LATE Chapter 037

Dragon Ship 

Ow- Sookie woke up because she moved her arm and it hurt a little. She had that “I fucked a big Viking feeling” – her arms hurt, her legs hurt a little, her breasts were tender and her… hootchie… was a little tender and very aware. She loved this feeling, because it reminded her so strongly of Eric. She could feel everywhere he had been on her body and in her body and she closed her eyes and remembered how it felt as he pleasured her on that big round mattress.

She was going to have to ask him where you buy a round bed – let alone round sheets! She never knew there was such a thing. If Eric’s headboard wasn’t so gorgeous and elaborate, she might want one at home. Maybe for the basement… they could make themselves a wild love nest down there if they wanted to – not that the sex in their room wasn’t wild enough. She laughed at herself fantasizing about a special sex room – do they call that a dungeon? she’d have to ask Eric – sex maniac Sookie Northman.

Oooh, she rolled over onto Eric’s pillow and inhaled as she savored the idea of being Sookie Northman. Sookie realized that she felt like an adult for the first time – a married woman, soon to be a mother, partner of an important man with lots of responsibility, and she didn’t feel like a beginner in bed any more, either. She was sure there was more to learn, but she thought she was getting pretty good at what she did know. Eric didn’t seem to have any complaints, she laughed to herself.

Oops – somebody else was awake and he was hungry.

“Good morning, Baby E!”


“OK, sweetie, hang on.” She listened very carefully to make sure she didn’t hear Alicia, then grabbed a blood out of the little fridge and took it into the bathroom. She had to “go” anyway, so while she did that she twisted off the cap and guzzled it down.

Happy. Love.

“OK, sweetie, Mommy’s glad you’re happy now,” she said affectionately as she patted the not-so-little bump and tucked the empty into the trash.

She went back and sat on the bed, trying to remember what was going on today. She heard some noises downstairs that she thought might be the airline service delivering the boxes for Eric and Pam. They would be having company tonight.

She figured she’d better sort of “inspect” the second floor and make sure it was ready for company. She trusted the staff, of course, but Eric said the domestic staff was pretty much her responsibility now so she’d better make sure. The last thing she wanted was for him to be embarrassed by an oversight if she could prevent it.

“Good morning, Miss.”

“Hi, Alicia – did I hear the airline deliver the travel boxes?” Sookie sat back on the bed so Alicia could serve her.

“Yes, Miss, they’re setting them up in the living room as you requested and they’ll be all ready to go for Mr. Northman and his friend.” Alicia put the tray over Sookie’s lap. Salmon – Yay!

“OK, great. Alicia, should I check the second floor to make sure it’s ready for company?”

“That’s what the staff would expect you to do, so you can make sure the rooms are prepared for your guests.”

“Ok, then, I’ll do that after breakfast. We have to pack today, right?” Sookie was digging right into her breakfast.

“Yes, Miss. I’ve been collecting some things in the storage room, but I know you’ll want to be sure I haven’t forgotten anything, and of course you’ll want to approve of Mr. Northman’s wardrobe as well. Also, I bought some new silk boxers for him – he said you had requested them?”

“Oh, yes – I love those on him. Thanks. OK, what time is it now?”

“Just after 1 pm.” Alicia handed her the note from the dresser.

“And Bobbie will be here at 4?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“I’d better get busy. I’m a little nervous, having our first guests and all.”

“Oh, I’m sure it will be fine. You’ve got every convenience available for them and Margaret will be here today and tomorrow morning if you need anything. This is a lovely house – your friends will be very impressed.”

“Yeah, I hope so. I want Eric to be proud, of course, and I want my brother especially to see that I have a nice life here.”

“I’m sure he’ll be as pleased as any brother would be. It’s natural, of course, for him to be a little resentful of your partner.”

“It is?”

“Oh, yes – you’re his only sister, aren’t you?”


“And he’s older?”


“And your parents have passed?”


“So he feels that he should look after you. He’s never going to think any man is good enough for his baby sister. That’s just how brothers are. He and Mr. Northman may always be a little wary of each other. Your brother may never be completely comfortable with the idea of you… sleeping… with a man, and Mr. Northman will always know that.”

“OK, that makes sense, I guess. I hope if he sees the house and how nice it is, he’ll stop being afraid Eric will hurt me.”

“He won’t have to spend much time here to see how Mr. Northman fusses over you. He’ll know you’re safe and well loved. That’s what every brother wants for his little sister.”

“Yeah, that makes sense. I know he’s excited to see my new car.”

“Any brother would be impressed by that car, Miss.”

‘Yeah, it is pretty nice. Jason is big on cars – he absolutely loves his truck – so he’ll know just how fancy that car really is. Plus, I know he liked it the other night when he heard Eric brag to the tailor about the baby. He was worried about Eric being a good father.”

“Once he realizes how over the moon Mr. Northman is about the baby, he’ll soften right up. Don’t you worry about that.”

“Yeah – I know he’s looking forward to being an uncle.”

“Babies have a way of bringing families together. People will overlook and forgive and awful lot to be part of a baby’s life.”

