LATE 054

The Story of O


“Mrs. Northman? Sookie – can you wake up enough to drink this?”

Sookie opened her eyes and saw Alicia standing beside the bed with a bottle of RM and a straw.

“Hi, Alicia, what time is it?”

“I’m afraid it’s only 7 am, dear. I have to wake you every two hours for a bottle of this new supplement.”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot. OK, thanks.” Sookie was sleepy but she managed to drink the whole bottle pretty quickly. “Thank you – that hit the spot,” she laughed weakly.

“Well, good! Now you go back to sleep and I’ll see you at 9 o’clock.”

“OK.” Sookie settled back down, and went almost to sleep. She was drifting in and out of a strange dark dream and she wondered if she was sharing a dream with the baby. She didn’t know why she thought that but she was in a place where there was nothing to see, only things to feel, and for the most part things felt good. Nice and warm, soft, floating. Love. Happy. Warm. She was still physically asleep but Sookie became conscious and remembered Bobbie telling her about Lucid Dreaming. Ok, she was lucid, but she was sure she wasn’t dreaming. This was someone else’s dream and from the feel of it, she was sure the someone was Baby E.

In her lucid state she asked “Eric Alexander – is that you?”

LOVE. COMFORT. WARM. She’d take that as a yes.

“Mommy loves you, Baby E.”

“He can’t answer you, but he understands,” said something shining brightly around them.

“Freyja? Is that you?”

“Yes, my Angel, I am with you. I have always been with you.”

“Is my baby alright?”

“He’s magickal. You are too, if you want to be.”

“I don’t know if I can.”

“You can, my Angel, you just need to choose.”

“I don’t know if I want to.”

“Don’t be afraid of your power, Sookie. I won’t let you harm the innocent.”

“Mrs. Northman? Sookie?”

Sookie’s eyes flew open. “Hi, Alicia. Was I asleep?”

“Yes, and you were humming. I hated to wake you again, but it’s time for another bottle.”

“Oh, that’s OK, it’s for the baby so it’s fine.” Alicia held the bottle to her and she sucked it down with the straw. “Ah, thank you. I was humming?”

“Yes, it was very sweet. You were humming Brahms Lullaby. You know the one “lullaby, and good night, you’re your mother’s delight, shining Angels beside my darling abide.”

“Shining Angels – those are the words to that?”

“Um-hmm, part of it. Do you want me to get the lyrics for you? You can sing it to the baby.”

“Yeah, that would be good. I was singing it in my sleep?”

“Yes, you were. Maybe you dreamt you were singing to the baby?”

“Yeah, I was dreaming about him. I must have been singing him to sleep.”

“You’re getting anxious to do it for real, I’ll bet. Is this the picture from the ultrasound? No wonder you’re thinking about him so intently. Isn’t it exciting how they can show you his little face?

“Yeah, it is. It seems so much more real now. Eric was beside himself. He told my bodyguard to get married and have a baby.” She laughed.

“That’s sweet, but don’t tell him I called him sweet.” Alicia laughed. “You know, it’s not unusual for pregnant women to have sleep problems or strange dreams.”

“No, I didn’t know that. I’m not having trouble going to sleep but I am having some wild dreams.”

“Well, maybe you’ll rest better this time. I’ll be back at 11.” Alicia left and Sookie rolled back on her side, which wasn’t terribly comfortable, so she took Eric’s pillow and put it under the bump and that seemed to help. She made a note to herself that it was time to get one of those special pregnancy pillows and she went to sleep.

She didn’t dream at all this time, and when Alicia came in, she drank her blood and debated whether she should go ahead and get up. She thought about going to the window to look out, but she knew Bjorn and the other guards might be out there so she went to her closet to pull out her pink robe, but she was dizzy and the hangers got tangled and she fell to the side, catching herself by placing her right hand on the wall of Eric’s closet and it moved. Why would the wall move? She hoped she didn’t break anything, so she looked around a little and noticed a switch that looked just like the one in the bomb shelter under Fangtasia. She moved the switch and a door popped open that would roll out of the way once it was loose. Was this one of Eric’s little secrets?

