LATE Chapter 036

Like Father, Like Son


Sookie stretched and yawned. She put her hands on her belly and said good morning to Baby E and he sent love back to her. She spent a while exchanging feelings with him and she realized she was starting to feel like she knew who he was already.

“Good morning, Miss”

“Hi, Alicia – I was just talking to Baby E,” she laughed as she sat up.

“Does he talk back yet?” Alicia joked.

“Not yet, but I know he hears me. Sometimes when Eric speaks to him he moves.”

“You’re kidding?” She put Sookie’s tray across her lap – rare steak, eggs, potatoes and toast. Yum!

“No, I really think he recognizes Eric’s voice, and Eric is SO proud…”

“I can imagine. He’s going to be a good father if the way he takes care of you is any indication.”

“I just hope the baby likes swords.”

“Someone mentioned that Mr. Northman has a collection of swords in the gym…”

“Oh, yes, and he’s good with all of them. He has studied with sword masters all over the world.”


“Uh-huh, he loves his swords. He’ll have this kid swinging a tiny sword as soon as he can stand up.”

“That’s actually very sweet.”

“Yeah, it is. If anyone had ever told me 2 years ago that big, bad Eric Northman would get gooey over a baby, I would have thought they were crazy. He’s already bragging about him to the people that work for him! ‘MY SON this and MY SON that.’ They’ll be sick of this baby before he’s even born!”

Alicia laughed and handed Sookie the note from the dresser.

“Wait until he has pictures to show, or better yet, when he can take him in and show him off.”

“Oh, man, he’s going to be out of hand!” Sookie laughed as she opened Eric’s note.


My Angel,

I left a message for Mr. Burnham about the refrigerator – when it arrives, have them take it straight up to the room and tell them you want it stocked with blood and supplements. If anyone asks, say it is for us when we get home from the club at night.

Remember we need to go to Fangtasia tonight, so please be ready when I awake.

Please talk to your Witch and your masseuse today about coming to Fangtasia Thursday night and spending the night with us so we can all leave together on Friday. Their vehicles and your brother’s will be safe in the extra garage behind our house.

Tell the Staff that there will be two travel boxes delivered tomorrow for Pam and myself which should be set up in the living room so they can be loaded on the van easily on Friday. The Anubis car service will be here for us all at 10 am Friday. Also have the staff prepare the guest rooms on the second floor for company, including stocking some beer and breakfast items in your pink kitchen. There are three rooms, so you may want to put Pam and Jason in the same room, and there are separate rooms for the other two women. You could use the guest room on the fourth floor if you wanted to, but I don’t think it is necessary – I leave that to you.

There is a small cooler bag in the bottom drawer of your nightstand with 2 bottles of True Blood. Feed my son well today.

I love you both, Sookie



‘OK,’ Sookie thought, ‘that’s a lot.’

Alicia came out of the bathroom with the laundry.

“Alicia – what do I have on the schedule today?”

“The seamstress will be here at three o’clock and you’ll have the final check on the fit of the dress, then Miss James will be here for your session at 4 o’clock.”

“OK, if I have instructions for the staff, who do I talk to?”

“You can tell me or Margaret either one, though technically it’s my job to relay the message to Margaret.”

“OK, so I can tell you…”

“Yes, Miss.”

“OK, I need the 2nd floor prepared for company Thursday night. We’ll need three rooms ready for guests and some beer, some blood and breakfast items in the pink kitchen, just in case they want something in the night, though we’ll probably all have breakfast downstairs before we leave at 10 am on Friday.

I guess I’ll need Margaret here to do breakfast for us on Friday morning.

There will be two travel boxes delivered tomorrow for the trip that should be set up in the living room.

There will probably be a small refrigerator delivered today that should be brought up here and set up here in the bedroom, then filled with bottled blood in Type B and several of those supplement drinks for when I forget to eat.

And do I have time to make a phone call before I take my shower?”

