LATE Chapter 068

Blue, Blue Eyes



“Sookie, the baby is asking for you…”

“Oh, really? What’s he saying?” Sookie had an idea of what Eric was going to say.

“Mommy, I need a new diaper.” Eric laughed. Bjorn and Bobby laughed, too, as Sookie just shook her head at him.

“I thought you were going to do some of that, Daddy?”

“I will if you are asleep and he needs me, but you are wide awake.”

“I just gave birth to him, Eric, I’m kind of tired, you know…”

“Give him to me, I’ll take him – we’ve got the diaper changing station all set up,” Bobbie said. Eric let her take the baby and she went into the nursery with him.

“Wow – that was fast – he was just born!” Bjorn said.

“Yes, but he’s been feeding. He’ll go a lot while he’s being breast fed, but it won’t be too bad at first. Later on, when he starts eating solid food is when it will be really bad,” Sookie explained.

“When will that be?” Eric asked.

“When he’s got teeth. Right now he’s just gums and fangs, but he couldn’t manage solids even if he had teeth. You know what I wonder?”

“What is that?” Eric asked.

“Well, he grew really fast in the womb – like 3 times as fast as he normally would have. Do you think he’ll grow faster now that he’s born?”

“Good question. I have no idea. It may be slower now that he is not bathed in our blood.”

“Good point.”

“I’ll bet he grows faster than normal, though,” Bjorn said. “Like not freakishly, but I had human classmates who were 6’3″ when they were 13 or 14. I’ll bet he’s fast like that.”

“These were normal human boys?” Eric asked.

“Yes, completely normal. They just matured early and got really big. I’ll bet he’s like that.”

“That would make sense. I just don’t want him to grow out of his baby stage too quickly. I want to be a mommy as long as I can.” Sookie said wistfully.

“You may change your mind about that after you’ve had a few months of diapers,” Bjorn teased her.

“No, I don’t think so. I want him to be a baby for as long as he’s supposed to be. Especially when he’s a toddler – they’re so much fun at that age,” Sookie said.

They could hear the baby start crying as Bobbie brought him back in. “I think he wants his mommy.”

“He couldn’t be hungry again already, could he?” Sookie said.

“It’ about 9 o’clock – that’s time for you to have an RM normally. See if he takes the breast – he won’t if he’s not hungry.”

“Wait, give him to me.” Eric said, “I want to see his fangs.” Bobbie handed him the baby and he looked into the infant’s mouth as he cried. “Nothing yet.”

Sookie took the baby from him and held him so Eric could see and she stuck her finger in his mouth as it was open. Two little fangs shot down and stabbed her finger and Eric was beside himself with pride and excitement. Sookie managed to extract her finger without hurting him and put him to her breast, where he instantly went from crying to purring.

“I told you my son would insist on being breastfed often, Sookie.”

“Yeah, you did.”

“He will feed aggressively, too.”

“You’re telling me? I’m the one he’s attached to.” She laughed.

“Doesn’t it hurt a lot, Sookie?” Bobbie asked, concerned for her.

“It’s weird – it’s like it hurts in a way, but it feels good in a way, too. I feel really close to him, like he’s still a part of me.”

“That’s good – I’ve heard other mothers say things like that.” Bobbie was relieved to hear it wasn’t unpleasant.

Eric reached for Sookie’s hand and inspected her finger. “My son has very sharp fangs,” he said with pride.

“Yes, and he sucks hard like a Vampire, too.” Sookie added.

“That’s my boy, Eric Alexander. Eat hearty – these are the finest meals of your life, my son.”

“I guess we should leave you guys alone for a while and let you enjoy the baby.”

“You don’t have to go, Bobbie – why don’t you sit down?” Sookie said.

“Yes, Bjorn, have a seat if you want.” Eric said.

“No, I think you guys need to bond a while. I was going to help Bobbie with something upstairs, if you don’t need me.”

“That’s fine, then – we’ll talk to you later.” Eric said, barely looking away from the baby.