“I never thought about it that way, but yeah… hey, a while back, I bought a little one piece suit for a baby. Have you seen it?”

“It’s right here,” Alicia reached into the top drawer of the dresser and pulled out the little blue baby togs.

Sookie had finished her breakfast, as big as it was, and Alicia took the tray away after she handed the little onesie to Sookie. Sookie held it up and looked at it.

‘It so sweet,’ she thought to herself, ‘I can’t wait until I see him in it!’


Aw – he knew she was thinking about him. She leaned back and laid the little suit over her belly.

“You’ll be wearing this in a few months, Baby E. You’re a little small for it now, but you won’t be small very long. Mommy can’t wait to see you.”

Love. Happy. Warm.

She sent loads of love back to him and they playfully sent affection back and forth to each other for a bit. Then Sookie threw on her bathing suit and cover-up, grabbed her bag, and headed for the stairs.

She stopped and went onto the second floor. She had looked down the hall briefly, but she had never really looked at the rooms on this floor. It smelled nice and fresh from the open windows and lavender cleaning solution the staff used. She had a feeling Eric requested that, because he liked flowers so much. The first room on the right was her pink kitchenette, then across from it was a blue bedroom with a slightly masculine look to it. She figured that would be Jason’s room.

On down the hall was the bathroom which had been scrubbed until it sparkled, a large linen closet, then two more rooms that faced each other. One was done in shades of yellow and the other in pink. They both had big beautiful brass beds in them with lots of pillows and nice floral paintings and wallpapers. The pink one was really girly, and the yellow one was feminine, but not overly so.

Sookie went on into the yellow room to have a closer look. Every room had a radio alarm clock on the nightstand, and a flat screen TV on a bracket on the wall. Each had a dresser that matched the style of the room, and each of those had a nice wicker basket full of toiletries, tooth brushes, little slipper socks and other little things that would make a guest comfortable, or that someone might forget.

There wasn’t a visible speck of dust, and she knew that all of the linens had been changed yesterday. There were hangers in the closets, with stacks of towels and extra blankets on the shelves. There was a selection of reading material on little shelves near the beds and each room had a brass quilt rack under the window.

The service elevator was inside the yellow room, but other than that, they were all very similar and she noticed they all had very expensive looking silk curtains. She figured the decorator from New Orleans had done these rooms, too, in a variety of styles so the room could be chosen that best suited their guests.

She went back out to the refrigerator and saw that there was a 24 pack of Bud Ice and a carton of four True Bloods, plus some bacon and eggs that weren’t normally there. There were toaster waffles in the freezer. The cabinet had a variety of breakfast cereals and there was some instant oatmeal and grits, as well as a couple of boxes of Pop Tarts. Nobody was going to starve over night, she laughed to herself.

She couldn’t imagine anyone wanted more amenities in a private home than were in place there, so she was very happy with what she saw. Alicia came in as she was looking around the kitchenette.

“Have you looked around yet, Miss?”

“Yes, I did. Everything looks wonderful.”

“I think your guests will be very comfortable. Margaret takes great pride in the look of the house, you know, so she worked the rest of the staff pretty hard yesterday. She was so excited you were having your first guests. She was adamant that you and Mr. Northman have a spotless showplace for your company.”

“Well, I didn’t see a speck of dust and all the rooms smell fresh and wonderful. They’re all just gorgeous. The bathroom is spotless. You’ve got more than enough food here. I guess we’re all set!”

“I’m glad you’re pleased, Miss. We’ve got the travel… boxes, I suppose? Set up in the front room. Margaret made them be careful not to mar the carpeting or the floors in the hallway. You might want to take a look around the downstairs, too, and the upstairs maid will be in today to take care of the third and fourth floors.”

“Sounds like you’ve got everything under control. Thanks so much for your help, Alicia, I really appreciate it.”

“I’m happy to do it, Miss. Why don’t you take a run through the downstairs and get some sun. After your session with Miss James, I’ll show you what I’ve packed and you can make any additions or deletions you want. Shall I start on Mr. Northman’s clothing, too? Margaret gave me the list of things he normally takes when he travels.”

“If you don’t mind. Remember he won’t have the second tux until we come home tonight.”

“Alright then – enjoy the sun.”

Sookie went down to the first floor. She looked in Eric’s study, which was neat as a pin, then the living room which looked fine in spite of the two big travel boxes. She lifted the lid on one to see what they were like, and was pleased to see that they were padded all around and upholstered with black leather. Eric would like that.

She walked through the dining room, just in case and of course it was all spotless and polished. The den looked perfect. Margaret was in the kitchen, so Sookie stopped to talk to her.

“Margaret, the house looks amazing. Thank you so much for your help.”

“Oh, we’re pleased to do it, Miss. It’s so nice to see Mr. Northman being social for a change. I’m sure you’ll both enjoy your guests and have a lovely trip. I hope you’ll share the wedding pictures with us when you come back.”

“Definitely. I’m going to show them to people until they’re sick of them,” Sookie laughed, and Margaret laughed with her.

