LATE Chapter 043

Sookie meets CHANEL


There was a knock on the door to the suite, which Bobbie answered. It was Janet Stevens, Felipe’s day representative, trying not to look frantic, but failing miserably.


“Hello – it’s Janet Stevens from the de Castro estate.”

Bobbie opened the door and let her in. The woman looked around anxiously, and asked “You are Ms. James, are you not?”

“Yes, I am. Can I help you? I’m afraid everyone else is asleep.”

“Yes, well, I’m sorry to bother you so early in the day, but we were wondering if perhaps Mr. de Castro had paid you a visit last night? He was very disappointed that Mrs. Northman’s party left so soon.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that. No, we didn’t have any visitors last night. We went to the Beatles show on the strip and we played craps in one of the casinos, so we really weren’t here until near dawn.”

“Yes, well, I’m glad you are having a good time. His majesty was very sorry that his illness made it impossible to spend more time with all of you.”

“He was very generous to us while we were there. I know Mrs. Northman enjoyed the wedding very much and they were very sorry to hear that he wasn’t well. I think when they were invited here they thought it would be the polite thing to do to let his majesty recover without worrying about entertaining guests.”

“That was very considerate. I hope they were not too disappointed.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Northman are newly weds. They barely know anyone else is in the room at this point, any way.”

“Yes, I can imagine. Well, I’m sorry to bother you. I just wanted to see how you were faring here and see if you needed anything. Your car service has been changed and will pick you up here on Friday morning for your departure. You still have your travel papers, I assume?”

“Yes, Mr. Northman has the information for the whole group. He’s resting now, of course.”

“Yes, of course, well, thank you. Enjoy your stay.”

“Thanks for stopping by…” Bobbie said as she closed the door. She turned around to find Sookie watching her.

“Wow – you’re going to fit right in with the vamps. Nice bullshitting. I almost believed you.” Sookie laughed.

“It’s not lying if you really believe it, you know,” and they both laughed quietly just in case she was still lurking out there.

“How about doing my treatment early today and then after I have breakfast we can go down to the pool until dinner time?”

“Do you think it’s safe?”

“For us or Bill & Eric?”


“Well, we can lock the travel boxes to give them a little extra security and there will be lots of people around at the pool, so I say we go for it. We’ve only got today and tomorrow here.”

“True – we’re leaving Friday morning so it doesn’t really count.”

“Where is Bill taking you for your big date tonight?”

“He wouldn’t tell me. He says it’s his choice and for me to just look fabulous and let him do the planning.”

“Ooh – sounds nice. I’ll be stuck having dinner with Mayor Norris and his Chatty Cathy wife. She’s sweet, but it’s like being grilled, she asks so many questions!”

“He’s a major contact for Eric, though, isn’t he?”

“Yes, so I need to be the sweet Southern Belle he loves to show off and make him look good.”

“You love the way he shows you off, and you know it.” Bobbie teased her.

“Yeah, and I won’t be worth showing off much longer…”

“Sookie, you look and feel better than any pregnant woman I’ve ever seen. Most people think pregnant women have a glow about them, anyway. The picture of you two newly weds with a bun in the oven is just too sweet for words. Believe me, Eric is going to be showing you off through this whole pregnancy and for many years thereafter.”

“I hope so.”

“What are you going to wear tonight?”

“I’m not sure how dressed up I should be. I need Alicia with me,” Sookie laughed.

“There aren’t many places you couldn’t go in those new Indian print dresses. The one in shades of blue looks expensive.”

“You think so?”

“Definitely. It’s going to be really warm tonight, so that would be comfortable if you end up outside anywhere.”

“Is that what you would do if you were me?”

“No, honey, if I were you, I’d take Eric’s credit card and head for the designer stores downstairs. There’s a Chanel store, Dior, Fendi, Gucci, Hermés….”

“I’ve never shopped in a place like that…”

“Might as well start now-Eric wants you to look great, right?”

“Yeah, but, aren’t they really expensive and snooty?”

“Yeah, but don’t you have a gold card or something like that?”

“I’ve got a black American Express card…”

“A BLACK card! Honey, they’re going be nice as pie to you. After your treatment, let’s go down and shop a bit. You might find something that will knock Mrs. Mayor’s socks off…. And Eric’s, too.”

