LATE Chapter 059

All in a Night’s Work



The next three days were a bit of a blur for Sookie. The Soma kept her too knocked out to get into the pool. She’d wake up enough to eat breakfast and then dinner, and she and Bobbie spent the nights shopping on line while the boys – Eric, Bill, and Bjorn, who was going to see Felicia – were at Fangtasia. The days were only distinguished by the shopping.

Wednesday night, Bobbie introduced Sookie to Nordstrom’s, telling her it was Oprah’s favorite store, which impressed Sookie more than she expected. It was a Juicy Couture kind of night:

BabyBriefcase® Document Organizer | #188295 $29.95

Someday Inc. Clay Handprint & Personalized Photo Frame | #223013 $44.00

Juicy Couture Bib Set (3-Pack) (Infant) | #237021 $50.00

Juicy Couture Logo Bodysuits (3-Pack) (Infant) | #215933 $88.00

Juicy Couture Binkie Set (Infant) | #184776 $48.00

Menonove Maternity Spaghetti Strap Jersey Dress $39.90

Maternal America Maternity Stretch Tulle Dress | #221482 $146.00

Olian Maternity Knot Front Maxi Dress $148.00

Juicy Couture Maternity Chrysanthemum Dress $268.00

Maternal America Maternity Flutter Tankini | #208938 $98.00

Maternal America Maternity ‘Jasmine’ Swimsuit | #250712 $84.00

Ingrid & Isabel™ Maternity Lace Trim BellaBand™ | #116454 $30.00

Bravado Maternity Microfiber Nursing Bra | #212215 $47.00

Bravado Maternity Below the Belly Bikini $15.00

Olian Maternity Floral Halter Maxi Dress | #250281 $168.00

Olian Maternity Voile Peasant Dress | #250310 $118.00

Hanky Panky ‘Mom to Be’ Thong | #244372 $28.00

Olian Maternity ‘Mary Alice’ Silk Dress | #223679 $38.90



“That’s one $1,500.00 Gift Certificate down, several more to go.” Sookie had these items delivered express so hopefully she could take some of them on her trip. She fell asleep at 1:30 and Eric didn’t wake her up except to give her a couple of RMs and let her feed from his wrist. She was none too happy about that Thursday morning, and left him a note on the dresser to PLEASE wake her up! He laughed when he saw the note – she had never written one to him before. She had terrible penmanship! He never told her that he didn’t wake her up because he had demoted Sabrina that night and given her until Sunday to get completely out of his territories and he was in a foul mood.

Bjorn and Bobbie put their heads together at breakfast and decided that every time Sookie got a 2-hour feeding, they would check her blood pressure and keep it on a chart for the doctor. Even when she was completely out, it stayed high enough for concern.

Thursday night, Sookie had a $500 gift certificate for Petit Tresor:

Your Shopping Cart 

Product Description PriceTotal

Mommy Bliss Nipple Cream – $14.99 $14.99

Belli Motherhood Body Firming Serum – $38.00 $38.00

Belli Motherhood Stretchmark Minimizing Cream – $60.00 $60.00

Belli Motherhood Pure Comfort Nursing Cream – $15.00 $15.00

Mommy Bliss Belly Butter – $19.99 $19.99

Belli Pregnancy Elasticity Belly Oil – $48.00 $48.00

Belli Pregnancy Pampered Pregnancy Body Wash – $21.00 $21.00

Belli Pregnancy Skin Smoothing Body Exfoliator – $28.00 $28.00

Belli Motherhood Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer – $10.00 $10.00

