LATE Chapter 050

Bjorn & Baby Depot


“Can you wake up? Sookie, can you wake up?”

“Oh, ‘morning Alicia.”

“Whew – you had me worried for a minute. It took forever to get you to stir.”

“It’s early, right?”

“Yes, they’re setting up to paint next door, so you need to take a quick shower and we’ll go shopping. The driver is going to take us anywhere we want to go.”


“Yes, Mr. Northman hired a big strong man to drive for us. He’s very impressive. Get dressed and you can meet him.”


“Oh, OK.” Sookie tried to drag herself upward and Alicia reached into her little fridge and gave her a bottle of blood which perked her right up. She took a quick shower, pulled on the little blue knit dress and a thong, put on just a touch of makeup, and she was ready to go in just about 20 minutes. She went down to the kitchen where Alicia said she’d be waiting, and saw a mountain of a man sitting at the table drinking coffee. He was a little shorter than Eric but had big muscles of the type a man has to really work on and take special supplements and stuff. He had close cropped blonde hair and a bit of a Swedish accent. He wasn’t beautiful like Eric but, as Alicia had said, he was impressive. Heads would turn when this man entered a room. He and Eric together would be an army.

“Bjorn, this is Mrs. Northman.”

“How do you do, ma’am. I was expecting someone older.” He smiled a brilliant white smile of very straight little teeth. Sookie hoped no one noticed that she blushed a little. It must be the Swedish thing…

“It’s nice to meet you, Bjorn – did I say that right?”

“Yes, ma’am, that’s fine.”

“Oh, good. Well, I guess you’re going to have to put up with Alicia and me all day today.”

“That won’t be hard at all, Mrs. Northman. This is already the best job I’ve ever had.”

Sookie smiled but didn’t know what to say. Was he flirting with her? He wouldn’t flirt with his boss’s wife, right?

“Well, I’m ready to go whenever Alicia is ready…”

“I’m ready, Mrs. Northman, I’ve got your gift certificates right here. I also alerted the gardener that he might have to bring his truck to pick up furniture or something.”

“Oh, that was a good idea. I hope I find a changing table I like.”

“I wrote up a little list of things you still need. Now, let’s go get breakfast and then we’ll hit the stores.”

Bjorn walked in front of them and opened the door for them, then helped them into the back of Sookie’s car. He slid into the front seat, not having to move it because the last one to drive it was Eric. Alicia directed him to the restaurant she wanted to go to for breakfast and she and Sookie insisted that Bjorn join them. He didn’t tell them he had to stay with them anyway, because while they were calling him a driver, his real job description was bodyguard for the Queen – a prospect that got a lot more appealing when he saw her in that short little dress. He hadn’t seen the King yet but he figured he must be really rich or the luckiest bastard walking. And he was a Vamp! That sweet little thing fucked a dead guy every night. That seemed like a waste to him, but women were funny that way. Whatever – he sure wasn’t going to mind looking at those legs every day.

She was hot even though she was pregnant, and he didn’t think that was possible. He wanted to know the story on that, too. As far as he knew, Vamps couldn’t make kids, but everyone insisted that this Northman guy was the baby’s father even though they couldn’t explain how. He wondered if that was because they thought it was true or if they were just really afraid of the new King. His money said they were scared of the guy, which made him wonder why she wasn’t. She didn’t seem like a whore or a gold digger. She seemed really sweet, especially with that cute Southern accent.


They all got a round booth with Sookie sitting in the middle. Alicia excused herself to go to the ladies’ room, and Sookie took the opportunity to ask Bjorn about his “affiliation.”

“Are you a Were or Shifter?”

“I’m a Were, ma’am.”

“OK, cool. I couldn’t ask you in front of Alicia. She doesn’t know. She just barely handles the Vampire thing.”

“Ah, I see. Your husband is very old, yes?”

“Yes, but he doesn’t look old. He’s really gorgeous. A little taller than you, not quite as bulky, though, and he’s Swedish, too. He has long blond hair and amazing blue eyes.”

“How long have you been married?”

“Uh, let’s see… 10 days.”

“10 days?”

“Yeah, we got married May 24th.”

“Was he the King then?”

