LATE Chapter 056


“Oh, thank Goddess.”

“So was it good scary or bad scary.” Eric laughed.

“Shut up.”

“What did you say to me?” He was only half joking now. He wasn’t going to tolerate any insolence.

“I’m sorry, I just…I just…”

“Shhh, Sookie it’s alright. You knew it was me. I tried very hard to give you the illusion that it might not be, but you knew it was or you would have screamed.”

“I would?”

“Of course you would, my Lover. Did you know that the number one sexual fantasy for American women is to be raped?”

“That’s horrible and sick.”

“No, Sookie, it’s a fantasy. They don’t actually wish to be violated – that would be horrible, of course. The fantasy of it is exciting, though, especially to women who have been raised to feel guilty about sex. It removes their responsibility in it and allows them to surrender to the sensations. I just let you have your fantasy.”

“I don’t know if that was my fantasy, Eric.”

“Sookie, if you had not known that was me, you would have been screaming, kicking, biting. You are not delicate when the situation warrants self-defense. Even restrained you would have put up a fight. I have no doubt of this. If I ever thought you actually believed it wasn’t me, I would have stopped immediately. You knew that you were safe so you went with the fantasy and I let you.”

“How did you know I knew it was you then?”

“Through the bond, Sookie. You never sent for me. You never pleaded for my help. Remember when Felipe tried to molest you? You sent for me as hard as you could and I was there instantly. You didn’t have to think about it – you did it instinctively. You were enjoying the mixture of fear and excitement just now. You had to feel my excitement and amusement. You would know immediately if anything ever happened to me – you know that.”

“Yeah, that’s right. I do. And I didn’t call you because I did believe it was you. I remember saying to myself it has to be Eric but what if it’s not.”

“That was the fantasy, my Angel.”

“Holy shit.”

He laughed. “Alright, now, my Lover, you have three choices. We can go home now. I can give you another orgasm now, or we can play another game.”

“Can we do the game another time?”

“Of course we can. We can play it any time you want.”

“Would you consider another orgasm now and a few when we get home?” She asked and bit her lip, feeling a little naughty now that she had calmed down.

“Anything you want, my Lover.” He moved back down between her legs and was merciless in the very best way with his mouth and fingers and she reveled in being tied so he had control of her. She loved tugging at the bonds, writhing and crying out loudly as she came on his tongue, but he wasn’t finished yet. He pushed her to another orgasm and another. By the third time she was frantic, sobbing and nearly at her breaking point when she came and he let her go. They were both laughing as he undid the cuffs. He stroked her face, wiped her eyes where tears were streaming, smoothing her hair back. “How was that, Sookie?”

“That was awesome,” she said breathlessly. “Now take me home and fuck me until I fall asleep.”

“You really enjoy that…?”

“I really, really do. Help me up.”

He helped her stand and zipped his jeans. She was a little unsteady so he helped her pull her dress over her head, stuck her thong in his pocket and handed her the little sandals she wore. He handed her two RMs from the fridge, locked up, turned lights out and carried her out to the car. As he settled her into her seat, fixing her seatbelt, she grabbed his face with both hands and kissed him hard.

“Hold that thought, my Angel, we will be home soon.” He smiled softly at her. She finished the bloods then dozed a little as he drove her home and he smiled remembering their game earlier. She had a sort of catharsis from it and he doubted if she’d wake up when they got home. She was wrung out, but she had a smile on her face so ultimately, she enjoyed it.

He pulled up to the guard who waved to him and he stopped and let them look in the car. He could tell from the guard’s face that he smelled sex on them, but Eric liked that. He loved that the guards were talking about how hot their sex life was even though Sookie was pregnant. Sookie was vain about her body, but Eric was vain about his sexual prowess and he wanted people to know that just because he was married didn’t mean he wasn’t still a stud. He knew the guards could hear them at night and he knew people had watched them in the pool. He wanted them to think he was virile and so far, they did. He liked that they were somewhat in awe of Sookie’s skills, too. He wanted them to know there was a reason he could be satisfied by one woman, and that it was because that woman was a tigress in bed. He had pretty well solidified that in the minds of his subjects, too.

He hoped it was a long, long time before Sookie found out they had an audience – and a rather enthusiastic one at that. He knew by morning tales of the King and Queen coming home reeking with lust and sex would abound. Where had they done it? In the car? At Fangtasia? In his throne on the stage? On the bar? He laughed to himself. He was going to do everything he could to foster the legend that was already growing. Pam was filling him in on all the gossip and he loved it. She said everyone was obsessed with finding out what Sookie did to make him scream. Pam asked him what it was and he told her, of course, and Pam was shocked that he was able to get Sookie to do that, let alone love it as he told her she did, but then he reminded Pam she had done something similar to her.