Part of her was scolding her and saying she shouldn’t snoop, but her inner Nancy Drew was screaming at her. She listened to make sure no one was coming up the stairs, and pushed the door to see what was hidden here. There were a couple of drawers and some shelves that had books and videos on them. Some of the books looked really old and had names she recognized, sort of – Fanny Hill, The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling, and Justine, or Good Conduct Well Chastised by the Marquis de Sade, which she read when she was a little younger, and she remembered having to hide it so Gran wouldn’t find it when she cleaned her room.

There were other books in different languages that she couldn’t decipher at all, but she found one by a French woman that was in English called The Story of O and she thumbed through the beginning of it and realized this was a very dirty book. She also noticed there were several videos with the same title, and this copy was almost worn out, so this must be a favorite of Eric’s. She wondered if she dared sneak it out to read. It was very likely she could read it and put it back before he ever knew. She looked around a little more and found one of the drawers had the blindfold they had used and a couple of things that looked like sex toys but she wasn’t sure quite what they were for.

She was pretty sure the chain with clips on the end were what they called nipple clamps but she tested them on her finger and they could really, really hurt so she wasn’t sure that’s what they were. There were several kinds of cuffs and some folded stockings – why would he have stockings? – and some really soft ropes. In another drawer there were some books, some of them prints of woodcuts, some were drawings or cartoons and some of them photographs or magazines, but they were all at least of people having sex and some of them were of people in various states of undress except for leather or vinyl bound in all crazy kinds of positions, and often with really intricate patterns of knots.

She opened the bottom drawer and got a glimpse of a camera, but she heard Alicia coming up the stairs so she slid the door back as quietly as she could, taking the book about O with her, and got back into bed. Alicia came in with some clean clothes to put away and saw the mess in the closet.

“Were you looking for something, Mrs. Northman?”

“Yeah, sorry I made a mess. I was looking for my pink robe.”

“It’s right here, dear. It was in the laundry.” She took the robe out of the stack and handed it to Sookie

“Oh, OK, I didn’t think of that. What’s the weather like outside?”

“It’s overcast today but tomorrow is supposed to be bright and sunny. Planning to spend some time in the pool?”

“I was thinking about it, but I think I’ll stay in bed a bit longer. I’ll plan to go out tomorrow, definitely.”

“When would you like to have your breakfast?”

“Well, it’s about 12 now – how about 1 o’clock?”

“1 o’clock it is. You’ve got your monitor there so you give me a call if you need anything.”

“Thanks, Alicia.”

Sookie waited for her to leave then pulled the book out from under her pillow. Now she was going to see what was so interesting that he had three movies and several books all with the same name. She would read this first then look at the bigger ones when she felt a little braver. She didn’t think Eric would care if she was looking at his stuff, but she wasn’t sure and her curiosity got the better of her. So she leaned back, opened the book and started reading. The story started out with a guy partially stripping his fiancé and dropping her off at a Chateau with she was pretty sure meant castle. She noticed that at one point he took her panties and made her pull her skirt up so she was sitting bare against the seat – just like Eric did to her at Fangtasia that night. Well, she thought, I guess we know where he picked up that little trick. What followed was … shocking. And vile. And horrific. And she couldn’t put it down. Part of her wanted to go down to Eric’s hidey hole and attack him and the other part wanted to run away screaming. Did he find this sexy? Did SHE?

At 1 o’clock she had to put the book under the covers and she hoped Alicia didn’t notice she was flushed and painfully horny. She felt like it had to show on her face, it was so intense. Alicia set her breakfast tray across her lap and Sookie focused on getting her breakfast over and done with so she could go back to reading the book. Alicia had made her waffles today and Sookie practically inhaled them, plus lots of syrup and strawberries and whipped cream on top, plus grape juice and two bottles of blood. Reading seemed to be giving her an appetite – and some of it was for food.

She debated with herself about asking Eric about the book. What did he like about it? Why would he read it so much and have so many movies of it? What was all that stuff in his closet?

Intellectually, she knew she was being silly. They were married, she was his wife, they were blood bonded and she should be able to ask him anything, even about sex. No, especially about sex. Emotionally, though, she felt guilty and curious and completely confused about why this horrible story was turning her on. If Bobbie were here, she might be able to talk to her about it, but it’s a little personal, she thought and she wasn’t sure if Bobbie would think there was something wrong with her.

