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LATE Chapter 011

Sookie learns about D/s


“Sookie, are you falling asleep?” he whispered.

“Uh-uh. I’m just comfortable,” she replied as she nuzzled his neck. They were still in the bath, the water was warm and Eric was holding her on his lap, rocking her a little bit. It felt too good to move right now.

“Comfortable? You are not angry?”

“No-o, why would I be angry?” She said in something that hinted at baby talk.

“So you liked what we just did?”



“What’s so interesting… I always love having sex with you, Eric.”

“That was a little more than sex, my lover.”

“It was?” she whispered, arms still around his neck, face pressed right below his ear.

“Do you know what “domination” means, lover?”

“Like domineering?”

“No, in terms of sex – do you know what masochism is?”

“Why – did we do that?” Her eyes were still closed and she was so relaxed he expected her to be asleep any minute.

“When you asked me to push you past your limits like that, to the point where it became uncomfortable or painful, that is masochistic. You were enjoying a kind of pain or suffering. I didn’t know you… had the capacity for that.”

“Is it good or bad?”

“There’s no real good or bad in consensual sex, my lover, but some things are more usual than others. Masochism is unusual.”

She finally raised her head to look up at him. “Am I abnormal? Did I do something wrong?”

“You are not abnormal, my lover, do not worry about that. You did nothing wrong if you enjoyed it. Did you?”

“Obviously. I’m tired and I’m happy.”

“Maybe we should discuss this when you are more awake…?”

She yawned. “Will you wash my hair with that strawberry stuff, and then I’ll do yours?”

“Of course, my lover.”

They didn’t really talk for the next hour. He lathered and rinsed her hair with the new strawberry shampoo she seemed to like, then she got behind him and did his hair, though she had to rise up on her knees to reach his head. Only an occasional moan of satisfaction passed between them. They dried each other with soft white towels, combed each other’s hair, and then each went to their own sides of the bed without bothering to get dressed. Sookie pulled the covers down and slid in first while Eric checked his messages with his cell phone.

“Sookie, where is your phone?”

“I don’t know – I don’t remember seeing it all day. I used the house phone to call Amelia this afternoon.“

“That’s because you left it in my office.”

“I did?! I can’t believe I went all day without missing it.”

“You did, and your brother is raising hell trying to find you. Apparently, Merlotte told him you quit your job for health reasons and he has been looking for you all evening. He is at Fangtasia right now.”

“We don’t have to go there, do we?”

“No, you and I are in for the evening, my lover. I’m calling Pam now and we’ll get this all straightened out.” He hit the speed dial for Pam’s direct line.


“Pam. Stackhouse is there?”

“Yes, and he’s quite a pretty thing, even if he’s not too bright. He’s quite agitated, though he relaxed a little when we found Sookie’s phone in your office.”

“Where is he now?”

“At the bar – I told Felicia to ply him with free beer until you could be reached. I knew you would check in before we closed tonight.”

“That is good. Summon him and let him say goodnight to his sister, then you may send him on his way… unless you want to keep him as a pet.”

“Hey,” Sookie yelled, “that’s my brother. Pam is WAY out of his league!”

Eric laughed.

“She objects to the idea of me keeping her brother?”

“No, she knows you are too good for him.”

“No doubt. I could find him amusing for a while, though…  Here he is.”

“Northman? Where the fuck is my sister.”

“Calm yourself, Stackhouse, she is here.” He sat on the bed next to her and handed her his phone.


“Sookie – are you alright? What the hell is going on?”

“Jason, I’m fine, calm down. I’m with Eric.”

“I’m not exactly sure I’d call that being fine, Sookie.”

“Be nice, Jason – you and Eric are going to have to learn to deal with each other. We’re going to get married.”

“What? Since when…?”

“Since today – he asked me and I accepted, and I’m really happy about it so don’t give me a hard time about it.”

“Are you sure he didn’t glimmer you or something?”

“No, Jason, that doesn’t work on me. I love him so please try to be happy for me.”

“He damn well better be good to you, Sis. Why does Sam Merlotte think you’re sick?”

“I’m not exactly sick, but a doctor did tell me to take it easy for a couple of weeks.”

“What Doctor? Dr. Potter?”

“No, Eric’s personal physician.” Eric laughed at that.

“What’s that blood sucker laughing at? And what does a dead guy need a doctor for?”