“Oh, OK…”

Bobbie took Sookie through some yoga and did a very thorough massage, then they each threw on a sundress and headed down to the shops in the lobby. Sookie was a little nervous, but Bobbie took charge and was really good at dealing with the uptight help in the upscale stores. Most of the stuff in the stores was too modern for Sookie’s style, but she didn’t need much.

The woman who waited on them at Chanel took sort of a maternal attitude with Sookie when she realized she had just married a man with money but had a lot to learn about spending it. She steered her away from the runway fluff and showed her the really pretty, feminine things they had. Sookie walked out of the Chanel store with a cream colored dress hand-embroidered with pearls, an empire waist that made the tummy of the dress more forgiving, and pearl straps, plus a small matching bag and some simple strappy shoes. It was a size larger than normal, but Sookie was sure she’d still be able to wear it after the baby came, and it would work with her white strapless corset. Bobbie told her not to look at the price when they added it up and she held her hand over the total when Sookie signed the credit slip. Bobbie knew Eric wouldn’t care and Sookie was better off not knowing.

“So you think Eric will like it?”

“Honey, I think Eric will be beside himself when he sees you in head to toe Chanel. That dress was perfect on you. That’s the sort of thing he wants you to wear.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am. Alicia and I talked about what she’s supposed to do regarding your wardrobe. The plan is to gradually replace all of your stuff with designer stuff like you just saw, but they’re doing it in stages so you wouldn’t get too upset as things got more expensive. Eric will be very proud that you took the initiative to buy yourself something so chic and beautiful. You’re going to look amazing tonight and make him look very good in front of the Mayor and his Mrs.”

“Ok, then, that’s what I want. I want him to be proud of me. I’m going to get dressed before he gets up, so I’ll be all done and he’ll get the full effect.”

“Good idea. He’s going to be very surprised.”

They had an early dinner so Sookie could get dressed before the vampires rose for the evening. Sookie decided to wear her hair down because the dress had a lot of embellishment and she didn’t want to look over done. She went a little heavy on the mascara and wore a slightly brighter pink lipgloss, but still looked natural and pretty.

Bill was the first one to come out to the living area where Sookie was waiting.

“Oh, my god…” he blurted out before he could stop himself.

“Is it too much? Did I over do it?” She was a little nervous about Bill’s reaction.

“No, Sookie, you look… you look lovely.”

“She always looks lovely…” Eric said as he came out of the bedroom, before he actually saw Sookie. “My lover! You are radiant! What are you wearing?” He was obviously delighted.

“Bobbie and I went shopping in the stores down stairs. This whole outfit is Chanel. Is it OK?”

Eric laughed out loud, “My angel, that is more than OK! You look wonderful!”

“I don’t have any idea how much it cost – Bobbie hid the total from me,” she explained nervously.

Eric laughed again and Bill just shook his head.

“I must thank Bobbie and be sure to keep her around if she gets you to buy things like this for yourself. I am delighted that you bought this dress, especially for tonight. You always look good, Sookie, but this is stunning and very classy. Women who know the value of such things will be very impressed by this outfit. It makes you look well-provided for and me well off.”

“OK, good. I wanted you to be proud of me.”

“I am always proud of you, my angel, but tonight I am especially proud.” He kissed her lips carefully, not wanting to mess up her make up.

Bobbie came out in her new silk dress Sookie bought for her. The expression on Bill’s face showed that he was very pleased with how she looked.

“Bobbie, you helped Sookie shop today?” Eric asked.

“Yep, it took a little prodding to get her to buy anything, but you can see we managed pretty well.”

“Bobbie, if you would, please take her shopping again tomorrow, and buy some things for yourself, too. Use her black card – she can spend as much as she wants. I’ll buy more luggage if we need to, but I would love for her to take some more pretty things home with her. Shopping is very limited in Shreveport.”

“My pleasure. I know the lady at the Chanel store will be glad to see her again, and we didn’t even get around to Gucci or Fendi today.”

“Good, very good. She also needs jewelry. If you ladies want to go to the spa, do that, too.”

“No problem. There’s a Tiffany’s down there, and Chanel and Dior both make killer jewelry. You never have to twist my arm to get me into a spa, either,” Bobbie laughed.

“Eric, are you sure?” Sookie was still hesitant.

