LATE Chapter 044

Viva Las Vegas!


He was watching Sookie sleep, kicking himself for not bringing his camera with him, but he didn’t want to have to explain it to her because he only ever used it when she was asleep. He wasn’t even sure she knew he had a camera. Damn, she was beautiful lying there, so sweet, and that belly was getting sexier every day. He loved that baby bump – what it represented, what it contained, the way it looked on her. He had never seen anything so ripe and luscious, and it was only going to get better over the next two or three months. He would love it as much as she would hate it. He thought it was funny how the bump grew practically over night, the night of their wedding. He knew the little Viking held back to let her fit into her designer gown, then let it all out as soon as she was out of it. What an amazing son he was already.

He had never told anyone about his fondness for pregnant women. He had preyed on them for a millennium. He tried never to really harm them or their children but the look of them was so sexy and the taste of them was so sweet that once he had tasted one, he had to taste it again and again. It wasn’t something he did all the time – just when he really needed it, maybe a few times a year. He never wanted for willing donors, but something in the hormonal fluctuations of the pregnant human female was exotic and luxurious in a way no other blood was. Sookie’s blood was always sweeter than human blood, and the Fae taste of her was intoxicating, but it was that something extra special that came with the pregnancy that made her so, so very sweet to him.

He was pretty sure that was what ended Felipe – when he licked her palm, he got a taste of it. It’s not a taste one would come across every day, and it’s one you’d never forget once you’d had it. It had overwhelmed Felipe to the point that he risked everything he had to get it, including risking war with the Fae. He wasn’t sure what would have happened if Freyja hadn’t shocked his ass across the room when he made contact with her blood, and he was glad they never found out. If Felipe had seriously harmed or violated her, Eric would have tortured him for months before he finally let him die. This way, it was quick, he was gone, and no one except Bill, Bobbie and Sookie knew what happened to him. Bill wouldn’t betray him because that would mean instant death and he knew it. Bobbie wouldn’t tell while she was enthralled with Bill and it was obvious Bill was enjoying her attentions. Eric would make sure that connection was nurtured and continued as long as possible. It kept him from mooning over Sookie, it kept a valuable servant in his employ and it made Sookie happy. Bobbie was turning out to be a good investment all around.

Just look at Sookie tonight – when he walked into the living room of the suite, he was stunned. If his heart beat, it would have stopped when he saw her. She was so polished and precious in her new clothes, and she was actually nervous that he wouldn’t like it. Oh, if she only knew how much he wanted her when he saw her like that. He wanted her to have the finest of everything. When he saw her wear a dress she could never have afforded, or jewels he bought for her, it was like a drug for him.

She was worried about spending money – he cared nothing for money when it could buy him such beauty and luxury. People didn’t understand how vampires felt about luxury. They were all wealthy, yes, but they didn’t need wealth to survive. They needed wealth to create what they wanted – luxury, elegance, comfort. Vampires never struggled to stay alive as humans do – they’d meet the sun before they’d suffer. Their senses were far more refined than humans’ and they were driven to indulge their senses just as they were to drink blood. People thought their need for blood was a sickness. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It was the most delicious addiction there was, and he never knew one that would give it up if he could. Even Bill Compton wouldn’t go back if he could. He might miss the sun, but he loved the taste of blood more. It was no accident that the minute he decided to try to go mainstream, he latched onto a sweet little fairy like Sookie. He was starved and dying of thirst and Sookie was like an oasis when he found her. Even if Sophie Ann hadn’t ordered him to seduce her, he would have pursued her once he saw her, smelled her, tasted her.

He intended to do everything he could to foster an addiction to his own blood in Sookie. He didn’t really fear losing her at this point, but she held a kind of power over him that he hated. If she came to crave his blood, it would even the scales, so to speak. She’d have a physical need for him that was nearly as strong as his for her. The blood bond was only the beginning of the kind of bond her addiction would create. It was the ultimate vampire high taken to its most extreme level. He wasn’t sure if she understood yet that it was physically impossible for him to leave her, but it was still physically possible for her to leave him. He would change that. She didn’t understand that when he asked her to tell him she belonged to him, it was because he knew he belonged to her, no matter what. He was forever changed by his bond to Sookie, no matter what happened from this point forward. Losing her would leave a wound that would never heal, no matter how long he lived. Unless he controlled her, he had no control of himself. He was at her mercy. She had walked away from Bill Compton. She had walked away from Quinn. By the Goddess, she would not walk away from him, ever. He would own her completely, forever. Her addiction would also make her more accepting of the parts of him she didn’t know yet, the parts that she would be afraid of. He was going to feed her more than necessary for the baby. The more she took in the more addicted she would become and the more quickly. It couldn’t happen fast enough to suit him.

He felt his phone vibrate and took it out to the living area, where Bill Compton was sitting looking at the view. The number was from Felipe’s offices.

“This is Northman.”

“Hello, Sheriff, this is Sandy. We were wondering if perhaps his majesty was visiting you?”

“No, he’s not, Sandy – I haven’t seen him since the night before the wedding. I thought he was ill?”

Bill looked up at him and listened intently.

“He was… he is… we just thought he might have wanted to see you while you were still in town. He was very upset that you and Mrs. Northman left so early.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. When we were invited to move our party here, we thought it would be the polite thing to do to let him recuperate in peace. We didn’t want him to feel obligated to entertain us. He had already been so generous to us that we didn’t want him to feel any additional obligation.”