“Oh, ye-es, now that you mention it, the little minx did get a little invasive, didn’t she?” Pam had remembered.

“Would you like a repeat performance some time, Pam?”

“Mmmm – what did you have in mind?”

“Some night when you’re back from your trip and we are back from ours, come swim with us after work. I think a little threesome in the pool would be enjoyed by all concerned.”

“Is that a promise?”


Pam laughed wickedly, obviously already making plans. Eric had no doubt that Sookie would balk at first and then be easily swayed to comply. Sookie wanted to be bad, she just needed a little encouragement and someone telling her it was OK to do what she naturally wanted to do.

Sookie was a sort of sexual savant. Her instincts told her to fuck and keep fucking. She was like Jason that way. He was amazed she managed to reach adulthood untouched. All that energy had been bottled up for all those years and Eric was going to bring it all up and out to the surface where he could savor every drop. Sookie was eager to submit to him, but he was limited in what he could do while she was with child. He planned to make frequent use of the basement at Fangtasia after the child was born, and to employ the services either of Bobbie or a nanny to allow them room to play, and he had some quiet games they could play once the child slept regular hours. It was going to take effort to juggle a baby and Sookie’s training, but that would be part of the fun.

Eric took Sookie out of the car. A nice husband would take her and place her gently in bed and he really should just do that, but he’s in a wicked mood tonight and he got an idea that he couldn’t resist. Instead of going upstairs, he went through the den to the sliding door, opened it, took Sookie out and threw her in the pool.

She had started to wake up when the back door opened and was awake and aware when she hit the water so she saw it coming, but she couldn’t believe he did it! She screamed like a little girl when he let her go and came up sputtering and cursing as Eric kicked off his boots, dropped his clothes and jumped in with her.

“ERIC! What are you doing? AHHhhhhh!” She didn’t care who heard her. She was laughing but she didn’t know whether to be mad or was this actually funny? Eric knew what he thought it was because he was laughing so hard he couldn’t speak. She attacked him playfully, smacking his arms as he held them up in mock defense.

“I can’t believe you did that! Son of a bitch! Are you crazy?! How could you do that to me?!” She was going on and on, and it just made him laugh harder. She was flipping out but it had exactly the result he hoped for which was a wicked adrenaline rush in Sookie that would make her completely uninhibited.

When he thought it was enough he grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head before she had a chance to react. They were both naked in the pool again, but the back porch light wasn’t on. They could see because of a security light in the yard toward the back of the property that illuminated only part of the pool. The guards ran around when they heard Sookie scream though they were sure it was sex play. They couldn’t really see them in the shadows, but they were cracking up at Sookie yelling and slapping at the King, who was also cracking up.

Sookie couldn’t hear the guards, but Eric could and he decided to put on a show, so with no warning and in one smooth motion he grabbed Sookie’s thighs, raised her up and impaled her on his cock. She shrieked, and kept crying out every time he rammed into her, not hard enough to hurt her, of course, but hard enough to keep her yelling out, at first in surprise and then in absolute rapture as the adrenaline high reached its peak. The guards could sort of see them, but not quite and they stood absolutely still and listened to Eric make her insane. Sookie was overcome with the adrenaline rush and completely out of her head in the best way, EVER.

Sookie being so turned on and him knowing they were being watched made Eric hard and wild, grunting and howling as he took her spectacularly. The guards couldn’t believe how long it went on, and as it did, Eric moved them over into the light so Sookie was clearly visible and when it ended in “Oh, OH, OH MY Gooooooooooooooood, ERIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC!” that built into a high-pitched scream they had a beautiful view of Sookie’s extra-luscious breasts as she threw her head back and really let loose, as he bit her breast and sent her over yet another edge. That was one of the longest, best orgasms Sookie ever had, and she let it be known. She was too far gone to worry about who might hear her and she really let loose, seized up and jerked several times, then she went limp in Eric’s arms. The guards were in awe of both of them – he for endurance and strength, she for that explosive and extended orgasm. They had never seen a woman come like that.

He walked to the side of the pool with her and laid her gently on the cement in the light so she was visible. She was exhausted and still not really aware of what was going on and she didn’t move except to gasp for breath the whole time it took him to go in for a towel. He dried her off, then stood over her and dried himself, also in full view and turned at an angle from the guards so they could see his erection, which looked huge in the light. He threw the towel over his shoulder, bent and picked Sookie up, gave them a really good look at her, beautiful, naked and spent in his arms, then turned and took her into the house, laughing to himself, leaving their clothes laying on the cement around the pool.

