LATE Chapter 041





Bobbie had seen everyone off and Bill was tucked safely in her light-fast room. She took a book and a chair into Sookie’s room and sat near the big, canopied bed reading until almost one o’clock. She knew the maid would be in at 2 to feed Sookie breakfast, but she needed to go to the bathroom and didn’t think she could wait, so she slipped into the one in Sookie’s room.

Sookie was dreaming. The blonde woman was very close to her saying  “open your eyes, Sookie, NOW!” And she opened her eyes to see a man in black opening Eric’s travel box with a wooden stake in his hand. Without even thinking, Sookie pulled the dagger out of her pillowcase and stabbed him right between the shoulder blades. It happened so fast she wasn’t even sure she was awake at the time – she just did it.

The man was in a heap on the floor, killed instantly, when Bobbie came out of the bathroom.

“Oh my Goddess, Sookie, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t wait…”

“It’s not your fault, Bobbie. We’ve got to get him out of sight before the maid comes in with my breakfast.” Sookie noticed that she was unusually calm considering the circumstances, but she’d make like Scarlett and think about that later.

“Sookie, you have to be careful not to strain – the baby…”

“Right. This is no time to be carrying anything this heavy. Here, roll him onto this rug by the bed.”

They managed that and Bobbie was able to pull him into the bathroom by herself, then they rolled him off the rug and put it back by the bed. He still had the dagger in his back, so there was no blood to speak of yet. They closed the door and Sookie got back in bed while Bobbie pretended to read just a minute or two before the maid came in with Sookie’s breakfast. Sookie told her she didn’t feel great today so they were just going to hang out in her room so she could rest. It had been a hectic couple of days and she was tired and a little cramp-y. The maid had included ibuprofen on the tray and told Sookie how to ring down if she needed help or wanted something else to eat.

Once she was gone, Sookie ate while they tried to figure out how to get rid of that body in the bathroom. They were having no luck at all coming up with an idea when there was a knock on Sookie’s bedroom door. Sookie and Bobbie looked at each other.

“Little girl? I hear you aren’t feeling well?” It was Dr. Ludwig. Sookie didn’t know what to do so she said, “I’m feeling a little better, Dr., I’m just not up to company right now, but I don’t need any help…” but before she had a chance to shovel the bullshit the little doctor materialized inside her room. She looked around, walked straight to the bathroom door and looked in.

“Looks to me like you need plenty of help, little girl. You can’t be lugging that much weight around. You, Bobbie, help me get this dead fool into the bathtub.”

It was a struggle but Bobbie did manage to get the would-be assassin into the bathtub in Sookie’s bathroom. Ludwig came out to her big old carpetbag and pulled a gallon jug out of it.

“Sookie – go out to the living room. I don’t want you this close to these fumes.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to make your little problem go away.”

Sookie didn’t want to know, so she just went out front and turned on the TV. Ludwig told Bobbie to get the man’s clothes off, and she did, though it took a while and wasn’t easy. When he was naked, Ludwig told her to pour the liquid in the gallon jug all over him. The smell was putrid, so Ludwig sent Bobbie to get some vanilla scented stuff to mask the smell a bit.

“What is that stuff going to do?” Bobbie asked, afraid of the answer.”

“Most of him will rinse down the bathtub drain. I’ll take the bones out in a hefty bag, and you two will have to find a way to smuggle his clothes out of here without getting caught.”

Bobbie wanted to ask why she couldn’t just make the whole body go away, or take the clothes with the bones, but she figured there had to be a reason so she just went out to Sookie as Ludwig stayed with the melting corpse.

Sookie knew she should be more upset than she was, but her main feeling was relief that she awoke in time to save Eric. She thanked Freyja profusely. Sookie figured the guy got what he deserved, and so did Baby E, who was awake and kicking like hell, the little warrior. Seemed he liked a good fight as much as his daddy did. Was it possible that the bump was half-again as big as yesterday? Was he holding it in until she wore her dress, and now that the wedding was over, he was letting it all out? Because the bump was undeniable at this point. There would be no more hiding Baby E with a belt or a full skirt. Sookie was visibly, unmistakably pregnant.