“No, he just became King Monday night.”

“Really? So this is all new to you?”

“Yes, all of it, including having a bodyguard. That’s your real job, right? To protect me?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“That’s what I thought. Otherwise, Eric would have asked me if I wanted a driver. If it’s about my safety or the baby’s, though, he won’t have any argument. That’s why he bought me that crazy car.”

“You don’t like the car?”

“The whole thing is bullet-proof, even the trunk! Of course, that was good when the guy shot at us Monday night.”

“Someone shot at you?”

“Yeah, after the… reception, coronation, coup whatever it was.”

“You don’t seem too upset about it.”

“Since I met my first Vampire, I’ve been beaten up repeatedly, shot at, caught in an exploding hotel with a bomb in my hand, and a whole lot of other things I don’t even want to think about. This Vampire shit just goes on and on. As long as I didn’t actually get shot, I’m doing fine. Besides, the adrenaline rush was worth it. We had great sex that night.” ‘OOPS! Sookie why did you say THAT? Quick, change the subject!’ “Alicia has been gone a while, huh? Do you know what you’re going to order?”

He was trying not to laugh – he knew she let that slip and was embarrassed but he couldn’t bring himself to let her out of it gracefully. He stared at the menu and tried not to laugh, but she was blushing and it was really cute, so it was hard.

“I don’t usually eat this kind of food,” he finally said.

“What do you usually have for breakfast?”


“A smoothie of fruit, protein powder, amino acid supplements and soy milk.”

“Oh, wow – you’re into healthy stuff, huh?”

“Yeah, it helps with my other job.”

“What’s your other job?”

“I’m a fitness model. I model in body building magazines and things like that. Sometimes I’ll do a romance novel cover for extra money.”

“I was on one of those once.”

“You were?”

“Yeah, my cousin Claude is a big, gorgeous guy and he wanted to get into the business, so I did a photo shoot with him where I wore this sexy, long, off the shoulder dress with cleavage spilling over in all these sexy poses. They used one of the pictures on the cover of a book once. I’ve got it somewhere but I never read it.”

“Those must be nice pictures if they actually used one.”

“Yeah, I was amazed they made me look so good.”

He was SO trying to stop picturing her with cleavage spilling over a long sexy dress, but it wasn’t working. He took a drink of ice water. She was so sweet and completely unaware of how hot she really was. He may not get what she sees in the King, but he could sure as hell see what the King sees in her. It was all he could do to keep from asking her if she had a sister.

Alicia mercifully came back to the table. She sat down and opened the menu. “Do you two know what you want yet?”

Yeah, he thought, I’ll have a hot blonde with great legs and a side of cleavage. One that gets turned on by gunfire, thanks. Shit. He really needed the money he was going to get paid for this job. They already gave him 25% up front and that saved his ass in a major way.

“What are blintzes?” Sookie asked.

“Oh, you’d like those. It’s ricotta cheese with a little sugar and eggs, rolled in a sort of crepe.”

“OK, I didn’t understand half of that…”

“Order them – you’ll like them. It’s like having a dessert for breakfast. I’m surprised to see them on a menu here.”

Sookie ordered blintzes, which she loved, Alicia got a blue plate special and Bjorn ordered coffee, grapefruit juice and dry whole-wheat toast.


They chatted about nothing in particular and were done fairly quickly, then headed for Baby Depot. Bjorn went in with them under the pretense of helping with packages and high shelves. Sookie noticed that he looked all around constantly and was always in a position to react. They shopped for hours and Alicia joked they should have just told the clerks “one of everything” and let them pack it up because Sookie spent the whole $1500 and the pile of stuff was god-awful. Alicia called the gardener to come save them and between his truck, the trunk of the car, the passenger seats of both the truck and the car, plus Alicia and Sookie holding things on their laps, they managed to get it all home just after dark. They came in the door laughing, the gardener’s men carrying things in and Bjorn right behind them. Eric was in the kitchen, and got up to kiss Sookie when they came in.


“Hi, Sweetie,” She threw her arms around Eric’s neck and kissed him.

“Did we have fun, my lovely wife? I hear you needed more transportation.”