“Yes, that is very kind of you. You will contact me, of course, if he happens to visit you?”

“Yes, of course I will. Is there a problem? Is there anything I can do to help?”

“No, no, we have it under control, of course, we just wanted to check in with you.”

“Thank you for your concern. We will certainly let you know if his majesty pays us a visit.”

“Alright then, have a safe trip back to Louisiana.”

“Thank you, Sandy. We appreciate all you have done for us.”

“Goodbye, then.’


“You know, we can probably expect a visit from Sandy or her minions tomorrow night.” Bill said.

“I’m not nearly as concerned about that as I am that they might send a Were here during the day when it’s just Sookie and Bobbie.”

“You know Janet Stevens was here this morning, don’t you?”

“No, I didn’t – what happened?”

“Bobbie answered the door and told her he hadn’t been seen. Sookie didn’t get up until she left. She’s only human so she would have had no clue anything was amiss.”

“Sookie didn’t tell me.”

“Tonight we’d better make sure we all know what is going on before we go our separate ways, if we do.”

“I was thinking it would be best not to be here tonight. Would you and Bobbie like to go to a show or a casino with us tonight, or did you want time alone with Bobbie?”

“The practical thing to do is to stay together. I’ll have plenty of time alone with Bobbie when we get back to Louisiana.”

“You’re going to continue to see her, then?”

“Yes, I am. She’s very good company and we have a strong sensual connection.”

“That’s good to hear. Did she tell you she’s going to stay on as Sookie’s Doula?”

“Yes, she did. She’s very excited about it.”

“Are you alright with that?”

“Yes, I think it’s a fine idea. It will keep her in the area. She had been thinking about moving to California, but that will give her reason to stay.”

“Don’t kid yourself, Bill – that’s not why she’s staying.”

“I know that, and I’m surprised to say that I’m pretty happy about it, too.”

“I think you two are a good match.”

“You think I’m a good match for anyone except Sookie.”

“No, I don’t. I am obviously glad you are moving on with your life, but I wouldn’t express an opinion one way or the other if I didn’t think you worked well together. She has a gentleness that suits you and she’s very pretty.”

“Yes, I agree. I must confess I didn’t expect to enjoy this trip as much as I have. She has a very sweet way about her that is very comforting.“

“She has a positive influence on Sookie that I’m very grateful for. She managed to get her to do something the rest of us had been unable to do.”

“She helped, but Sookie wanted the help. Sookie wanted very much for you to be proud of her when you went out with the Mayor and his wife.”

“I was proud of her. I’m always proud of her, but to see her rise to the occasion that way was very special to me. I’m very grateful to Bobbie for helping her do that.”

“Good. Pay her very well, because you know she’s going to take good care of your wife and son.”

“I will. Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For letting her take the position. I was afraid you would be against it.”

“I want Sookie to have the best care possible. I think Bobbie is the best you are going to find. She wanted the position before Sookie even mentioned it, but didn’t know how to ask.”

“Sookie has good instincts. I’ve been told that several times by Dr. Ludwig. I think that she has an intuition about Bobbie that she will be the right person for the job, and you dating Sookie’s doula gives us reason to find ourselves in the same place at the same time without arousing suspicion.”

“I thought of that, too. Have you thought any more about Victor Madden?”

“Not yet – I need more time to work on it.”

“Alright, the sun is about to rise – I’m going to rest.”

“I’ll leave a note for the girls to go shopping and stay out of the room as much as possible when they wake up. I think they’ll be safer away from here.”

“I agree.”

Eric called Bobby Burnham and told him to make arrangements for Sookie to make a large purchase at Tiffany’s to make sure she didn’t have any hassle with it. He wrote a note to Sookie, left it on the bureau in their bedroom, and went to rest for the day.

There was a loud knock on the door, and Bobbie was struggling to get into her blue satin robe as she went to answer it.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Janet Stevens – I’m sorry to bother you again.“

Bobbie opened the door and put on her best fake smile. She opened the door to see Janet standing there with a large… driver? Body guard?

“Hi, Ms. Stevens, what can I do for you?”

“I’m sorry to bother you again, but I was wondering if you had heard from Mr. de Castro? We thought he might have sheltered here for the night. Would you mind if Edgar looked around a bit?”

“Look all you want, but he isn’t here.” Bobbie stepped back as the large, dark haired man walked into the living room and looked around. He cocked his head to the side and almost seemed to be sniffing the air. Bobbie thought he was probably a Were, but she didn’t know how to tell.  He stopped for a second right where Felipe died, but then shook his head. Edgar peeked into Bill’s and Bobbie’s room, then into Eric’s and Sookie’s, and shook his head again as he walked back to Janet.

“Well, I guess that’s all we wanted. Again, I’m sorry to bother you. Have a good trip.”

“Thanks – it was nice to see you again.”

Bobbie locked the door and went into Sookie’s room. Sookie was sitting up.

“Did you hear any of that?”

“Yes, and he was a Were. Did he act like he smelled anything?”

“No, he sniffed around and then shook his head to Stevens. I think he decided there was nothing to smell.”

“OK, that’s good. Is there a note on the dresser there?”

“Yes, here.”

Sookie opened the note from Eric, smiling because she had missed them since they had been on this trip.