He relished displaying Sookie that way. He was so proud of her beauty and her passionate nature, he wanted the whole world to know what he had, and to see how gloriously lusty and sensual she was. Fuck bourgeois standards of morality – he’d erect a nude statue of her in the front yard if she’d let him. He might still one day when he got her to shake off her artificial inhibitions and be the exhibitionist that was her true nature. He would do everything in his power to bring out her true, sacred, animal nature and he would enjoy every second of the process. A Goddess should fuck and be proud of it, and everyone should know of Her exploits. His wife was a Goddess and he wanted the world to know it and be in awe of Her as he was.

He couldn’t wait to see if news of their dip in the pool got back to Pam before morning. He knew if it did, she’d leave him a message. When they got upstairs, Eric laid her on the bed and started running a bath the way she said she wanted the other night. She was still in the same position when the bath was ready, so he thought he’d better check.

“Sookie, my Angel, are you alright?”

“Uh-huh. What the hell was that?” she was awe-struck.

“That was us making the most of a wicked adrenaline rush. Shall we bathe? The water is ready.”

“Yeah, you’ll have to help me. I feel like all my bones are jelly.”

He laughed with delight and picked her up, setting her gently in the tub and climbing in behind her. She settled back in between his legs but turned her head around to the side to kiss him, and kiss him again and again because she didn’t want to stop. He was very pleased with himself and she was pleased with him, too. She turned sideways a little so she could rest her head on his chest and snuggle into him and he rested his cheek against her hair. She could have been very angry with him for both little games tonight but she wasn’t and he was pleased that she ultimately enjoyed them. She was a good sport once she had a huge orgasm, he thought to himself smugly.

“That was wild,” Sookie said, still thunder-struck.

“Yes, -it was. You are being a very good sport. I’m glad you are not angry with me.”

“It’s hard to be angry when you’ve had an orgasm that went on and on and on,” she laughed. “You’re so amazing,” she yawned and closed her eyes.

“I think we’d better wash your hair, my Angel, because when the last of the adrenaline burns off, you are going to sleep like a Vampire,” he laughed and began to wet her hair with the hand-held shower. She just melted into him as he gently washed and rinsed her hair. They both loved this. The intimacy of being in the warm water together, his gentle touch as he massaged her scalp and rinsed her hair, the way he washed her gently and thoroughly all over. She tried to reciprocate but she was exhausted, so he did his own hair as she leaned against the side of the tub and rested her cheek on her arm, watching him with complete adoration, occasionally reaching up to stroke his cheek or run her hands over the muscles in his chest or arms. When he started to soap himself she took the soap – this she could handle and she wanted to touch every inch of him the way he did her. He moved as he needed to for her to reach his back and bottom, and she kissed his chest and arms as she cleaned him. When she washed between his legs, she lingered, stroking lovingly as he purred. She liked that so she continued and sucked his nipples, biting them and pulling hard, bringing him quickly to another release as he moaned beneath her touch. When she finished washing him, he pulled her face to face with him, her legs spread and arched over his own, her center against his, and he bit his wrist, holding it to her. As she drew deeply, he bit her wrist, which appeared to complete some sort of circuit. It began in ecstasy as they both climaxed, then evolved into something more, something purple and swirling and sparkling that became a whirlwind and exploded in light and for a second the three were one – one consciousness, one spirit, one infinite spiral of love. When it was over, they held each other, their foreheads touching, in awe of each other and the power they generated.

Eventually, she yawned, so he combed out her hair and then his, drained the water and dried them off, gently rubbing a fine lotion all over her and giving her a light massage as he did. Soon he deposited a blissfully relaxed Sookie between the luxurious silk sheets of their bed. She prayed she would never forget this happiness. No matter what else happened in her life, she would always have this moment of perfect love and bliss. She closed her eyes and thanked Freyja for bringing Eric to her.

Sookie was asleep before Eric could get in and turn the lights off, so he snuggled behind her and had his time communing with the baby, who had somehow slept through most of the pool party, though there was a bit of cheering from when Sookie hit the water through about half of the fun. Eric figured that meant he would sleep well later on if he could relax through that. He knew the baby took their sex play as fun, comfort and love, so he would feel all was right with the world when they were fucking wildly in the club or the pool. Eric knew he would be a great Lover when he was grown because he loved sex between his parents so much. He believed he would be very physical and robust, loving to run and play.