When she came right down to it, the one person she knew wouldn’t judge her would be Eric, and if he wasn’t mad that she got into his stuff, she knew he could explain it all so she could understand. Eric understood everything and accepted everything and he could explain things in a way that was different from anyone else. He never really got angry at her, and she was sure she could trust him. This was just a part of him she didn’t know yet, but she knew him and she loved him so she was going to make herself talk to him about it and tell him she found his stuff. But first, she was going to make herself come before Alicia came in for the 3 o’clock feeding or she was going to burst into flames and she was only halfway through the book.

Actually, it took two orgasms to calm the stormy seas and Sookie really wanted to go down to the pool, even if it was a little cloudy. She hid the book in the bottom of her nightstand, not that it would be impossible to find there, but just because knowing it was closed up in a drawer seemed to give her enough distance from it that she felt like she could go out among people without feeling that they could read all over her face what she had been doing. The more she thought about it, the more she realized that the cool water in the swimming pool would be just what she needed. She pulled on the old fashioned looking bikini that covered more of her tummy and still looked kind of cute on her (especially with the generous cleavage,) got the sheer cover-up that matched it from the drawer and grabbed her tote bag, stopping into Eric’s office to get her iPod from the charging station mounted on the wall.

She went downstairs and found Alicia in her office. “Hey, Alicia, I can’t stay in that room anymore, so I’m heading for the pool. I promise I’ll take it easy.”

“Alright. I was just looking at your mail. Nothing here that can’t wait until Monday if you want.”

“Yeah, let’s do it then. Things are going to get crazy busy soon and it would be nice just to have a day without dealing with thank you notes,” she laughed. Sookie bounced down the hall and into the kitchen a little too quickly and bumped straight into Bjorn.

“Oops, I’m so sorry!” She said, as he caught her arms and they both steadied themselves.

“I’m sorry, your highness, I should be more careful. I was just getting ready to show a couple of new guards the layout of the property.”

“Oh, that’s good. I’m just going out to the pool. See you later!”

Bjorn could get into swimming – or an ice cold shower – right now. He tried not to think about the fact that he got a strong whiff of sex on Sookie or how that might have happened since the King was resting and he knew that she had supposedly been upstairs alone, and he berated himself because he almost flattened the Queen he was supposed to be protecting. He went out to get the new recruits he was supposed to show around and the guard in charge told him when he was done that he should take a station out back because the Queen was in the pool. DAMN IT! He wasn’t just going to have to know she was out there half-naked he was going to have to watch her, and there was no way out of it. He was her bodyguard so he’s the one that should take the post. What’s he going to do, tell this guy that he can’t do his job because she’s too hot? Because she smells like sex? All he could do is pray that what the guys said about her having trouble reading Supe minds was true because he was going to thinking about her, if only to think about not thinking about her.

“I’m Anderson – I’ll be showing you around.”

“I’m Jansen,” said the big Were with the grey hair

“I’m Cody Lane” said a young Texan were who wasn’t big but he had impressive martial arts credentials.

He showed them where they should park, and where the guards met when they changed shifts. He walked them through the garage, the young Texan whistling when he saw Eric’s corvette, while Jansen pointed out you could probably buy three of those for what that high security Beemer must have cost. Bjorn told them it had already proven to be bulletproof and that sobered the young guy’s mood. They were going out the back to the out buildings – the extra garage, the summer kitchen, the little tool shed that was used for storing pool supplies, the servants quarters that were used by the gardeners men for lunches and storage. They came back up beside the pool, and there was Sookie, floating on an air mattress looking every bit the pampered little Queen she was, those amazing legs glistening with water and sweat.

“Forgive us, your majesty, we’re just cutting through.” Anderson said.

“Oh, that’s alright. Hi, guys – I’m Sookie.” She wave at them.

They nodded back and Bjorn pointed to them in turn – “Jansen. Lane.”

“Nice to meet you. Thanks for helping out.”

“Thank you ma’am” Cody responded and Jansen just nodded to her. Cody wasn’t really up on the protocol yet, but Sookie never noticed.