My Lover Wife,

 Bill and I agree that you and Bobbie should not stay in the room today. Go shopping, go to the spa, play in the pool, but whatever you do, stay out among people. Eat while you are out and only come back at the edge of dark so we can all get ready to go out. If anything goes wrong, call on Freyja.

 I love you,

Your husband, Eric

“They want us to go out today.”

“I think that’s a very good idea. Let’s get dressed and we’ll get your breakfast at one of the restaurants downstairs. Eric wants you to shop anyway, so we’ll spend the day spending money and being pampered. I can be ready in 20 minutes.”

“Me, too. Let’s rock.”

They each went to their bathrooms and got ready as quickly as they could. Sookie suggested they lock the travel boxes the guys were in and they did. At least it would slow an intruder down, hopefully enough for them to respond, though that was iffy.

Bobbie was wearing a lavender silk top and a matching print skirt. Sookie was wearing her dark and light blue Indian print sundress. They double locked the door and went to the elevator.

“Any idea where we should eat?” Sookie asked.

“There’s supposed to be a killer buffet down stairs. They have a wide  variety of things – Chinese, Italian, American, almost anything you want – and they have chef stations where they make things to order.”

“OK, that works for me. I wonder if they have smoked salmon?”

“Probably – you love that stuff, don’t you.”

“Yes, I have to admit, of all the things I’m supposed to do for this baby, eating salmon is my favorite,” she laughed.

“If they don’t have it there, we’ll find a place that does.”

Sookie liked the look of the Buffet, and they were just in time for the 11 am switch to the lunch menu, so they took their time and Sookie sampled almost everything. Bobbie just laughed to herself – what was she thinking taking a pregnant woman to a buffet? Would she ever get Sookie out of there?

Sookie went back for her third serving of seafood, and Bobbie started looking for the ladies’ room, though she knew better than to leave Sookie alone. They both had a small taste of several desserts, hit the ladies’ room and went shopping.

Bobbie took Sookie to Tiffany’s first.

“Oh, man…”

“Come on, Sookie, it’s just jewelry.”

“Did I tell you how much he paid for these earrings here last night?” She said as she pulled her hair away to show Bobbie.

“No, but I’ll bet they cost a pretty penny. They’re diamonds, right? In platinum?”

“Bobbie, Eric paid over 16,000 dollars for these. Isn’t that enough jewelry?”

“Eric doesn’t seem to think so. Let’s go in and see what they have.”

“Can I help you, ladies?” a pretty young woman named Asia asked them.

Bobbie took charge. “She needs diamond jewelry, preferably in platinum to match this ring,” she said as she held Sookie’s left hand up. The girl’s eyes got big – and she spent every day around big honkin’ diamonds.

“Alright, then, let’s start over here.” The girl led them to the case Sookie and Eric had looked at the night before.

“Yeah, this is where we bought these earrings.” Sookie said

“Earrings?” The girl asked and Sookie showed her. “Is your name Mrs. Northman, by any chance?”

“Yes, it is.”

“We’ve been expecting you, ma’am. I have some pieces set aside to show you. I didn’t realize you were so young.”

The girl pulled out some very nice pieces. Sookie bought several items by Elsa Peretti called Diamonds By the Yard (earrings, 2 bracelets, 1 necklace with diamonds and one with aquamarines,) and another bracelet called “Every Other Link” that looked really nice with them. She chose an art deco inspired bracelet of diamonds, a bracelet from the Victoria line with two rows of pearls and diamond “X” or “butterfly” shapes and matching diamond earrings, a Swing bracelet with three rows of different shaped diamonds, Victoria drop earrings with that same butterfly design, Tiffany Hearts drop earrings, Tiffany Swing triple drop earrings, Tiffany Nature butterfly pendant, a large Tiffany Heart pendant, a large green tourmaline pendant in an art deco setting that matched all of her diamonds and especially the art deco bracelet, an ornate Morganite necklace with diamonds and platinum, and a large aquamarine and diamond pendant. She also bought Bobbie an Etoile bracelet and matching hoop earrings in yellow gold with diamonds and a Diamonds By the Yard pendant and stud earrings also in yellow gold. She wanted to buy her more, but she wouldn’t hear of it. She knew Sookie had no idea that those totaled more than Bobbie would make in 2 years, and she didn’t want to take advantage – too much.

“I was told not to ring these up for you, Mrs. Northman, I’m just to confirm your credit card number and send the final total to Mr.Burnham.”

“Oh, OK – I never heard of that….”

“Mr. Northman didn’t want you to be upset by the prices, apparently, and they’re going to wire the money directly to our store.”

Sookie looked at Bobbie. Bobbie said, “So I guess you’re all set, sugar! Let her write this stuff up and we’ll move on to the next store.”

“Would you like me to have these delivered to your room this evening Mrs. Northman, so you don’t have to carry it all around as you shop?”

“Yes, that would be great. We’re in the Penthouse…”

“Yes, ma’am, I have that here. They’ll be delivered at 8 o’clock, in case you want to wear any of it tonight.”

Bobbie thanked the girl and dragged Sookie to the next store.

She bought a beautiful pink moiré faille coat at Dior, as well as a sleeveless embroidered white silk top and a really cute flared pink silk skirt. She also found an organza bustier dress with alternating lace inserts that was lined so it almost looked as if you were naked underneath. She got a gorgeous pale blue asymmetrical dress with embroidery around the neck that was probably more formal than anything she’d ever need and a cute short pink bustier dress with pleats that she was pretty sure Eric wouldn’t let her wear outside the house, but she wanted it anyway. Maybe he’d let her wear it to Fangtasia, after the baby, of course.