“Bobby, have you noticed my stomach is…”

“Suddenly really big?”


“Yes. I’ve never seen a woman gain that much size just over night. If you had been near this size yesterday, you’d never have gotten into that dress.”

“Do you think… is it possible…”

“That the baby knew and was waiting so you could get into your dress? Honey, at this point, I think anything is possible. I have no trouble believing that he let you get your wedding pictures done so you didn’t look pregnant at all, and now he’s letting it all hang out. You won’t be lying on your stomach for a while now – you can’t risk hurting him.”

“Would you think I’m crazy if I told you he’s kicking because he’s mad at that guy and wants to kick his ass?”

Bobbie laughed. “Like father, like son. You knew he was going to be a little Viking, right?”

“Yeah, I did but… can a baby hurt its own mother by kicking her?”

“Yeah, I’ve known of baby’s breaking their mother’s ribs. It’s rare, but it can happen.”

Sookie put her hands on her tummy. “Listen Baby E, you take it easy! Mommy’s got it covered – Daddy is fine.”

Love. Happy, Fight.

Well, 2 out of three might be the best she could do in this case. Baby E was going to love kicking ass as much as Big E did, so she might as well get used to it.

Ow! – big kick.


“Bobbie, is there any way to get to the cold bloods in the bathroom? The little Viking is hungry.”

Bobbie laughed, and went into the bathroom, checking on Dr. Ludwig’s progress. She said she figured she was about half way done. Bobbie noticed the window was open to air the room out and she had the ceiling fan on.

Bobbie took Sookie two cold bloods, and Sookie drank them right down.

Happy. Love. Fight.

Sookie just shook her head. No worries about this baby growing up to be a warrior. She’d be lucky if he didn’t come out carrying a sword.

At 4 o’clock a massage table was brought into the room and Bobbie just had them leave it in the living area and got them back out the door as quickly as possible. She did Sookie’s treatment and was pleased that Sookie was able to relax enough to fall asleep. Baby E was quiet, too, and let Sookie get some rest.

It was getting close to dinnertime and Bobbie and Sookie began to worry about the maids coming in with food. Bobbie checked on Dr. Ludwig, and she was bagging up bones. It would be up to Bobbie to clean the tub. Ew. But Bobbie did it, figuring she’d hit Eric up for a big bonus for disposing of the body of a guy who tried to kill him. Ludwig was gone and Bobbie cleaning the tub when they brought dinner in.

“What’s that strange smell?” Angela asked.

“Something Dr. Ludwig used while she was here. I don’t know what it was called.” Sookie said.

“Oh, the doctor – OK. I’ll bring some air freshener.”

“That would be great- thanks!”

“I’m sorry to hear you’ll be leaving us Mrs. Northman, but I wrote out a menu for you and you can ask room service at the hotel to do this for you.”

“Oh, thank you, Angela. I’m sorry we’re leaving, too. We were invited and since the King isn’t well…”

“Yes, you’ll have fun down there in the middle of everything. They said the King is very ill. I never heard of a sick vampire but I saw him and he’s not well at all. He was talking out of his head about wings and birds and Vikings – crazy stuff.”

“Well, I wanted to thank you, Angela, for taking such good care of me while I was here. You and the others had me feeling and looking good on the most important day of my life and I really appreciate it. “

“Oh, I was glad to do it, Mrs. Northman. Your wedding was just beautiful. I never saw a ceremony like that.”

“Yeah, neither did I, but I loved it. It was very special.”

“Well, you enjoy the rest of your honeymoon. It was nice meeting you. Someone will be up for the dishes later.”

Sookie and Bobbie sat down and were pleased to find that they had steak and lobster for dinner. They were being sent out of the castle with style. The meal was as pleasant as it could be on a day when you had to dispose of an assassin’s body and they were still eating and gabbing when Eric and Bill awoke.

Eric’s first words were “Sookie, why does our bathroom smell like someone disposed of a body in it today?”

“Because we disposed of a body today.”


“Yeah, Bobbie went to the bathroom and I was dreaming of Freyja and she told me to open my eyes and I did and a guy was getting ready to stake you so I stabbed him and Bobbie and Dr. Ludwig helped get rid of him. We don’t know what to do with his clothes, though.”