Sookie went out to the pool, set up her ipod and grabbed an air mattress, then she waded into the pool. She hopped up on the air mattress, more or less, and after a little struggle managed to get situated so she could lean back.

“OK, Baby E, hang on. Mommy needs some sun.”

No response – she realized he was asleep. Aw, what a sweetie. She had no doubt he’d wake up when daddy got up, so in the mean time, she’d relax and soak up the rays. Sookie figured it was after 2 pm, so she tried to time herself so she got just under an hour on her belly, then she headed for the chaise lounge so she could take off her top and get some line-free sun on her back. She fell asleep, of course.


“HM? Oh, Bobbie! I fell asleep again. Sorry.”

“Don’t apologize, hon, you should sleep every chance you get. The maid wants to know if they should take my stuff up to my room?” Bobbie helped Sookie fasten her suit top.

Sookie looked up and Margaret was waiting for the OK.

“Thanks, Margaret – yes, and would you have one of the men take her car to the empty garage? Thank you.”

“Wow – nice having a staff like that, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is. I really gave Eric a hard time about that when we first got together, but there’s no way I could have gotten through this wedding, let alone this pregnancy, without them. I mean, I could have, but it would have been hard. They’ve really taken a lot of pressure off of me,” She explained as they waded into the pool.

“Hey, if he’s willing to provide the help, relax and enjoy it. I wish every pregnant mother got the kind of care you’re getting. Having a baby is hard work, and most mothers get very little care or credit for all they do. I try to impress upon people that the happier and healthier the mom is, the better off the baby is. Most people act as if what they do has no affect on the baby, but it really does.”

“I know in my case it does. He’s pretty good at letting me know how he feels and what he wants.”

“That’s amazing. Is that part of your blood bond?”

“Yes, we can sort of communicate with feelings – Eric, too. The baby recognizes Eric to the point that he almost always moves when Eric sends to him.”

“That’s incredible. You’re going to have such an amazing rapport with him by the time he’s born – you’re so lucky.”

“Yeah, I really am. He’s going to be just like his daddy, though. He already knows what he wants and how to get it,” she laughed.

“Nothing wrong with that. He’ll need a big personality with a father like that.”
“Yeah, I never thought about that. Fathers and sons can be rough, I guess.”

“They can be, but that’s because most men don’t really bond with their kids, especially boys because they’re afraid it will make them soft. It sounds like Eric already is bonding with him.”

“Yes, and the blood exchanges are supposed to help with that, too.”
“Has there ever been a birth like this before?”

“Eric has never heard of one, but he says there must have been at some point. As far as we know, though, this is a first, especially where a blood bond is involved.”

“Wow – you should write a book!”

Sookie laughed – “No one would need to read it, because it may never happen again.”

Sookie was feeling strong again, so they got a lot done. Bobbie was impressed at how Sookie had progressed, and how strong she was becoming. Sookie said it was probably from drinking Eric’s blood. Bobbie asked what that was like and she said that she hated to admit it, but it was wonderful. It gave her such a rush, and it made them feel so close to each other, that is was like knowing him from the inside, out.

Sookie could tell Bobbie wished she had a vamp of her own, and she hoped maybe she’d find one. She was so cool and open about the vamp thing that she’d be a perfect partner for some vampire. Bobbie was really pretty, even if she was a little older, she had lovely eyes and great skin and that beautiful wavy/curly hair – plus she had the nice soft curves a lot of vamps prefer.

Maybe Bobbie would meet someone at Fangtasia, or at the cocktail party? If Sookie knew anyone, she’d fix them up, but she really only knew Bill and Eric that well. She wondered if Bobbie liked girls at all, but then Pam would be busy all weekend with Jason. Oh, well, there’s always plenty of time when they get back to Louisiana. Maybe she and Amelia would hit it off or something.

The table had been brought out and set up, and they moved on to the massage. Sookie dozed a little as Bobbie worked on her, so Bobbie was very gentle, and worked on her a long time before she had her switch sides. As soon as she was settled, she fell asleep again. When Bobbie was done, she gently woke Sookie and they both went to get ready to go to Fangtasia.

Margaret showed Bobbie to her pretty yellow room, and Alicia got Sookie ready to go so she could look at the items she had packed. Sookie decided to wear the blue dress with the little yellow flowers that she wore the night she told Jason about the baby. She knew Eric loved her in that dress and she wanted to stand out from the black-clad crowd at the club. She was going to make sure Eric only had eyes for her this week. Not that he didn’t anyway, but she really wanted his attention during the whole wedding trip. She wanted to feel special this week in particular.

Sookie looked at the things Alicia had packed and had her add the red and white sundress, telling her that was Eric’s favorite because she was wearing it the first night they met. Alicia asked her if it was love at first sight, and Sookie said if it wasn’t love, it was definitely something because they both felt like they were supposed to be together, though it took Sookie a long time to admit it. Alicia smiled, and added the dress, and asked Sookie a few questions about which toiletries she preferred and which make up to pack.

