Entitlement Chapter 003

Part 3 A Whole New Direction


Sookie might as well have stayed home today, because she was useless at work. She felt as if her whole body was vibrating and she kept going into the ladies room to rub herself through her shorts. At one point, she actually broke down and gave herself a quick but very intense orgasm, and she was gone long enough to make Sam ask her if she was feeling OK. She told him she must have eaten something that didn’t agree with her, and she prayed he couldn’t see on her face that she actually did that in broad daylight at work. What the hell was wrong with her?

“So, Sookie, what’d you think of that vampire bar?” Arlene was being nosy, but Sookie didn’t care. She had one thing on her mind and he made Arlene seem like nothing but static at the edge of her consciousness.

“It was interesting. It got raided, though, so we didn’t stay long.”

“Did they catch anybody doing anything?”

“I don’t know – I forgot to ask.” It occurred to her she hadn’t even asked Eric what happened. She had been so focused on why he was there that she completely forgot her manners.

“So, you going out with Bill again?”

“Probably not. We didn’t really have a lot in common. Things were a little weird with him and we sort of had a fight.”

“Not all it’s cracked up to be, huh? I heard there’s a lot of freaks at that bar, and people from Arkansas.”

“It was definitely different, but it was like any other bar. Most of the people you couldn’t care less about, but then there’s one or two that are really cool and interesting.”

“You meet somebody you liked better than Bill?” Arlene really perked up now. She loved a bit of juicy gossip. Sookie dating a vampire was good for weeks of inane chatter.

“I met some interesting people, but I don’t know any of them well enough to say I like one more than the other. We’ll see how it goes.”

“It? What it? Is it a him? Come on, Sookie, spill it!”

“Arlene, there’s nothing to spill. If I have anything to report, I promise you’ll be the first to know.” Sookie just laughed at her. Nothing was going to bother Sookie today – she was going to see Eric in exactly 4 hours and 45 minutes and she felt like her feet weren’t even touching the floor.

She had so many questions for him. What was his favorite time in history? Where was his favorite place to live? What was his greatest love – there must have been a few of those, right?

Her head was everywhere but where she was and she made one mistake after another. She took food to the wrong tables. She filled three sugar bowls with salt before she caught herself. She was mopping up a spill and hit a customer in the side of the head. She turned around too fast at one point and she and Arlene both dropped two dishes of food in the floor. She was sure she’d have lost her job today if Sam didn’t have a crush on her. He kept trying to talk to her all day, but she was avoiding him because she overheard him asking Arlene if she knew whom Sookie was going to the church with tonight. She didn’t want to have to explain why she was staying home and she didn’t want to have to tell Sam she wouldn’t go out with him and that’s exactly what she heard Arlene thinking after their little chat. More than anything, she didn’t want anybody to know she was going to be home alone and waiting for a huge, powerful, beautiful vampire.

The worst parts of the day were when she convinced herself that Eric was going to stand her up. She had no reason to think he would, but the part of her that was used to being “Crazy Sookie” kept telling her that there was nothing she could possibly have to offer to someone like Eric. Another part of her knew that he’d never disappoint her if he could avoid it. She didn’t know why she thought that, but she did.

She kept thinking about how he asked her if she believed in fate. That line was straight out of an old movie, but it was such a cool idea. What if there were such a thing as fate and Eric and she were meant for each other? That dream she had seemed so real. When he kissed her, it felt like such a relief – like she had been holding her breath her whole life and just waiting for that moment to let it go. She laughed to herself that if nothing else ever came from meeting Eric, at least she had that amazing dream. That was more than any other guy ever gave her. When she dreamed about Bill, he just wanted to bite her.

By the time the dinner rush was over, Sookie had made so many mistakes that Sam just let her go home. He didn’t reprimand her or anything like that, he just suggested that she go on home and hope tomorrow was a better day. She heard him think that he was disappointed he didn’t find a minute to ask her out, but she was glad he didn’t. She might consider something like that under normal circumstances, but she couldn’t think about anything but the fact that Eric might be outside her window in a couple of hours.