“Wow, she really is nice,” Cody said.

“Yes, she’s very sweet and friendly but it’s your job to maintain a professional distance.” Yeah, he thought, look who’s talking. “Her husband, the King, is not a man to upset and anything that bothers her, bothers him.”

“Is it true he killed Victor Madden in front of all of Area 5?” Cody was going to be a pain in the ass.

“Yes, he beheaded him with a sword. In public.”

“Is he really untouchable?”

“He damned well better be or you aren’t doing your job.” Bjorn had a short fuse under the best of circumstances, and there was nothing “best” about today. He still had her scent on him where he bumped into her. He stretched out the tour and his other work as long as he could.

He took them back out and the Supervising guard gave them their assignments. Bjorn knew he couldn’t get out of it, so he headed back to the back yard. Sookie was just finishing up her 5:00 blood.

“Hey, Bjorn – what are you doin’?” Sookie asked.

“I’m guarding you.”

“You mean you have to stand there while I’m in the pool? Aren’t you at least allowed to sit down?”

“I shouldn’t.”

“Would it be better if I went back in the house?”

“No, ma’am, you relax and take your time.”

“Are you allowed to talk to me?”

“Only if you want me to.”

“Well, yeah, of course. I’m not going to float and ignore you. Sit down, ple-e-ease.”

“Your highness…”

“My name is Sookie. When we’re just here at the house, call me Sookie. Save the protocol for when we’re out around people.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Where are you from originally?”

“Sweden, but I’ve been here since I was 7.”

“Eric plans to take us to Sweden some day. That’s Swedish music playing on my iPod, right?”

“Very old, traditional stuff, yes, ma’am.”

“Yeah, well, Eric is a very old Swede,” she laughed.

“Yes, ma’am” he laughed. G-ddammit he laughed. Did he have no discipline at all? He was kicking himself. Again.

“So, how’d you end up in Louisiana?”

“I moved here after I got out of the military for a job that fell through, but I decided to stay.”

“A security job?”

“Sort of, yes, ma’am, down in New Orleans.”

“What did you do in the military?”

“I was a Navy SEAL, ma’am and I did some intelligence work.”

“Intelligence? Like spy stuff?”

“Yes, ma’am.” He was smiling. ‘Stop smiling, you idiot.’ He told himself, but he couldn’t seem to stop. She was too damned cute.

“You work out a lot, I guess?”

“Yes, ma’am, I try to stay in shape.”

“You’re way more than in shape – you’ve got a body builder-type body. That takes a lot of work, doesn’t it? My brother works out a lot but he’s not nearly as big as you are.”

“Yes, ma’am, it takes a commitment to yourself. I consider it part of my job.”

“You know we’ve got a gym on the fourth floor?”

“No ma’am, I’ve only seen the downstairs.”

“You can use it sometime it you want. My doula is living in the bedroom on that floor, but you wouldn’t bother her. She spends most of her time with me when she’s here.”

“Doula, ma’am?”

“Yeah, she started out as my masseuse, but now she’s going to help me with the baby. I never heard of it before, either, but everybody else seems to know what it is,” she laughed.

“Is she a good masseuse?”

“Yeah, she’s amazing. If she were here, they’d be setting up the table over there right about now.”

“You get your massages out here, ma’am?”

“Yeah, after I do my workout in the pool. I spend a lot of time out here.”

Holy shit. “That’s nice, ma’am. The sun and the fresh air are good for you, I’m sure.”

‘And I get to watch you run around in a bathing suit and take your clothes off for a massage,’ he was thinking, ‘and try not to let you see me watching you or notice my hard-on. Please, god, don’t let me need to stand up right now.’

“Mrs. Northman?”

“Hey, Margaret.”

“Would you like to have dinner out here, ma’am?”

“Is it getting that late?”

“Yes ma’am – Mr. Northman will be up soon. I thought you might like a rare steak on the grill.”

“OOhh – that sounds good! Do you have any corn on the cob?”

“Yes ma’am and I’ll make a baked potato and there’s even a little watermelon.”

“Oh, cool – maybe Eric will eat some again.”

“Alright, dear, we’ll set up the grill.”