When she was ready, Sookie went to the second floor to check on Bobbie, who was almost ready. She was wearing a black leotard with a low scoop neck and one of those East Indian print scarf skirts that she loved. Sookie asked if there was anything she needed, and was pleased to hear that she was all set, and that Margaret had shown her around the kitchenette and the bathroom.

The two of them went down to the first floor kitchen where Margaret was making rare steak again, and they sat at the table and talked until dinner was ready and Eric “arrived.” He came in wearing jeans and a muscle shirt and Sookie noticed Bobbie’s eye get big as he bent over to kiss Sookie on the lips. Sookie listened to Bobbie’s thoughts a little and found that she was admiring Eric’s huge arms. Who wouldn’t?

Eric went up to shower as the girls ate their dinners, and he was back very quickly wearing the dark red silk shirt and black jeans Sookie laid out for him – also the same thing he had been wearing the night they told Jason about the baby. Eric noticed what she had done, and knew it was to trigger the memories of that night – the sex downstairs in the love nest, the sex at her house the next night, even the fight with Bill.

She was pushing all of his buttons for attraction and protection. He realized that she was a little nervous and insecure, so he told himself he’d better be particularly attentive to her and make her feel special. He figured this had something to do with women and weddings, but whatever it was, he’d be sure to fawn over her and leave no doubts as to his attraction and dedication to her.

Somebody else approved of the plan. He turned his attention to his son, flooding the bond with love and pride, and he knew the baby was moving for Sookie. He liked this little pattern he and his son had, their little “talk” while he dressed for the evening, the fact that he moved when Eric sent to him.

‘He knows me,’ he smiled to himself. ‘That’s my boy,’ he thought, then he stopped and really thought for a minute. HIS boy. MY SON. What a glorious concept. He pictured the day he’d be able to hold him in his arms and he had to stifle a tear. In all his long life, he never expected this. He said a short prayer to Freya, thanking her for her blessings and asking for her continued protection of his beautiful family.

He came back down stairs and sat with the girls while they finished their dinner, drinking a True Blood Margaret had heated for him. Sookie told him she felt Baby E move, knowing he knew that already, and she felt a tiny pang of WANT when Eric was served his blood.

‘Hang on, Baby E, we’ll be at Fangtasia soon and I’ll drink a couple like I’ve been doing.’

“Since there are three of us tonight, I thought we would take your new car, Sookie. I haven’t driven it yet, and I’d like to see how it handles.”

“Good idea. I hope it’s got gas in it.”

“Well, we can stop if necessary. How was your session today, Bobbie?”

“It was great. She has been really strong the last couple of days and able to do a lot, and she even got a little nap while she was on the table.”

“Good, very good. How was the rest of your day, my angel? What did you do?”

“Well, I checked the second floor to make sure it was ready for our company…”

He nodded, beaming with pride.

“…and I worked a little with Alicia on packing for our trip. I think we’re set. You’ll want to make sure we’ve got everything you need.”

“You packed for me, too?” he was surprised.

“Well, Alicia offered and I thought it would be the right thing to do. I like all the outfits she packed for you and she even packed some swim trunks in case we go swimming that I didn’t even know you had. Oh, yeah – I had her put all of our toiletries in my train case so you didn’t need a shaving kit or anything. Is that OK?”

“Yes, my angel, that is perfect. I’m glad to see you taking some initiative and checking on the work of the servants. I know they can be trusted, but it’s always best if the lady of the house is on top of things.” He said as he raised her hand to his lips and kissed it.

‘OK, I’m going to melt,’ she thought ‘he’s being so sweet!’ Which was, of course, exactly what she wanted, but she didn’t know he had figured that out.

Bobbie thought they were the sweetest thing she ever saw when they were together. She wanted a blood bond with a hot vampire, dammit!

Margaret and Alicia excused themselves for the evening, and the three finished their respective meals and headed for the BMW. Eric hadn’t really looked it over so he walked around it a bit, and Bobbie checked out his other ride.

“Wow – nice, ‘vette” she said, thinking this guy must be made of money, but then she knew vamps always had money. Eric did seem to be well off even by vampire standards, though. She had thought he just owned a nightclub but she was starting to realize the club was just the tip of the iceberg. This guy was loaded and connected. His recommendation would carry a lot of weight in some circles that she was particularly interested in.

Eric opened the doors for both Sookie and Bobbie and he helped Sookie get settled and buckled her seat belt, kissing her on the cheek as he did it. He started it up, and made a few comments about good timing and shifting and things she didn’t really know anything about but he was pleased and that was all she cared about.

Bobbie asked if this wasn’t a special edition or something and Eric explained that this was a special security model that was made for diplomats and the like, so every part of it, even the trunk, was bullet-proof. Bobbie and Sookie were both impressed with that, and Bobbie thought to herself that it probably had to do with him being sheriff – he would want his family well-protected from his enemies, and any vampire sheriff was bound to have a few.

She knew Eric Northman, with his reputation, would have more than a few. He was sweet to Sookie and polite with her, but she had been assured, by people who knew, that he was feared and respected for a reason. He treated his employees well and his enemies with no mercy at all. She’d heard a few tales of wars among vampire factions and with other Supes and he was known to be quick and deadly with a sword.