“Bobbie, you helped with this today?” Bill was surprised.

“Yes – I didn’t even know you could melt a body like that.”

“Ludwig’s idea, I suppose?” Bill said.


Bill and Eric looked at each other. Their girls were sitting here eating lobster and laughing about getting rid of a killer’s body and you’d think they were talking about what they had for lunch today. Were they perfect for them, or what?! Eric laughed, but Bill was a little taken aback, though he quickly got over it.

“You say his clothes are still here?” Eric asked, and Sookie showed him where they were folded. Eric laughed to himself that they had folded the guy’s clothes, but he looked through the pockets and found out he was human and apparently a hired killer. It didn’t escape Eric that he nearly died and that only Freyja and Sookie saved him. Lucky Felipe didn’t hire a Were – Sookie might not have taken a Were out so easily. Bad planning, Felipe.

They were all waiting and ready to go when Darrell and his crew arrived to take them to the Bellagio. He was all prepared to move Eric’s travel box and Bill’s things, box included, would be waiting for him there when they arrived, because they were moved from his original hotel earlier that day.

Sookie was never so glad to leave a place in her life. The events of the day finally hit her as they were on their way to the hotel, and Eric scooped her up onto his lap and let her cry it out for a bit while they were in the back of the limousine. Bobbie was a little stressed, too and Bill was rubbing her shoulders like he’d known her forever.

Everybody brightened when they saw the lights of the strip and even Sookie smiled and looked out the window at the flashing lights and the beautiful fountain and all the people roaming around. They were away from Felipe and that was the main thing. When they arrived at the hotel, they were treated like royalty. A concierge led them to the penthouse and showed them their luxurious suite. The bedrooms were on separate sides of the large living space so they’d all have plenty of privacy. There was Champagne, sparkling water, caviar and real bottled blood waiting for them all, and the view from the room was breathtaking. Once the bell hops and Concierge had been generously tipped and sent on their way, Bill and Eric went over the suite with a fine-toothed comb and were pleased to find no listening or watching devices of any kind.

Bobbie taught Sookie about caviar and Bill and Eric sat in the living room and put their heads together.

“So, Eric, you are going to oppose Felipe?”

“The general consensus is that Felipe has to go and The Council is expecting me to take care of it.”

“The Council is involved in this?” Bill was shocked.

“Yes. I don’t know why they are involved, but that’s why…”

“…the Ancient Pythoness performed your wedding.”


“They’re going to put you in Felipe’s place or Sophie Ann’s?”

“I believe the plan is to redraw the territories after Felipe and Victor Madden are eliminated.”

“I saw you talking to Russell and Carolina last night. Are they in?”


“And Niall and Dr. Ludwig?”


“So you’re expecting a visit from some of the Were packs?”

“Yes, and at least a couple of Witch elders.”

“What did de Castro do to bring all of this upon himself?”

“I don’t know yet, but it had to be more than just killing Sophie Ann.”

“I agree. The Council would consider that a local skirmish.”


“What do you get out of all of this?”

“I don’t want it, but I am to be made regent at the end of the process.”

“If you don’t want it…?”

“Niall has decreed that his great granddaughter will be Queen. In order for that to happen…”

“You must seize power.”


“Does she know about this?”

“Of course.”

“Does she want to be Queen?”

“She wants to be my wife – it that means being Queen, she will accept it.”

“Why didn’t you move against de Castro when they first killed Sophie Ann? Many of us would have stood with you.”

“I wanted revenge, of course, but I wanted Sookie more. I knew she would not want to be Queen.”

“And now you must be King to have her?”

“Yes, the irony is palpable, is it not?”

“Yes, it is. What is our next move?”

“I find out if the mayor who is gifting us this suite is in on the deal or not. Sookie and I will have dinner with him and his wife on Wednesday and I hope to find out then if he’s involved at a higher level or just smart enough not to trust de Castro. I have to figure out the best way to take de Castro and Madden out, and in what order.”

“Madden first, Eric. Felipe is little more than a figurehead. Take Madden out and de Castrol can’t hold the Louisiana territories.”