Belli Pregnancy Foot Relief Cream – $21.00 $21.00

Sleep Bra – Medium $24.00 $24.00

Underwire Seamless Breastfeeding Bra $49.99 $49.99

Twilight Sea Turtle $38.00 $38.00

Rustle the Dragon $28.00 $28.00

Dragon Castle $38.00 $38.00

Smushy Elephant in Blue – , Medium $18.00 $18.00

Chubby Bunny – $16.00 $16.00

Rockabye Baby Blue Rocker $159.00 $159.00

Baby Pad $29.00 $29.00

Supreme Snuggle Nest $60.00 $60.00

All Natural Organic Teethers – Apple $18.00 $18.00

All Natural Organic Pacifier – 0-3 months $12.00 $12.00

Cowboy Dusk Burp Cloth and Bib Set $37.00 $37.00

Super Seat $159.00 $159.00

Tender Care Lanolin $11.00 $11.00

Medela 100% Cotton Nursing Bra Pads – $12.00 $12.00

Medela Quick Clean Wipes $14.00 $14.00

Nursing Cover Yoko – $49.00 $49.00

Medela Glass Bottles – $19.95 $19.95

Bib for Baby Carrier – $21.00 $21.00

Bib Set Boy $44.00 $44.00

Onesie Boys Organic Gift Set – 0-3 Months $45.00 $45.00

Organic Gift Set Socks $25.00 $25.00

Prince Socks – $26.00 $26.00

Robeez Lil’ Horses Brown – 0-6 months $32.00 $32.00

Loved Gift Set in a Suitcase – 0-3 mos $79.00 $79.00

Subtotal: $1339.92 

She wound up with pretty much one of everything. For some reason, she didn’t feel a bit guilty about spending extra money, maybe because a lot of what she bought had to do with caring for her tummy and breasts. She really liked the stuff she bought there, too, like glass bottles which Dr. Ludwig had specified she preferred for storing breast milk and feeding the baby because they didn’t know what chemicals he might be sensitive to in plastic ones. When she was done there, Sookie did a search on Olian, which was one of the designers she had liked at Nordstrom’s, and she found Figure 8 which turned out to have a lot of nursing clothes. Knowing she may be nursing for the next 2 years or longer, she bought:


Olian 5 Piece Nursing PJ Set with Baby Outfit Pink Animal Print Item# 111361 M 1 $115.00

Angelina Maternity Gown Black Item# 111020 M 1 $149.00

Olian 4 piece Nursing PJ set with Baby Outfit Multi-Color Print Item# 109500 L 1 $93.00

Take Me Home Mom & Baby Nursing PJ Set Blue Item# 108970 M 1 $78.00

Vivian Nursing Top Fuschia Floral Print Item# 109260 M 1 $79.00

Olian Jasper Nursing Dress Blue Abstract Print Item# 111580 M 1 $125.00

Maternal America Blooming Maternity Dress Black Item# 111700 M 1 $145.00

Maternal America Blooming Maternity Dress Magenta Item# 111701 M 1 $145.00

Majamas Cozy Dress – Organic Black Item# 111940 M 1 $60.00

Majamas Cozier Dress Cocoa Item# 107850 M 1 $58.00

The Sleepy Dress – Organic Black Item# 107840 M 1 $60.00

The Sleepy Dress Merlot Item# 100084 M 1 $59.00

Glamourmom Nursing Bra Slip Dress Ruby Red Item# 107671 M 1 $44.00

Glamourmom Nursing Bra Slip Dress Black Item# 107670 M 1 $44.00

JessicaScott A Nightie to Remember – Organic Licorice Item# 105320 M 1 $95.00

Cupcake Maternity Tank Fuchsia Item# 108871 (Clearance) S 1 $23.00

Deloris Lace Evening Maternity Dress Black/Silver Item# 108780 (Clearance) M 1 $92.00

JR Aero Maternity Bermuda Indigo Item# 108800 (Clearance) M 1 $25.00

Skye Obi Nursing Tank Violet Item# 101924 (Clearance) S 1 $39.00

Yummie Tummie Nursing T Tank Black Item# 111840 M 1 $76.00

Bravado Essential Nursing Bra Tank Ruby Item# 103895 34D/E 1 $44.00

Bravado Essential Nursing Bra Tank Black Item# 103890 34 D/E 1 $44.00

Bravado Nursing Tank Shrug Black Item# 105890 S/M 1 $25.00

Bravado Nursing Tank Shrug White Item# 105891 S/M 1 $25.00

Glamourmom Nursing Bra Long Tank Strawberry Item# 105195 M 1 $39.00

Glamourmom Nursing Bra Long Tank Midnight Blue Item# 105192 M 1 $39.00

Glamourmom Lace Hem Nursing Bra Top Dusty Rose Item# 102710 M 1 $39.00

Bella Materna Anytime Nursing Cami Slate Blue Item# 108061 34E/F 1 $62.00

Bella Materna Anytime Nursing Cami Black Item# 108060 34C/D 1 $72.00

Esme Soft Modal Rib Cami Chemise Salmon/Mocha Item# 105912 M 1 $53.00

Lotus Nursing Baby Doll and Lounge Pant Set Black/Pearl Item# 111271 M 1 $105.00

Lotus Nursing Chemise Black/Pearl Item# 108770 M 1 $66.00

The Dakota Pant Black Item# 111490 L 1 $46.00

Wrap Nursing Top w/ Crop Pants Pink Item# 104900 M 1 $59.00

Wrap Nursing Top w/ Crop Pants Hot Pink Item# 104903 M 1 $59.00

La Leche League Wendy PJ Raspberry Item# 108320 M 1 $48.00

Motherlove More Milk Plus Capsules Item# 102840 (Final Sale) 60 Capsules 1 $24.00

Motherlove Lactation Pack Item# 102940 (Final Sale) One Size 1 $22.00

Total Merchandise: $2,475.00

“Holy shit, Sookie!”