They said he was fierce in battle, and if you ever saw him coming at you with a sword drawn, you could count on that being the last thing you ever saw. Somebody even told her he was an actual Viking, but she couldn’t believe it was possible for anyone, even a vampire, to live that long, though he definitely looked like he could be a Viking – he was so huge and blonde. She has also heard, from people who would know, that he was huge… ahem…all over and he was supposed to be legendary in that respect as well. Sookie was a lucky, lucky girl.

Eric asked Bobbie if she had ever been to Fangtasia before and she said she had been there once very briefly to meet a friend, but she didn’t get a real sense of what it was like, though she did remember being very impressed by some of the dancers.

Sookie said the baby was getting hungry and Eric said they’d be at the club in just a minute. The girls could tell that he speeded up a little so the baby wouldn’t have to wait as long, and in no time they were turning into the lot in back of Fangtasia. Eric opened doors for both women, and he helped Sookie out of the car, then escorted them to the back of the club, letting them go through the door first. Sookie led Bobbie back to Eric’s office as he went to the front to find Pam and to send someone back with a blood for Sookie.

“So Sookie, who all will be at your house tonight?”

“Well, it’s going to be you, my friend Amelia who lives at my old house – she’s a Witch, by the way – and my brother Jason, and Eric’s child Pam.”

“His child?”

“Yes, he’s her maker, so she’s technically called his child. She usually calls him Master and he has some kind of control over her because he created her.”

A waiter came in with a cold blood for Sookie and a beer for Bobbie.

“Thank you,” Sookie said as she started to guzzle her blood.

“I’ve never met a vampire and their maker together. That would be a pretty intense relationship, wouldn’t it?”

“It can be. Eric and Pam really get along well, you’ll like her. She has a sense of humor, and not many vampires do. She’s sort of in charge of riding herd over my brother this weekend.”


“Jason is a sort of a party boy, and sometimes he’s not too bright or tactful, so Pam is supposed to hang with him and keep him out of trouble. He’s really good looking and he and Pam like each other so she said she didn’t mind. I’m taking a risk on him being there, but I really wanted him to give me away, so he’s going.”

“Does he know about Supes?”

“Technically, he is a Supe, but he doesn’t know many or know much about the culture or the customs.”

“So he’s part fairy, too – is that what you mean?”

“That and he was bitten by a Were Panther so he changes on the full moon.”

“Wow – did he want that?”

“No, a guy who was jealous of his relationship with this girl who was a Were kidnapped him and turned him.”

“That’s awful!”

“Yeah, but he’s learning to adapt. He lives out in the country with a lot of woods so he’s got room to roam when he needs to.”

“That’s good. Do you…”

There was a knock at the door. It was Amelia, who gave Sookie a hug and asked to see the baby bump first thing.

“Wow, Sookie, he’s making his presence known!”

“Yeah, I just hope I can get into my dress on Sunday. Amelia, this is Bobbie James. She’s my personal trainer and masseuse.”

“Hi, Amelia. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, too. I’m glad you’re going with us. You can help me look after Sookie during the day. She’s Supe bait, you know.”

“Supe bait?”

“Amelia, I’m not that bad….”

“Supes swarm around Sookie. They all want her.”

“… and I’m getting married so it doesn’t matter.”

“What kind of supes?”
“Oh, you name it – vampires, Weres, WereCats of all kinds…”

“Amelia, I’m not that bad.”

“You aren’t sweetie, but the Supes that meet you are. There are going to be a lot of sad Supernaturals when you’re officially off the market.”

“I’ve been off the market for a while.”

“Not like this – getting married is a big deal. At least it will make Eric a little safer.”

“It will?” Sookie and Bobbie spoke in unison.

“Yes, it will. As long as you were dating, it was just a matter of time before somebody tried to take you away from him, by force if necessary. Once you’re married, other supes are much less likely to challenge his claim on you, or be willing to kill him to take you.”

“I didn’t know that,” Sookie said.

“Yep – I’m surprised he didn’t ask you sooner.”

“He did, but I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

Amelia was amazed. For someone so embroiled in the Supe world, Sookie really didn’t understand some of the not-so-fine points of how they operated.

“Sookie, if Eric wasn’t Eric Northman, he’d already have had to fight a challenge over you. I’m surprised Bill didn’t challenge him.”

“He’s so much older and stronger than Bill, there’s no way he could beat Eric.”

“Good thing Bill knew that.”
“Sorry, but who is Bill?” Bobbie asked.

“He was my next door neighbor and the first vampire I ever met. He and I dated, and he was the one that first brought me to Fangtasia. He and Eric sort of…”

“Eric and Bill both wanted her. Eric basically waited for Bill to screw up, which he did, then Eric swooped in.”

“Amelia – that’s not…”

“She’s going to try to deny it but the bottom line is, Eric took her from Bill, and there are others who would take her from him if they could, but they’re all afraid of him.”

“What was Bill like?”