“Nothing, Jason. There is something I need to talk to you about, but it’s not urgent or anything. How about I make you dinner on Saturday and I can fill you in?”

“I got a date Saturday night, but I guess I could come to dinner before. You’re sure everything is alright, now?”

“Yes, it’s never been better, honest. You come over to the house on Saturday at 6 o’clock and I’ll see you then.”

“Alright, if you say everything’s ok, I guess I’ll accept that.”

“Thank you, Jason. I’ll see you then.”

“OK, sis, have a good night. I think I’ll ask this Pam lady to dance.”

“She bites Jason – for real.”

“Uh-huh, OK – bye, Sook.”

“He’s gone,” she said, handing the phone back to Eric.

“Don’t worry, lover, Pam won’t harm him… too much.”

He leaned over and kissed her, then he kissed her again, a little longer than before and a little harder.

“Suddenly, I’m feeling much more awake now…” she teased.

Eric’s blue eyes were glittering again. She loved the way the light danced in them when he was feeling frisky.

“Ha ha,” she laughed out loud.

“What’s wrong,” Eric said as he jumped a little.

“Nothing, sweetie, I’m just feeling a little giddy again.”

“Sweetie, huh?” He laid his phone on her nightstand and pulled back the covers. He went to the foot of the bed and started kissing her toes, then the top of her foot, then ankle, following the trail upward to her thighs.

“Spread your legs for me, Sookie.” And she did. He placed himself between them and then he kissed her inner thighs, her mons, her tummy. He lingered on her tummy, nuzzling it with his nose, turning his head to the left and laying his cheek against it.

She stroked his hair. “What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking that there is a small being in there who means more to me than any living creature besides you. I never expected to … I never thought I could be a father.”

“I guess the fairy blood finally came in handy for something, huh?” she laughed.

He laid his cheek on her tummy again and said “Fairy blood. My son will be a fairy.”

Sookie laughed. “And you aren’t talking about his sexual preferences, either.”

Eric laughed and pressed his lips to the spot for a long minute, then his forehead. “A miracle” he said.

“All babies are miracles, Eric.”

“Not like this one. This one will be touched by the gods.”

“If you say so.”

“Ask Niall if you don’t believe me.”

“I will – I’m going to see him soon and thank him for this.”

“Do you want me to go with you?” He looked up at her.

“It would be nice if you were there.”

“Then I will be.” He placed his palm against her belly. “How are you feeling, dear one?”

“Pretty good right now. No nausea, I’m relaxed and happy, I’m exactly where I want to be with exactly the person I want to be with forever. I sound corny, don’t I?”

“A little, but that’s to be expected. If there is ever a time when it is permitted to be “corny” it would be when the topic is babies.”

“I guess that’s true,” she laughed.

“We were very active earlier. I was afraid we had over done it a bit.”

“Is that why you’re not already licking my….”


“You know what I mean.”

“I just wanted to see what word you would choose for it. You’ve been full of surprises today.”

“You’re surprising me right now. The operative word in that sentence, in case you didn’t notice, was LICK.”

“Is that a request, my lover?”

“It’s a freaking demand, buster – act like you mean business if you’re going to stay down there.”

Eric roared with laughter. “As you wish, Milady!” and he happily complied.

In no time at all, Sookie was writhing and clutching his hair. Eric noticed her grasp was stronger than ever before, and she was louder than usual. He was trying to hold her hips in place just to see if he could but she was like a wild animal, and it only got worse when he slipped his fingers into her. She was thrashing and shaking her head back and forth as he slipped her right leg up to his shoulder, licking her inner thigh lightly before biting her harder than he usually did.

He never saw a reaction like that from her before – the bite actually seemed to be what made her climax and her reaction was fierce. His fingers kept working her as he fed from her, and he could feel his own climax approaching which was strange because the only stimulation he was getting was her blood. It tasted different, though, even sweeter than usual and it made him feel light headed for a minute, then it dawned on him – Fae blood. It didn’t taste like sweeter human blood anymore; he was tasting pure Fairy.

Then he was on top of her, in her, holding her wrists down to the bed on either side of her. He bit her cheek, he bit her neck, her shoulder – none hard enough to break the skin, but enough to make her cry out with each one. His mind was completely shut down and the only thing in his awareness was the feeling of sliding in and out of her, and he couldn’t do it hard enough or fast enough to suit him.