“Oh, Bobbie, will you throw me the hot pink gown in that top drawer there?”

“This one?”

“Yeah, with the spaghetti straps. I want to wear something I can pull down easily.”

Bobbie threw Sookie the gown and closed the door behind them as Bjorn followed her upstairs where he had promised to spot her during a workout. They were going to exchange specialties – he’d help her train with free weights so she could tone up and she’d massage him. Bobbie had mentioned wanting to get in shape and Bjorn jumped at the chance to get to get more physical with her. He was really starting to like Bobbie, as well as being attracted to her. That didn’t happen often for him. He usually found himself attracted to women that weren’t all that likable.

Eric turned on his side facing Sookie, propping himself up on his elbow so he was right next to the baby. He rested his big hand on the baby’s small back then stroked him gently and tickled his little feet, watching him curl his toes. Sookie watched him and smiled. “Well, Daddy, what do you think of him now that he’s here?”

“I think he is the most perfect thing I have ever seen. I am fascinated with every part of him – look at these tiny hands with their little nails! His tiny little feet and his skin is so soft – even softer than yours! He smells so good, I want to lick him.”

Sookie laughed. “Baby smell has a strong effect on women, you know. Fertile women being around a baby can actually make them ovulate. Right now, my brain is making a chemical that responds to his scent and makes me attached to him. It’s not just an emotional thing, it’s a physical connection.”

“Yes, he will always be “your baby.”” Eric laughed, then repeated softly “My son, your baby.” He kissed the baby’s head then kissed Sookie, “I can’t stop doing that,” and as they laughed they heard the doorbell. Eric zipped to the top of the stairs and heard Margaret answer the door – it was Pam.

“Pam – we will be right down. Wait in the living room, please.”

“Yes, master.” Turning to Margaret she said, “thank you, dear, I’ll just wait here for them.” And she went in and sat on the couch. Margaret excused herself and went back into the kitchen – Pam always made her a little nervous. She wasn’t as nice as Mr. Northman always was.

Eric took the baby and Sookie insisted on walking and gradually the little family made their way down the stairs. Eric walked proudly into the living room and Pam stood up as he entered. “Well, I see I have a little brother.” Pam smiled.

“Yes, Pam, how does he seem to you?” He held the baby so Pam could get a whiff of him and she licked his little head.

“Like baby Vampire – but a particularly sweet Vampire – he’ll stand out with that scent, but it is definitely a Vampire scent.”

“That is a relief. I could not tell.”

“Hey, Pam!”

“Sookie! You are well?”

“Yes, I’m fine. Eric’s blood has me on the mend.”

“Lovely – he’s very sweet, this little blood sucker. Speaking of which, when will he begin to take blood?”

“He already is,” Eric said proudly, “he has sharp, tiny little fangs.” He held the baby so Pam could see and stuck his finger in as Sookie had and Pam could see two needle-like fangs pop down. “You see?”

“Yes – so he’s feeding on Sookie? Like father, like son,” she laughed. “Well, I’m going to head on home. I wanted to see the little creature before I did anything else. Everyone in Vegas was buzzing about him. Are you still going to New Orleans?”

“Yes, we’re going to drive down Wednesday.”

“I might decide to tag along, if you don’t mind.”

“Alright – you’d need to shelter here Wednesday so we can leave as soon as we awake.”

“I’ll come by after Fangtasia closes Tuesday if you don’t mind me joining you in your little room downstairs.”

“That will be fine – we’ll see you then.”

Pam actually stopped and kissed the baby, winked at Sookie and left. Sookie and Eric both looked at each other and said, in unison, “Margaret!”

They headed into the kitchen with the baby. Margaret was making some food for Sookie to eat later on and getting ready to close down the kitchen. “Margaret – you have not met Eric Alexander!” Eric carried him proudly over so she could get a good look at him.

“Oh, what a little Angel!”

“Yeah, just don’t stick your finger in his mouth.” Sookie said, “He’s got fangs.”

“You’re kidding?” Margaret was shocked. “Already?”