“Bill is a Southern gentleman,” Sookie explained. “He fought in the Civil War, and he’s got dark hair and blue eyes. He’s very handsome and very sweet.”

“And still in love with Sookie.”

“But he sort of…”

“Betrayed her, so she’ll never trust him again.”

“…I forgave him, though, and he’s my friend now.”

“Wow. That’s like a romance novel.” Bobbie said with wonder.

“Yeah,” Sookie said, “If it was a novel about Supes, then yeah, I guess it is like a romance novel.”

The door opened and Eric came in.

“Ladies, Stackhouse is out front with Pam, would you like to join us for a drink?

Sookie had emptied her bottle of blood and Eric took it and threw it in the trash. They all went in a group out to the club which was just starting to get busy. The were nearly all seated when Eric was told that the tailor had arrived. Jason and Eric went back to his office and Sookie introduced Bobbie to Pam.

“Pam, this is Bobbie, my personal trainer and masseuse.”
“Masseuse,” Pam purred, “now that’s a noble profession. Maybe you could…. work on me sometime.”

Bobbie was a little shocked at how forward… and how beautiful… Pam was but she managed to say that she was happy to meet her. Pam asked Amelia and Bobbie what they’d like to drink and she had those and another cold blood brought over to the table, then she excused herself to go back to the door. She and Eric had some things to finish since they would both be away all weekend. The three girls sat and talked about the trip and the plane ride, realizing they and Jason would be together in the daytime and Eric and Pam would be… luggage. Bobbie had never traveled with a vampire before so she didn’t really know about Anubis Airlines, and Amelia didn’t know a whole lot more. Sookie explained how they’d come and pick up the travel boxes and them and their luggage and they’d travel together to Las Vegas, where the Airline would take them all to the Estate.

Then they asked Sookie what she knew about the wedding de Castro had planned and they talked and giggled about all of the details and arrangements that Sookie knew about. Amelia was very impressed when she heard Sookie had a Vera Wang gown. As they were talking Sookie noticed that the big biker vamp that Eric had growled at 2 weeks before was at the bar staring at her. Sookie felt panic and sent that to Eric as clearly as she could. The guy was headed for her table when Sookie said “Uh oh” and suddenly Eric was standing in front of them with his fangs down.

“You with this lady?” The big- but not nearly as big as Eric- vamp asked.

Eric’s voice was velvet over steel “You are new here. I am Sheriff of this area. The Lady you are referring to is my bonded, soon to be my wife. There will be no more disrespect or unwanted attention from you toward her – am I making myself clear?”

“Fuck You.”


Eric had the guy up against the wall, holding him up by the throat, threatening him with his fangs. The guy made the mistake of trying to fight back, and Eric beat the hell out of him, breaking a couple of tables and a mirror behind the bar in the process, though they were moving so fast you couldn’t tell who broke what. Eric busted the other vamp up badly, clearly breaking an arm and his neck at least, and dragged him out the back door of the club.

He beat him some more, just because he could, and assured him that if he ever set foot in his bar or looked at his woman again he would stake him, and at that point the guy (and whole bar) was absolutely convinced that he could and would do exactly that. Eric left him in a pile on the pavement, giving him one last good kick to the kidneys, and sent a couple of bar men out to see that he left.

Amelia shook her head and looked at Bobbie, who was horrified “SUPE. BAIT.”

Sookie started to object when Eric came back in to see if she was alright. He pulled her out of the booth, picked her up and kissed her as her feet dangled far above the floor. The crowd laughed and applauded and Eric bought a round for the house, which brought more applause. The broken furniture was cleared away and the girls could hear Eric growl to several employees that “that asshole never steps foot” in his bar again.

“Could have been worse,” Sookie tried to reassure them, “Eric could have killed him – that’s something at least.”

Amelia laughed and Bobbie just shook her head.

Jason came out of Eric’s office and up to the girls’ table “What the hell was that?”

“Some idiot tried to approach Sookie and Eric… objected.” Amelia explained as she laughed.

Pam came wiggling over to the table, winking at Amelia and saying “Never a dull moment with our Sookie.” Then she grabbed Jason’s belt buckle and dragged him onto the dance floor.

“That dust up was over my sister?” Jason asked Pam.

“Yes, she’s very… desirable to vampires. That moron was lucky there was a room full of witnesses. He’d better hope Eric never finds out where he nests.”


“Eric would have killed him if there weren’t so many vampires here. If he ever catches him out alone – well, let’s just say he won’t be hitting on anyone else’s … fiancé.”

Jason had to think about that for a while. He knew Eric was a badass, but would he really murder someone for hitting on his sister? On one hand, she’d be safe with him. On the other hand, would she be safe from him?


“Huh, what?”

“Are you alright. You’re very quiet.” Pam emphasized her question with a nice grind against Jason’s bulging crotch – he wasn’t so concerned he lost his hard on – and he considered whether he should ask her or not…

“Pam – you known Eric a long time?”

“Yes, you might say we’re family.”

“OK, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, you can.” She purred at him.

“Is my sister safe with that guy? Would he ever hit a woman?”