“Of course, Miss. I’ll relay your instructions immediately so the staff can get busy. Here’s the phone…”


“I’ll be back in a bit for your dishes. When you’re done with your call, it will probably be best for you to start your shower and I’ll get your robe and clothes ready.”

“Thank you so much, Alicia – I’m sorry it’s so much…”

“Not at all, Miss – it’s part of your wedding plans. I think these will be the first guests to ever use the second floor!”

“I’m pretty sure that’s true. I hope Margaret doesn’t mind…”

“Margaret will be thrilled to have so much to do, and so will the other servants.”

“OK, cool, thanks.”

Sookie called Amelia, who was excited to have a chance to check out Sookie’s new house, then she jumped in the shower. She drank one of the bottles of blood Eric had hidden, which was hard because it wasn’t really cold anymore, but she did it and left the empty in her bathroom wastebasket. By the time Sookie was dressed in her corset and robe and heading downstairs, the house was abuzz with activity. Rooms were being aired out, linens being changed, sweepers run and the whole house dusted. Even light fixtures were taken down and cleaned. Alicia told her the lawn would be done tomorrow and she would help Sookie pack for her and Eric.

The meeting with the seamstress was quick and the dress fit comfortably, though Sookie was still a little worried about whether it would still fit on Sunday. Alicia carefully packed it in a garment bag and carried it upstairs to an empty room on the third floor that was used for storage because that’s where she was setting up their luggage for packing.

Her session with Bobbie was nice, and they got a lot of exercises done because Sookie was feeling really strong. Sookie was getting so comfortable being on the table with no clothes on that she let Bobbie work on her with just a little cover over her hips and her top undone so she could enjoy the sunshine while Bobbie worked. Bobbie was pleased to hear she’d had no more cramps and was convinced that it was because Sookie was drinking the True Bloods now.

Sookie began to realize that this baby was definitely going to be a blood drinker as he grew, and she wondered how that would work – would True Blood be enough after he was weaned or were they going to have to get human blood for him? Would rare meat be enough? Would he need to feed from her as Eric did? Would he get high from Fairy blood the way Eric did?

She wondered when his teeth and his fangs would come in and how it would feel when she nursed him. Eric was probably right – his son was going to have a healthy appetite, and she hoped her little body could produce enough milk and blood for him. She also wondered how much bigger her breasts would get because they felt huge today. Did size have anything to do with how much milk they produced? Maybe she should get Eric to direct her to some of the websites he had been reading about pregnancy, though some of these issues about blood would be learn as you go situations?



“Are there any vitamins or anything I can take to help with production of milk and blood?”

“Getting worried about producing enough for the baby?”

“Yeah – what if I can’t.”

“I know it’s natural to worry about things like that when you’re pregnant, but let’s take it one day at a time. It would probably be a good idea to take Vitamin B supplements and Vitamin D, but you should check with Dr. Ludwig first, just in case. I don’t see any indication right now that you won’t be perfectly capable of feeding the baby, especially if you keep drinking True Blood while you are nursing him.”

“Have you ever seen a fairy baby?”

“Not that I know of – the fairies I know are gay men.”

“Really? You don’t know Claude, do you?”

“I have a friend named Claude who is a fairy – he told me about this job.”

Suddenly, it all made sense to Sookie.

“He’s my cousin, Bobbie.”

“Claude? Big, gorgeous, male model type, poses for romance novel covers?”

“That’s him. Have you ever seen the pictures he took for that?”

“I saw some he had taken with a blonde… wait a minute…”

“Yep – I’m the blonde. I helped him out because he needed a partner for the photo shoot.”

“Holy shit – no wonder you seemed so familiar to me when I met you – I had seen pictures of you. You even look a little bit like Claude.”

“I do?”

“Yep, you have similar eyes and those perfect little noses.”

Sookie laughed “Thanks.”

“So does that mean you’re part fairy?”

“A little bit, yeah, but I don’t know much about the Fae. I haven’t known for very long.”

“Oh – I guess that explains the fairy magick that made this baby possible…”


“Did you plan this?”

“No, a relative wanted to give me a gift.” Sookie laughed.

