LATE Chapter 117

[Author’s note:

It’s the most amazing coincidence – Sookie & I have the same birthday! What a coincidence! Sookie shares March 3 as the birth of Alexander Graham Bell, Jean Harlow, and me!

This is a short one but it’s been a long time so I wanted to party.

WARNING: If you are under 18 BE GONE from this site.

Extreme sexual content including pansexual Mer groups and shifters and other creatures of the night, NC? Maybe but not really. ]



Chapter 117 



Whoosh! Gurgle, bubble, yikes!

Sookie was suddenly sinking in water, her head throbbing from being hit by a big white thing that turned out to be a surfboard when she managed to find air.

“What the hell!?” she sputtered, realizing she was in the ocean, grabbing the board since it was floating and she couldn’t see much else in the dark. Pushing her wet hair out of her eyes, she yelped as something grabbed her by the waist, lifting her up on the board. “Eric! Where are we!?”

“We’re surfing, my little mermaid! Did you hit your head?” Eric realized Sookie had just “awakened” and might be asynchronous.

“Yeah, how did we get here?” She was starting to get her bearings now, realizing that she and her Vampire were completely naked as his body held her face-down to the board and they began to move on the surface of an ocean wave.

“We’re in Mexico, Sookie – your birthday, remember?” He was concerned now that she might be injured. “Are you hurt? Should we go in for a while?”

“I don’t feel any pain, necessarily, just a little confused. I think I’m outside of time again. So, we’re learning to surf?” She began to relax, feeling safe with Eric’s body pressing down on hers, covering her in the most wonderful way.

“Oh, we’re past learning,” he laughed. ” We all learned very quickly. At the moment, you and I are trying to see if it’s possible to fuck while we surf, lol.”

“What?!” she started to laugh, because of course they were trying to fuck and surf at the same time, what else would Eric and Sookie do in the ocean, LOL!

There was a swell in the water that lifted them up and forward as it became a wave. Once she knew where she was, and that she was with Eric, she wasn’t scared. This was actually pretty cool. “Let me turn over, please? I’d rather not try anal on the surfboard, lol.”

He cracked up at that, knowing she was all right.

“I guess the babies are safe?” She asked just to be sure.

“Yes, they are on the shore building sand castles with the rest of the family.” He raised his body a bit so Sookie could flip over, putting them face to face. She grabbed his face with both hands and kissed him on the mouth, then kissing one cheek, the other cheek, his forehead and she acted as if she were going to kiss his mouth again but instead she bit his lip and made him growl, with a big grin and he arched his eyebrow in that way she loved.

“Have we managed to actually have sex this way yet?” she laughed as she pushed his long hair out of his eyes. She wrapped her arms around him tight, feeling almost as safe as if they were home in bed. As long as she was with him, all was right with the world.

“We came close. Bobbie and Bjorn tried a few times, but they gave up. We think that you and I should be able to manage it with our ability to fly.”

“OK, so let’s try again,” she laughed, wrapping her legs around him as she let him slip into her. ‘Ah, yeah,’ she thought to herself, ‘Just like home!’

“The secret seems to be that we need to let ourselves “hang” at the surface, letting us feel the ocean moving us from underneath, but not relax so completely that we fall off the board,” he laughed.

The ocean seemed to respond to Eric’s words as it lifted them upwards. They pressed their foreheads together, focusing on their hips moving together and apart, not too far, just enough to give a little stimulation in rhythm with the wave.

Sookie relaxed against the board, pressing upwards to meet him, then relaxing again. She let her mind stretch out to the ocean, becoming one with it. She closed her eyes, reaching out to Eric with her mind in an invitation.

“Do you feel it, too, Eric?” She thought at him and he responded with a deep thrust.

*Do not be afraid, my Golden Warrior, we have people to meet!*

Eric and Sookie both opened their eyes for a minute, not really sure if that thought came from Sookie or from Freyja, but quickly realizing that the idea itself was an illusion – this was all Freyja – the cool, salty, living water, the almost still full moon shining on them, their bodies fitting together so perfectly, the presence of sea life nearby – they could both feel a pair of orcas about half a mile away, a pod of dolphins not too far from them and a beautiful song in an unknown language from an unearthly voice.