She got home right as Gran was getting ready to head for the church. She apologized for not going, helped Gran load the cakes she had baked in the car, kissed her on the cheek and waved as she pulled down the drive. Once she was alone in the house, Sookie had a little something to eat – just some Pop Tarts and milk because she was too nervous to eat much – and she decided to take a shower so she’d be all fresh and relaxed when Eric got there. She spent extra time on her hair and she used a little extra mascara, but she was careful not to look too made up because Eric said he didn’t like that.

What to wear? She knew he liked the dress she had on the night before, but she couldn’t wear that again. He said she looked very feminine in it, so she was pretty sure he liked dresses. She noticed that he liked the little nightgown she wore last night because he kept looking at it. 8:30 was too early to be in pajamas, so she finally settled on a little white sundress with delicate blue flowers on it. It was a little girly in a church picnic sort of way, but it was as far from black club wear as a girl could get.

By 7:40, she was ready. By 8:06 she was pacing the floor, counting the minutes.

Eric woke with a sense of purpose this night. He called Pam and told her she was in charge of Fangtasia tonight, saying he had some official business he had to attend to. Pam didn’t say anything, but she was pretty sure Eric’s official business was on Hummingbird Lane in Bon Temps. She knew when he insisted on having her address that Eric was going to pursue her in a way he hadn’t since long before he made Pam. There was something different in the way she affected Eric. Pam didn’t quite understand the attraction, but she knew Eric well enough to recognize his feeling of connection to Sookie.

He showered and took particular care to see that his hair looked good as it dried. He wore his long black coat with the big pockets so he could take his hairbrush with him. Flying tended to tangle it up a bit so he’d brush his hair when he got there, but before she saw him. He noticed her looking at his hair a lot last night, so he was pretty sure she liked it. A lot of girls did, and he could usually tell the ones who had a thing for guys with long hair. There were certain girls that just loved it and he had a feeling Sookie was one of those.

Sookie. He was beginning to love that strange name. It was unusual and flirty just as she was. He couldn’t wait to hear her voice again. She had one of those lilting Southern accents that just made him melt. When she spoke it was almost like music to him. He had moved to Louisiana because he had seen a movie about Southern belles and he thought they were romantic and sexy. Unfortunately, they were also rare. Sookie was most definitely a Belle – she had that combination of charm and defiance with just a touch of humility that he found absolutely irresistible. She was naturally well mannered and soft spoken, even when she was standing up to him.

How long had it been since a woman stood up to him without smirking or being bitchy? Sookie didn’t wilt, and that was a distinct advantage in Eric’s eyes. She didn’t seem afraid of him yet, though she should be, and he attributed that to her lack of experience with vampires. He took to the sky just after 7, which was too early, but he couldn’t wait.

Eric landed in the woods behind Sookie’s house at about 20 to 8, in spite of flying slowly, He saw some activity around the house and saw her helping a woman he assumed was her grandmother loading some things into a car. Sookie was wearing a white t-shirt and black shorts, which wasn’t really to his tastes, but he got to see all of her legs in that outfit and they were very pretty. The older woman drove away and Sookie went back into the house.

Eric approached the house, zipping quickly across the yard into the shadow where the outside light didn’t reach. He hovered around the side of the house, satisfying himself that Sookie was alone. He could hear her in the shower, and he floated up to the window of the bathroom. The window was clear, but she was behind curtain, so all he could see was a silhouette. A very shapely silhouette, he smiled to himself, and she was singing a bit so he hoped she was looking forward to their meeting.

She wrapped a towel around herself before she stepped out of the shower, but Eric wasn’t too disappointed because he was confident he’d see all of her sooner than she’d ever imagine. She went into her room and dried her hair, playfully directing the air at the small cat that he’d seen in her room a few times. The cat seemed to like the warm air, and she was obviously friendly to Sookie. Eric hadn’t been around cats in a long time, but they were sacred to Freyja so he thought it was nice that Sookie seemed so affectionate with this one.