The Chanel lady was happy to see Sookie again and helped her find a really sexy suit in case she ever needed to dress up, and helped her with all kinds of shoes, accessories, sunglasses and a lot of makeup. Her favorite thing, though, was the splash bottle of Chanel No. 5, just like Marilyn Monroe used. They even had a picture of her using it on display. She hoped Eric would like it, because she knew he loved her.

Bobbie dragged Sookie to all kinds of stores, and most of them offered to deliver her purchases at the end of the day, so she didn’t have to carry much. They bought some really fancy chocolates at one store, and she bought several more pieces of clothes and scarves and little things, but nothing like she did at Chanel and Dior. She bought Bobbie a beautiful scarf at Hermés. They had to rest a bit right after, though, because Sookie was feeling a little crampy. It didn’t last long, but it was pretty intense.

Sookie had reached her limit with the shopping, so Bobbie took her to the spa where they both decided on the Bellagio Signature Bath With Hydrating Mini-Facial since they had openings and it only took 45 minutes. After, they went to the salon and had make-up done and their hair washed and blow-dried so they left looking and feeling really beautiful.

At that point, they knew they needed to get dinner and head back to the room to receive their packages.

They wandered around and looked at a few menus and Bobbie was surprised when Sookie picked a rather upscale restaurant called Prime Steakhouse because they had two favorites on their menu – French onion soup with cheese and steak tartare with frites. She had really liked the steak tartare from the other night and it really was what the doctor would prefer she eat – raw meat. The raw egg was a bit of a risk, but the blood made Sookie and the baby so happy it was more than worth it.

Once they had their seats, and placed their orders, Bobbie was surprised how comfortable Sookie was in here.

“You didn’t like the look of the raw meat the other night,” Bobbie teased her.

“That was before my little Pagan baby did the happy dance when I ate it. Baby E loved that stuff.”

“Baby E loved it…?”

“Yeah, well, I liked it, too.” Sookie laughed.

“Little Pagan baby, huh?”

“Yeah, he’s turning me into a Freyja worshipper.”

“How does that sit with your Southern Christian sensibilities,” Bobbie asked

“Well, I’ve never really thought it through, but I know that gods and Goddesses are real, and I know I’ve been dreaming about Freyja and the baby will be dedicated to Her because She’s Eric’s personal deity. My upbringing tells me that’s wrong, but it says a lot of other things I do or believe or know are wrong, too, and they just aren’t.”

“How does the Supe world jibe with Christianity?”

“Honestly, I have no idea. I don’t really think about religion a lot, but I always considered myself a good girl.”

“You know, Sookie, there are groups of people, women especially, who are turning back to the original Mother Goddess in her various aspects.”


“Yes, like in some places She’s blonde and called Freyja, in others She’s called Isis and has black hair, in America She was White Buffalo Calf woman…”

“And they’re all the same Goddess?”

“They’re part of a larger whole that is really just one living Goddess, though a lot of areas believe Her favorite name was ISIS or Au Set.”

“What do they call people who worship the Goddess?”

“Well, it varies, some use Goddessites or Goddessians, but most of them just call themselves Witches.”

“Like Amelia?”

“Amelia is a kind of Witch, though she doesn’t talk much about the Goddess, so I don’t know if she’s that kind of Witch. She could be, though.”

“Are you a Witch, Bobbie?”

“I’m a Goddess worshipper — Goddessite — so some would say yes, but I don’t do a lot of spell work the way Amelia does. I have done magick with a ‘k’ and could if I wanted to, but it’s not my main focus.”

“Magick with a ‘k'” Sookie asked

“Magic with a c, the way it’s normally spelled, is used to describe the kind of tricks and illusions you’d see in a show here. Magick with a ‘K’ — M-A-G-I-C-K– is real magick that creates reality and makes your spells work.”

Sookie frowned and thought for a minute, then asked “What is your main focus then?”

“My main focus is knowing that I am part of the living Goddess, and that I am connected to everything past, present and future as one living whole being.”

“In my dream the other night, Freyja told me the baby used blood magick and I could, too.”

“That’s a pretty direct invitation, Sookie.”

“Yeah, but I don’t have any desire to turn people into cats or things like Amelia does.”

“Hasn’t Amelia also helped you in fights, to make sure the right people were spared and the bad ones got hurt?”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

“There are all kinds of magick, Sookie. Maybe you should learn a little about it? Then at least you know what it is, even if you decide it’s not for you.”

“Yeah, maybe. I definitely need to understand Freyja if She’s going to be around my family so hard.”

“The next time you dream about Her, try to wake up in your dream. That’s called Lucid Dreaming. If you can become conscious inside your dream, you can ask Her questions. You could find out what She wants, or what She wants to tell you.”

“Lucid dreaming… Have you done that?”

“Yes, but I’ve never had such a direct connection to the Goddess. Mine is more subtle.”

“I wonder why She picked me?”

“Maybe because you picked Eric? Or because of your baby? Or maybe She just loves you, Sookie, and wants you to be happy.”