“I know, Bobbie – how do people afford having a baby?”

“They aren’t able to have everything you have. Your situation is ideal. If Eric wasn’t loaded, you’d have to learn to do with less.”

“That’s the way I grew up. Maybe I’m overdoing it?”

“I say buy it now, and then when it comes in, you, Alicia and I will go through it and weed out anything you don’t love. Some of this stuff is on clearance and might not be available later.”

“Ok. I guess…”

She was asleep when Eric got home but he woke her and they had their bath together, though he insisted that they take it easy sexually. She wasn’t happy with it but he did agree to do the gently-while-she-falls-asleep thing that she loved so that  made her happy.

Friday: Alicia filled a new prescription for a different sedative that was much milder. Sookie still slept most of the day, but she was awake that night. Before Alicia left for the day, she had Sookie try on her dresses for the two formal events they had coming up. The dress for the Sheriff’s Ball was now out of the question – she couldn’t get it on, even though it was a size bigger than she normally took. She started to get nervous until she tried on her back-up dress and Bobbie and Alicia agreed it was a better dress anyway.

“Seriously, Sookie, the other dress was pretty, but you’re going to look like a Greek Goddess in this one.” Bobbie assured her.

“And, remember, it’s roomy. You’ve still got a week to grow before the ball and we know for sure that this one will still fit.” Alicia was good at getting to the point.

They were taking a backup for the New Orleans dress, too, but it looked great and the cut would be forgiving if Sookie’s belly got bigger between now and then so they thought they were safe on that one. In a pinch, Sookie could wear the new red dress for Vegas in New Orleans, too, though that was a very last resort. She LOVED the pretty Goddess style pink dress for New Orleans so she’d keep her fingers crossed that it would work. Bobbie teased her because both the main dresses for this trip looked like something you’d see in a Greek or Roman sculpture.

“Well, at least I’ll know Eric will like them:”

“Eric will be out of his mind and people will be blown away. You’re going to be the living archetype of the Earth Mother Goddess in both of those dresses. He’s going to be showing you off like crazy,” Bobbie assured her.

Since she didn’t have to worry about her weight now, Sookie and Bobbie decided to be bad, so Bobbie made popcorn with lots of butter and parmesan cheese – Sookie had never heard of such a thing, but LOVED it – and they watched an old Western Sookie remembered watching with her dad called Cat Ballou, which featured a very young Jane Fonda. They laughed all the way through it, especially enjoying Jackson, the young Indian farm hand who acts as sidekick to Kid Shaleen. The movie channel host talked about Lee Marvin winning an Oscar for his role as the Kid and they were both impressed because he was really funny. Bobbie laughed so hard when he tried to pull his gun and ripped his pants that she nearly fell off the bed. After the movie they broke out the computer.

It was Friday night, so it was FAO Schwartz, where she had three gift certificates totaling $1750.00:

Thor Super Deformed Plush by Comic Images$5.99

Baby Animals Flip-a-Face Book by SAMi $8.95

Blue Hooded Towel by Elegant Baby $32

Fireboat Felix by WOW Toys $16

Elephant Soft Rocker by ALEX Jr $125

Classic ABC Block Cart by Melissa & Doug $15

Clifford ® BE BIG Sturdy Board Nesting Blocks$25

Soft Dinosaur Storage/Play Ball Pit by K’s Kids $92

Hopscotch Giraffe Plush by Baby Gund $50

Sidney School Bus by WOW Toys $25

Safari Chunky Puzzle by Melissa & Doug $10

Farm Fuzzy Puzzle by Melissa & Doug $12

Shapes Sound Puzzle by Melissa & Doug $13

Bear Tales Growth Chart by Baby Gund $45

Chomp and Clack Gator Push Toy by Melissa & Doug $50

‘Barefoot Singalong’ – A Barefoot Books Gift Collection $100

Spelling Blocks Set by Elegant Baby $30

Rocking Horse Photo Album by Elegant Baby$27

Blue Baby Blanket by Elegant Baby $42

Deep Sea Diver Mobile by North American Bear $50

Baby’s First Book – Gift Edition by Barefoot Books $19.99

‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?’ Plush Character $18

Little Uglys Gift Set: Series 3 by Uglydoll $64

Comicon ‘Hidden Poe’ by Uglydoll $30

NY Central Flyer Train Set by Lionel $425

Kiana Soft Doll By Gund$18

Baby Talk Flip-a-Face Book by Sami $8.95

‘Adventure Stories From Far and Wide’