He hung in the shadows, smiling to himself as she began to pace back and forth. She was anxious to see him, and that pleased him very much. He considered ringing the doorbell, but he preferred the intimate feeling of talking to her in her bedroom. About a quarter after 8, she slid her window up, screen and all, He clung to the side of the house, listening to her breathe, and to her heart beating quickly as she waited for him. Finally, she sat in the chair, closer to the window than last night, and she rested her hands on the windowsill. It was a little early, but he decided it was close enough to 8:30 to let her know he was there.


She jumped and her heart skipped, but she tried to sound calm, “Eric?”

He floated into view, gently resting his hand on hers, “How are you tonight, Sookie?”

“I’m fine, thanks. How are you?”

“I’m quite well, thank you. You look very pretty tonight, Sookie.”

“Oh, thank you. Can you… I mean, are you able to fly?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Bill told me some vampires could do that, but I never met one who could before.”

“It’s not a common skill. Only a few of us can do it. I’m very lucky but I didn’t develop the ability until I was nearly 400 years old.”

“Wow – how did you know you had it? Did you just take off one day?”

“Something like that. I was being chased and suddenly I was in the air and moving very fast. Once it happened the first time, I quickly learned to control it and to do it more slowly when I wanted and to hover in one spot.”

“Is it easier to go fast than to hover?”

“Yes, much easier, though neither requires much effort these days. Would you like to fly with me someime, Sookie?”

“Is that possible?”

“Yes, if I hold you in my arms.”

“Is it hard to do? Would it be a strain?”

“None at all. When you are comfortable with me, you let me know and I’ll take you for a flight. I think you’ll like it, but we’ll make the first time a short one so you can be sure.”

“How far could we fly if we had to?”

“As far as we could reach before dawn.”

“How far is that?”

“Two of us, at full speed, if we started just after dark – maybe 1200 miles.”


“Oh, yes, I can go very fast when I want to.”

“So you don’t need a car?”

“I don’t need one, but I have one. I don’t want everyone to know I can fly and I sometimes like to drive a young lady home.”

“What kind of car?”

“A red Corvette.”

“Wow – I guess the girls really like that, huh?”

“Yes, I suppose they do. It’s a very nice car, if I do say so myself.”

Sookie laughed at that and relaxed a lot.

“Would you like to go for a drive some night, Sookie? I know a very pretty spot by a lake where there are no lights, so you can see the stars very clearly. It’s quite pretty there.”

“That sounds nice…”

“I’ll take you any time you want.”


“You would go for a drive with me?” He smiled softly at her. He was making progress.

“Yeah, I guess so. Is it hard for you to hover there like that?”

“Not too hard.”

Sookie swallowed hard. This might be a big mistake, but she went for it. “Did you want to come in?”

Eric smiled. He knew she would eventually offer. Her natural tendency was to be kind and she wouldn’t leave him outside for very long. “I like talking to you here.”

“Oh – you wouldn’t rather come in?” Sookie couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t want to come in. He did like her, didn’t he?”

“If I come in, can we sit on your bed? You don’t have another chair.”

“We could sit on the couch…”

“I’d rather stay here. I like your room. It’s more intimate here. Anybody could sit on your couch, but you wouldn’t let just anyone come to your bedroom window, would you?”

“No, I guess I wouldn’t.” She really wanted him to come in. “We could sit on the bed, I guess. Please some in.”

Eric floated through the window and stood very close to her so she had to look up at him. He was huge! “Thank you for the invitation, Sookie.” He stroked her cheek gently and Sookie felt a little light headed and a lot horny. She wondered if he knew what she was feeling – was that possible? All she knew right now was that she wanted to melt into a puddle on the floor every time he said her name. Sookie’s heart was pounding in her ears as Eric took her hand and gently led her toward the bed. He sat down and gently guided her to stand in front of him, taking both her small hands in his large ones.