“Yes, no other teeth, just fangs. They’re really kind of cute.” Sookie assured her.

“Well, he’s a beauty, even so. Look at all that blonde hair and those blue eyes. He looks just like you both.”

“You can be honest, Margaret, he looks just like Eric.” Sookie laughed.

“Well, yes, but that’s only right that a boy should look like his father. He’s got those blue eyes and that strong chin and hair just like his daddy. He’s just gorgeous, Missus. It’s going to be so nice to see him grow up.”

“It smells good in here – what have you been cooking?”

“I fried chicken for the gardeners and guards so I made extra for you. There are mashed potatoes and gravy as well and a strawberry pecan cake I baked to celebrate.”

“Ooh – that sounds delicious!”

“Would you like me to make you a plate, Missus?”

“Yes, if you don’t mind. I know you were just cleaning up, but…”

“You have a seat at the table and I’ll get you a plate straight away. I’ll get you one of those RMs you like, Mr. Northman. I even sterilized a bottle in case you wanted to give a bit to the baby.”

“Oh – good idea! Yeah, let’s try that – next time he wants to feed I’ll see if he likes it.”

“Should you do that so early?” Eric asked as he sat down in his chair, still holding the now sleeping baby.

“Well, it won’t be an ‘all the time’ thing, it’s just to see if he likes it at all. There might be a time when you’d want to have him with you without me there to feed him and this way you’d know you could give him RM.”

“It will take a day or two before her milk really comes in, Mr. Northman and it’s good to give him a little formula until then.”

“Milk comes in? Isn’t it there already?” Sookie asked

“No, not yet. They’ll fill up like you won’t believe in the next day or two.”

“Fill up? As in, get bigger?”

“Oh, yes, Missus, they’ll be quite a bit bigger while you breast feed. You’ll see.”

Eric smiled to himself but he knew better than to say anything.

“Did you know about this?” Sookie asked Eric.

“I read something to that effect on the Internet.”

“But they’re already huge – surely they can’t get much bigger?”

“You’ll know for sure in a day or two.” Eric said, trying not to laugh.

“You’re pretty pleased about this, aren’t you, Northman?”

“Oh, yes, I’m looking forward to it even more than Eric Alexander is.”

“They’re going to get bigger than this?” Sookie said to herself, hands weighing her breasts. “They’re already huge!”

Margaret set a plate of fried chicken and all the fixin’s in front of Sookie and she quickly forgot about her chest. She dug in and Eric continued to hold the baby as he slept curled up in his big arm, playing with his little hands that were still trying to grip his fingers, even in his sleep.

“You know what we forgot to do, Eric?” Sookie said between bites.

“Forgot? No, what?”

“We need to make prints of his feet, in case we need them for identification.”

“Is that the usual procedure?”

“Yeah, it’s good to have it in case, Goddess forbid, he were to be lost or kidnapped – it’s a sure way to identify him.”

“What do we need for that? Ink and paper, I assume?”

“Yeah, do you have an ink pad in your office?”

“Yes, I do”

“We should make prints of his feet, take a couple of pictures and keep them in the safe, just in case.”

Eric nodded. “Yes, that’s a good idea. Best to take every precaution. We’ll do that when you are done eating.”

“Is there anything else I can get you, Missus?”

“Oh, no, Margaret – thank you so much for staying so late and feeding everybody.”

“Oh, my pleasure. I wasn’t about to go home without seeing little Alex. He’s just beautiful – the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen.”

“Thank you, Margaret!” Eric was still about to burst with pride as Margaret cooed to the little baby, who was awake in Eric’s arms now and looking at everything with big eyes.

Margaret excused herself for the evening and Sookie finished her dinner and put the dishes in the dishwasher then Eric carried the baby and her upstairs, one in each strong arm. Sookie took the baby into the nursery while Eric went to get the stamp pad and some paper, plus his little spy camera. Sookie dug through one of the storage cubbies and found the baby book she had for Alex, and she took it over to the changing table with her. Laying it down then putting the baby down gently, she kept one hand on him as she found a place to put his footprints.

