pleased with yourself again, Northman.”

“My lover, my son is very exceptional to make himself known so early in his development. Any father would crow about such a child! It is my right as his father.”

“Yes, I suppose it is.” She just laughed and enjoyed that sexy smirk he was wearing that made her want to slap him, then fuck his brains out.

There was a knock on the door and the tailor came in, stating that he had a rack of clothing he needed help with. Eric sent two of the bar men out with him to bring in his things and Eric suggested Sookie sit at his desk so the men could use the larger space for their fittings. By the time they had everything set up, Jason was following Pam down the hall, enjoying the view from behind her. This was going to be a good weekend.

“Master, he is here.” Pam said, then turned to Jason, and in her sexiest voice said “Go right in, I’ll see you in a bit” as she ran her fingernail under his chin. Jason watched as Pam wiggled back down the hall.

“Pick your tongue up off the floor, Jason” Sookie laughed.

“Huh? Oh, hey Sookie.”

“Stackhouse.” Eric nodded.

“Oh, hey.”

“This is my tailor, Eddie Faulkner. Mr. Faulkner, this is my fiancé Sookie, and her brother, Jason Stackhouse.”

“Fiancé! You gettin’ married, Mr. Northman?”

“Yes, Eddie that’s the reason for this visit. Stackhouse and I need suits for two events this weekend – you can squeeze us in on short notice, I hope?”

“Oh, sure, Mr. Northman, anything for a good customer like you.”

“That’s good.”

“Mr. Stackhouse, do you know your size?”

Jason told him and he looked at the selection of suits on the rack he brought. He found two that he liked, plus found one of the tuxes that might work, and Eddie sent him across the hall to the bathroom to change.

Eric changed into the tux he had in the suit bag so Eddie could see if it needed any alterations. Sookie swallowed hard when she saw Eric in the tux and he smiled at her, knowing through the bond that she was feeling aroused. He wiggled his eyebrows at her and her little friend woke up, and so did Baby E.

“Eric, any chance I could get a cold blood now?”

“Press that button there, my angel and tell them what you want.”

Sookie was a little unsure about this, but she pushed the button and got an answer

“Yes, Master.”

“Uh, this is Sookie, I’d like a cold bottle of True Blood Type B please.”

“Right away, Mistress.”

Eric smiled at her.

“Was that OK?” she said apologetically.

“Yes, my angel, that was fine.” Eric said softly.

Eddie, who was checking the fit of Eric’s suit, smiled at how sweet she seemed and how this big scary man seemed to dote on her. Even a big old vampire had feelings – who knew?

There was almost instantly a knock at the door and her blood was set in front of her, and she said “Thank you,” as Eric just shook his head.

“You don’t have to thank them, Sookie.”

“Yes, Eric, I do – my Gran would roll in her grave if I didn’t thank someone for serving me!”

“As you wish, my lover, but they won’t think any less of you if you do not.”

“But I will…”

Jason came in then in the first suit, looking rather dapper though the sleeves were too long and the pants un-hemmed.

“Jason, that looks nice on you.” Sookie said and Eric nodded his approval. Eddie was done – Eric’s tux was in perfect condition so he was ready to try another suit and began to undress – so Eddie began to take measurements and make chalk marks on Jason’s suit.

“This would be for the cocktail party, right?” Sookie asked

Eddie looked at Eric and Eric said, “Yes, this is for the cocktail party. Jason and I will be wearing white tie and tails for the wedding.”

“Wow – you will?” Sookie said

“Yes – that’s what I’ve decided would look best next to your lovely dress.” Eric smiled at her in that way that made her melt.

‘THROB. I can’t wait to get him home,’ Sookie thought

“Oh, OK.”

Jason just shrugged – he was taking all of his cues from Eric tonight since he seemed to know what he wanted. Jason had never had a suit that wasn’t off the rack.

Eddie was done with Jason and handed him a tux he thought would fit him and sent him back to change. Eddie was pretty fast and you could tell he knew what he was doing. Now Eric was in the white tie kind of tux and Sookie had to remind herself to breathe because he was beautiful in it

Eric smiled knowingly at her “What do you think, Sookie, do you like it?”