“We had a blast! I spent all of it – the whole $1500 and wait ’til you see all the cool stuff I got for the baby. Oh, yeah, Eric, this is Bjorn”

Eric and Bjorn hated each other on sight and it was palpable to the point that Alicia helped the guys carry stuff in from the cars to get away from it. Eric said something to Bjorn in Swedish and he answered. They exchanged a few more words no one but them understood and the exchange ended with Eric giving Bjorn something between a smirk and a sneer. Sookie knew Eric was tense but she couldn’t imagine why so she wrapped her arms around him and tried to break the staring contest he and Bjorn were having.

“Ya wanna see the list of what I bought?” She was baby-talking because she knew that sort of melted him, and he looked down at her an smiled.

She held up the receipt from the store:

Combi Hero 2-in-1 High Chair – Mandarin 159.99 Evenflo Baby Go High Chair – Red 49.99
Playtex Complete Nurser Starter Set 14.99
iQ Electronic Bottle Warmer 44.99

Soft & Play Activity Playpen 149.99
BABY BJORN Original Baby Carrier 79.99
Eddie Bauer Lamp Base with Shade (TEDDY BEARS) 35.99

Eddie Bauer Deluxe 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat 154.99

Clean Air Odor-Free Diaper Disposal 42.99
Terry Contour Changing Pad Cover – Blue 11.99
Cleanwater Infant Tub with Thermometer 39.99
Johnson & Johnson Sweet Bedtime Sleep Set 24.99
Baby Care Nursery Cart 21.99
Deluxe Audible Bath Temperature Alarm 14.99
Kids Line Denim Juvenile Hamper 19.99
26 Piece Deluxe Baby’s Essentials Kit 21.99
Grow with Me Ear Thermometer Set 24.99
Mommies Melodies Bear 24.99
Fisher-Price Open Top Take-along Swing 69.99
Pregnancy Wedge Cushion 15.99
Nicki Changing Table 149.99
Travel Lite Crib 89.99
Celebrity Portable Crib – Navy 89.99
Symphony-in-Motion Mobile 39.95

eveloplay Two-sided Activity Center 29.99

Easy-fit Sateen Crib Sheet – Red 9.99 x 3

Close and Secure Sleeper 42.99
Eric laughed out loud.

“My Angel, did you leave anything in the store?”

“Nope, I cleaned them out.”

“Apparently – sit with me and tell me what these things are.”

He pulled out her chair and then sat next to her. Bjorn continued to help with the packages, thinking about what Eric had said to him.

Eric had said “you’re the bodyguard?” and he said “yes, I’m happy with the job. She is very sweet.”

Eric had replied “Anyone who touches her dies, you understand?”

To which he had said “yes,” knowing that was not only his mission statement, but a straight-up threat. There was no doubt in his mind that man would kill anyone who touched his wife. None at all.

Once again the living room was full of boxes and paper. The gardener’s men took the changing table up to the nursery to put it together for Sookie, while she and Alicia tore into boxes and plastic wrap. Sookie was having trouble with one package and Eric produced a big knife that cut into it easily and he stayed around helping by cutting into packages and listening to Sookie chatter about what each thing was for and how cute it was. He was delighted to see her so animated and happy, and he quickly forgot about the other bull in the pen.

Bjorn quietly continued to carry things in but he studied the way they interacted with each other. It was obvious they adored each other, but he couldn’t understand why that amazing woman was with a Vampire. That comment she made about having hot sex after being shot at haunted him.

First, where do you find a woman that appreciates an adrenaline rush like that, because that was the woman for him.

Second, the idea of that big fucking dead thing fucking her when she was high on adrenaline made him want to kill something – namely the big fucking dead thing. Oh, he was going to earn every fucking penny of that 80 grand because this was the best worst job in the wide world.

It was late and Alicia needed to head home. She promised to help Sookie finish cleaning all this stuff up in the morning and Sookie was fine with that. The gardener and his men finished with the changing table and told Sookie it was all set and headed out.

Bjorn said he needed to check out with the head of security and said good night. Sookie smiled sweetly and said good night and Eric glared at him. Eric knew exactly how good he had it and he was going to keep it that way.