“Sookie, should we use black or red?”

“Black is best, probably.”

“What book is that?”

“It’s a baby book to keep track of little milestones in Alex’s life – his first words, a lock of his hair, things like that. I thought it would be nice to put foot prints in there, too.”

“Alright, I also brought paper for the ones for the safe and my little camera so we can print a couple of pictures of him to put in there. Before we mess up his feet, I want to take your picture with him.”

“OK, good idea. Here, I’ll hold him up.” Sookie picked him up and held him facing Eric and the camera, a huge smile on her face. Eric took a couple of pictures and then Sookie said, “Now let me take one of you with him, Daddy!”

Eric was more than happy to oblige, holding the baby up and giving the camera a dazzling smile. Sookie nearly melted as she was looking through the camera viewfinder. “You two look so sweet. I want one of these framed.”

Eric took the camera back and motioned for Sookie to sit on his lap opposite the arm he held the baby in. He held the camera out and took a couple of shots of the three of them snuggled together.

“Alright, now let’s do those prints.” Eric said after he snapped the last couple of shots.

“Great. Let’s try the ones on paper first in case we mess up.” Sookie pressed the baby’s little feet on the ink pad, then they pressed them each to paper backed by the baby book.

“That looks pretty good,” Sookie said and Eric agreed. “Let’s make one more set, then put them in the book and then we’ll clean his little feet off –cos he’s got messy feet! Messy feet! Messy feet!” She teased the baby.

“He likes that, Sookie, he is laughing.” Eric laughed

“I’m pretty sure that had to be gas,” Sookie said.

“Didn’t he laugh at you once while he was in the womb?”

“Yeah, more than once, actually.”

“He is laughing. Are you laughing, my son?”

The baby threw his arm up and made the sound he made when he saw Eric. Eric and Sookie both felt “FIGHT!” and cracked up.

“OK, I give up – he’s laughing. He’s pretty advanced. Once he learns how to control his limbs and such he’ll be something. That will probably take a while, though.”

They made the next two sets of prints on paper, then a set in the book, and when they were satisfied Sookie suggested, “Let’s take him to the bathroom and wash his feet off – I’ll bet that ink stains but I’m glad we did the prints.”

“Yes, I am, too. I’ll put the date and his name on these and we’ll put one in the safe and one in the fireproof box on this floor. I’ll send this third one to our lawyer for safekeeping, too. Then you keep the baby book in here and that should cover us. I’ll print these pictures out and keep at least one with every copy of the prints.”

“Make me one for the book and print two more out so I can have one in the bedroom and you can have one in your hidey-hole.”

“Good idea. I’ll print these and you wash his feet, then I’ll meet you in bed.” He kissed her forehead and the baby’s, then went to his office to print the pictures.

Sookie took the baby back into their bathroom and turned the water on, making sure it wasn’t too warm for the baby. She washed his feet with soap, talking to him the whole time, but the ink stained pretty badly. She tried lathering him up several times, but she realized the worst of it was going to have to wear off. “You’re still going to have messy feet, Alex. Messy feet! Messy feet!” The baby smiled and gurgled again and she decided Eric was right – he was laughing. She carried him back into the bedroom, crawling into the bed from Eric’s side and finally settling into a cross-legged position with the baby in her lap. She smiled and talked to him, singing a little and telling him his daddy would be right back. She could hear the printer in Eric’s office and she knew he’d be back the minute the pictures were done.

“See this, Alex? This is your little bed for a while, so you’ll be right here next to mommy and I can reach you as soon as you need me. Even when I’m asleep there will be lots of people watching you and they’ll make sure you get fed right when you want it.”

The baby let out a huge yawn and rubbed his little face with his fist.

“Are you sleepy, darlin’ boy? I’ll bet you’re tired, aren’t you? Mommy’s tired, too. We’ve had a big day, haven’t we? Let’s lie down while we wait for daddy.” She put Alex in his little co-sleeper and lay down next to him, her hand on his tummy and her face right next to his.