“Oh, god, Eric, Eric,” she was calling him but he couldn’t really hear – he could only feel and it was building and building… then Sookie pulled her knees back to let him in deeper and he roared as he slammed her, pinning her to the bed, claiming what was his. After his release he continued to move slowly in and out of her, feeling every movement with his whole being.


He shook his head – he heard his name.


Sookie – he was with Sookie. He opened his eyes and looked at her, confused for a minute.

“Eric – where did you go?”


“Yeah, for a minute there you were just – gone – and you were really wild.”

He started getting his senses back and panicked.

“Oh, god, Sookie, I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“No, Eric, everything is ok. That was amazing, even for you.” She laughed.

Eric wasn’t laughing. “Are you sure I did not hurt you?” he rolled off of her, looking at her with fear in his eyes.

“Eric, what’s going on – are you ok?”

“Sookie, I want you to be very, very sure. Did I hurt you?”

“No, Eric I’m fine.”

“Oh, thank the gods,” he said as he fell onto his back next to her.

Now Sookie was worried about him.

“Eric, tell me what happened? Why are you so upset?”

“Fairy blood.”


“Fairy blood.  It’s a drug for vampires the way vampire blood is for humans.”

“Right, I kind of know that – it’s why vamps like me so much.”

“That’s just it, Sookie. You taste of Fairy but it’s not like drinking pure fairy blood, not until just now.”

“Just now?”

“When I drank from your leg – it wasn’t human with a little essence of fairy, it was pure fairy blood.”

“How is that possible?”

“How is it possible for you to have my baby? Ludwig said Niall invoked our fairy natures – suddenly, you taste of fairy.”

“That could be a problem, couldn’t it?”

“Yes it could. I was so high on your blood just now, I didn’t know what I was doing. Are you sure I didn’t hurt you? Maybe I should call Dr. Ludwig.”

“No, Eric, you didn’t hurt me. It felt good – really, really good. I wonder….”

“What, Sookie?”

“Well, remember she said my exes would have a bad reaction to the baby? That Bill would be able to smell the baby all the way from his house and they’d want to kill it?”

“That’s it – that’s why she told you not to go around them – the baby is a fairy. There’s no way Compton could resist it, and Quinn would perceive it as food.”



“But he wouldn’t really… that’s not possible.”

“It is, Sookie, especially with Werecats of any kind. Cats and Fairies don’t get along at all.”

“Does this mean I’m a complete Fairy now or will it fade after I have the baby?”

“Ludwig might know the answer to that, but this puts things in a whole new light. Our baby can’t be around vampires or Weres until he’s grown enough to fight them off. We won’t be putting any nursery in Pam’s house let alone Bill’s.”

“Will you be able to be around the baby? Eric, what if you can’t…?”

Eric was already reaching for his phone.

“I need to put Ludwig on speed dial,” he said as he punched in the numbers.


“Yes, Dr., something has come up that has us worried.”

“Well, that’s to be expected. A unique child will have unique needs.”

“Yes, first, when I fed off Sookie just now, it tasted like pure fairy blood and made me just as crazy. Am I a danger to her? Will I be a danger to our son?”

“The good news is, you are not going to be a danger to the baby. You’ll have relatively normal paternal instincts where he is concerned. You will have to be careful of other vampires, though.”

“Alright. Could I hurt Sookie?”

“Not if you give her enough of your blood often enough. She hasn’t fed from you today, has she?”

“No, not yet.”

“Make sure she does as soon as you hang up, and do it every day. Your blood in her system will counteract enough of the fairy to make it relatively safe for you to feed from her without hurting her. It will give her the extra strength she’ll need to deal with your increased libido, and for her body to adjust to the baby. 4 months is not a lot of time for her little body to go through such a change. When she takes your blood, it also feeds the baby and helps him grow, but most importantly, it establishes your bond with him.”

“OK, thank you, doctor…”

“Wait, Eric,“ Sookie stopped him from saying goodbye.

“What is it?”

“Am I a full fairy now? Will it be safe for me to be around vampires?”

“Dr., did you hear that?”

“Yes. She’ll be fine with other vampires as long as she doesn’t bleed around them or let them feed from her. If she does, they’ll react as they would with any Fairy. Her system should gradually return to normal after the birth.”