‘Stop thinking about her, idiot, he’s a killer. He has to be to be King of the Vampires. He’s got to be ruthless and deadly and you just know he’s never deadlier than when she’s involved.’

Sookie straddled Eric’s lap where he sat in the side chair in the living room, sliding her dress up her thighs and pulling his hands along behind it. She slowly, gently kissed him. “Take me upstairs.” She whispered and she was in their room before she took another breath.

“you know that blue scarf you had me wear for you that time?”

“The blindfold?”

“Uh-huh. Can I see it?”


He reached into the closet and did something that opened a door she had never seen. What was that? He produced the navy silk scarf and gave it to her.

“Strip.” She told him, giving him a wicked look. She wanted to play, so he decided to go with it and see where she was going with this. He stripped for her while she watched and she obviously enjoyed it. When he was naked, she patted on the bed, letting him know she wanted him to lie down. OK, fine. He lay on the bed and she went up on her knees beside him. She leaned forward with the scarf and started to blindfold him. He caught her wrist and looked at her.

“Please?” She said very sweetly and he let her wrist go, letting her blindfold him. His senses were so acute he would know what was happening anyway. This could get interesting. What was she up to?

‘My little minx’ he thought, ‘she must have a reason for this.’

He lay back and listened. He could hear her pull her dress over her head and pull the thong off that was under it. She ran her hands down the length of his body, making him purr. He felt her softly kissing his stomach and his chest. He heard something click, but couldn’t really identify it. He felt her hot tongue on his stomach, his hip bone, his cock.

‘Oh, yes, that’s my girl…’

She took him in her mouth and began sucking him off enthusiastically but slowly. He LOVED this. She was sucking and stroking his balls with her hand. After a minute, he felt something cold at his asshole. She wouldn’t! He had to be dreaming – this was too good! Sure enough, her little fingers were all lubed up and sliding into his ass as she sucked his cock. He was moaning loudly and he couldn’t be still. She found his prostate and stroked and it made him cry out “Ah!” She did it again and he yelled again. This was hot. She had him at her mercy, just like Bobbie said and this time SHE was playing HIM like a virtuoso. She slipped her fingers out a little, then back in and stroked, and he yelled again. She was trying to suck but she was smiling so big it was hard. She focused, sucked hard and stroked him several times in quick succession and he came like nothing she had ever seen, shooting into the back of her throat so far she barely tasted it. He actually sort of seemed out of breath. She was kissing her way back up to his mouth and she kissed him. He took off the blindfold and rolled her on her back, kissing her hard.

“MY Lover, that was incredible. Where did you learn that little trick?”

“From Bobbie.”

“I knew there was something about her I liked.”

“So you like that? You’d like me to do it again some time?”

“I want you to do that every time you want to – that was beautiful. I did not know you would do something like that. I wanted to teach you to, but I was worried you would be…’

“…grossed out? I was when I first heard of it, but I got to thinking about it and Bobbie said you’d be at my mercy and you sort of were.”

“Yes, my Lover, you will have my complete attention when your fingers are inside me that way.”

“Cool. Did I do it right?”

“Did you hear me moan and feel me come in your throat?”

“Yeah, that was awesome” she giggled.

“Every day, you surprise me, Sookie. You get more beautiful, sweeter, more delightful every day. I don’t know how you do it, but you do.” He kissed her slowly and for a long time. “Do you know what I would like, my Angel?”


“You’d like to do something similar to me and you want me to roll on my stomach.”

“Is that all right?”

“Yes, I like it when you do that to me.”

“You do? I thought you just tolerated it?”

“No, it’s not so much the way it feels orgasm-wise but it makes me feel…owned. Like I really know I’m yours when you do it.”

“That is how it makes me feel, too. Like you are truly mine.”

She rolled over on her stomach, but knelt up on her hands and knees. She felt the cold gel, and she felt him possessing her right down to her soul. Right now, in this moment, no one existed but the two of them, and they weren’t even two – they were one. One person trembling all over. One person wrapped in warmth and love, one perfect unit, union, arms wrapped around, back to front, his lips on her shoulders, his forehead against the back of her head, soft kisses on her back as they fall together afraid to move or even breath because they wanted the feeling to continue.




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