“Wow, that’s some gift.”

“Yep. I’m thrilled about it now, but it was quite a shock, especially for Eric.”

“I can imagine!”

“Once he was assured that he was the father, though, he was thrilled right from the start.”

“That’s great – it’s so much better when the father is involved, and he seems to be very attentive and taking great care of you.”

“Yeah, he’s been great. I never would have believed it, but he’s going to be a great daddy.”

“He’s got a reputation as quite a bad ass in the vamp community.”

“He IS a bad ass – that’s why I’m so surprised that he’s so good to me and so good about the baby. You never want to cross Eric Northman in business or vamp politics, but mention his son and he goes gooey inside.”

“Sometimes, the bigger and badder they are, the nicer they are on the inside.”

“Yeah, that seems to be the case with him. He can be very romantic and sweet, and he’s already bragging about the baby.”

Bobbie laughed and Sookie felt better about the whole thing. She had no doubt in her mind that Niall told Claude to send Bobbie to her. He was making sure she and the baby were taken care of. Between Niall and Eric, she was sure this baby would more than safe and healthy. She was a lucky girl to have such powerful people looking out for her. This was going to be a very lucky baby, too.

The session with Bobbie went a little longer than usual, so Sookie had to get straight into the shower and dressed in the little black flowered sundress she had worn a week or two ago and a new black thong. She noticed that the new little fridge, that was about twice as big as the ones she had seen before, was sitting between the headboard and the window and was glad to see it was already stocked.

She checked herself in the mirror, sending love to Baby E and getting it right back.

‘Damn – look at that cleavage. I hope they don’t get too much bigger, though Eric would be happy if they did.’

She was eating another very rare steak when Eric got up, and he was pleased to see that the house was getting in shape for their company. Margaret gave him a blood and he sat at the table with Sookie.

“You look very beautiful tonight, my lover.”

“Thanks – you look pretty good yourself.”

“I’ll look better after I’ve had a shower.”

“I’ll take you any way I can get you,” she teased, and he leaned over to kiss her.

She drank a big glass of milk and Baby E was happy, making Eric look up and smile because he felt it, too. Eric was looking through some mail, but Sookie could feel him sending love and pride through the bond to the baby, and the baby moved, which made them both laugh. He got up, bent down to kiss Sookie on the head and hug her as he put his hand on the bump and the feelings of love bounced between the three of them. Eric put his mail back in his office and then went up to shower.

He hated taking a shower without Sookie so he did it quickly. She had put his clothes out for him again, including the silk boxers she liked so much. He smiled as he put them on, thinking about the minute later tonight when she’d slide them off of him again.

Mmmm – he couldn’t wait to be naked and holding her against him, under him. He closed his eyes and thought about how sweet she looked and smelled. And that cleavage! He was loving what the pregnancy was doing to Sookie’s body. Everything about her was blossoming and she had that wonderful glow from being out in the sun.

He would insist that she sit on the stage with him tonight – she was too beautiful not to be seen. He wanted everyone to see how glorious she was. He would display her for a while, then he would take her below the club and enjoy those abundant breasts and those round hips. He had every intention of hearing her scream tonight as she writhed beneath him.

They’d have company tomorrow night and be in Las Vegas for a week. He hoped they’d be able to have sex while they were there, but he knew it might not be possible or convenient, so he was going to get his fill of her tonight. She had no idea what she was in for, he smiled to himself, as his fangs ran down and his mouth watered at the thought of her sweet blood in his mouth and the feel of her soft, hot flesh in his hands.

Suddenly he had a strange sense of… approval. He looked into the bond, and found his son all but cheering him on. The little warrior approved of his father’s plans to enjoy his mother – what a little Viking he was! What a son he would be, already demanding what he wanted and showing his love of conquest and lust and blood.

‘Just like his father,’ Eric thought to himself, ‘he will have the same love of soft women and warm blood that I do.’

When Eric returned to the kitchen, Sookie gave him the strangest look. They said good night to the maids and headed for the corvette.