Barefoot Books Gift Collection $140

‘Faerie Magic’ – A Barefoot Books Gift Set $32

‘Tales from Celtic Lands’ with Two Story CDs

from Barefoot Books $21.99

‘The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems’ from Barefoot Books $19.99

‘The Prince’s Bedtime’ from Barefoot Books $16.99

Merchandise Total: $ 1,594.86

Estimated Standard Shipping: $ 158.89

Estimated Order Total: $ 1,747.74

“Wow – that was not easy.”

“They didn’t have as big of a selection as I expected,” Bobbie agreed, “and you have to use your gift certificates before they expire.”

“I got some stuff he would want eventually, though. What boy wouldn’t love a train set?” Sookie laughed.

“I just have this picture of Eric pulling a Gomez Addams and blowing it up.” Bobbie laughed and Sookie cracked up.

.”Anybody awake?” Bjorn heard the girls laughing and wanted to see how Sookie was doing so he was standing on the stairs just below the landing. He didn’t want to surprise Sookie if she wasn’t dressed.

“Hey, Bjorn, come on up.” Sookie said.

He bounded up the last few steps and was relieved to see Sookie in one of Eric’s t-shirts, “Hey, ladies – what’s so funny?”

“Did you ever watch the Addams Family, Bjorn?” Bobbie asked.

“With Uncle Fester – yeah.”

“Sookie just ordered a train set for the baby and we had an image of Eric blowing it up the way Gomez used to.”

Bjorn cracked up. “Yes, I can see that. Any son of Eric’s will have to learn about explosives, you know.” They all laughed. “Wait – you bought a train set for a baby?”

“I had a gift certificate I had to use and they didn’t have a big selection.”

“Oh, OK…”

“Why are you home so early? It’s only 12:45.” Bobbie said.

“Fangtasia was raided. They didn’t find anything, but Eric said fuck it and sent everybody home. He and Bill will be here in a few minutes. They were still closing up when I took Felicia home. I thought for a minute he was going to get arrested but he scared the shit out of the cops and they let him go.”

“What did he do?” Sookie was worried now.

“He told them to stop fucking harassing his customers. He said they’d pulled this shit 3 times this year and found nothing but a little sex in the bathrooms and he was getting tired of being hassled because they were bigoted against Vamps.”

“Oh, no…”

“He’s OK – this one young cop started toward him and his fangs came out and the guy literally turned and ran. It was so stupid – they didn’t even have any Weres with them. These regular sized human cops thought they were going to cuff Eric? The whole precinct couldn’t take Eric down!” They all cracked up, knowing that was literally true.

“What’s so funny?” Eric wasn’t mad, but he wasn’t pleased either.

“I was just telling them what happened.” Bjorn said as Eric went around him into the bedroom.

“Eric, are you alright?” Sookie was still concerned.

“I’m fine but I may have to sue the police department for harassment.” Bobbie got up and let Eric onto his side of the bed and he bent to kiss Sookie, then stroked her cheek with the backs of his fingers. His voice softened “How are you feeling, my Angel?”

“I’m feeling fine and I’m actually awake. The new meds don’t seem to be knocking me out the way the others did.”

“Good – how is your blood pressure.”

“Bobbie – it was OK, wasn’t it?”

Bobbie was in the hallway kissing Bill but she turned to answer her. “It’s still high but nothing like it was. We’re going to go on up – have a good night, everybody.”

“Good night, Bobbie! Thanks!”

“I’m going to get some sleep. Good night.” Bjorn was down the stairs before Sookie could even get her “Good Night!” out. He didn’t want to piss Eric off and he was already in a bad mood.

“I’m sorry you had a bad night, Sweetie.” Sookie stroked Eric’s cheek and he kissed the palm of her hand then stood up.