“What time will your grandmother be home?”

“Maybe 10:30.”

“Should I leave before then?”

“No!” Sookie said a little too fast and a little too loudly. What was she doing? “I mean, she’ll go to bed right away, and we can keep talking. I don’t want you to leave so early.”

Eric smiled at her. He was relieved to know that he could still talk his way into a pretty girl’s room. He was in plenty of girl’s rooms, but they were all a little too easy. Sookie took a little effort and he was pleasantly surprised to find that she continued to seem worth such effort on his part. So far, he enjoyed every minute he spent with her. That hadn’t happened in a very long time.

“Do you get along well with your grandmother?”

“Oh, yes, Gran is great. She’ll like you if she ever meets you.”

Was she actually considering introducing him to her grandmother? Eric couldn’t remember the last time a girl wanted to tell her family about him – 250 years, maybe?

“Why do you say that?”

“She likes Bill. I think she likes vampires in general.”


“Yeah, she’s very open-minded and I think she knows …” Sookie stopped mid-sentence. Should she really say this to Eric? She wanted him to like her.

“What does she know, Sookie?”

“Well, you know about my disability, right?”


“Yeah, my hearing people’s thoughts.”

“Your telepathy? Sookie, are you calling your telepathy a disability?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Why would you say such a thing?” Eric was astounded. Surely she didn’t think such a gift was a disadvantage? He spread his legs and pulled her closer to him.

“It makes me weird,” she said softly. “No one wants to be around me. Everybody thinks I’m crazy or scary or whatever.”‘

“Sookie, you have a miraculous gift.” He slipped his hand beneath her hair and gently made her look him in the eye. “Don’t let small minds make you regret who you are or what you can do. You are much finer than your surroundings.”

Sookie could barely breathe. Even if he didn’t mean a word he was saying, he was saying all the things she always dreamed of hearing a man say. Before she knew what she was doing, she was kissing him. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her up against him as he stretched the kiss out into a long series of soft, sweet caresses. Sookie never felt anything so soft. Why was she trembling?

Eric could feel her shaking and he knew it was time to move forward. He stood and removed his coat, then he scooped her up, laying her on her bed and lying next to her, kissing her all the time. Sookie’s brain shut down completely. She was completely overwhelmed with sensation – the feel of Eric’s lips against hers, his hand in her hair and the other slowly roaming over her body, over her hips, up over her breast and back down over her waist, hip, down to her thigh and now up under her dress, his cool fingers on her smooth thigh.

There was no resistance at all when he gently tugged the band of her panties downward. He was so tall and his arms so long that he was able to slip them down off of her all the while he was kissing her. She felt her whole body open up as he slid his cool fingers back up the inside of her thigh, finding her center and gently stroking her in a way no one ever had before. He gently slipped his finger into her, meeting a small barrier much to his delight. He knew Compton was a liar.

“You are a virgin, Sookie?” He said very softly. He didn’t want to jolt her out of the receptive mood she was in. “Will you yield to me?”

“Ye – yes. Is it going to hurt?’

“No, I’ll go very slowly and make sure you are very ready. There will be no pain.”‘

“You can do that?” She looked up at him with big, trusting eyes.

“Yes, I can. Do not be afraid.”

“I’m not afraid of you, Eric, or you wouldn’t be here.”

He smiled softly and kissed her again. And again. Sookie pulled her dress up to her waist and then up over her head as he moved between her legs. She dropped her bra on the floor as he opened her center, and she closed her eyes and let him do whatever he wanted. She couldn’t say no to him if she wanted to, but she didn’t want to. She had waited her whole life for this moment and she just wanted to relax into it and let it unfold.

She was trying to be still, but it was impossible with him licking her that way. Sookie had read about this, but she never imagined it felt this good. His tongue was gently teasing the little nub and his fingers gently, but firmly stretching her in a completely new way. She was really glad she took a shower and she almost laughed when that thought popped into her head.