“OK, so what were you thinking about upstairs?” Sookie asked suspiciously.

“What do you mean, my angel?” Eric asked innocently.

Sookie wasn’t buying it.

“Whatever you were thinking, the baby apparently approves wholeheartedly.”

“He is a very smart baby, and very like his father.”

“And you’re not going to tell me what it is that he approves OF?” Sookie was definitely suspicious now.

“I was merely thinking that tonight might be our last night alone for a while.”

“Uh-huh… AND?”

“I thought we should… enjoy each other as much as we are able tonight.”

Sookie was shocked.

“Are you telling me that you were thinking about… ”


“And he…?”

“Like the little Viking that he is,” Eric laughed.

“That’s indecent!”

“No, it’s not – it’s healthy for him.”

“To know that we’re….”

“My lover, in the past, people did not have large houses with private rooms. It was not unusual for a child to know what his parents were doing at night. It was often done in the very same room as….”

“Shut up.”


“Shut up. I can’t think about this. If I think about it, I won’t be able to have sex with you until the baby is born and if I don’t have sex with you I will explode.”

Eric was cracking up.

“It’s not funny, Eric!”

“Yes, my lover, it is. Should he not know that his parents are in love?”

“Of course he should, but…”

“Should he not be proud of his father?”

“For THAT?!”

“Of course for that, among other things. He should look up to his father and want to be just like him… like me. He will love women and love sex as I do.”

“In the womb?!”

“My lover, people have been having sex while the woman was pregnant forever…”

“With a blood bond?”

“Well, blood bonds only happen with humans and vampires and vampires do not reproduce.”

“So this could literally be the first time a child has been… grown… while the parents were bonded?”

“Theoretically, yes, but I’m sure it must have happened at some point before.”

“What if it warps him?”

“Warps him? Are you ashamed of what we do together?”

“No, but …”

“Do you think that what we do is sick?”

“No, but…”

“Sookie, let us be logical about this. Is going without sex from now until August a possibility?”

“No, I’ll die!”

“You won’t die, my angel, but you and I both know it is not going to happen. We cannot keep our hands off each other.”


“So trust that doing what comes naturally will be good for the baby. He should know that his parents love and enjoy each other – it will make him feel loved. He will know he is born out of that love. Remember how happy he was when I tickled you?”

“Yeah, but…”

“He enjoys it when we enjoy each other. That is healthy – that is good.”

Sookie wasn’t convinced but he was right about one thing – going without sex was not a possibility. She was throbbing right now just being this close to Eric and there was no way she’d get through the night, let alone the pregnancy, without jumping him.

‘Ok, Sookie,’ she told herself, ‘trust Eric and trust the gods. Freya let me know what’s best for my baby.’

“I’m doing it again…”

“What, my lover?”

“I’m praying to Freya.”

“That is an excellent idea – ask for Her guidance. She has an interest in this child, I’m sure of it.”

“Maybe She does – I sure keep turning to Her before I realize I’m doing it.”

“Remember, my lover, what the doctor said about the baby.”

“That he should be dedicated to Freya?”

“No, that he is a natural Witch.”

“I don’t even know what that means.”

“It means he is an old soul, for one thing, and that his magick will be strong… is strong, probably, but it also means that She has a triple interest in him.”


“He will be a warrior, he will do magick, and he is an infant. Those are three areas in which Freya has an intense interest. Don’t be afraid to call on Her, Sookie. The gods are real and She will help you, I am sure of it.”

They pulled into the back lot at Fangtasia, and Eric helped Sookie out of the car. They went in the back door, and into Eric’s office. He had papers on his desk he needed to look at, so Sookie sat on the couch and waited for him.


“Yes, my angel” he said without looking up.

“Can I get a cold blood?”

“Of course, dear one…” he rang the buzzer.

“Yes, Master?”

“Bring my bonded a cold True Blood Type B immediately.”

“Yes, Master.”