Eric was already getting undressed. “Fucking cops. They’re selling drugs in every bar in Louisiana tonight but they raid my bar, where the strongest thing we serve is AB positive. Assholes.” He looked at Sookie and saw how big her eyes were. “I’m sorry, Dear One, I shouldn’t bring this home to you. I need to focus on what is important. How are you and my son feeling tonight?”

“Your son has been pretty mellow until now. Ever since you got here he’s been wanting to kick someone’s ass. Ow!”

Eric closed his eyes and focused on he bond. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! He laughed and shook his head. “My boy the Viking warrior!” He smiled at Sookie then he closed his eyes again and said to himself, “my boy.”

Sookie beamed at him. Sending back and forth with the baby immediately grounded Eric and calmed him down. When he was undressed, he crawled into bed with Sookie and rested his cheek on the baby bump. The baby wiggled and let Eric know he knew Daddy was there. Sookie stroked Eric’s hair and let him commune with Eric Alexander. She couldn’t wait until the three of them were here together, in this bed, Baby E out and able to play with them.

“I can’t wait either, my Angel.”


“I can’t wait, either.”

“Eric, did you just read my mind?”

“I don’t know – did I?”

“I think you did. That’s weird.”

“You know, Sookie, I was thinking – we need to start writing these things down and keeping track of them. There may be a pattern or some other influence that we are missing.”

“Good idea. It might help us sort all this energy stuff out.” Sookie reached into her drawer and scribbled a little note on her steno pad.

“Alright, now snuggle with me.”

Sookie laughed. “Snuggle with you?”

“Yes, I need to shake off the events of the day and the only place to do that is in your arms, listening to you breathe and the baby’s heart beat.”

“Aww – Sweetie.” She pulled the t-shirt she was wearing over her head and off. They both scooted down under the covers, Sookie moving down a little so she wasn’t up on the wedge so high that she couldn’t snuggle. He took her in his arms and rested his cheek against her hair, enjoying the warmth of her skin and the sweet scent of her hair and her neck as he nuzzled against them. She could feel him begin to let go and she sent as much love and comfort through the bond as she could. Baby E was sending COMFORT and PRIDE to his Daddy, who was bouncing it right back to him.

“Better now?” Sookie whispered.

“Yes, my Lover, everything is much better now that I am with the two of you. Being away from you both is becoming more painful. I was short-tempered all night, even before the police busted in. Bill and I went over the second set of books from Madden’s territory and I wished the bastard were alive so I could kill him again,” he laughed a little but she knew he meant it.

“It’s all getting better, now, Eric. You and Bill are getting it sorted out and New Orleans will be better for it. That fundraiser we’re going to hold will give it all a big boost and you can generate enough cash and energy to get everything on track, right?”

“Right. Bill is going to New Orleans on Monday to engage some new contractors and they should be on the job by the time we get there. Pam gets back tomorrow night, and that will be a relief.”

“Is Bill still going to the Sheriff’s Ball?”

“Yes, but he won’t get to Vegas until Friday. He and Bobbie will get to attend the Ball together and then the four of us will go to New Orleans on the following Tuesday and the fundraiser is that Friday.”

“That’s weird how the two events are so close together.”

“Well, that’s because the two kingdoms were functioning separately. Now that I’m in charge of both, they’ll be cooperating and our schedule will be adjusted to accommodate our family.”

“We have a lot of events scheduled for the late Fall and Winter. The baby will be born then – are we going to take him to things like that?”

“Possibly. It will depend on when he sleeps and whether there is benefit to his being there. We’ll take it one event at a time and do what is most convenient. Be aware, though, Sookie, that once they use us as the new face of the Vampire community, people will insist on seeing him. There has never been a Vampire Prince so far as anyone seems to know. He’s going to be the first of his kind in more ways than one.”

“Yeah, I guess. I just feel weird about it – the idea of taking a baby to a Ball or something like that.”

“Picture this, my Angel: a band is playing a soft romantic song, and there we are dancing, you and me and our child held between us. You must admit, that’s a picture that would melt the iciest heart. The media will eat it up. If I were on the Council, I’d want to make the most of that potential good will.”

“You think you ever will be? On the Council, I mean?”

“It’s a strong possibility that you or I could move up to the Council when our son is old enough to be King.”

“Me? Why me?”

“Niall’s seat will stay in your family, Lover. If he were to pass before our son is old enough to take his seat, it would go to you or to me until he was old enough to serve.”