Eric was in heaven. He expected a little more resistance, but he was pleased to find that she was very wet when he touched her and she was obviously willing. This was very good. This was the first woman in a long time that meant more than a meal and a fuck to Eric. She was so innocent that he wanted to protect her, and with her gifts, she most definitely needed protection. She’d be a target for those who would want to control her talents, and she’d need someone with Eric’s power to keep her from becoming a virtual slave to some other vampire. If she were his, only the most powerful vampires would even consider trying to take her.

Eric smiled to himself as Sookie reached a quiet but deep release on his tongue and fingers. He kept stretching her with his fingers as he kissed his way back up her body. He slipped his hand back under her head and whispered in her ear as he continued to work her with his hand. “You are so sweet, Sookie. I never tasted anything so sweet.”

“I think my blood tastes different, too.”

“May I taste you, Sookie?”

“Please.” She was so ready to say yes to Eric that it was a relief when he bit her neck and then slid gently into her as he lapped at her blood. She felt a sense of pressure that gently let go, and he was all the way in. Sookie was trying not to cry. Why was she so relieved? Was she that desperate to have sex?

No, she realized, it wasn’t the sex – it was Eric. Having him inside her was the first time in her life she felt whole. This is where she was supposed to be – with him, under him, his in every way. She moaned as she felt another orgasm building. Eric smiled and watched her face as she closed her eyes and gave herself over to it. She was so beautiful. How on earth did this beautiful creature live 25 years without ever having sex? Were the men of Bon Temps blind? Were they such fools that they couldn’t see a Goddess walking in their midst? Whatever they lacked, Eric thanked the gods for it because their deficiency had delivered his Sookie to him untouched and unspoiled. She was HIS Sookie now – no one would come between them, ever. He would keep her with him always. He knew this with absolute certainty, the minute he stepped into her room. He couldn’t remember ever feeling this way before.

Eric came right after Sookie did, and they lay in each other’s arms quietly. He smoothed her hair back, kissing her face, looking at her in a way he hadn’t looked at a woman in several lifetimes.

“What are you thinking?” she asked him

“That you are my Sookie now, and you are the sweetest thing I have ever tasted.”

“You aren’t going to forget about me now, are you?”

Eric laughed. “How could I forget about you, Sookie? I’ve been looking for you for hundreds of years.” It occurred to him that he really meant that – it wasn’t a line this time.

“The other waitresses at work say that a lot of guys never call again after you sleep with them.”

“I am not a lot of guys, and you are not the girls you work with. I’m not like any man you have ever known, and I don’t believe you are like any woman I have ever known. I told you, Sookie, this is fate.”

“You still mean that? It wasn’t just a line?”

“I don’t need to use “lines” to get a woman, Sookie, and I don’t have to go anywhere but to my bar to get laid. I have not lied to you since I met you and I won’t from this point forward. I knew when I saw you that you would be mine, and now you are. I’m not going anywhere.”

“I just…”

“Shhh – Sookie. Someone is in the house.”

“It’s probably Gran. That’s funny I didn’t hear the car pull up. Let me go down and ask how the meeting went. Stay here, OK? I’m not quite ready for her to know about me having sex yet, you know what I mean? I want her to meet you without that in her head.”

“Alright. I will wait here.”

“‘K, be right back.”

She popped up and threw on the little nightgown she had worn the night before and stepped into the bathroom to clean up just a little. As Sookie started down the stairs, Eric threw his clothes on. He didn’t want to scare her, but there was no car and he heard the window on the first floor being jimmied. He sneaked out into the stairway and heard her scream.

He was there instantly, grabbing the man who had a garrote around her neck and twisting his head so that his neck broke. Eric caught Sookie before she hit the ground and she threw her arms around him, crying and coughing.

“Oh my god, Eric, if you hadn’t been here I’d be dead!”

“Are you hurt, Sookie? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“I don’t know – can you see a mark on my neck?”