“Your sister is safer with Eric than she’d be anywhere else in the world. He’d never hurt her, and he’ll kill anyone who does. Her… special talent… makes her a target for powerful Supes of all kinds. She needs protection and Eric is the best choice of the available options. She could end up in a very bad way without him.”

“Is she with him because she’s scared?”

“No, she’s with him because she loves him. She isn’t really even aware of the actual danger to her from others, but he is. He is very relieved that she finally agreed to marry him. He can protect her much more effectively if she lives with him and she’ll be much less likely to be bothered once they’re actually married. It’s a very smart move for her, politically speaking.”

“Ok, so I shouldn’t worry about her?”

“Eric will do anything to protect her and that baby. They couldn’t be more safe, I promise you.”

“Thanks, that makes me feel better.”

“Don’t you worry your pretty head about Sookie. We should all be as safe and well off as she’ll be.” Pam kissed him and he completely forgot what they were talking about.

Eric had concluded business with the tailor and paid him a hefty tip, and he was calm now so he joined the girls in the main room. He tried not to think about the fact that Pam was rubbing up against his future brother-in-law. Amelia moved into the booth next to Bobbie so Eric could sit next to Sookie, and he hugged and kissed her as he slid in next to her.

He offered more drinks and they chatted for a while, then Eric went to make his final instructions to the staff before his break. Around one o’clock he summoned Pam and said it was probably time for them all to head home. They formed a little caravan, Jason and Pam following Eric and Sookie, Amelia and Bobbie in Sookie’s old car following Jason and Pam.

Jason was awestruck when he saw the big old Southern style home Eric owned and he whistled as Pam smiled to herself. She knew Jason had no concept of how well Sookie lived with Eric. Eric directed Jason and Amelia around to the spare garage and helped them get their cars situated. Two of the gardeners men had stayed to carry in their luggage and they took care of that while Eric took his guests inside. They all came in through the kitchen and Eric showed them where things were then offered to give them all a tour of the house.

He showed them first into the den, pointing out the home theatre and opening the curtains over the sliding doors and turning on the outside lights so they could see the pool. Jason’s eyes were bugging out. Eric then took them all into the dining room, entering one door and bringing them out the other, pointing out the paintings and Sookie’s china (Sookie didn’t even know she had china, but she didn’t say anything.)

He showed them the living room, apologizing for the travel boxes being in the way, but everyone shrugged that off. He showed them his office, and the way upstairs. He asked if they’d like to see the gym on the fourth floor, and they all agreed, so he led the way, pointing out on the third floor landing that his and Sookie’s bedroom was located there. When they got to the fourth floor, he pointed out the guest room, bathroom, sauna, meditation room and the big room. Jason couldn’t believe his eyes.

In the big room, everyone ooh’d and ah’d over Eric’s swords and Jason asked if they were real. Eric took down a katana and let Jason take a swing or two with it, then showed him a series of moves that showed off how graceful Eric was in spite of his size. They were all impressed, even Sookie and she had seen him fight with a sword for real. He hung it back up and led them all down to the 2nd floor where he let Sookie take over.

Sookie showed everyone there was food, beer and blood in the fridge and the cabinets and she showed them to their rooms. Pam’s and Jason’s bags had been put in the blue room, Amelia’s in the Pink and Bobbie’s was already in the yellow room from earlier. She showed them all where the towels and extra blankets were, pointed out the baskets of toiletries and clock radios, and the remotes to the TV’s on each nightstand as Eric stood in the hall beaming at her playing hostess. Everyone, including Pam, was amazed at how well put together the rooms were. Pam had been here before, of course, but she had never seen the second floor since it was finished. She was proud of Sookie for stepping up and playing her role as hostess, and she gave Eric a nod that told him she was impressed, which made him very proud, indeed.

The humans agreed they would get up at 7 am for breakfast and last minute preparations. Pam and Eric would already be in their travel boxes. Sookie would be in charge of the itineraries and Eric had briefed her on what to say to the car service and how to tip the attendants as they drove home. Bobbie and Amelia said good night so they could get some sleep, and Pam and Jason had other things on their mind. Eric tried not to think about the fact that they were kissing before they even got their door closed.

Eric carried Sookie up to their room. Since they had guests in the house, Eric decided he would sleep in the silk boxers he was wearing and Sookie that she would sleep in a little pink nightgown that was in her bottom drawer that she didn’t know was there but Eric did because he bought it for her. She pointed out that when they had a baby, and possibly a nanny or doula in the house, they’d probably have to wear clothes at night. Eric didn’t like the sound of that and reminded Sookie that’s why there were locks on the doors. Sookie drank another blood and a supplement drink and when Eric asked how many bloods she had had today she realized she had had four of them.

He suggested she keep track of that so she’d know what the baby really needed when and she agreed. She said the pattern seemed to be one when she woke up and at least two at night, and Eric reasoned that the baby was awake in the early evening when he awoke and slept through the very late nights and early morning hours, then ate once in the day when Sookie woke up and went back to sleep. In other words, they realized, he woke up when each of them did. but was active a little longer in the early evening. It was looking like he’d be a night baby, which was good because he’d be able to spend time with both of them together that way. Sookie joked that instead of family dinner, it would be family breakfast since Eric and Baby E would just be waking up.