“Excuse me, ma’am?”

“My name is Sookie. What?” She laughed. Damn she was cute when she laughed.

“Did I hear you say that the King can eat watermelon?”

“He did once a week or so ago. Dr. Ludwig says it has something to do with his age and the mutual feedings we do for the baby.”

“You feed from each other? Do you do that often?”

“Every day. It’s part of what we do to feed the baby.”

“I’ve never heard of that.”

“You’ve never heard of a Vampire being a father before either, have you?”

“No, ma’am”

“It’s a very rare thing. We have to do some unusual things to make it work, but we love the feedings anyway – it’s like the best part of sex.” Oops! Now Sookie was kicking herself. Why did she keep telling this guy about her sex life? She started to wonder if she was conditioned to flirt with big Swedish men. Flirt? Why was she thinking about flirting with Bjorn? Sookie, stop! She could feel her face turning red, but it was starting to get dark so she hoped he couldn’t tell.

Aw, man, she was blushing again. He loved it when she blushed. Most of the women he knew wouldn’t be embarrassed by anything, let alone a little slip about something sexual. In fact, they’d draw you a diagram for their sex lives and lend you a videotape. This girl was so sweet – how the hell did she get hooked up with a big, ruthless Vampire and once she did, how did she manage to stay that sweet? The whole thing didn’t make sense.

Bjorn was relieved that the maids were messing around with the grill. It was too intimate when it was just the two of them out there.

“OW!” Sookie jumped and rolled off of the raft.

“Are you all right, ma’am?” He didn’t like the sound of that.

“Yeah, it was just the baby kicking me,” she said as she was holding on to the side of the pool. “I think floating was making him nauseous. It does that some times.”

“You know how the baby feels?”

“Yeah – do you know what a blood bond is?”

“I’ve heard of it but I don’t really understand it.”

“I don’t think anyone does, but anyway, Eric and I are blood bonded and the baby is tapped into the bond with us. The three of us can feel what the others are feeling and we can send emotions to each other, so yeah, I can feel what the baby feels.”

“So he always knows what you’re feeling?”

“Yeah, and vice versa. I was kidnapped once and he found me through the bond.”

“Really? I never heard of that.”

“Yeah, once you take in blood from a Vampire, they know how you feel and they can always find you.”

“How much blood do you need to take in?”

“It varies, depending on how old the Vampire is. It only took a little for Eric to find me.”

“Were you together then?”

“No, we were in a house that was shot up by the FOTS and he took a bullet for me and he told me if I didn’t suck the bullet out it would close up in his skin, and I believed him. I was dating Bill then. I spit most of the blood out but the tiny bit that got into me was enough for Eric to find me.”

“Bill? The only Bill I know is the guy that’s in charge of the New Orleans office now.”

“Yeah, Bill Compton, that’s him. He’s dating Bobbie now.”


“Yeah, my doula or masseuse or whatever. He’s here with her a lot. They’re at his house this weekend. He lives next door to where I grew up.”

“Your husband lets your ex stay around?”

“They have sort of a difficult relationship. He likes to lord it over Bill that he took me from him – that’s how he sees it anyway – but they sort of respect each other and they need each other’s help. If it weren’t for me though, Eric would have killed him a long time ago.”


“Oh, yeah, if he didn’t know it would make me furious, he would kill him right now.”

“And they still work together?

“Yeah, he stays over here now, too, since he’s seeing Bobbie.”

Just when he’d think Sookie was the most innocent thing in the world, she’d come up with something like an ex-Lover doing her masseuse under her own roof that just blew that all to hell, but there was nothing jaded about her. He knew they had wild sex the night Eric killed Victor. Who the hell was this woman? And she drank Vamp blood every day? During sex? And loved it? Trying to reconcile the two extremes in his mind gave him a headache. And she was pregnant. He had never been attracted to a pregnant woman before and she wasn’t just recently pregnant, she was obviously pregnant with a Vampire’s baby. He got an image of having sex with her and being pierced by tiny little fangs. Yeah, not too Freudian – the Madonna-Whore Complex was now accompanied by fear of castration and he had just had sex with Psycho Sabrina. If there were fangs a guy needed to be afraid of, they were Sabrina’s. Sabrina had drunk from him once – he wondered if she could follow him that way now. And the worst part of that was that his marathon throw-down with Sabrina did nothing to take the edge off his hard-on for Sookie.