“A little. If you want, I can feed you my blood and there will be no sign that it ever happened.”

“Wait – is he dead? Who is it?”

“He’s quite dead,” Eric said as he bent over and pulled the ski mask off the intruder.

“Oh my god, it’s René!”

“You know him?”

“Yes, I do! He’s my friend Arlene’s fiancé! I can’t believe he tried to kill me!”

“Your grandmother will be home soon, Sookie, we must decide. Do you want to call the police, or do you want me to get rid of the body and erase the signs that he was here?”

“You can do that?”

“Yes, but you must decide quickly. If you call the police, you’ll have to explain why I was here and they’ll have to decide whether to charge me for killing him.”

“Oh, god! I don’t want you to get in trouble!”

“They would probably consider it justifiable homicide, but I am vampire and law enforcement is often unsympathetic toward my kind.”

“You’re right. Feed me your blood and get rid of the body.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, hurry, before Gran comes home.”

Eris tore his wrist and Sookie drank from it, latching on tightly as soon as she tasted it. Eric’s blood was warm and sweet compared to Bill’s, and it was one of the best things she ever tasted. Once he managed to disengage her from his arm, he picked René up off the floor. “I’ll be back soon. I’ll come to your bedroom window in case your Grandmother comes back.”

“OK, be careful!” She kissed him hard and he smiled to himself even as he was getting rid of the body. He found the man’s car on the other side of the woods that stretched through the graveyard, and put the body inside, smashing his head into the windshield to make it look like that’s what killed him. He dropped the man in his car into a lake in the second county to the west, opening the windows so it filled with water quickly. He guided it downward so it went into the deepest part of the lake, then he flew back to Sookie’s house.

The light was on in the enclosed back porch and there was an old station wagon parked outside it. Eric concluded this was the grandmother, so he silently flew into Sookie’s bedroom window and waited for her. He could hear the two of them talking, Gran being very excited with how well Bill’s speech to the club went.

Eric could tell it would be a while, so he picked up Sookie’s cell phone and put his home, work and cell numbers in it. In the area where you could put a little notation on the address, he input “Sookie’s lover,” then he added her cell and home numbers to his phone then looked for the number at Merlotte’s, too. He took advantage of the time alone to snoop around her room a bit, taking note of the books she had borrowed from the library, the three Carmex lip balms in a dish on her dresser, and her shoe and dress sizes. He crawled around her bed and hit pay dirt – he found her diary. He turned directly to her entry from the night before:

Dear Diary.

I met the most amazing man tonight. I wanted to find something that might help my brother get out of trouble with the police, who still think he killed those girls, so I got Bill the vampire to take me to this vamp bar called Fangtasia. As soon as we got a drink and got seated, I saw him. I slipped and said “who’s that?” a little too enthusiastically and I know Bill knew I was attracted to him, though I tried to deny it. I guess he’s a really old, powerful vampire, because other vampires sort of answer to him. He was so sexy and huge and so scary up on that stage. He has really pretty long blonde hair that glistens in the lights and unbelievably blue eyes. He actually summoned us to come talk to him and he already knew my name when I got there.

I could hardly breathe! When he asked me to sit down, I was almost giddy, but I was trying to hide it so I didn’t hurt Bill’s feelings. I swear, if he’d patted his lap, I’d have jumped right up there! He’s mad sexy and he’s got that sort of quiet power about him. They actually call him Master! How sexy is that?

Anyway, the club got raided, which was good and bad because I don’t know what I’d have done if he asked me to leave Bill. No, I’m lying. I’d have dropped Bill in a New York minute! Shh – don’t tell!

Anyway, later tonight, he came to my window! His partner or assistant or whatever, Pam, memorized my address when she carded me and he came to find me. I had just had a fight with Bill because he was a dick to some poor cop on the way home, and my nerves were already on edge from having to leave Eric without talking to him and from that damned Tuvan throat singing that sounded like gargling. Bill’s taste in music sucks.