He could tell from the strength of the kicks he could feel through Sookie’s body that he was already strong. He admired that Sookie bore it so well, because he imagined it had to hurt her. Even when he did hurt her at the reception, she bit her lip rather than crying out. Eric had always admired the strength of women when it came to giving birth. He knew full well that most men couldn’t take that kind of pain or discomfort, especially in modern times when life was so easy for most. Even a battle wound wouldn’t equal the pain of passing a child. Men were best at short intense bursts of strength, but the endurance needed to bear a child, which could go on for a day or more, was where women’s strength was most evident.

Most people would assume Eric would be a sexist pig but in truth, there was no greater admirer of the feminine gender than Eric Northman. Women spanned the extremes of human possibility, far more than men did. He thought men were lucky women would have anything to do with them at all, especially modern men who were so weak and dependent. So few men had honor or a sense of duty where their women were concerned now. They didn’t understand that taking care of their women wasn’t something you did because women were less than men – you did it because women were more important than men, and a smart man cares for his women. They’re your wealth, more than anything else, that’s why men would pay high prices for a good woman in his culture.

That’s why he would never respect Sookie’s brother – it was unconscionable to him that Jason let Sookie work in a cheesy bar when he was young and strong and more than capable of supporting her. As far as Eric was concerned, he had abandoned her when she needed him, and that was unforgivable. He also struck her once, and she was the only reason Jason wasn’t alligator food at that moment for that. If he didn’t know how much the loss of him would hurt her, he’d kill him for touching her in that manner. If he ever did it again, he would kill him anyway and damn the consequences.

He wondered what kind of influence Jason would be on his son. To a small boy, Uncle Jason might seem fun and lively, but Eric would make sure his son knew that his first responsibility was always to his mother, and later to his own wife. He also considered whether they would ever have another child, and his own son might have a sister to care for. Dr. Ludwig said it might be possible even without Niall’s intervention. He wouldn’t get his hopes up, but if it ever did happen, he would welcome it. If it happened 20 times, he would welcome it, though he laughed to himself that Sookie might have some objections at that point.

He prayed to Freyja, as had become his habit at night, thanking Her for the blessings She had given him. He prayed that he would be a good and effective King, and a good father to his son. He prayed that he would be worthy of Her gifts, especially the gift of Sookie, because he never knew love like this was possible. He might be proud before the world but he was humble before Freyja, so grateful that She loved him enough to create this life for him. He thanked Her for coming back to him, and prayed She could stay with him forever.

“I’ll love you forever,” Sookie said in her sleep.

Eric’s eyes flew open. Freyja had answered him through Sookie, he was sure of it. He raised his head and watched her intently.

“We’ll always be with you now,” Sookie said, though she seemed to be asleep.

“Sookie, are you awake?” he said softly. No, no response, and her breathing indicated she was sleeping. Eric took her in his arms, and cried silently, so relieved and grateful not to be forgotten. When he composed himself, he sent love to his son, went to his office and began the night’s work.

The first thing he did was check his messages, and the last one was from Pam.

“Hello, Master – I hear you didn’t wait for me to join you in the pool. I hear Sookie looked lovely and her breasts are spectacular. I’m going to take you up on that invitation as soon as we’re all in town again. I’m looking forward to seeing King Eric swing his now legendary broadsword.” She was giggling wickedly as she hung up. Eric laughed out loud. That took all of about 2 ½ hours, and that reminded him that Sookie needed another blood. He checked in with Sandy and Bill, then went to feed Sookie.

He went into the bedroom and opened an RM, putting a straw in it and waking Sookie gently.

“Sookie, my Lover, time to feed the baby.”

“OK,” she said, but she couldn’t keep her eyes open. She managed to sip the blood through the straw, though, and emptied the bottle fairly quickly.

“More, please?”

“Alright, my Angel, just a second.” He prepared another and she drank it a little slower, but she finished most of it. He finished the little bit at the bottom of the bottle, pulled the sheet down and kissed the baby bump, which jumped in response, and he went into the nursery for a bit before he went to rest. He and the baby bounced LOVE and PRIDE between each other and at one point the baby sent FIGHT! which made Eric laugh out loud and send a flood of pride and amusement to him.

‘I love you, my son. Eric Alexander, your father loves you very much,’ he sent his thoughts and the baby sent Happy. Love. Warm. Fight! Eric went to his resting place, noticing he could still feel the baby as he lay down and became still. The bond from the baby was able to extend to almost the whole house now and Eric could still send and get a response from him. This was the farthest the bond had worked with him yet. He would have to remember to tell Sookie tomorrow, and he slept.


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