At least it was getting dark. Eric would be up, and he could go home and get Sookie’s incredible scent off himself. He damned well better lose this hard-on before Eric sees him, and he’d better not get too close because he’d be able to smell Sookie on him where he bumped into her. He didn’t know if Sookie would get mad enough to keep Northman from killing him. She saved her ex-boyfriend but she had no problems at all with Eric beheading Victor Madden in front of “god and everybody” as the locals say. He had no idea where he might fall on the “I used to love him” to “I’m glad you’re dead and I’m having sex on your grave” continuum that defined Sookie Northman. Holy hell…

“Hello, my Angel.” Eric came out of the door and went straight over to Sookie sort of falling down into a push-up position so he could kiss her while she was in the water.

“Hey, Sweetie. We’re having family dinner out here.”

“That sounds nice. Maybe after we’ll swim together.”

“Yeah, we’ve only done that once.”

“Yes, we’ve been very busy. Anderson you may go home for the day.” Eric spoke without ever taking his eyes off of Sookie, letting Anderson know without a shadow of a doubt that he was a servant and beneath his notice.

“Thank you, your majesty.” Bjorn got up and headed for the front door, but he noticed Eric turn his head as he walked past him. Did he smell her on him? ‘Fuck, just let me get out of here,’ he thought. ‘Being around that guy is way too intense.’

“Come out of the water, my Angel,” Eric spoke to her softly. She walked toward the end of the pool and he got her towel, wrapping it around her and holding her In his arms. “I love you, Sookie,” he whispered to her.

She looked up at him. “I love you, too, Eric. Are you OK?”

“Yes, of course. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I have no idea but I almost came to your… place today.” She couldn’t be more specific in front of the maids.

“Any particular reason, or did you just miss me?” he smiled and stroked her cheek.

“I always miss you in the daytime, but I have something I want to talk to you about.”

“Anything serious?”

“No, just…” she motioned for him to bend down so she could whisper. “It’s sex stuff. Something I read.”

He laughed and smiled. “My Angel you can always talk to me about that.”

“Yeah, I know, I have some questions…. We’d better eat first.”

Eric was very interested in what Sookie might have read that would have her burning with such questions she couldn’t wait until bedtime to bring it up. They sat at the picnic table and Sookie enjoyed her steak while Eric watched her, smiling and admiring her pretty face and her beautiful breasts ,which were even bigger today than yesterday. Only a little bigger, but enough for him to notice and enjoy. He really considered having her portrait done before the baby comes – she was so lovely this way.

When Sookie finished her steak, Margaret cut the cute little watermelon into quarters and Eric munched on one of them and enjoyed it, still not getting sick from it. Sookie ate the rest of it with relish because it was really sweet and just ripe enough, but not too ripe. When the dishes were in the dishwasher and the kitchen cleaned up, Margaret and Alicia said good night. As soon as they were gone, Eric stripped and jumped into the pool. Sookie laughed and walked down to the end and walked in, and they met in the middle. Eric started to undo the back of Sookie’s top, but she stopped him.

“Eric, aren’t there guards roaming around out here?”

“Yes, but they won’t spy on us.”

“Are you sure? What if they hear us?”

“They can’t see into the water at this hour and I will get you a towel when it’s time to get out of the pool. If they hear us, they hear us. We are doing nothing wrong, Sookie, this is our home and we are married. There’s no harm in people knowing we have sex. You are pregnant – they’ve seen the evidence,” he laughed as he divested Sookie of her bathing suit and threw it on the concrete at the side of the pool.

“Are you sure they won’t look?”

“Think, Sookie, isn’t it exciting that someone might see? Let that add to the pleasure,” he urged her as he lifted her onto him and she wrapped her legs around his waist. She still felt a little shy so she buried her face in his neck but that didn’t last long. Once the pleasure started to build, she quickly lost her inhibitions and went with it, unable to suppress her moans. She realized he was right – the idea that someone might be watching made it seem forbidden and risky and it was more exciting. After they both reached an energetic release, Eric swam around the pool a bit and Sookie floated around holding onto an air mattress sideways, watching him slip through the water like a dolphin, he was so strong and graceful. Damn, he was beautiful. After a few minutes he swam over to her, floating on the mattress with her, face-to-face, and he whispered to her “What did you want to ask me?”