They managed to balance themselves as the wave beneath them grew and they were far up in the sky as the wave crested exactly when they came and then they gently they slipped through to the underside of the wave, so that they were climaxing as they rode inside the pipe. They were spent as the board dropped to the point where a surfer would start swimming, but Eric used his powerful arms to turn them back ocean-ward and they rode the current back out to sea.

*O Mio, YEMAYA! Stella Maris, come to us! O mio, Yemaya, bring your people now to us!*

The Voice of the Goddess was flowing to them, through them and the board began to move in a circle at a point far out from the shore. Eric stopped paddling and the board carried them around, and around and they circled down into a downspout that brought them out upon a tiny island with white sand and perfect blue water that glistened in the moonlight.

Another wave crested and they rode along on top of it, then they suddenly found themselves in the middle of a pod of dolphins!

“Eric! Look!”

“I see them, my Goddess – they’re looking for you, Sookie!”

“Yeah, they are! We don’t need the board anymore!” She laughed as the board disappeared and she and Eric held each other, then they grasped hands and held on as they each dove down deep and suddenly they swam upward still holding hands and flicking their new Mer tails!

They both laughed with delight and swam around each other, kissing, tickling, nipping at each other’s necks. The dolphins around them seemed as fascinated as they were with them, and they would come close to Eric and Sookie both and let them pet their heads and snouts. One small dolphin would circle them, then swim up behind Sookie and nudge her back side with his snout, making her shriek.

“He has a crush on you, Bebe’” The unearthly voice finally attached to a beautiful dark copper skinned Goddess in Mermaid form.

“Yemaya!” Sookie recognized her instantly and swam to Her, the two of them embracing and kissing on their mouths, each gently stroking each other’s arms, shoulders, their hips where their skin became scales.

Eric watched in awe as the Goddess took a long necklace of perfect pearls and hung them around Sookie’s neck with a flourish of her hair. The pearls hung perfectly framing the sacred Aquamarine she could never take off. Yemaya took Sookie’s face in Her hands, kissing Sookie’s forehead, her eyes, her mouth, then She ran her tongue down Sookie’s throat, kissing each alert nipple and then biting the left one as She extended her fangs. Sookie had an instant orgasm and so did Eric, both of  them seized in blue lightning as Yemaya fed from Sookie’s breast and pulled Eric to them, then She kissed him on the mouth.

“Come, Ma Bebes, the party is waiting!” Yemaya took each of them by the hand and they swam among the dolphins “You can breathe the water here as we do!”

There was a depression in the sand below them and gradually it led downward into what Sookie would later describe as a lounge. There were about 2o Mers scattered around boulders arranged as tables and places to sit, there were longer boulders that some were reclining on and there was a particular circle of stones covered with a net that was being used to hold tonight’s supper.

“Softshell crabs, Sookie, you like them, yes?” Yemaya showed them as a beautiful Merman lifted the heavy net to show a bunch of molting crabs roiling in the “pot.”

“Oh, yeah…” Sookie wondered if she could eat one in that form.

“Don’t worry, Sugar, you don’t have to eat them raw! There’s a dry party in the cave back there and you can cook ‘em there!”

“Oh, great!”

The other Mers were watching the Goddess with these two strangers whom they had never seen before closely, openly. A few of them, a blonde male and brunette female, and a tall male with shocking cherry colored hair that hung to his shoulders, were slowly approaching, them as Yemaya introduced them.

“Welcome, mes amis! This couple you see here are visitors, who speak a language strange to us. I will give you understanding so that we can all talk wit’ each other and come to understanding. They come from that place called America to the nort’ of Mexico where they are rich, and famous and very important. Eric is the Vampire King, Sookie is the Faerie Queen and they are married to each other!”

The other Mers looked at them with wide eyes. This was the King and Queen the whole Supe world was talking about! Others began to move toward them as the striking red haired Merman, approached Sookie and Eric directly.

“I am Satyre,” he said to Eric as he stroked his face from his jawline to his perfect V and simultaneously stoked Sookie’s face with the back of his hand, down to her throat and cupping her breast in his hand, giving it a subtle squeeze and rolling the nipple firmly between his thumb and forefinger.