“Any time. Come, my lover, and look at this…”

He handed her a nice piece of paper and she read it. It was an announcement of their reception at Fangtasia the Monday after they were to return from Las Vegas.

“Who’s going to send this out?”

“They will go out the Monday after we are wed.”

“Who’s going to put the party together? You’ll be gone all week.”

“Pam has already got things in motion and she’ll continue the preparations when she returns from Las Vegas.”

“Isn’t that a lot of work for her?”

“She’ll be well rewarded. I’m sending her to Hawaii, remember?”

“Oh, yeah. Can we go to Hawaii some day?”

“Of course, my lover, once you and the baby can fly.”

“Maybe when he’s big enough to play on the beach.”

“I hope he can play in the sun with you.”

“Even if he can’t, we’ll go to the beach at night and watch the moonlight on the water while he builds sand castles.

‘That will be very nice, my angel.”

“Yeah. This says attendance is mandatory for all who owe fealty.”


“What about Bill?”

“He’ll be excepted.”

“I haven’t told him I’m getting married, or that I’m having a baby.”

“I told him.”

“You did?!”

“Yes, my angel, I did. He wanted to know why I forbade him to come to Shreveport so I called and explained the situation.”

“You never told me.”

“I was supposed to ask you to call him, but I didn’t.”

“Why not?”

“I did not want you upset. You were having those awful cramps.”

“Did he expect me to call him back?”

“Yes, I believe he did.”

“Would you be angry if I called him?”

“No, my lover, you may call him if you like. Would you like me to leave you alone so you can use my phone?”

“Would you mind?”

“Here, my angel, sit here and make your call. I will go see how things are going out front.”

“Thank you, Eric.” She hugged him as he moved past her and he kissed her and stroked her cheek as he smiled softly at her.

Eric went out to the stage and sat In his chair. He checked his email and spoke to a few patrons who sought his approval, but his attention was focused on the bond. He knew Sookie was sad, so he sent her love and comfort.



“Hi, Bill?”

“Yes. Sookie?”

“Yes, hi. I just found out you were expecting me to call.”

“I figured Eric never gave you the message.”

“He was worried about me. I was having a few problems…”

“Are you alright, Sookie?” Bill sounded very concerned.

“Yes, I just… he told you about the baby, right?”

“Yes, he did.” She could hear the sadness in Bill’s voice. “Are you happy, Sookie?”

“Yes, I am. I’m very happy.”

“Well, then, I guess I’m happy for you. I know you always wanted to be a mother.”

“You did?”

“Yes, I knew that was one of the reasons you hesitated to get involved with a vampire. The fates have blessed you anyway.”

“It really is a blessing. The baby is a part of the bond I have with Eric. He’s only a couple of months in the womb, but he can feel us and we can feel him.”

“That must be very gratifying for you.”

“It’s amazing. Bill, I would have come to tell you in person, but the doctor…”

“Sookie, I am so sorry about attacking you in your yard. I thought at the time that it was a bad dream. It wasn’t until I talked to Eric that I knew it was real. You know I would never hurt you.”

“I know that. It was scary, but I knew you weren’t in your right mind. I know you care about me.”

“Sookie, if you ever need anything… anything at all, or if you decide you want to get away from Eric, I’ll be here for you. No matter what happens, or who I’m with, you will always be first for me. I want you to know that I’ll always be here for you.”

Sookie was crying, but she tried to hold it together.

“Thank you, Bill, and I want you to know, I’ll always care about you and I’ll be your friend.”

“Yes, well, I am grateful for that much, I suppose. It’s more than I deserve…”

“It’s OK, Bill. It’s all forgiven now.”

“Alright, Sookie. You take care now.”

“You, too. Bill. I’ll talk to you soon.”

“Good bye.”

“Good bye.”


‘Pull it together, Sookie, Eric can feel that you’re sad. You don’t want to hurt him’ she told herself. She went to the mirror behind the couch and checked her makeup. Nothing a little dab at the corners of her eyes couldn’t fix.


“Thanks, Baby E.”

She got herself straightened up and went to find Eric.