Sookie turned the bed down then she pulled off her dress, leaving nothing but a thong on and crawled to the center of it on her knees, crooking her finger at Eric.

“Ok, gorgeous, that’s enough talking for tonight.”


“Yes, gorgeous,” she teased, “Do you know how absolutely, drop dead gorgeous you are?”

“I was just thinking the same thing about you,” he purred.

“No, you weren’t, but you’d better get over here and give me some before I fall asleep.”

“Give you some?” he laughed.


“Give you some of what?” he teased.

“A piece of that “gracious plenty,” she laughed and he dropped his silk boxers.

His mouth found her nipples and his hands ripped both sides of the thong at once and he threw it on the floor. He threw an arm around her waist and she was already moaning, grinding her crotch into his other hand as he stroked and probed her. He pulled her to the side and down so she was upside down in the bed, head hanging off the end of it over the TV cabinet, as he practically mauled her breasts.

She was trying to be quiet because they had company, and he knew it so he was trying to get her to yell out and laughing as she tried not to, so she punched his shoulder and that just made him laugh harder. He pulled her back onto the bed a little and eased into her slowly. Uh-oh. It was going to be one of those nights where he goes so slowly she wants to scream and he makes her beg for it. He was up on his knees, holding her hips up and sliding in and out of her so slowly that it consumed all of her attention.

She put her hands over her eyes and concentrated on how it felt to have him sliding in and out of her, and he made it last for a long, long time. She still had her eyes covered as he began to rub her clit with his thumb and she moaned and starting moving against him as hard as she could. She was grinding faster, and he said “Look at me, lover,” so she opened her eyes and they held each others gaze as he began to pump her faster. He held her hips tight now and started taking one very slow stroke the one really hard one, and she was trying so hard not to cry out on the hard ones but just the force of it was making her gasp and he had that smug look he gets when he’s pleased with himself.


“What Sookie?”


“Say it, Sookie,”

“Fuck me, Eric, please fuck me.”

“Say it again.”

“Please, Eric, fuck me,”

“Who do you belong to, Sookie?’

“You, Eric, I belong to you.”

He moved forward over her, still moving in her, whispering in her ear.

“Mmmm, that sweet pussy I’m fucking, Sookie, who does that belong to?”

“You, Eric, it belongs to you.”

She swallowed very hard, oh, god, she wanted to scream and he knew it.

“You’re mine, Sookie,”

“Yes, I’m yours, Eric,”

“Forever, Sookie,”

“Forever, Eric”

“What do you want me to do?” he whispered and he nibbled her earlobe.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard, now, please,”

And suddenly, he was riding her hard and fast and she was begging.

“Oh, yes, please, more.”

He was really letting her have it, and he whispered. “Bare your neck to me, Sookie.”

She brushed her hair away from her neck and tilted her head to the side, bracing her hands against his strong arms.

Mark me” she said, pleading.

He bit her savagely and this time she cried out in spite of herself.

She could feel his wildness grow as he drank from her and he lost control in the very best way. She held on as long as she could, then finally she said in a strangled whisper, “Blood” and his bleeding wrist was immediately at her lips and they came together, each of them high on the other’s blood, everything in them merging and blending in the bond and they both saw a white flash and were still.

Neither one of them ever saw anything like that before. It took a good fifteen minutes for them to come down enough to speak.

Sookie was afraid to say anything. She remembered when he told her to be quiet the other night, so she was silent, waiting for him to move or to say something, but he just nuzzled her neck and didn’t speak.

Eric didn’t know what to say. What the hell was that? He was pretty sure that over his thousand years on this planet, he had had every type of orgasm there was, and that was… more than that. He finally raised his head and looked at her. They didn’t speak, they just looked at each other and eventually, he kissed her lips very gently. He got up, and pulled her up with him. They settled into their familiar places facing each other in their beds. Eric stroked her cheek, then he finally spoke.

“Did you feel that Sookie?”

“That big white flash? Yeah, it was impossible to miss.”

“Have you ever felt anything like that before?”

“No, have you?”


“What was it?”

“I do not know, my angel.”

Sookie closed her eyes, and he knew she would sleep now. He watched her sleep for a long time, then he went to his office to take care of some last minute details.

Sookie was dreaming. She felt as if she was near water, and she could feel a salt spray in her face and smell the ocean. She realized she was standing on the shore…

…And there was something out in the mist.

Gradually, she saw something moving toward her that looked like…. a dragon.

She watched and realized that it was the bow of a ship, and she saw something white shining on it. Suddenly there was a woman standing next to her, a tall, beautiful blonde woman with glittering blue eyes like Eric’s, the woman was dressed in white with a gold pendant around her neck and she wrapped her arms around Sookie, who was enveloped by an overwhelming sense of peace and love.

“It is nice to meet you, my angel…”

And that was all Sookie would ever remember.


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