“I agree. The question is do we do it man on man or en masse?”

“I’d say you and I should do it alone. A frontal attack will get people on both sides killed who wouldn’t necessarily stay on those sides if Madden were dead.”

“Yes, and then Felipe. When we get back to Louisiana, we’ll start planning for New Orleans.”


The two couples adjourned to their bedrooms, and everyone had the same thing on their mind. Bill would never admit it, but he was completely turned on by the idea that Bobbie had embraced his world to the point that she helped dispose of a body. She had been showing him her skills in massage the last couple of nights, so tonight he decided to return the favor. Bill turned out to be as skilled in massage as he was in… other things… and Bobbie was a very happy girl for the night.

Sookie was so relieved to be out of Felipe’s house that she pushed Eric onto the bed and jumped on top of him even though they were both still dressed. She yanked his pants down and had him in her mouth before he had a chance to react. He was putting all of his concentration on what Sookie was doing to him, unbuttoning his shirt and cuffs and pulling it off as she all but devoured him. She was getting damned good at this, he smiled to himself, and it took only a few minutes before he finished and she was moving up to take his nipple in her mouth.

She was in the mood to be aggressive and he was in the mood to let her have her way, so he just cooperated with whatever she wanted. She was out of her clothes in a second and she climbed on top of him, facing his feet – this was completely new – and mounted him, bracing her hands on his legs. She was moving a little wildly, but became very focused and intent when he reached around her and rubbed her clit as she moved on him. It didn’t take long at all until her legs were shaking and she nearly fell but he grabbed her arms and pulled her back.

They both laughed and she turned around and kissed him, then pulled his head down to her nipples. He bit and drew hard on one, then the other and she came just from that. When he was done feeding from her, she crawled to the center of the bed, grabbing the edge of the mattress, leaning her weight back on her haunches, arching her bottom upward, so she was facing downward but there was no weight on her stomach. He knew that was the point because the baby bump was very obvious now, so he held her hips tightly so he wouldn’t push her forward and entered her from the back as she was nearly begging him to do.

She was in one of her moods where she was a little out of her head and he loved that because she wasn’t going to hesitate or resist anything he wanted. When he came, he released on her other entrance and pushed into her quickly. He was clearly aware that it was hurting a little and that she was liking it, so he let her lose herself in the sensations that were nearly overwhelming her. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back to him as he was still inside her and it made him go deep within her. She had tears streaming down her face as he took short quick strokes and squeezed her breasts. When he came he was rubbing her clit again and she came hard, even to the point of straining her legs a little.

He went into the master bath to clean up and she was still a trembling heap on the bed when he came back and pressed his bleeding wrist to her mouth. He wasn’t sure, but he thought she came again at the same time he did from her feeding from him. Was she that into drinking from him now, that it would make her climax with no other stimulation? There was nothing he’d like more than for her to become addicted to his blood. That would take the bond to its most extreme level, one where she’d crave him constantly and he’d feel her craving. THAT was dominance. He’d seen it in vampires who kept blood slaves but they didn’t really honor their bonds or like the women that were enslaved to them. He felt that was an inferior kind of relationship because there was no real feeling that accompanied the craving. To take a loving relationship to that level, though, had to be the ultimate high. To worship that which you crave and crave that which you worship… he was going to experiment with this and see if the drinking alone invoked a physical response in her. Imagine knowing that your taste alone could make your lover come.

He tucked her into bed and watched her sleep for a long time, thinking about this. He felt the baby’s awareness and put his hand on the bump. He could feel his comfort, his warmth, his love for him as well as for Sookie. He was pleased to find that he could tell the difference between the love the baby sent to Sookie and the love he sent to Eric. With Sookie, it was enveloping warmth, as if everything was right with the world. With him, it was a proud love, and Eric knew his son knew he was a warrior and was a warrior, too. He wondered if Sookie could feel this difference. He’d ask her. He felt as if he already knew his son’s personality, and it was bold and big and he would love to fight and fuck and feed the way he had when he was a young vampire. He still loved those things, of course, but there’s a lust for life you have when you’re young that just doesn’t follow you down through the ages. He told his son “god natt” and went to rest for the day.


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