She went into the main room and saw him sitting on the throne-like chair on the stage. He tried to pretend he wasn’t watching for her, but she knew he was anxious and could feel her coming. She went up to him and sat on his lap, putting her arms around his neck, and damn all who were watching. He hugged her and kissed her deeply, and she knew the crowd was watching them but she didn’t care.

“Sit out here with me, my angel. You are far too beautiful to hide in a corner tonight. I want everyone to see you looking so ripe and tasty.” He smiled at her.

She laughed a little and relented, sitting in the chair next to his, facing the crowd, holding his hand. A waitress brought two bloods, one hot and one cold, to them without being asked. Eric whispered to her occasionally, telling her about different patrons or subjects that came in, and explaining who everyone was and what they did. After the first ten minutes, Sookie forgot that everyone was looking at them and just enjoyed being with Eric. At two points in the night Pam joined them on the stage, standing behind Eric and talking to them both.

“So Pam, how did last night go?” Sookie asked, trying not to laugh and hoping Eric wouldn’t be angry.”

“Oh, it was FINE …” she purred, “I just gave your BIG brother a little taste of what he can expect this weekend. He’s looking forward to the trip.”

“That’s good.”

Eric nodded but didn’t say a word. Sookie could tell he was still a little conflicted about the whole thing, though not as badly as last night. She thought by the end of the weekend he’d be fine with the whole thing. She’d just do her best to keep his attention on her, and he’d be fine.

After about an hour a new resident of Shreveport came in to report to Eric as his new Sheriff. Eric introduced Sookie as his mate, and she loved it. She was only a little surprised when the newcomer kissed her hand and called her Mistress, and she said it was nice to meet him. Eric smiled to himself at how Sookie was so naturally charming. His very own Southern Belle, soon to be his Queen.

He darkened a little at what would have to transpire to make that happen, but he was determined not to let it bother him this week. He was going to enjoy his wedding, his new wife, and all of her many charms. Speaking of her charms, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her chest. It was so full and the way it gently rose and fell with every breath was so enticing.

He could tell she was starting to fidget a little and he thought they had been on display long enough. He stood up and scooped her up into his arms without a word and carried her back to his office, every eye in the room on them as he did. Sookie ignored the attention of the crowd and enjoyed the romance of the moment as best she could.

Eric swept Sookie downstairs, dropped her on the round bed and zipped back up to lock the door. He was over her in a second, breathing in her scent, running his hand over her. Sookie didn’t say anything – she just let him do what he wanted. He gently kissed her cheek, then her neck and worked his way slowly down to her breasts. He gripped them with both hands and buried his face between them. Sookie knew this was coming – her newly enhanced breasts were going to be the center of his attention all night – because he couldn’t keep his eyes off of them earlier.

He pulled the bottom of her dress up and she shifted as he did to let him pull it up over her head. He was looking at her so intently she felt like he was fucking her with his eyes. She was lying under him wearing nothing but a black thong, which she was surprised had lasted as long as it had, and he ran his hand all over her again, feeling every curve and valley.

He crawled over her and whispered in her ear “Magnificent.” And he stretched her arms over her head. Sookie swallowed hard and stretched beneath him and he reached above the bedframe for the restraints.

He looked her in the eye intently and raised his eyebrow. She nodded at him, and he locked her wrists in the restraints. He got up and changed the lights so that only a red light was glowing in the room and she could barely see.

He was still looking at her intently as he took off his shirt., then his boots, pants and underwear. He had barely touched her yet, but she felt like her whole body was vibrating. He crawled over her again, starting at her feet and kissing his way up both legs, her belly, then he ran his tongue from her belly button up to her collar bone. He reached up to her arm and ran his hand down the underside of it to her waist, He straddled her hips and bent his head to her nipple sucking slowly, gradually increasing the pressure until Sookie started to moan, and kept doing it until he could tell it was just beyond the point of pleasure. He did the same to the other one, taking it a little slower, making it a little longer, sucking even harder and she cried out. He smiled at her as their eyes met.