Sookie froze, not sure what to do, but then the Mer took Eric’s erect penis in his hand. Before she could react, another male was at Sookie’s back rubbing his penis against her as he reached around and squeezed both of her breasts. A beautiful Mermaid with violet eyes took Sookie’s face in her hands, slowly starting at her eyebrows, pulling her thumbs softly across Sookie’s soft lips, pulling her hands to the side so that her thumbs were in front of Sookie’s ears and the rest of her fingers rubbing her scalp beneath her hair. She kissed Sookie hard with a sucking motion she had never experienced before. She reached out for Eric’s hand and they clasped fingers, but there was a warm current moving smoothly through the whole party which had quickly become an orgy. The Mermaid moved down to nibble at Sookie’s throat which left her free to look to the side and she Eric with a Merman kneeling before him and a Maid behind him. Another blonde girl came to Sookie’s side, massaging her breast with one hand and her “backside” with the other.

As he finished with Eric, letting a black-haired Maid take his place, Satyre took Sookie by the waist and pulled her to him as a pair of Mermen helped him isolate her against a low flat boulder that looked like it was part of an ancient ruin of some sort. He held her against it so that it came up to her lower back. One of the other Mers lay up on the boulder behind Sookie, pulling her hair back from her neck and began to feed on her gently though it made her feel as if she was plugged into and electric socket as Satyre took her from the front, has hard as he could.

When he was done, a blond male grabbed Sookie’s arm and turned her to face the boulder. As she turned she could see Eric in the middle of a swirl of Mers touching him everywhere as he laughed, crying out occasionally but obviously enjoying himself. A black-haired male came up on the ruin and took an iron grip on Sookie’s upper arms, pulling her forward and kissing hard as Satyre was hard behind her. Suddenly it wasn’t even an orgy, it was just a wild swarm.

“ERIC!” Sookie cried out.

Sookie’s eyes flew open, and she had a death grip on Eric’s arm.

“Where am I?” Sookie said, trying to shift gears since she had apparently been dreaming.

Everyone at the dining room table looked at Sookie like she was crazy went back to watching Sunny stretch her little wings.

“Oh, yeah,” Sookie said, “now I remember.”

Everyone was frozen, except Alex who said, “Sthundee aba weens por fyeen!”

Aubie was sitting in his high chair applauding. “Sthu-dee BY!”

Sunny hovered over the table and looked at Sookie very intensely, then at Eric, which made her giggle. “PA!” She said as she landed in his hands and her translucent pink and yellow wings disappeared into their scapular creases.

“Well, you won’t have to worry about that one being able to fly!” Octavia cracked up while everyone else was in shock.

“Why… I… wha….” Sookie couldn’t form a word.

Eric shook himself and got focused, “Sookie, did Dr. Ludwig ever mention this… possibility?”

“No, I’m sure I’d have remembered that,” she said, still in shock.

“Should we, perhaps, call Dr. Ludwig and apprise her of the situation?” Eric suggested.

Sookie nodded, slowly, “Yep, I’d say we should.”

Bjorn was already on his phone.

“Hello, Dr. This is Anderson. Yes, we’ve had an, um, unexpected development with the new baby and I think we need your immediate advice.”

“All right, I’ll be right there.” Ludwig popped into the dining room with her big carpet bag and the phone still in her hand. “So, what have we? Is the child sick?”

“No,” Sookie began slowly, “She’s not sick. Eric, show her?”

Eric sat the baby on the table and tickled her back in the right spot then FLIP! Out came the wings and the baby was hovering over the table again.

“OH, MY! WINGS!” Ludwig exclaimed.

“Weens por FYEEN!” Alex said with delight, making Aubie giggle and clap his little hands.

“WELL, NOW!“ the doctor continued, “That is a surprise! There hasn’t been a winged member in the Royal family in at least 6 generations! We thought that the tendency had been completely bred out of the H’Eloise line. It’s a recessive gene, you know, it would take a mother and a father both with the tendency in order to produce a flyer.”

“So, Eric and I both carry a recessive gene that combined to create a winged baby?”

“So, it would seem.”

“Will the Fae world consider this a good thing, or a bad thing?” Sookie wondered.

“Oh, they’ll be thrilled! Just think – a winged Princess! Why, the celebration will be huge!”

“Are we going to have to throw another big shindig like the Wiccaning?” Sookie couldn’t imagine going through that again.