“Oh, yeah…” Sookie said, a little more suggestively than she meant to and she flushed while Eric laughed and Eddie smiled. Eddie stuck his thumb out to point at Sookie and he said “She’s a sweetheart, Mr. Northman” with an affectionate smile.

“Thank you, Eddie, I think so, too. I’m very proud of her. I can’t wait to see her in her wedding gown.”

“You know you don’t see that until the actual wedding, right Mr. Northman?”

“I’m sorry?” Eric was confused.

“It’s bad luck to see the bride in the dress before the wedding.”

“Really?” he looked at Sookie.

“Uh-huh – I’ll get dressed in a different room that night and you won’t see me until Jason walks me down the aisle.”

“Alright, then, if that’s the way it is done…”

“It is” Sookie and Eddie said at the same time and they laughed.

Eric was beaming at Sookie. ‘She looks so pretty in that little dress, and look at that cleavage,’ he was thinking. ‘I cannot wait to get her home and get her out of it.’

Eric’s suit needed very little alteration, so once Eddie had the pants and the cuffs marked, he was done and Eric put his normal clothes back on. Jason came back needing a little help figuring out how to put the suit on. Eric said “Allow me” and he showed Jason how the pieces fit together. Sookie smiled at seeing the two of them with their heads together, being nice to each other. It was going to be a good weekend.

“Eddie, can you have these ready by Thursday night? We leave on Friday.”

“Yes, Mr. Northman, you want me to bring them at the same time I showed up tonight?”

“Yes, exactly. Stackhouse, you’ll need to be here to do a final try-on, would you like to spend the night at our house and you can leave from there with Sookie and the other two on Friday?”

Sookie was shocked. They were going to have their first guest!

“Uh, yeah, is that OK?”

“Yes, I think it would be much better if you all traveled together that day. The car service is expecting all of you, and I’ll be making the same offer to the others in our party.”

“Who all is going?” Jason asked.

Eric said “The three of us, of course,  Amelia, and Bobbie James. Amelia lives in your old house…”


“…Bobbie James is Sookie’s masseuse, and of course you know Pam.”

“Sookie has a masseuse?”

“Yes, to care for her during the pregnancy.”

Eddie was surprised, “You havin’ a baby, Mr. Northman?”

“Yes, Eddie, I’m going to have a son!”

“That’s wonderful, sir. When’s the blessed event?”

Eric looked confused, so Sookie chimed in “He’s due in early August.”

“Congratulations to both of you. Isn’t that wonderful – ain’t it amazin’ how they can tell the sex of the baby so soon?”

“Yes, it is amazing,” Eric agreed, knowing he had no idea HOW they happened to know the baby’s gender. “I’m very excited to be a father.”

Sookie beamed at him and Jason gave Sookie an approving nod. He liked hearing Eric brag about the baby – he was taking good care of his sister and his nephew already and that made Jason feel better about the whole thing. He was going to like getting a look at where Sookie was living, too, so he knew where she was.

Jason went and took off his suit and Eddie packed up his stuff. Eric had the same two employees help Eddie get stuff out to his van, and Eric wrote Eddie a check for the amount of the bill.

“You all need me for anything else?” Jason asked

“Stackhouse, let me buy you a drink before you leave. I’m sure you’d like to visit with Sookie for a few minutes.”

“Yeah, Ok, that sounds cool.”

“Come, let us go out to my table” Eric was in his Lord of the Manor role, showing how gracious he could be. Sookie loved it when he took command that way. Eric offered Sookie his arm and Jason followed them down the hall. Once they were seated in Eric’s booth, Pam came over and joined them, sliding into the booth very close to Jason as drinks for the four of them were delivered without being ordered.

“Pam, you’ve met Jason of course,” Eric started

“Yes,” she purred, “I hear we’ve got a date this weekend.”

“Works for me if it works for you.” Jason said, flashing the smile that made most women melt and putting his arm around her. “Hey, they’re playing a slow song – would you like to dance,”

“Yes, I would.” Pam was still purring, and Sookie knew poor Jason had no idea what he was in for, though she was pretty sure he would enjoy it. She and Eric snuggled a bit, but she kept an eye on them on the dance floor, so she giggled when she saw Pam’s hand slide down onto Jason’s ass and squeeze and she saw his eyes light up. She could feel through the bond that Eric was conflicted about it so she slid her hand into Eric’s lap and squeezed just a little which immediately focused his attention back on her.