Sookie didn’t say anything, but Bobbie knew she was thinking about what she had said. She didn’t have any goals with Sookie, because Goddess worshippers don’t proselytize the way patriarchal religions do, but she felt like she had a responsibility to help Sookie understand what was happening around her. Sookie was so blessed in so many ways, Bobbie just knew it was important for Sookie to understand her own luck and her own power. Sookie had so many advantages that she didn’t even understand yet, and Bobbie wanted her to enjoy them as much as possible.

The waiter brought their appetizers then and Sookie practically inhaled the steak tartare. Sookie had her hand on her tummy, and laughed. “The little Viking is happy. I’m telling you, Bobbie, he loves this stuff.”

“That’s so amazing that he can communicate with you that way. It must feel wonderful.”

“It does. I realized the other day that I’m never alone now. I was missing Eric so much during the day, and one day Baby E was sending me love and it occurred to me that he knew I was missing Eric and wanted to comfort me. I realized that I wasn’t alone in the daytime, I had Baby E with me. I can’t wait to hold him and play with him. I think he’s going to be very smart.”

“I think he will be, too. Has the doctor told you anything about that?”

“She says he’ll be a handful. I figure that’s because he’ll be so much like Eric, wanting to be dominant all the time.”

“Dominant? I know he tends to take charge… or do you mean sexual dominance.”

“Yeah, that. I don’t really understand it, but he does and I like everything he does, so I just do what he tells me and it’s always amazing.”

“Really? You enjoy it?”

“Yeah, of course. This is weird – I’ve never really talked to anyone about this, but he’s amazing, you know, in bed.”

“He looks like he would be.”

“He’s been doing everything for so long that he’s really, really good at it.”

“He doesn’t hurt you, does he?”

“No, not at all. I mean, not… you know how sometimes things hurt a little but in a good way?”

Bobbie laughed, “Yes, I do.”

“Nothing more than that. He would never really hurt me. He just makes things really…. exciting.”

“Well as long as everybody is having fun, and nobody is getting hurt too much, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“Oh, I’m definitely having fun. I’ve only had three boyfriends, and Eric is one of them, but he showed me things and made me feel things neither of the others did. I didn’t even know it was possible to feel things he makes me feel. I never really understood what all the fuss was about until Eric. He takes things to a whole new level I never even knew about.”

“You are a lucky, lucky girl, Sookie, in many ways.”

“Yeah, I should relax and enjoy it while it lasts.”

“Yes, you should.”

The waiter brought their onion soups, and Sookie dug right in as Bobbie watched her with amusement. Sookie was so innocent in some ways, but so open to new ideas and she was obviously experienced in areas that most would consider advanced. Bobbie had had a feeling that there was a strong sexual component to Sookie’s relationship with Eric, but this conversation had revealed an asppect of it she hadn’t expected. She could definitely see Eric being a talented and enthusiastic Dom, but she hadn’t known Sookie would tolerate that, let alone be into it. You just never knew with people.

“Wow – look at all this cheese! This is my favorite part!” Sookie was really enjoying her soup, and Bobbie had to admit it was unusually good.

Whatever was going on, Sookie was happy about it, which was not surprising because Eric was pretty much sex walking on two legs. She had always understood Sookie’s attraction to him, but she had wondered about his attraction to Sookie. She was pretty, and charming, but the submissive aspect of her was the missing piece of the puzzle. Eric had found a woman who responded to his need to dominate, and enjoyed it. Finding that kind of compatibility is very rare, and once a person finds it, they’ll do anything they can to keep it. What a turn on that must be for him to take her places “no man had gone before.” No wonder he wanted to spoil her and doted on her the way he did. She was a rare find. Add that compatibility to the telepathy Bill had told her about, and it made sense that Eric valued her so highly, and that other Supes wanted to take her from him. She knew Bill still had feelings for Sookie, but he was definitely developing feelings for her, and since Sookie was married now, she hoped she’d have Bill’s full attention. Sookie had completely moved on, and she was pretty confident that Bill was doing the same. She planned to hang on to him as long as she could – he was so gorgeous! She was looking forward to going home so she could see his house.

Bobbie also understood how special and rare Sookie having Eric’s baby was. Bill had confirmed to her that Eric would probably be the only living vampire with actual offspring. What a head trip! The only vamp daddy in existence. No wonder he was so involved with Sookie’s pregnancy and seeing to her care so intently. This would make him an almost-living legend. And the blood bond he had to Sookie and now shared with the baby – wow. Bobbie had a front row seat to history in the making. She was so glad Sookie asked her to be her doula. She couldn’t wait to see this baby, who would almost certainly be touched by the Goddess. She loved babies anyway, but this baby would be a real adventure for all of them. She was pretty sure even Bill would be crazy about the baby because it was Sookie’s.

She tried not to think about how much she’d like to have a blood bond with Bill. If he were ever going to consider that, it would be far in the future. She just hoped he didn’t wait until she got a lot older. Bobbie would be more than happy to be turned before her age really started to show. She wondered when he’d let her taste his blood. He had already had hers a couple of times.

The waiter brought Sookie’s Parmesan Crusted Free Range Chicken and Bobbie’s Chilean Sea Bass. Sookie had also ordered Gruyère Cheese Fritters & Truffle Salt and Broccoli Parmesan and Bobbie thought to herself that that was a lot of cheese, but Sookie wolfed it all down. Oh, to be pregnant and get to eat that way without feeling guilty! Bobbie just had a salt baked potato and steamed asparagus because she needed to watch her weight. She was just what someone might call pleasingly plump, and intended to get no bigger. Bill loved the curves she had now and she was going to fight like hell to keep them.