“Yes, my lover, I am very sure. Bobbie, don’t bring her home until she has spent at least 40,000 dollars.”

“ERIC!” Sookie felt faint.

“No problem. Don’t panic, Sookie – we could spend that much in Tiffany’s in 20 minutes.”

“Remember, Sookie, Niall will be coming to visit us and he’ll want to see more gold and jewels. Fae judge everything by treasure and he made it clear he expects to see you dripping in diamonds, did he not?”

“Yeah, but we’re married now – it doesn’t matter, does it?”

“Niall will think it matters very much indeed, so make sure you buy some diamond earrings and at least one good diamond bracelet. Her ring is platinum, Bobbie, but white gold is acceptable, too. No silver, of course.”

“Of course.”

Sookie felt like they were ganging up on her a little, so she looked at Bill as if he was going to help her.

“Sookie – he can afford it, believe me. You should have nice things and you don’t want to mess with Niall. If he expects to see diamonds, you’d better show them to him.”

“I’d better take my shower and get dressed. They’ll be here at 9 o’clock.” Eric said to no one in particular.

“And I need to get ready for our date,” Bill smiled at Bobbie and kissed her on the lips, then went into their room.

Bobbie and Sookie sat at the table since they were both dressed. Sookie was a little dazed at the prospect of more shopping, but Bobbie joked her out of it.

“Sookie, most women would kill to have the opportunity to shop that way. I know you aren’t used to having money, but you do now, so enjoy it. Eric enjoys seeing you dolled up. It makes him feel like he’s taking good care of you and honestly, other people will judge him by your clothes. It’s a status thing.”

“I know. It’s just so much all at once…”

“Sookie, relax and enjoy all the gifts life has given you. You’re married to a guy who loves you and wants to spoil you, you’re having a unique and blessed baby, you live in a wonderful house, you’re young, you’re beautiful, you’re rich. Life doesn’t get any better than that, Sookie. You should be walking on air instead of feeling guilty.”

“Yeah, I guess if you put it that way…”

“That’s the way it is, sugar. Enjoy the ride as long as it lasts. Life can change in a heartbeat. You owe it to yourself, to Eric and to the baby to make the most of everything you have, every day.”

“OK. That seems right…”

Bobbie noticed Sookie was developing a habit of putting her hand on the baby bump when she was unsure about things.

“Sookie, when you put your hand over the baby that way, what do you feel?”

“Well, it depends on if he’s asleep or awake and whether he’s hungry or not. Mostly though I feel comfort. When I feel anxious or off-center, he sort of comforts me and calms me down the way Eric does when he’s around.”

“He can actually tell what you need and give it to you?”

“Yes. He can actually communicate pretty well considering he’s not even born yet.”

“I’ll say. Does he communicate anything other than sleep or hunger?”

“Well, sometimes he’ll laugh at me.”

“Laugh at you?”

“Yeah, like when I asked him if he was going to let me get into my wedding dress, he thought it was funny.”

“You’re kidding?”

“No, I’m not. And when Eric and I tickle each other or even when we….”
“Have sex?”

“Yeah, he likes that. He sort of cheers Eric on in a way. I know it sounds weird.”

“Not weird, honey, fascinating. Those are pretty advanced concepts for a child under 3. It’s going to be amazing to see what he’s capable of when he’s born.”

“Bobbie, have you ever worked as a Doula?”

“Not officially, but I’ve done pretty much everything they do- helping a mother get ready for the birth, recovering from it, helping her care for the baby…”

“I haven’t talked to Eric about this yet, but I think I’d like it if you’d do that for me. I feel comfortable with you and I learn a lot from you.”

“Well, that’s really nice, Sookie. You talk to Eric about it and see how he feels and we’ll go from there, OK?”

Eric came out of the bedroom in a perfectly tailored silver grey suit and a pink silk shirt and tie. Sookie forgot to breathe for a minute, then she remembered what they were talking about.

“Eric, can Bobbie be my doula?”

“I don’t know, my lover – Bobbie, are you able to do that?”

“I’ve basically done it before, though it was never what I was officially paid for.”

“Are you available to do it for Sookie?”

“Sure, I’m available. I thought you might have someone else in mind or want to see who is available….”