“No, that wouldn’t really be appropriate. This is a Fae only event. I’ll consult with the White Ladies, of course, but I’m pretty sure this will be celebrated at your coronation, my dear.”

“And you are saying this is a good thing?” Sookie asked, still in shock.

“Well, it’s certainly unexpected. As I said, it’s a recessive gene, it takes a gene from each parent to manifest and even then, the odds are against it.”

“Doctor, are you sure that Sookie and I are equally the cause of this?” Eric couldn’t take his eyes off the tiny baby bobbing in the air in front of them. She was perfect, as far as he was concerned, wings or not.

“Oh, yes, you must both have flyers in your family line. The odds of two parents both having the recessive gene are astronomical!”

“Lucky us, huh?” Sookie couldn’t wrap her mind around it. It was too far outside anything she dreamed of having to deal with even with a child of magick! She remembered joking about it before Alex was born but that fear subsided once she had the ultrasound. She realized this pregnancy was never examined that way. She also remembered frequently describing Sunny’s movements inside her as “fluttering.” ‘Well,’ she thought to herself, ‘at least I got that part right.’

“My what a fuss there will be! Niall will never get that crown back now! Harming a hair on that child’s head would bring the entire Fae realm down upon him! A FLYER! My goodness! I can’t remember ever being this excited!” The Doctor seemed to be talking to herself as she disappeared.

“Huh,” Sookie said, not sure how to feel about this yet. “So, the Fae will think this is a great thing?”

“That would seem to be the case,” Eric agreed, still as confused as Sookie.

“Eric, do vampires ever have wings?” Sookie suddenly thought to ask.

“I’ve heard folklore of such a thing, but no one considers it true. Most say it must have been vampiric Fae, which are not unusual.”

“I wonder if she has fangs?” Sookie asked, considering the idea of being a pin cushion for four feeders now.

“You’ll know soon enough,” Octavia broke in. “It’s time to get serious about willing donors for Alex.”

Eric turned to her, “Only for Alex?”

“Yes, for right now. Aubie takes more blood than Alex because he needs to grow.  Alex is eating a lot of food so he only needs a feeder maybe twice a week. He’s smart enough to understand that there are certain times and certain sources to feed on.”

“Do we hire someone, like a wet nurse?” Eric was wondering where you’d advertise for such a service.

“I’ll volunteer to let Alex feed from me.” Bobbie said,

“Me, too,” said Amelia who was just coming in the door, “What …. Holy Smoke!” She stopped dead in her tracks.

“Yep, Sookie said, “We got us a winged baby.” It came out like a wise crack though she wasn’t to the point of laughing about it yet.

And with that the baby went up toward the ceiling and then circled the table, looking at each person with huge blue eyes, gurgling a little and then finally going back to Eric. “Pa!”

“Wow, how are you going to hide that,” Amelia laughed, knowing they probably didn’t think this was funny.

The baby sat in front of Eric, who smiled at her with such love Sookie thought she would melt if she wasn’t in shock. Sunny pulled herself up to standing on the table, holding Eric’s forefingers to steady herself, then she let out a little sneeze and at once her wings disappeared again.

“They fold into little flaps on her back,” Eric explained as he turned her so Amelia could see.

“I see that. You’ve already talked to Ludwig, I guess.”

“She was thrilled.” Sookie explained, “Apparently this will be huge news in the Fae Realm to have a winged Princess. They thought it had been bred out of the H’Eloise line.”

“So she inherited this from you, Sookie?” Amelia was beside herself – this was just too cool!

“Actually, Ludwig said it’s a recessive trait so you need a mother and a father with the gene to create a flyer,” Sookie explained.

“Well that’s good – neither of you can blame the other for this.”

“True,” Eric said, “Not that we would resent the child, but she is apparently the best of both of us, Sookie. The gods have allowed it…”

“Maybe,” Sookie said skeptically.

“What do you mean, Sookie?”

“Everything about us has been according to someone’s plan, Eric. Someone bred us for this like a couple of show ponies. Don’t get me wrong, I love our kids and I love our life but the idea that someone is pulling strings to get us to do exactly what they want us to do eats at me.”

“How deliberate could this be, Sookie?” Eric knew this was really bothering Sookie and he could feel in the bond that he had to talk her through this or there would be trouble. He had felt these feelings from her before – if he were unable to distract her then all hell could break loose.