“It would go to you, you mean…”

“No, it would probably go to you. If you refused it, I might serve in your stead, but it would by rights be yours. My only eligibility would be as your consort.”

“My consort?”

“Yes – your mate. The seat must stay in your family line, so I would merely be a placeholder if you chose not to serve.”

“What does it mean to serve?”

“No one but a member of the Council could tell you that. Their rituals are completely secret. They control a lot of wealth and have their hands in politics at all levels but the functions of it are very mysterious. You know, my Angel, it is possible you could be elevated to the Pantheon if Freyja so chooses.”

“That… I… you mean…?”

“Yes, Sookie, I mean you might actually become a Goddess in your own right and not just a manifestation of a pre-existing ancient Goddess. It happens very rarely but it does happen and at the rate things are aligning, who knows?”

“Would I have a choice?”

“If there were a choice to be made, you made it before you were born into that body. If life were a roller coaster, you gave the man your ticket and you’re strapped into the car. The only thing to do at this point is to live through it.

“That’s a lot to think about.”

“Then don’t. Whether it will be or not already is and it wouldn’t happen for many years, anyway. Make up your mind to enjoy the ride no matter where it takes us. I can see you enjoying all of the attention you would get at a royal function as you walked around with the Prince in your arms, saying hello to all the other regents and guests. Our lives might not be easy, but they could be a lot of fun if we approach it with a positive attitude. I know I will enjoy holding my son in my arms and introducing him to other elite Supes. I’ll be the envy of every undead Vampire. Our son will be adored by everyone who sees him. They will sell plates with pictures of the three of us on them,” he laughed.

“I’m glad you think it’s funny.”

“Sookie, if anyone starts selling Prince Eric Alexander t-shirts, that’s money in his pocket. We’ll make sure he gets a piece of the action.” Eric was really laughing now.

“Eric – you went from being pissed off to being almost giddy. What’s going on with you?”

“I don’t know, Sookie. I am… overwhelmed, I suppose. All of this change is a lot, even for me. I admire you for handling it all so well. I’m so busy trying to peel away the layers and figure out who is pulling which string that some nights I look up and realize that my life is as good as it could possibly be and I should be overjoyed instead of apprehensive. I think I made a decision a few minutes ago to enjoy our life and not worry. There is always something to worry about – we will do our best, love each other and our son and deal with problems when they arise. In the end, that’s all anyone can do.”

“You just decided that?”

“Yes, apparently I did.”

“Just now?”


“In this bed?”

“Yes, my Lover, just now, in this bed, in your arms, listening to the miraculous sound of my son’s heart beating inside you.”

Sookie reached up and stroked his cheek and his chin. She rose up a little and pulled her hair to the side, tilting her head away and exposing her neck to him. He took in a deep whiff of her scent and drove his fangs into her neck, his hand cradling her head, his other hand squeezing her bottom, then slipping between her legs in time to enjoy the contractions of the orgasm that began as soon as he bit her. He rolled onto his back so he could reach his pants on the floor and pulled a knife out of his pocket. She latched onto his nipple and sucked until she realized he had the knife and her eyes grew wide and shone brightly.

‘She looks like a Vampire,’ he thought as he cut the artery in his neck and she pounced on the wound. She was sucking hard as he pulled her astraddle him, raising her bottom and impaling her on his cock. She whimpered as the wound in his throat drew closed. She moved her mouth downward to tease his nipple with her teeth but soon she had her hands braced against his cool marble shoulders concentrating all of her effort into the movement of her center as it devoured him over and over.

She dug her fingernails into his shoulder as he growled and smacked her bottom hard. She cried out in pain and surprise but it only made her wilder. He smiled to himself – she liked it. He smacked her bottom hard again in the same spot, and she yelped but she kept pounding onto him frantically, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, three more hard hits and her nervous system couldn’t tell the pain from the pleasure anymore as she began to come. He flipped her on her back and drove into her, pinning her wrists over her head and she let out a strangled sound that was somewhere between a scream and a howl and ended sobbing and gasping for breath as he slowed and enjoyed the final contractions from her orgasm.

He moved as if he was going to get up but she said “no!” and wrapped her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. “Stay inside me. Don’t leave me, please.”

“Shh, Sookie, I’m not going anywhere. I’m right here. I’ve got you, little one, It’s all right.”