By the time they finished dinner it was nearly 8 o’clock and headed back up to the penthouse. Bobbie smiled to herself thinking about how she was actually getting to stay in the penthouse at the Bellagio. Even if it was because she was working, that was pretty damned special. And that gold and diamond jewelry would be on its way up and the Hermés scarf and a few other things Sookie bought for her. They’d had that fabulous bath, facial, professional makeup application, This was a seriously successful day for a masseuse!

“So did you have fun today, Sookie?”

“Yeah, I really did. I really like some of the things we bought and we had amazing food and the spa and salon stuff was heavenly. We’re all set to go out tonight!

Bobbie wondered how much Eric would be willing to pay her as a doula. Maybe she should ask him to make an offer. The way he operates, she was pretty sure he would offer a lot more than she’d dream of asking for. He might even pay as much as $40,000. Plus, he said she could move in if she wanted to! She wondered if they’d consider letting her have the guest room on the fourth floor. She’d be right there with the meditation room and yoga paraphernalia. A room on the second floor would be nice, too, but the fourth floor would be her first choice. She knew Eric worked out with his swords sometimes and she was sure they’d use the sauna, but that would only be once in a while. Seeing Eric practice with a sword certainly fell into the “Perks” category because seeing him do the bit that he did the night before they all left was hot as hell. If she was making that kind of money and not paying rent, that was like winning the lottery!

It wasn’t quite 8 when they got upstairs, but the guys were up and dressed, waiting for them in the living room and having a blood as they talked. They stood up immediately as the girls entered. Such manners! Bobbie loved the old fashioned manners most vampires had.

“Hello, my darlin’” Bill said as he stepped forward and kissed Bobbie. Eric already had Sookie in his arms, whispering to her, and she was beaming at him.

“Did you ladies have fun today?” Eric asked, playing host.

“Yes, we did.” Bobbie answered.

“Wait ‘til you see what I bought, Eric. I got some really pretty clothes and a lot of jewelry and stuff. It will be here any minute.”

“Did you go to the spa, my angel?”

“Yes, we had a special bath and mini-facial and we got our hair and make-up done.”

“That’s why you both look so lovely,” Bill said to Bobbie as he kissed her hand and led her to the couch to sit with him. *Swoon – Bobbie was ready to melt. She wished they didn’t have to go out tonight. She’d love to lock herself up in that nice bedroom with Bill and forget about everything but him.

“Did you ladies have any visitors today?” Eric was trying to make sure they knew everything there was to know.

“Janet Stevens came by with some driver or body guard who looked around.” Bobbie answered.

“He was a Were,” Sookie added, “and he sniffed around but didn’t pick up anything.”

“Bobbie, could you do your thing with the oils again, just to be safe?” Eric wanted to be sure there was nothing to pick up.

“Sure. I’ll get my bag…”

“I’ll come with you,” Bill said. It was like he didn’t want to let her out of his sight, and that was fine with her.

There was a knock at the door, and Eric answered it. The delivery guy was a little shocked at running into a big vampire unexpectedly, but he brought the packages in on a rolling rack and Eric gave him a large tip, indicating he could unload them on the table.

Sookie went through all of it, showing the pieces to Eric with nothing short of glee, and he was enchanted by her, as ever. He was very pleased with the jewelry selections. “It just occurred to me, my angel, that you need a jewelry box. I’ll ask Alicia to get you one so you’ll have a nice place to store all of your treasures. Did you have any problem at the store?”

“No, they were expecting me. They said Mr. Burnham had made arrangements and they even had some pieces set aside to show me when I got there.”

“Good. I’m glad to see you got several very nice pieces. What are those boxes there?”

“That’s stuff I got for Bobbie – that’s OK, right?”

“Yes, that’s what I hoped you would do. Did you let her pick them out? I want her to be very happy with them.”

Bobby and Bill came back in, and you could tell they had been making out because Bobbie was flushed and flustered. Sookie asked her to show Eric what she got, and she did, with Bill looking very pleased with her choices. Bill was more than happy to have Eric spending money on Bobbie. He’d end up spending a lot on her, too, but he wasn’t as rich or as lavish as Eric and he could tell that Bobbie loved these new things. When she wore these gold pieces, Bill would get the credit instead of Eric and that suited him fine.

Bobbie went ahead and did her thing with the oils and it made the room smell wonderful. Sookie was showing Eric the bottle of Chanel No. 5 just like Marilyn’s and he liked that a lot.

“Mmm – this smells heavenly, Sookie – put some on now, “ and he dabbed the top of the bottle on her neck, in her cleavage, then dipped it again and bent down to dab it behind her knees and at her ankles. Before he stood back up, he wet the top again and reached under her dress to dab a little on each thigh, wiggling his eyebrows at her. She laughed and beamed at him.

“Do we really have to go out tonight?” Sookie asked hopefully.

“I was thinking the same thing,” Bobbie said looking at Bill. It was obvious all four of them wanted to stay in their bedrooms rather than going out.

“Bill, what do you think?” Eric asked, taking Sookie in his arms, never taking his eyes off of her.

“Well,” Bill said as he wrapped his arms around Bobbie, “There’s some risk in staying here, but if they were going to attack, they’d have probably done it by now. The security in this building is pretty good.”

“They could attack us while we were out as well, and at least here we have our swords.” Eric added.