When Eric came back in, Mommy and baby were both sound asleep. He got his camera out of his hiding place and took pictures of the two of them together. He took shot after shot after shot, from every conceivable angle. When he was done, he lay down behind Sookie, spooning tightly up against her and his hand on the baby, too. He lay perfectly still, watching Sookie and the baby sleep, amazed at the beauty of that tiny little creature. After about an hour and a half, the baby woke up fussing, and Eric woke Sookie, helping her get propped up into a safe position to feed him. She was dozing as he fed, so Eric watched closely to make sure the baby was ok. He smiled as the baby purred happily, drinking milk for a long while. At one point Sookie grimaced and Eric knew his son was taking blood. He was so proud that his little Vampire was feeding properly already – and he WAS Vampire, every bit of him as far as Eric was concerned. He knew the child would have Fae magick but that would only enhance his Vampire powers.

Eric wondered how long he would age. He was pretty sure he would age normally for a while and begin to slow down as he reached puberty. He hoped he’d be fully-grown but not old when he stopped aging. He also hoped he’d be truly immortal, and not just long-lived as the Fae were. He would have to talk to Dr. Ludwig about what might be necessary to make sure that was the case. He might need to be drained, filled and spend the night in the ground like a new Vampire at some point in the future. There was plenty of time to figure it all out, though. For right now, he would enjoy these days when he was a little Fae, a little human, yet still all Vampire as far as his Daddy was concerned.

The baby released Sookie’s breast and yawned, so Eric picked him up to hold him for a while. He knew he would be spending a lot of time doing this for the next year or so – it was so amazing to hold the little thing in his arms. “So, my son, have you fed enough for a while? You should sleep now, then when you wake you can have your mama’s breast again, you lucky little fucker,” Eric smiled and winked at the baby, who smiled and gurgled and Eric was convinced he was laughing again. Eric put the baby up to his shoulder, putting a towel on his shoulder as he’d seen Sookie do earlier, and he held him close until his breathing told him he was asleep. Moving slowly and carefully, Eric took the sleeping baby and laid him on his back in the little co-sleeper, then he took Sookie’s hand and put it on the baby’s tummy. Eric started to go to his office, but he found himself leaning against the door facing looking back at the bed. He couldn’t take his eyes off of them. He didn’t want to leave them, even for a few minutes. He hoped this was a temporary reaction to an emotional day and not the way things would be from this moment forward. If he stayed this attached to them it could make it hard for him to function in any capacity. He assured himself it was a reaction to the birth and that it would fade.

Eric went to his office and made some phone calls. First he called Sandy.

“Yes, your majesty?”

“Sandy – you have made the announcement?”

“Yes, sire, everyone in these territories knows of the birth. He is healthy, I hope?”

“Yes, very. He has tiny little fangs and is already taking blood.”

“That’s wonderful! No one is really sure how a Vampire baby will grow, you know.”

“This is a learning process for us all. At the moment, we know that he has fangs, he takes blood and we will learn the rest as he grows.”

“Yes, I suppose we will. You should expect a flood of gifts for him from all of your subjects.”

“Sookie will be overwhelmed, she barely made it through the last pile.” Eric laughed.

“You’ll have to buy her a bigger house, sire.”

“Yes, well, we’ll be looking into that in New Orleans. I’ll let you know what we think of the properties we see. If there’s nothing else, I’ll say good night.”

“Good night, Your majesty, and our congratulations once again.”

Eric ended the call and dialed Bill’s number.


“Yes, Bill. Sookie and the baby are asleep and I thought I’d check in and see how things are in New Orleans.”

“It’s a madhouse getting ready for the fundraiser. I have literally hundreds of requests for tickets to go through, and it’s already pretty much at capacity. I’m just going to go through and see if there’s anyone we don’t dare say ‘no’ to.”

“People are still sending requests at this late date?”