“Eric, I really want Bobbie to do it. I’m so comfortable with her…”

“If that is what you want, Sookie, I think we can work that out. You two already have a good relationship and she has gone above and beyond her duties to help you with things that she didn’t have to. Bobbie, think about what you would like to be paid and let me know if you want to live in or not and we’ll work this out.”

“Great! Can I let you know on Monday?”

“That would be fine.”

“Oh, good – I feel better now.” Sookie sounded so relieved that Eric was sure this was a good choice. He realized she was already adjusting to a lot of new things and people in her life. If this made her feel more comfortable, he couldn’t see the harm. They could always add a nanny later if they needed to, and Bobbie already knew Dr. Ludwig, which was a huge plus.

Bill came out of their room then in a dark blue suit and light blue shirt and tie. Now Bobbie had to remember to breathe.

“Bobbie, it’s 8:30. Shall we go?”
“Do you need me for anything, Sookie?”

“No, you two go have fun!”

Bill offered Bobbie his arm and she was more than happy to take it. They said goodnight and left the suite.

Eric took Sookie’s face in his hands and smiled at her. “You look so beautiful, Sookie. Sometimes it shocks me how pretty you really are.”

Sookie flushed a little and he bent down and kissed her neck. She thought her knees were going to buckle, but there was a knock at the door and their guests had arrived. Eric went into full bullshitting mode and Sookie plastered on her emergency smile. She also tuned in to listen to their thoughts because she knew Eric would want her to.

“Mayor, Mrs. Norris – please come in,” Eric greeted them. “Can I offer you something to drink?”

“Oh, no, Eric, we have champagne and bloods down in the limousine. Let’s head on down and take a little tour of the city, shall we?”

“My dear, you look marvelous! Who are you wearing?” Mrs. Norris latched onto Sookie’s arm and she was off. She was beside herself when she found out Sookie’s entire ensemble was Chanel. She went off telling Sookie all about their last trip to Paris and didn’t take a breath for a good 45 minutes. Man, that woman could talk!

Sookie just tried to follow her conversation, but it wasn’t easy. She’d go way off on a tangent then go back to something she said 20 minutes earlier. Sookie was torn between trying to look interested and trying not to laugh at this crazy lady. It didn’t help when she noticed the sidelong looks Eric would occasionally give her as he suppressed a smile. He thought this was funny. Oh, he owed her big-time. She was going to make him go down on her for hours after this. That thought woke her hootchie up and she could tell Eric knew it because he arched one of his brows and met her eyes with a brief but smoldering look. Oh, hell!

Mayor Norris was pointing out landmarks and talking about different construction that was planned in the next two years. Eric was looking for an opening to see if he could find out how the mayor felt about Felipe when Mrs. Norris did it for him.

“Oh, Walter, aren’t you glad they got out of that awful Felipe de Castro’s house?” She turned back to Sookie, “I never trusted that man – he’s sneaky and disloyal. Even other vampires don’t trust him from what I hear. And frankly, dear, he made a few comments about you that were in poor taste considering you were there to get married.”

‘OK,’ Eric thought, ‘They know I don’t owe Felipe anything and they know he had designs on Sookie. The Mayor wants to go around Felipe.’

“Is de Castro involved in any of your projects, mayor?”

“Oh, no – we tried to work with him at first but he demands too much and offers too little. He also ran afoul of some of the unions and silent investors. Certain key players won’t deal with him. They want a vampire involved in the projects because your age gives you a broader perspective on city planning and development and they want very much to cater to vampires as their clientele – all that old money, you know. There’s a feeling that de Castro is on his way out. We want a vampire on his way up. When we were invited to your party at de Castro’s, some of the investors did a little research into your background and they liked what they saw. They particularly liked that you have experience with nightclubs and their vampire contacts suggested you were on the rise within the hierarchy. Even your location in Shreveport is a bonus because there will be associated projects in the reconstruction of New Orleans.”

“That sounds very interesting, Mayor. What kind of participation are you looking for?”

At that point he and Eric started horse-trading and Sookie tuned out, though she still listened to the mayor’s thoughts now and then. He was as honest as a politician could be, which meant some but not completely, and she picked up that the “silent investors” he referred to were mob connections that had a hand in a lot of things in Vegas. She also picked up that Mrs. Mayor had more than a passing interest in Witchcraft and she recognized that Sookie had unusual gifts right away. Mrs. Norris’ opinions apparently held great sway with the Mayor, and her reaction to Sookie and Eric was the icing on the cake as far as the Mayor was concerned. When he found out Sookie was gifted, though he didn’t know exactly what her gift was, he knew Eric was a formidable force with some unique advantages that would please the investors a great deal.