“Not to mention that gun.” Bobbie reminded them.

“And my dagger.” Sookie added.

“It sounds as if none of us wants to go out.” Eric said, looking at Bill.

“I vote we take our chances and all go to bed early,” Bill agreed.

“YES!” Bobbie and Sookie spoke in unison and everybody laughed.

“Alright then, we turn off all the lights out here, we hook a chair under the door, we keep our swords within easy reach and retire with our ladies for the evening.” Eric was more than ready to take Sookie to bed. She looked amazing.

“That works for me.” Bill smiled at Bobbie. Eric and Sookie gathered up her packages and took them into their room, and Eric took two cold bloods from the bar for Sookie to drink later. Bill put a chair under the door, Bobbie gathered up her packages, and they turned off the lights as they went to their room.

Nobody was happier to stay in than Bill. Bobbie looked and smelled so good from the spa treatment, and though they had had sex every night for the last 5 nights, he was still in a state of extreme arousal. Part of it was from being so close to Sookie, but more of it, he told himself, was the newness of the relationship with Bobbie. She was becoming more attractive to him every day. Her creamy skin, her soft curves, her gentle touch, her sweetness – she seemed ideal in so many ways.

She was an unusually responsive lover, too, which surprised him. He thought she might be timid or uninterested in sex, but she was a tiger in bed, and she was very adept at things most women didn’t like to do. She had a thorough knowledge of the body, and she made the most of it. He was enjoying the time he spent with her and he saw real potential in this relationship. She loved being bitten. After they finished the first time and he fed from her, he opened his wrist and let her taste him. He was surprised that as she fed from him, they both climaxed. That so excited him that he immediately took her again, and again, giving her no rest in between, and he was pleased that that seemed perfectly fine to her. She hadn’t said no to anything yet and he had helped himself to a lot more than he normally would have in relationship this new. He had already done more with Bobbie than he ever dared do with Sookie, and as if to prove it to himself he asked Bobbie to roll over and kissed her back, then entered her other entrance slowly and with great relish.

Eric was very happy to have Sookie alone and he was undressing her before she had even put down her packages. She was going to hang the clothing in the closet, but the skirt of her dress was being pulled up her body and she had to drop them so the dress could come completely off. Eric’s hands were all over her, her thong was destroyed, again, and she was naked all but her shoes, which he lifted her out of and put her on her back on the bed. He was between her legs, kissing her and undressing himself, licking just long enough to get her moving then he moved up and took her with no warning and almost before she was ready. Even with the permanent state of arousal the pregnancy had her in, she hadn’t quite shifted gears enough to really be prepared and she cried out, which made him crazy and he bit her right away. He was fucking her hard all of a sudden and drinking from her.

He was being rougher with her than usual, maybe because he was expecting trouble, or because he knew Bill could hear him, and she knew this was going to be one of those nights where he had to prove his ownership of and dominance over her. Except that he caught her a little off guard, she was more than happy to be dominated so she was a little more vocal than necessary because she knew he loved it. He finished the first round very quickly, then held her down and mauled her breasts more thoroughly than he had in a few days. He was using his teeth, causing that bright, exquisite pain that she loved and she was really aware of and into the idea that he was holding her down. She was glad that he was being careful not to put any weight on her tummy, and she was very glad when he turned her over on her knees so there was no pressure on her tummy at all. He bit her butt on one side, then the other, then he did something with his tongue that she couldn’t believe. She was still trying to deal with what had just happened when he took her “doggie” style, slamming her hard, holding her with an iron grip so she didn’t fall. He finished very quickly and said “get up.” She didn’t know what was going on, but she did as he said as he pulled the lubricant out of her train case and sat in a chair to the side of the bed after he covered it with a towel.

She had only a vague idea of what he was up to when he motioned for her to come stand in front of him, facing away. She felt the cold gel being liberally applied and let him slowly guide her downward, trying to relax as she was deeply, definitely impaled on his extremely gracious plenty, which she could swear she felt in her throat as she tried to concentrate on breathing. When she was all the way down he pulled her tightly back into his chest and held her still. She felt like she was splitting in half from her soul on out and she trembled and panted as he held her immobile. She knew she didn’t dare express pain with Bill in the suite, and she knew Eric was counting on that. One arm held her still while his other hand ran all over her in one of those “just because he can” moments. Why was she trembling so badly?

Eric bit his wrist so it was nearly gushing, and pressed it to her mouth. She was trying to drink fast because she could barely breathe and she knew she drank a lot. Eric was rubbing her clit, and she could feel a massive orgasm rising in her, and from the way his hand was shaking he was close,  too. It was building, building, then there was an explosion of hot red light that enveloped them. Sookie thought maybe she fainted, but she wasn’t sure. All she knew was that she was on the floor, on her knees, and Eric was moving in and out of her in deep, definite strokes and he was coming again, or still coming, she wasn’t sure, but she felt utterly debauched and completely owned. If she wasn’t HIS before, she certainly was now. She was lying on her side on the floor, stunned, while he cleaned up in his bathroom, and she was counting the seconds until he would come back and wrap his arms around her. He washed her, then picked her up and put her on the bed. When he spooned up behind her and pulled the covers over them, he asked “Did you feel that?”

“The red light?”


“What was that?”

“I don’t know but I’m pretty sure it’s related to that white light the other time and the blood red glow on our wedding night.”