“Everyone has seen Sookie’s interview on the evening news or YouTube, and there has already been a leak to the press about the birth of the baby. TMZ and E! both had stories saying they had unconfirmed rumors that the world’s first Vampire Prince was born today. I’m surprised you don’t have paparazzi around your house already.”

“The guards know better than to let anyone get that close to the house. Vincent added extra when he was notified of the birth. Anyone who tries to approach the property without an invitation could be in a world of hurt. There will be double the guards on duty tomorrow since Sookie is expecting company and I don’t want her or the baby disturbed.”

“How is she feeling? Was it a difficult birth?”

“She’s fine. Ludwig sort of flushed her insides with my blood to heal her up quickly. It was a relatively short birth and she avoided the worst part when he disappeared.”

“He what?”

“When the baby began to crown Sookie prayed to Freyja that they would both be safe and the baby teleported to our bed, where Sookie feels safest. Fortunately, I heard him and had him back in the birthing room before everyone had a chance to lose their minds,” Eric laughed.

“Sounds exciting. He can teleport?”

“Yes, at the very least. I hope he doesn’t begin to do it often until he’s older. My guess is he’ll do what he can to stay near Sookie for the first few months.”

“How in the world is Sookie going to keep up with a baby that can teleport?”

“We’ll work something out. It will only be a problem when I’m asleep – I’m hoping he sleeps in the daytime as I do.”

“Is that likely?”

“There’s no way to know yet. We’ll have to see how it goes.”

“What’s your itinerary for this week?”

“Pam will stay here Wednesday and all of us will drive down as soon as we wake Wednesday night. We should be there in time for the parade, but I want us to head to the residence right after – the baby is too small to keep him out so late and Sookie still needs her rest. Thursday I want Sookie and Alicia and whoever else to look at the properties in the day light, then we’ll return to the ones Sookie likes that evening so I can look at them. Friday will be devoted to the fundraiser and Saturday you and I are going to go over Victor’s house with a fine-toothed comb. I know the son-of-a-bitch had more cash hidden in the house and elsewhere, and I fully intend to find it.”

“Alright, I’m having part of our guard here drive up Wednesday morning so we can double your force. I considered hiring limousines, but honestly, the safest possible vehicle is Sookie’s car. Have Bjorn drive so he’s with the two…. I mean three… of you, plus another guard. I’m sending a secure car for Pam, Bobbie and Alicia and a driver bodyguard for them. Do you have a baby seat for Sookie’s car yet?”

“I have no idea – Sookie was in charge of baby equipment.”

“You’ll have to have one, so if I were you, I’d ask Sookie and if not she can ask Alicia to have one sent to the house tomorrow. She and Alicia will be putting together travel items for the baby, anyway, but it’s best to remind them. What are you going to do about a crib?”

“That I do know – we have a small baby carrier that can be used for sleeping. We also have baby carriers that strap onto the body and I’ll be using one of them for the parade to keep the baby close to me where he’s safest.”

“That’s good – the closer to you, the better. They’re expecting some protesters, too, you know?”

“Naturally – anything we celebrate will upset the FOTS but I’ll be damned if I’ll let them drive us underground. The Council is planning that campaign to make us seem more human-friendly and we’ve already had to agree to pose for photos for it, so they’ll know us in a few months anyway.”

“Why did you agree to that?”

“Because they offered to cancel the tribute left owing by Felipe if we did, and besides, it’s a logical step for them to take. A Vampire Prince is so rare that he will draw interest from every corner of the worlds. Who knows – it may be the reason he was created in the first place. Niall claims he did it for Sookie, but I suspect there was a lot more to it than that. I know Freyja was a large part of it, but I don’t believe it was for me, either. There’s a larger purpose I haven’t figured out yet. Anyway, it will make the kingdom solvent by the end of the year and we’ll be making money again in the first quarter of next year. And they wouldn’t have taken ‘no’ for an answer, and I don’t want to think about what they’d have done to convince us to agree if we’d objected. My number one priority from this point forward is the safety of my wife and child. The safest thing for me to do is to give the Council what they want.”