“Promise you won’t get mad at me?”

“Did you do something wrong, my Angel?”

“Well, I sort of found some stuff in the closet today…”

He was apprehensive now – did she find the photos of her?

“What kind of stuff in which closet?”

“Stuff behind a door in the bedroom closet. It was an accident, but I did look a little bit and I took a book out to read.”

“You read one of the books in there?” Now his interest was piqued. “Which book?”

“I’m only about half-way through it, but it’s called The Story of O.”

Eric smiled. This could be good.

“And what did you think of it?”

“It’s weird. The story is horrible and I should be disgusted by it, but I couldn’t put it down and it made me…” she was searching for a word.



“And you feel guilty?”

“I feel confused. I would never want to be treated that way, but there was something exciting about it.”

“It’s a tale of extreme dominance and submission, Sookie. Very extreme, but it’s a fantasy and that’s alright. Fantasies can be as extreme as you want them to be, about anything you want. That story was written by a woman for her Lover, to entice him.”

“Did it work?”

“Oh, yes, and it’s very famous.”

“You have a bunch of books of it and some videos. Is that what you like?”

“You said you read half of it, yes?”


“Well, there’s even more extreme stuff later on, but the story sort of falls apart after a point and gets off track. But yes, I enjoy the fantasy.”

“Have you ever done stuff like that? Like in the basement at Fangtasia?”

“To a degree, yes.”

“You wouldn’t ever hit me with a whip, would you?”

“No, my Angel, you are not the type that enjoys that.”

“People enjoy that?”

“Anything you can think of, Sookie, there will be someone who enjoys it, no matter how painful or disgusting it might seem.”

“OK.” She was obviously trying to process what he was saying. “You said I have a taste for being dominated.”

“Yes, you do, and you’ve shown a bit of enjoyment in dominating, as well.”

“Why do I like that. It still seems wrong.” He knew that she would come back to this occasionally, and he just needed to reinforce the idea that pleasure was allowed. American Puritanism was hard to shake off no matter how smart or sophisticated a person might be,.

“With consenting adults there is nothing wrong as long as everyone enjoys what is happening.”

“OK, remember the night at Fangtasia you took my panties and made me sit on the seat in the booth bare, like in the book?”

“Yes, my Lover, I will never forget that.” He gave her that wicked smirk that made her melt.

“Well, did I enjoy that? Or did I hate it?”

“You enjoyed the spectacular orgasm that followed it very much.”

“Yeah… OK… yeah.”

“You are wondering how something that was so hard to endure could be pleasurable?”

“Yes. I mean, I thought I hated it, but I still think about that night. It was so intense and so wild.”

“Yes, my Angel, and in spite of your strict Christian upbringing – or maybe because of it – you like intense, and wild, and scary. Remember when you came to my resting place and it was very wild and you said it was “good scary?””

She laughed. “Yeah, that was intense.” She smiled and leaned in to kiss him.

“You enjoy taking risks, Sookie. You like danger, and you trust me to keep you safe. We play little power games where you can experiment with extreme behavior and be pushed to new limits because you know that ultimately, I won’t hurt you or let anyone else hurt you. That’s where the trust comes in. You knew if anyone got out of hand, I’d beat them the way I beat that biker that tried to approach you. I’m sure you will not admit it, but you enjoyed it when I threw that jerk out of my bar.”

“I did?”

“Oh, yes, my Angel, you did. Your eyes were bright and shining when I came back and you were flushed with desire and glowing with pride that your girlfriends got to see first hand what I would do for you. You enjoy that you have the power to inspire such attraction” he kissed her, “and violence.” He kissed her again.

“But that’s awful…” She was about to lose her train of thought because he kept kissing her.

“That’s not awful unless you insist on making it so. I think it is sexy and shows strength and pride and a kind of fearlessness. What we are doing right now shows fearlessness.”