When their tour of the strip was complete, the Mayor had the driver take them back to the Bellagio, where they had reservations at Le Cirque. Sookie didn’t speak a lot of French, but she knew enough to manage to order a small mesclun salad and a duck dish, Margret de Canard, that was really pretty tasty and didn’t have anything gross in it. Eric was served a unique blood beverage in a ruby chalice that she would later find out was real blood. The waiter was very discreet so that the humans at the table wouldn’t know what he was drinking.

As the evening wound to a close, Eric had confirmed his interest in the Mayor’s projects and Mayor Norris promised to have some plans and a prospectus delivered to him the next day. They made an appointment for a teleconference after Eric returned to Shreveport, and after one last cocktail the Mayor and his Mrs. said good night, paid the bill and left Sookie and Eric in the lobby. Eric was pleased to discover that some of the shops at the Bellagio had adopted vampire hours, and one of them was Tiffany’s. He insisted Sookie let him take her in to look around because he wanted to get her a gift to celebrate. He told her to get whatever she wanted, but she tried to pick something simple that didn’t look like it was the most expensive thing in the place, but by the time he specified diamond earrings and platinum setting the “simple” earrings she decided on, Tiffany Legacy Fleur de Lis hook earrings, were over 16,000 dollars. She thought she would faint but Eric frowned at her and she held it together. She couldn’t think about anything except the fact that her new earrings were worth more than every car she had ever owned combined, except of course for the BMW. Eric suggested she put them in now and wear them tomorrow when she and Bobbie went shopping again. She couldn’t focus enough to argue with him.

Eric didn’t say anything until they were in the elevator. “Sookie, I know you like those earrings, I saw your eyes light up when you saw them.”

“Of course I liked them, Eric, they’re gorgeous, but…”

“But nothing. You liked them, you can afford them, you deserve them, you’ve got them. Be happy.”

“That’s kind of what Bobbie said – that I owe it to you and the baby to be happy because this is as good as life gets.”

“Bobbie is very wise, sometimes. I’m glad you want to keep her as your doula in addition to doing your exercise and massage sessions. She’ll help you grow into your role as wife and mother.”

“That’s sort of how I felt about it. She’s good at talking me through it when I get overwhelmed, the way you do.”

“That’s good. Eventually I hope you aren’t overwhelmed so easily and you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits you have being married to me.”

“I know one benefit I enjoy alright…” she said, wiggling her eyebrows at him. He responded instantly.

“And what might that be, my lover?” He smiled down at her and backed her up against the wall of the elevator.

“Well, when I was into hour 2 of Mrs. Norris talking my ear off and I realized you thought it was funny, I decided you owe me a few hours.”

“A few hours of what?” He liked the sound of this…

“A few hours going down on me.”

Eric laughed out loud and scooped her up in his arms. “That’s a promise, my angel.” They reached their floor then and he swept straight into their room with her. He dropped her gently on the bed and she said, “get me out of this crazy expensive dress first,” and he was more than happy to oblige.

It occurred to both of them that it had been a couple of days since they’d had any alone time, and they were on their honeymoon! Eric undressed Sookie very quickly, then undressed himself even faster. He was between Sookie’s legs and making her squirm in no time at all and they were both so happy about it they were almost relieved to be naked and together. Eric was in what she called “virtuoso mode” and between his lips, tongue, teeth and fingers, Sookie was being played like an instrument. It flashed through her mind that she hoped no one could hear her because she couldn’t be quiet- he was just too good at this. She was stroking his hair and pulling his head into her center so enthusiastically that he actually laughed a little. He loved it when she got wild and demanding. He never thought she’d be that comfortable with him, but she had no trouble now asking for exactly what she wanted and she hadn’t shown any hesitation to do different things he had introduced her to. He had another trick to teach her when they got back to Shreveport, and he was hoping she was as enthusiastic about it as she had been other things. This was something she would do to him, and he loved it, but he wasn’t sure if she’d go for it or not. If she did – ah, well, that would be his idea of heaven.