“Have you ever felt anything like that before?”

“Never. Only with you, and only recently.”

“Is it the baby?”

“I don’t think so, but I’m sure he feels it, too.”

“What is it, then?”

“I only have a theory.”

“Hold me tighter. What’s your theory.”

“It’s blood magick. It’s coming from you, or the Goddess Freyja, or both.”

“Why would She pick me?”

“Again, only a theory.”


“Because you picked me – or I picked you. I used to be an avid servant of Freyja, but I lost my connection to Her. I think She wants me back – She wants US back, the three of us.”

“Is that good or bad?”

“To be favored by a Goddess is a wonderful thing, Sookie. Being a woman, you could literally be the Goddess at times. If you knew the ritual, when we had sex, you could be the Goddess and I would be making love to you both as one.”

“And that’s good?”

“It would be a great honor for us both and a great offering from us to Her.”

“Bobbie said I should learn about magick so I at least know what it is.”

“Knowledge is always a good thing, my angel. You need to know your options to make good choices.”

“Is Freyja making me a Witch?”

“I think Freyja is telling you that you are a Witch and always have been.”

“How can that be?”

“Witches are born, not made. It’s more likely you have always been a Witch but ignored your own power. “

“So what’s bringing it up now?”

“The logical assumption would be that it’s the baby, or at least our sex.”

“What does the Goddess have to do with sex?”

Eric laughed. “Everything, my angel. The Goddess is sex – an orgasm is a joining with the Goddess and tapping in to Her power. Sex is sacred to Her.”

“So you think I have power of some kind I don’t know about?”


“I need to talk to Bobbie about this.”

“Good idea. Ask Amelia, too. It’s good to have more than one source in such things. One might know something the other does not.”

“Will you still love me if I’m a Witch.”

“Sookie, I will always love you, no matter what.”

“Hold me until I go to sleep, OK?”

“Of course, my angel.”

No one was seen in the living room again until Bill and Eric both came out around 5 am to make sure things were secure. Eric opened his laptop, and Bill offered him a blood.

“Thanks – are you all packed?”

“Yes, they’re taking us all to your house – is that alright?”

“That’s fine. You’re welcome to stay a few days if you’d like. There’s plenty of room.”

“I’ll see what Bobbie wants to do when I get up. I guess they’ll be back tomorrow to pick up the travel boxes?”

“Yes, but there’s secure shelter elsewhere in the house. Has Bobbie mentioned whether she would like to live in or not?”

“She’d like to live in, and I think she particularly likes a guest room on the fourth floor?”

“That’s a good idea. You two would have some privacy there if you stayed over and she’d use the sauna and meditation rooms, among other things. Did she mention a salary?”

“What would you be willing to offer her?” Bill obviously considered Bobbie “his” if he was negotiating for her. He knew what she was hoping to get out of the deal.

“Well, I was thinking of a fixed salary from now through the child’s first birthday of $150,000.”

“I’ll mention that to her. I think she’ll be pleased with that.” Bobbie would be ecstatic, but Eric didn’t need to know that.

“I’ll give her half up front as a retainer, and the second half when he turns one year old. I’ll cover all her expenses, room and board, and I’ll expect her to be available whenever Sookie needs her for whatever she needs.”

“That sounds very reasonable.”

“Alright then, I’ll leave Sookie a note with the details and you can tell Bobbie if you like. She can start immediately and move in as soon as is convenient. Then Sookie won’t need to go to Fangtasia so often with me if she’s not feeling well. I haven’t wanted to leave her in the house alone.”

“That’s understandable. I know she had been having some problems.”

“Some nausea, which is normal and some cramps which we were told will be worse than most women experience. She’s been doing pretty well since we’ve been here, but the baby is growing so quickly that I expect her to start having more difficulty with that.”

“She has grown quite a bit while she has been here.”

“Yes, she has. I love the way it looks on her, but that’s a big change for that little body to go through in such a short time.”

“You aren’t really worried, are you?”

“I don’t want Sookie to know this, but Niall said there is always danger to mother and child in childbirth.”

“So the magick doesn’t protect them?”

“Not completely. There are some limits to what magick can do, apparently.”

“Maybe other magick can help? Maybe only Niall’s magick has limits?”

“That’s a possibility. I’ll talk to Amelia about that when I can.”

“Feel free to ask Bobbie, too. She’s a Goddess worshipper, you know.”

“No, I didn’t. That’s excellent. Sookie needs to learn about the Goddess just now.”

“You really think she’s a Witch?”

“Yes, I really do. She just doesn’t understand it yet. Did Bobbie set her alarm clock?”

“I set it for 8 am. That should give them time to get ready.”

“Good – I’ll set Sookie’s for 8 as well. I’m going to finish packing our things as much as I can before I go to rest. I hope I can find room for all her new things.”

“Would another garment bag help?”

“Yes – do you have an extra one?”

“Actually, yes. I can put my suits in with Bobbie’s clothes. Neither of us brought much because we didn’t expect to be here long and we talked about this earlier. I’ll combine our clothes and you can use my garment bag for Sookie’s new things.”

“Thank you – that would help a lot.”

“I’ll get it for you.”

Bill’s garment bag in hand, Eric returned to their room. He packed up their clothes, left one dress out for Sookie to wear, and wrote her a note for the morning. She woke up just enough to kiss him back when he kissed her and the baby before he went to rest.



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