He went back to the first nipple and nibbled gently, then harder. He nipped at it with his fangs making her cry out. He let her breathe for a minute, then did the same on the other side. He went over the entire surface of both breasts, kissing, licking, nibbling, for a long, long time.

Then he started sucking on her nipples again, gradually getting rougher, and sucking harder, then biting hard and taking blood. Sookie didn’t speak, but she cried out freely because she knew it was turning Eric on. By the time he drank from the second breast, the fairy blood was kicking in and she could feel the wildness in him growing.

He was growling, trying to go slowly, and he backed down her body to take the edge off her thong in his mouth. Using his teeth, he pulled at each side of the thong, slowly pulling it off of her, then instantly his mouth was between her legs, lapping and nipping, pushing her knees back and apart, teasing her by licking her clit until she was close, then he’d nip at her and make her jump. He did that so many times she lost count. She was writhing and moaning and it was music to his ears.

He slipped two fingers into her as he licked her, working her a long time, making her squirm. Then a third finger, very slowly so she could feel the stretch, then all four, He was fighting not to go crazy from her blood, just trying to enjoy the high as he rolled his fingers into a fist and stretched her until she cried out. Sookie knew she could tell him to stop, but she didn’t want him to. She wasn’t completely sure what he was doing because of the dim red lighting but she knew she was being filled in a way she had never felt before. She was letting out loud moans and she felt a huge pressure building as he stretched and licked her.

“Ah! Ah!” she cried, over and over and when he knew she was about to climax, he drove his fangs into her on either side of her clit and she screamed, coming harder than anything she ever felt before.

“oh, god! Oh, god! Ah!, Ah!, AHHH!!!!”

He sucked and licked her until she started to whimper, then he stretched up over her, bending her legs back and slammed into her. He was taking her at vampire speed and she was out of her head and covered with sweat.

“Oh, god, Oh Eric, yes, more, oh, oh, OH!”

He came with a howl, but he kept going, the fairy blood pushing him on.

He was taking slow, hard deliberate strokes, grunting each time he hit home and she was yelling “Ah!” every time he did so they were almost singing in unison. Then he bit his wrist and pressed it to her lips.

He finally finished and collapsed to the side of her. She was panting, trying to catch her breath, trying to figure out what the hell just happened to her so she could ask him to do it again some time.

When he came down a little, he licked her all over her chest and ribcage, took a few more nips at her now very sensitive nipples, and released her wrists. He rubbed her arms and helped her sit up. He slipped her dress over her head, dressed very quickly and carried her up the stairs, out of the club and into the car.

Sookie was stunned. Her mind was racing. Every time she thought he had taken her as far as there was to go, he came up with a new way to make her insane. He buckled her seat belt, kissed her on the lips and took her home.

“Sookie, are you alright?” he asked softly about half way home because she still hadn’t said anything. Even the bond was quiet.

“Yeah, I’m… I’m…”

“Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m amazed,” She said as she laughed weakly.

He could feel in the bond that she was happy. OK, that was good.

“I was getting worried,” he said softly, “You went so long without speaking.”

“I’m not really sure what you did to me, but I want you to do it again sometime.”

“That’s a promise,” he said as he wiggled her eyebrows, and she smiled back at him.


She must have dozed off a little because the next thing she knew, he was pulling her dress off and putting her in bed. He made her drink a chocolate supplement as he knelt next to the bed holding the straw for her.

He got in with her and she asked him to take her again, though she was nearly asleep.

“You asked me to do this the other night when you were nearly asleep, too. Are you sure it’s a good idea.”

“Yes, feeling you inside me is a very good idea. Do it gently and do it as many times as you can before sun-up.”

“Sookie, that is too much.”

“Please, Eric, just do it slow and soft, I just really want to feel you in me.”

He did as she asked, and she wouldn’t let him stop until finally, toward the end of the third round she finally went completely to sleep. He pulled the covers back and took some more pictures of those luscious curves, then went to work, wrote her note, and went to bed for the day.



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