Sookie reached her first release pretty quickly, and he didn’t let her rest long before he was pushing her to another. By the third round, she was exhausted but he was merciless and pushed her hard, making her frantic and causing her to whimper. She loved it and hated it at the same time. He had that scary smile on his face as he watched her squirm and struggle, and he was holding her down so she couldn’t get away. She mostly didn’t want to get away, but part of her did, and that part was being completely subjected to his will. She was getting wild and beginning to sob, but he didn’t let up. He was pushing her farther than he had ever pushed her before and she was nearly incoherent.

“Do you want me to stop, Sookie?”

“N-n-no” she said though she sounded unsure even to herself.

“Then I won’t.” He moved up her body to hold her more immobile and his hand was relentless. She was kicking and trying not to scream, bucking and twisting, panting as tears streamed out of her eyes. She was just about to lose it completely when he bit down on her nipple and drew blood from her, drinking deeply as she sobbed, shuddered and seized up several times in a massive orgasm. Her mind wasn’t able to register what was going on when he took her with such force that the bed hit the wall, fucking her hard and fast until he had a massive release, shaking his mane and biting her shoulder savagely. He held her head and shoulder hard so she couldn’t move and he fed from her with great relish. He licked his bloody lips and whispered in her ear “You are MINE.” She couldn’t speak so she just nodded and grunted.

She felt like she was just shreds of herself, lying there trying to breathe. He was lying beside her, smiling at the way she was exhausted and disoriented. She knew he loved to do this to her, to make her lose control of herself and leave nothing but a mass of gooey bliss where she had been. She was coming back to herself, realizing that he was stroking her belly and sending love to Baby E, who was practically cheering and kicking. She had the distinct impression that Eric was already Baby E’s hero, and she could tell that the feelings he sent to Eric were different than the feelings he sent to her. His feelings for her were more about comfort, but with Eric they were proud feelings, and she could tell Eric knew that, too.

“He’s happy,” she said weakly.

“Yes, he is. He likes it when we show love for each other. By the time he is born, I will make him the happiest baby in the world,” and she knew Eric had every intention of doing just that. There was something different in the way he touched her now. He was more secure and felt more… entitlement, maybe?… in how he approached her. She hadn’t realized that before he always had a need to be sure he had permission from her. Now he didn’t need permission – she was HIS and that felt wonderful and different to her. He had never been shy with her, of course, but there was a new boldness now where she was concerned. He knew she wasn’t going anywhere.

When she was completely settled down, he said, “sit up, Sookie, I want to feed you,” and he sat up with his back to the headboard. She crawled between his legs, sitting with her back against his chest, and she relaxed into him. He kissed her cheek and her shoulder, and wrapped his arms around her. He tore his left wrist open and pressed it to her mouth while his other hand went between her legs, his fingers just at the opening. He wasn’t rubbing or stimulating her, he just wanted to see if there was movement. She drank deeply from his arm, feeling him get hard against her back. After a minute, Eric began to move against her and she began to act as if she was coming. His right hand felt the unmistakable contractions as she did, and then he reached his own orgasm.

He was rubbing her breasts and kissing her shoulder blades when she spoke again. “Eric, what was that?”

“What was what, my lover?”

“Why did you touch me down there but you didn’t really do anything?”

“I wanted to test a theory.” He was running his hands all over her.

“What theory?”

“That drinking my blood makes you come.”

“Does it?”

“Yes, apparently it does.”

“is that good or bad?”

“That’s a value judgment, my angel, that’s up to you or me to decide.”

“So does it have value for you?”

“Yes, it does.”


“Because it means that just the taste of me is enough to bring you to orgasm.”


“It’s a rush – a power trip – to know that I can do that to you. It means soon you will begin to crave me.”

“Don’t I do that now?”

He wrapped his big hand around her throat, and kissed the side of it.

“Not the way you will soon. Now you enjoy drinking from me, but you don’t beg for it. Soon you will beg for a taste of me.”

“What if I don’t?”

“You will.”

“And you want that?”

“Yes, I want that.”


“It’s another level of dominance over you.”

“How much of that do you need?”

“Total, complete dominance.”

“I thought you already had that?”

“Not yet, my lover, but we are getting there.”




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