“How deliberate?” Sookie ranted, “All of it – the pregnancy, the reincarnation, me being impregnated on a Sabbat in the largest ecumenical gathering in modern history. The goal isn’t just peace between the Vampires and the Fae. I think the Fae are about to come out the way the Vamps and the Shifters have.”

“Seriously, Sookie?” Bobbie couldn’t imagine that.

“Sure – think about the Wiccaning. There were a LOT of humans there and they weren’t all Pagans. Half the crowd was Fae. Half of them went down on one knee when I said the name H’Eloise. All those humans knew that there was something going on they didn’t know about. Maybe they just thought it was a family thing, but then the fight with Nivian leading the Amazons? Humans are learning, and I think that’s a part of the plan, too.”

“If the Fae came out, that would only leave…” Octavia was following her train of thought.

“The Council, various demigods and the Pantheon,” Eric finished.

“That’s it?” Sookie blinked a couple of tears back, “Eric that’s going to cause…”

“A revolution,” Eric, Bjorn and Jerry all said at the same time.

“VIG!” Alex yelled as his plastic sword appeared in his hand and he threw it on the table. “Uh-oh!”

“Uh-oh is right,” Sookie said as she used her napkin to catch the tears rolling out of her eyes.

“This is the next layer,” Eric said, “It’s why they’re anxious for peace between the Vampires and the Fae – we’ll have to join forces against humans.”

“That’s the full play,” Bjorn agreed, “Freyja is moving up and becoming tripartite so humans will begin to believe and make offerings again

“You realize some people will go bat crap crazy over this,” Octavia said.

Eric nodded. “The opposition on the Right is going to be massive once they get by the shock of it…”

“That makes the war with New Centurion the beginning of a push from the matriarchal forces. All of the Abrahamic groups will fight to the death against the idea of Pagan gods, even if they’re looking right at them,” Eric said grimly as Sookie squeezed his hand gently.

“No need to get upset about it.” Octavia reminded them all. “We know we’re at war. You’re being given everything you need to win. Alex is here for a reason, and so is Auberon, so is Sunna. You’ve got three very special children born to you two uniquely qualified parents. Don’t worry about what people will think. People are going to have to learn the way the world really is. On the other side of this fight, there’s peace of a kind that hasn’t existed in 6,000 years. You stay focused on that.”

Eric nodded in agreement, “Yes, you are right. Our sacrifices are small in comparison to what may be possible.” He kissed Sookie’s hair, saying “Being chosen, as we are, is a good thing, Sookie.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I just wish now and then somebody would say ‘Ok, you do A and B then C will happen.’”

“Pa!” Sunny said as she landed in Eric’s hands again and let out another tiny sneeze as she retracted her wings and laid her little head on his chest and let him snuggle her. Eric stroked her little back and she closed her eyes for a bit.

“Sookie, Sunna has goosebumps,” Eric pointed to her tiny arms.

“She’s cold,” she agreed, and looked around as Amelia reached into the diaper bag in the living room and coming up with a little t-shirt which she brought to the table and handed to Sookie.

“Ameeyah,” Alex waved to get her attention as she walked around the high chairs to sit by Jerry.

“What’s up, Alex?” She asked playfully as she kissed him on top of his head.

“Sthumbdee ava weens por FYEEN wyd a dwadon!”

“Sunny has wings for flying like a dragon?!” Amelia repeated him so those around the table not fluent in toddler would know what he said. “Is Sunny a dragon?”

“Nah, beebee sthisthta.” He said with his mouth full of pancake and dripping syrup on the floor between he and Aubie, who was gnawing on a piece of turkey bacon very deliberately, not quite sure how to use his teeth just yet.

“Baby sister,” she repeated. “Aren’t Alex and Aubie lucky to have a baby sister with wings?”

“EEAah,” Alex squealed, “Me an’ Obee bowf wuggy!”

Eric was holding the baby as Sookie fussed around with the little t-shirt that buttoned at the shoulder. Sunny was sucking her thumb, happy to be snuggled to Eric’s chest.

Breakfast proceeded without incident, if you didn’t count Alex throwing a pancake at Aubie.”Uh-oh!”






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