“Floating in the pool, whispering?”

“Floating naked and having sex with guards roaming around. You like to show off, my Angel, you just can’t admit that to yourself.”

“YOU like to show off…”

“Yes, and it only takes a little reassurance to get you to go along with me. You love this, Sookie.”

“Oh, really?”

He grabbed her waist and threw the mattress off to the side. “Yes, really.” He kissed her hard and she wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him over and over, gasping for breath in between as his hands ran down her back and squeezed her bottom cheeks, pulling her against him, grinding his pelvis into her then lifting her onto his rock hard cock. She continued kissing him as he lowered her onto him, then she threw her head back when he gently bumped her inside. As she leaned back, he latched onto her breast with his mouth, sucking and nibbling, making her cry out, then he bit and fed from her other breast, sending stabs of pleasure from her breast down to her center. He held her in place with one arm and raised the other wrist to his mouth, then held it to hers. As she drew deeply from his arm they both reached a spectacular end, clinging to each other and kissing hungrily though they had both reached climax.

“Hold on,” He whispered to her and she locked her legs around him. He walked out of the pool with her wrapped around him, still kissing her as he grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her back, then he carried her into the den and took her on the floor, being careful not to put any weight on her tummy. He climaxed again very quickly, then sat back on his knees and raised her hips to continue, and she put her hands out above her head and stretched as he took her. He knew she was imagining that she was tied up, and planned to do that to her very soon, indeed, since she was hungry for it. He came quickly this time, then stretched out beside her and put his arm under her head because she needed to raise up a bit. She hadn’t finished yet, so he stroked her with his hand, concentrating on her clit, enjoying the sight of her writhing, eyes closed, lost in pleasure and he flooded the bond with desire. He bent his head to her breast and that pushed her over the edge, whimpering and calling out his name as she tangled her fingers in his hair. As she caught her breath, he realized it was a little past time for her to have another blood and went to get one for her. He came back with a blood and a straw and she drank it down hungrily and asked for another one. While she sipped the second bottle, he carried her up to their bedroom. The two of them were mostly dry except for their hair, so he went ahead and settled them under the covers.

“This feels so good,” She murmured as she snuggled against him.

“Where is the book, Sookie?”

“It’s in my nightstand in the bottom drawer.”

He straddled her to reach it, then settled back in his spot next to her.

“Show me where you left off?”

She opened the book to the page she last read, and he pulled her close, his arm under her head, reading to her as his voiced lulled her to sleep. He spent his time alone with them as usual, listening to her breath and Eric Alexander’s heartbeat for a long, satisfying time in the dark before he gave Sookie more blood and then went to work in his office.

Even though it was a Saturday he had a lot of things that needed his attention, and he ploughed through it quickly and efficiently, ending the night with his call to Sandy and a call to Bill to get the daily reports on the state of their territories.

Sandy told him that their travel information should arrive Monday or Tuesday and that she already had an offer on the small bar that he told her to sell. Bill told him he was going to quarter him and Sookie at Madden’s house because that was the most secure venue at this point. Eric liked the idea because he wanted to look the place over himself and see if he could find anything Bill and the others missed.

He had been at it almost 2 hours and realized that Sookie needed more blood, so he went into their room and got a bottle ready with a straw, leaning down next to the bed.

“Sookie, my Lover, you must wake up and drink.”

She opened her eyes lazily, and moved her head to drink from the straw. She fell back to sleep almost immediately after finishing it, and he left her with a kiss on the cheek and a goodnight to Baby E, to whom he sent love and pride as he went into his nursery, though he was asleep. Eric looked at the tiny clothes, touching them, enjoying their softness, and he picked up the mink teddy bear and sat in the glider, holding it to his shoulder, imagining what it would be like to sit there and rock his son. He felt tears well in his eyes. He was so anxious for the birth, it amazed him. He had never wanted anything so much. He spent another hour and a half looking through the contents of the nursery and learning how to use the portable high chair. He was determined to be able to assemble these portable items with a wailing baby in one hand as he did.

He gave Sookie another blood and a kiss, wrote Sookie a note, left a message for Alicia about when she’d had her last blood and went to rest for the day.


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