Anyway, Eric said he wants to come back and talk to me tonight. Can you believe it? He just wants to hang at my window and talk! I hope he does more than that though. I swear, I never felt this way about a man before. He’s so beautiful, it hurts. I didn’t even know women got hot for guys this way. I think he might be the one. I don’t want to seem easy though, because I’m so not that kind of girl, but he’s so huge and powerful, he’d have to be good in bed, right?

Ooh, I can’t wait to see him again! I’ll write more tomorrow!

PS, I totally forgot – he doesn’t like girls that wear black clothes and vampire makeup. He likes feminine girls in dresses like I like to wear. How cool is that?

Eric skimmed a few other pages, picking up on the fact that she loved stuffed animals, the color pink, dark chocolate candy, fancy coffee and mystery novels with hot sex scenes. He also saw one line that he was pretty sure was an allusion to the fact that she occasionally pleasured herself. Good to know. He put the book back exactly where he found it, feeling rather smug and confident that she was, indeed, already HIS Sookie.

Feeling maybe a little too entitled, he stripped off his clothes and got into her bed to wait. It wasn’t long before he heard her say good night to her grandmother and come back up the stairs. She came in and locked the door, happy to see him still there.

“Oh, good, I was afraid you’d get bored and leave.”

“I don’t get bored easily. I can be very patient.”

“Oh, that’s good,” she surprised him as she quickly stripped off her nightgown, leaving her naked, and slid into bed next to him. He hadn’t expected her to be so casual about nudity, not that he was complaining.

“You are a vision, Sookie,” he said as he moved over her. “I never felt anything so soft as your skin, and I never tasted anyone so sweet. You are like a dream.”

“Do you always talk that way?”

“Actually, I never talk this way.”

“You don’t?”

“No, I am rarely so inspired,” he teased her as he nipped at her neck a little and made her giggle. He moved down to take her nipple in his mouth and she couldn’t believe how good it felt. He came back up to whisper in her ear. “I want you to come to my house.”

“Do you have a lot of girls over?”

“Not one since I’ve lived here. I don’t like groupies knowing where I live.”

“What would we do there?”

“Fuck as loudly as we want.”

Sookie laughed almost too loudly. “I can’t believe you said that!”

“The first time was very gentle because it had to be. Now we must be very quiet so we don’t wake your Grandmother. At my house, I will show you what’s possible when there are no such restrictions.”

“You wouldn’t hurt me, though, right?”

“I will never hurt you, Sookie. I will make you feel good in ways you’ve never imagined.”

“You already did.”

“I can do more.”

Sookie giggled at that. What he already did was pretty damned good. She couldn’t think of what to say so she kissed him, and he followed her lead and stopped talking. He made love to her for hours, over and over, until about half an hour before dawn.

“I should go, Sookie”

“Oh, yeah, I guess you have to, huh?”

“I will come back. You work in a bar, yes? Do you have Mondays off?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Come to my house Sunday night, and stay until Tuesday.”

“Um, OK, I’ll have to explain it to Gran… don’t worry, though, I’ll figure it out!”

“My address is in your phone and all of my numbers. Call me anytime you want. I will call you every night, and I’ll come here at night when I can, alright?”

“Yeah, please!”

“My Sookie.” He smiled at her again, and gave her a long, soft, deep kiss, then he was gone.

Sookie slept late the next morning, only waking up when she heard someone knock at the door. Gran got it, but she could tell Gran was excited about whatever it was.

“Sookie, honey, are you awake yet? You got a special delivery!”

“I did?” Sookie popped up, laughing when she realized she was still naked. She stretched, feeling sort of pleasantly sore, and threw on a pink cotton gown that was a good deal heavier than the one she wore when Eric was with her. She bounced down the stairs, wondering what she got.

“WOW! How many are there?”

“Looks like two dozen. Are they from Mr. Compton?”

Two dozen gorgeous pink roses! Sookie opened the card. “This is the beginning. Love, Eric.”


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