He held her tight and began to take slow strokes in and out of her. He was noticing a pattern. She liked to be pushed, even hurt a little, and then she wanted to be comforted as she clung to him tightly. That was a perfect reaction as far as he was concerned. Punishment should always be quickly followed with love and acceptance. Her natural sexual instincts were to be submissive. She couldn’t be more perfect for him. She liked pain as long as it was followed with assurances that she was loved.

He looked at her, watching her face as she began to relax a little and she finally realized that he was watching her.

“What? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, my Angel, that was very, very good. Do you still want to be trained?”

“Yes, please.”

“You have to do what I say, then, in every context. I may make you do things you think are silly or pointless, but your job is to do exactly as you’re told or else.”

“Or else what?”

“Or else you’ll be punished. Small physical punishments at first, but they’ll get more severe after the baby is born. Are you sure it’s what you want?”


“Alright, here are some rules we’ll start with. You are NEVER to have an orgasm when not with me, is that clear?”


“If you slip and disobey me, or you have a dream that makes you come, or anything happens that causes you to come when I am not with you, you must confess to me immediately when you see me next and be punished.”


“I mean it, Sookie – even minor reactions must be reported to me. If you see or hear or smell or taste or touch anything that causes your pussy to throb, you have to tell me.”

“I will. I promise.”

“Even if it’s a thought of me, you have to tell me.”

“Oh, OK… So if my mind… wanders…”

“I want a full accounting of every time your little pink center throbs over anything or anyone when you are not in my presence. Understand?”


“When you answer me, you will use my name. Understand?”

“Yes, Eric.”

“Good girl.” He kissed her and started really pumping in and out of her. When he could tell she was starting to come, he asked “Who do you belong to.”

“You, Eric, I belong to you forever.” She must have loved saying that because she came again immediately. Her eyes were closed as she was catching her breath.

“Sookie, do you want to sleep or do you want to take a bath.”

“Bath,” YAWN. “then sleep.”

He laughed and went to fill the tub. He used a new perfumed bubble bath Pam bought for them and then he lit candles and turned off the lights. He came back out and dimmed the lights in the bedroom with the switch in the headboard, and scooped Sookie up as she threw her arms around his neck. He levitated them so that they floated gently down into the tub together because he didn’t feel like letting her go.

“Mmmm – it smells good in here. Is this a new bubble bath?”

“Yes, Pam bought it for us. She said it would remind us of Marilyn Monroe.”

“Really? Is it Chanel No. 5?”

“Yes – you know of it?”

“Yes, someone asked her what she wore to bed one time and she said “Chanel No. 5.””

“Implying she slept naked with only perfume on her skin?”


“I knew I liked that woman,” he laughed.

“Do you like the scent? I bought a big bottle of the perfume when we were in Las Vegas, I just haven’t used it.”

“Mmmm – I don’t know if it’s possible for you to smell any better, but wear a little to bed tonight and let’s see how we like it. I love perfume and this bath smells very fine.”


“Yes, fine – expensive, good quality, pretty, feminine – all the good things one associates with refinement.”

“OK, good to know.” She was nuzzling his neck. “Sometimes I feel like I can’t get close enough to you. I wish I could crawl inside you.”

“I know the feeling. That’s why I crawl inside you every chance I get.” He wiggled his eyebrows and she laughed, nipping at his neck. “I’ve already had you many times tonight and I feel like I could have you many more, too. Maybe some day we will go to a country where it stays dark for months at a time and find out how many times we can fuck without stopping for daylight.”

Sookie laughed. “If only I didn’t need to sleep now and then. At some point, I guess I’d get sore – but you know, it seems like I would now, as much as we have sex but I don’t.”

“My emission keeps you from getting sore.”

“Emission? Oh, you mean… It does?”

“Yes, it’s very nearly blood and so it has the same healing properties as my blood. You could never have this much sex with a human, even if he were able, which of course no human could be. It’s not that you have never been injured when we have sex, it’s that those injuries heal almost immediately.”

“Another advantage of fucking Vampires, huh?”

“Yes, of course. It’s why human politicians hate us so much. They’re afraid when their women find out how much better we are in bed, your race will die out.” He was laughing, but Sookie had a feeling he wasn’t entirely kidding.

“You wouldn’t want the human race to die out, though…?”

“Of course not – from whom would we feed?”

“Well, that’s something I guess. I’m just thinking though – I can remember a few times I was sure something hurt more than it probably should have but I didn’t have any problems later…”

“You’ve been hurt at times. You’ve had small tears, abrasions, bleeding but it doesn’t last more than a few minutes. With our relative sizes injuries are almost a given, but you don’t suffer from them or have lasting effects.”