“Thank you, doctor.”

“Good bye, Northman.”

“What did she say?”

“As long as you don’t bleed around them or let them feed from you, you’ll be OK. She said your blood will probably return to normal after the birth.

“Hmmm – so I guess fooling around with Pam is out?”

“What?!” Eric was shocked, again, at what Sookie was saying.

“I asked you what you’d do today if I did it with a girl and you never said anything.”

“I said I wouldn’t answer that.”

“Right, but you didn’t say not to do it.”

“Sookie, have you ever…?”

“No, but remember I told you I want to do everything before the baby gets here?”

“You were joking.”

“I was not.”

“Are you seriously telling me…?”

“That I want to do Pam, yeah.”

“Pam… not just a girl, but specifically MY Pam.”

“Is that some kind of vampire no-no?”

He was literally speechless. He looked at her for a long time without speaking, and she started to get nervous.

“Eric – are you mad at me?”

“No, my lover, I am not mad at you, I just find myself wondering who you are.”

“What does that mean?”

“That means the Sookie Stackhouse I know would never want to sleep with another woman, let alone My Pam.”

“Why do you keep calling her YOUR PAM?”

“You know I turned her, that makes her mine. I am her Master.”

He got up and walked to the dresser to make a note on the steno pad.

“Yeah, but you’ve had sex with her a lot – she told me.”

“You have talked to Pam about her having sex with me?” He turned and looked at her with wide eyes, leaning back against the edge of the dresser.

“Yeah, she said when you turned her you had a LOT of sex.”

“We did. I just didn’t know you knew about it.”

“Yeah, I’ve known that for a long time.”

“You have never expressed any jealousy toward Pam.”

“I like Pam. She’s funny and not many vamps are, and she’s got a really pretty mouth. If I were a guy, I’d want to have sex with her.”

“Did you just tell me you wanted to have sex with her even though you’re a girl?”

“Yeah. I did. I do. You, too, of course, I wouldn’t do it behind your back.”

He was speechless again, staring at her.

“Eric – say something.”

“Sookie, I am a thousand years old, and I didn’t think I could be shocked by anything, but you, my lover, have succeeded. Let’s be completely clear. You are telling me that you would like to have a three-way with me and with Pam. The three of us, together, at the same time, having sex with each other.”


Eric ROARED with laughter.

“Is it really that funny? Are making fun of me?”

“No, my lover, I am not making fun of you.”


“Sookie, listen to me. We have had a lot of surprises in a very short time. It may take both of us some time to adjust to this new situation…”

“Yeah, so…”

“So…I want you to think about this for 3 days.”

“3 days?”

“Yes. If, after 3 days you still think this is a good idea, I will ask Pam if she is interested.”

“Do you think she would be into it?”

“I know she finds you attractive. She and I haven’t had sex in a long time, but there’s no reason not to. I could order her to do it, but I won’t.”

“That wouldn’t be any fun.”

“No, indeed.”

“Human guys like watching two girls together, right?”


“Are vampire guys the same way?”

“Well, vampires tend to be a lot more open to different sexual practices, and when you live for hundreds of years, there’s a tendency to try everything at least a few dozen times even if it’s not your normal taste. Orgies are not uncommon, though they almost always include humans as well as vampires.”

“What’s an orgy like?”

“Sookie, if you cast your mind back, our first date was to an orgy.”

“That was NOT a date, but I do recall ending up on the hood of your car with you lying on top of me begging me to “yield” to you.”

“I was not begging. I was urging you to make a more suitable choice in lovers.”

“You were wearing tights, Eric, I’m pretty sure I know what you were feeling and it had nothing to do with the “suitability” of my lovers, it had to do with you wanting into those shorts that you said encased me like ‘the caterpillar embraces the butterfly.’”

“Do you still have those shorts?”


“Will you wear them for me?”

“If I can get into them, sure.”

He smiled at that and wiggled his eyebrows at her. Sookie laughed. She loved it when he did that.

“You still didn’t tell me what an orgy is like. You said that little gathering of trash was nothing compared to some of the places you’ve been.”

“Perhaps another time, my lover, I am afraid of giving you any new ideas tonight.”

“Answer one more question for me and I’ll stop.”

“OK, one more.”

“Have you ever had sex with a guy?”

Eric turned and walked out of the room.