“Trying to distract me lover…”

“Trying and succeeding…”

“Yes, you are. Would you like to go back to my office?”

“Either that or home to our big soft bed.”

“Mmmmmm,” now he was purring, nibbling her ear “Do we dare leave your brother alone with Pam – what if she scares him so badly he won’t go to Las Vegas?”

“Good point, but it might be moot – they just left.”

Eric turned around and saw that Pam and Jason were gone. He guzzled the rest of the blood he was drinking and pulled Sookie out of the booth. She grabbed her blood and tried to keep up with him as he headed down the hall to his office. The door down to the love nest was open. Pam had Jason downstairs. Eric didn’t know what to do or say, and Sookie was giggling. He paced back and forth a little then they heard Jason moaning and Pam giggling. Eric grabbed a piece of paper, wrote a note on it, grabbed his garment bag, handed Sookie the travel papers and her purse and got the hell out of there.

He put Sookie in the car and put his garment bag in the trunk, slamming it harder than necessary. Sookie was trying not to laugh out loud. Eric got into the driver’s seat and they peeled out of the parking lot like nothing Sookie had seen outside of a stock car race.



“Baby on board.”

He nodded and slowed down a bit



“You know how you can feel when I’m turned on because I have your blood in me?”


“Does that work with Pam?”


“So every time she has sex…”


“Does she have sex a lot?”


“So are you like, used to it or to ignoring it, or…”

“I normally enjoy that she is enjoying herself.”

“But not right now?”

He didn’t answer, so Sookie slipped her hand over and rubbed his crotch. He looked at her like he’d never seen her before. He couldn’t believe what she was doing. She unzipped his pants and took him in her hand, stroking him slowly.

“Will you be able to drive without getting us into a wreck?”


Before he knew what was happening, Sookie’s head was in his lap and he was trying to stay on the road. He couldn’t believe that Sookie was giving him head as he was driving down the highway. Thank the gods that they lived near by, because by the time they pulled into the garage, Eric was literally ready to explode and as soon as they stopped, while the garage door was going down, he did, with a howl.
Sookie was giggling and licking at the same time and Eric reclined his seat because she wasn’t stopping. In no time at all he was hard again and she was using her tongue and her teeth in ways she never had before and she had his balls in her hot little hand. He was nearly wild and she could feel it in the bond. She knew he was going to be amazing once she got him upstairs, and it didn’t take long before he reached his second release. She sat up and suddenly, he was at her door, pulling her out of the car and he laid her on the hood, which was warm, but she was relieved it wasn’t enough to burn. He pushed her skirt up and destroyed another thong, then he fucked her with great relish just the way he wanted to the night he took her to the orgy.

“See what you missed that night at the orgy” he whispered in her ear and they both laughed.

“If I had known it would be this good, I would have ‘yielded’ years ago.”

“I did try to tell you, my lover,” he laughed as he pushed her knees back and went down on her like he meant business.

She was writhing, clutching his hair, screaming his name and he wasn’t stopping or letting her get away. She had one earth-shattering orgasm and he kept pushing her until she had a second. Then she was in his arms as they flew upstairs and he set her down, pushed her on the bed and turned her over as he pulled up the back of her skirt.

He pulled her hips up and did her sort-of doggie style, which she realized was one of her favorite positions now because she could put all her attention on her center as it was up in the air and her head was down. She arched her back the way she knew he loved and he was grunting every time he slammed into her, every stroke making her yell out. He finally roared and collapsed to the side of her finally letting her breathe.

She laughed in a shaky way, which made him laugh a little, and when she could get up she pulled off her dress and crawled over to her side of the bed. She pulled the covers down as best she could and tried to crawl in but he looped an arm around her leg, pulled her back and bit her bottom cheek. She shrieked and laughed and he helped her turn down the bed. They lay smiling at each other and whispering for a while, then Sookie started to fall asleep and Eric let her. He took out his camera and got a few shots of her new curves, then put it away and went to his office to work. At dawn, he kissed her, covered her up and left her note on the dresser


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