“Yeah, the only bad after effects is that I occasionally have some sore muscles, but that’s from rolling around with a guy as big as you.”

“If I were not Vampire you would have many more bad after affects from being with someone as big as me. You are a small girl. I’m larger than most men – much larger in some respects.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…”

“Do you doubt that?”

“No, I know it’s true – I’ve talked to other women about it.”

“About “it”? Sookie, have you talked to other women about my penis?”

“Yes, and we all agree it’s huge.”

Eric laughed long and hard … as it were.

“Sookie, exactly whom have you told that my cock is huge?” He was enjoying this entirely too much.

“Just a few women…”





“Your co-worker?”

“I’m not sure she knew I was talking about you, but she probably did because she said something once about my big, big, Vampire boyfriend when you came in.”

“Anyone else?”

“Pam – but she already knew, of course, we just…”


“We were sort of…”


“Bragging on it… on you, I mean.”

Everyone in and outside of the house could hear Eric’s laughter. He was still chuckling to himself as he washed her hair and then she washed his. He clipped her hair up as the water drained and he picked up a bottle of lotion with the same scent as the bubble bath. He gently massaged her all over, rubbing the lotion slowly into her damp skin until it was all absorbed and she was soft and scented with Chanel No. 5 right down to her little toes. He took such a long time massaging her with the lotion that she began to fall asleep. He just loved touching her soft hot skin. He finally, gently patted her with a towel and tucked her into their bed. She was asleep before her head hit the pillow.

Eric went to his office. His first call was to Marcel DuPont in Area 3.

“Yes, your majesty?”

“Marcel, are you situated in Sabrina’s office now?”

“Yes, sire and we will be sure that she is out of the territories by the weekend.”

“Alright, now I’m authorizing you to seize her assets and try to get back the tribute she was skimming off her subjects. I expect them to have full restitution plus 20%. If her holdings won’t cover what they’re owed we will petition her new regent wherever she settles and demand that she pay it off. Call any time if you need help.”

“Yes, your majesty, I will see that it is done.”

“Thank you.”

The next call was to Sandy.

“Yes, your majesty?”

“Good evening, Sandy. First, I want you to notify your sheriffs that Sabrina Maxwell has been banished from my territories.”

“You’re kidding? Why?”

“She was stealing from her subjects, charging double tribute to some of them. I’ve given her until Sunday to get out of my territories. Tell all your people to be on the look out for her and make sure the Palace staff knows that she’s to have no admittance there. I expect her to try and trade on her previous relationships wih Felipe and Victor. I’ll be exceedingly displeased if she finds quarter anywhere in my Kingdom.”

“Yes, your majesty. I’ll see that all the guards, Sheriffs and household staff are aware of her change in status.”

“Alright, then. Anything you need my help with?”

“I’m having the papers drawn up to sell that bar we had an offer on – it’s a fair offer and will relieve a major headache for this office.”

“Ok , then, we’ll take care of that first thing Tuesday night.”

“Thank you, your majesty.”

“Good night, Sandy.”

Eric zipped down to the kitchen on the first floor where Bill was waiting for him. It had become their habit to check in with each other here at the kitchen table just before sunrise.

“Marcel DuPont is in Sabrina’s office and I authorized him to seize her assets and try to get restitution plus 20% for her subjects. Sandy is putting her people on notice. Have you talked to the New Orleans office yet?”

“Yes, I called them earlier tonight and notified them of her new status. There’s an official release going out tomorrow to all the sheriffs in the Louisiana Territories. Did she give you any idea where she is going to go?”

“No, but she’ll probably have to apply to the Council to get any other regent to accept her. She’s ruined her career for the next century or two.”

“I can’t imagine that she thought she’d get away with it.”

“She thought she had Victor and Felipe wrapped around her finger. It never occurred to her that they were on their way out, or that I was about to move up – she made several serious miscalculations.”

“Well, if you don’t need me anymore tonight, I’m going to go to rest for the day.”

“Alright, Bill, rest well.”

Eric went to his resting place. He didn’t get his time in the nursery this night but he and the baby bounced love back and forth to each other and Baby E fell asleep just before his Daddy did.


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  1. Wow…What a lovely surprise to see today. I love your stories and have read this several times. You have so much information on magic both real and fanciful. This world you have created is very real to me. Thank you so much for not forgetting about this and your faithful readers.


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