“That’s very pragmatic. Also, probably quite correct. You seem to be favored by someone on the Council or in the Living Pantheon – do everything you can to preserve that.”

“I intend to. If there’s nothing else, I’ll let you go and talk to you tomorrow night.”

“Yes, good night, then.”

“Good night.”

Eric went to the nursery to look for an infant car seat and found one in the closet. He had seen these pieces but hadn’t really worked with them since he didn’t really expect to need a car seat much. There were several pieces – a base, the car seat itself which was very nice and had ivory leather trim, and a stroller the base could be secured to so you could move the baby without having to wake him up. Eric took the pieces down to the garage and began to install the base in the backseat of the car. One of the guards came in to investigate the light on in the garage and Eric was pleased to see that they were paying attention.

“Who’s in there?” The guard called into the garage.

“It’s me – Northman.”

The guard stepped into the door. “Hello, your majesty – is everything alright?”

“Yes, I just realized that we’d need a car seat for the trip to New Orleans and came down to make sure it would fit. I decided to go ahead and install it in case Sookie needs to take the car out tomorrow.”

“Would you like one of us to do that for you, your majesty?”

“No, that’s alright. I like to familiarize myself with the baby equipment so I’ll know how to use it when the baby needs it.”

“Alright, then, your majesty, I’ll go back to my post if you’re sure you don’t want help.”

“Thank you.”

“Congratulations, sire – everyone is ecstatic about the birth.”

“Thank you – I’m very proud and excited myself.”

“Good night, your majesty.”

Eric had to decide whether to put the seat to one side or put it in the middle of the back seat. He decided the middle was safest, though it would put the seat between him and Sookie. They’d have to forego cuddling, but they’d both like being able to touch the baby and he knew they’d both snuggle up to him and to each other as they rode in the car.

When Eric came back inside he heard the baby start fussing and he zipped up the stairs at Vampire speed. He was pleased when he saw Sookie already putting the baby in place for his feeding when he got there.

“Hey, Daddy!” She said, happy but sleepy. “What have you been doing?”

“I was installing Eric Alexander’s car seat in the back of your BMW. I wanted it in place in case you decide to go somewhere tomorrow, since I knew we’d need it Wednesday evening, anyway.”

“We’re taking my car?”

“Yes, it’s the safest vehicle available. The three of us should fit in the back and then we’ll have Bjorn and another armed guard in the front. The baby will be between us, so he’ll have protection on either side of him.”

“Won’t we be crowded with the three of us in the back seat?”

“It won’t be uncomfortable. The three of us will huddle together. You and I would hover over him anyway.”

“Yeah, we would.” She laughed, tired and ready to go back to sleep. Eric sat next to her while the baby fed so she could doze off. When the baby was done, Eric put him back in the little sleeper and kissed him good night. He tucked them both in and went to his office.

Eric wrote a note to Sookie that as soon as she had the birth certificate she should call Bobby Burnham and so he could contact the lawyer and the accountant about the baby’s birth. He reminded her that Niall would be there to see the infant at 8 PM and that Amelia and Octavia would be there during the day. He also reminded her that Jason might show up at any point in the day. He told her to ask Octavia what she needed to make a charm for the baby out of both of their hair. He reminded her that he had put the car seat in the car and the stroller attachment in the trunk.

As he was preparing to put the note on the dresser for Sookie, he gave in to an impulse to squirt it with a little of his cologne. He knew she loved it and he wanted her to think of him during the day. He would miss them both so much when he went to rest. How was he going to be able to stand this – leaving them every day? It made him ache. He couldn’t help giving them both just one more kiss before he headed downstairs with the picture of Sookie and the baby he printed earlier. He settled into his cache, keeping his jeans and tank on but throwing his boots to the bottom of the upholstered space. He lay back, pulling the lid down, then lay in the dark clutching the picture of Sookie and Eric Alexander.



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  1. you know what i was thinking? that Eric should invest in a fleet of BMW’s like Sookie’s. it would be a smart move with what is coming.


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