LATE Chapter 001

Sookie has some surprising news for Eric


Sookie just stared at the little stick, as if the longer she looked at it, the more likely it was to give her a different answer. It didn’t change, of course, and the little “+” sign in the window was going in and out of focus, but it was still a plus sign.

“Sookie, this is really important. Are you SURE?” Amelia asked in her most diplomatic tone. She was visibly scared, and Sookie seemed to be in shock.

“Amelia, I swear, it can’t be anyone else. It’s been over a year and a half since I’ve been with anyone but Eric. I’ve gone through this a thousand times in my mind.”

“Honey, vamps can’t…”

“I KNOW that, Amelia! This doesn’t make any sense. I don’t know what to do!”

“You know if he thinks you’ve cheated on him…”

“I haven’t – I wouldn’t do that. You know I wouldn’t, and I haven’t.”

“Well, then, Sweetie, your only choice is to tell him and see if he has an explanation.”

“You think maybe he’ll have some idea what’s happening?”

“It’s possible. I don’t think he’ll kill you before you get the words out of your mouth, but talk fast and keep talking. Maybe that Dr. Ludwig would know…?”

“I hadn’t even thought about Dr. Ludwig. I guess she would be the authority on all things “Supe,” right?”


“Ok, so I drive to Fangtasia, I make Eric sit behind his desk, and I stand on the other side of the room, and I tell him and beg him to call Dr. Ludwig before he has a chance to kill me.”

“That would seem to be your only option. Maybe the shock will slow him down…” Amelia added weakly. She knew Eric Northman well enough to know that slow for him could still mean a dead human before the words were out of Sookie’s mouth.

It was the longest drive of Sookie’s life, but she barely remembered it. Her head was spinning. She was nauseous for several reasons. She felt greasy because she hadn’t even bothered to take off her Merlotte’s uniform or shower before she got in the car and headed for Shreveport. She sat in the back lot of Fangtasia, gripping the steering wheel of her car – her crappy car that Eric wanted desperately to replace, but that was another fight – until her knuckles were white and aching. She looked in the rear view mirror, put a determined look on her face and opened the door. It had to be done – might as well get it over with.

Clenching and unclenching her fists by her side, wishing she’d worn something besides her shorts and sneakers from work, she walked rapidly to the back door and pulled. Pam was in the hallway – ‘Damn, why didn’t I dress up, she looks gorgeous?’ – and she looked surprised to see her.

“Sookie, he didn’t expect you until later. I thought you were going out – you didn’t change?”

“Hi, Pam. Yeah, I didn’t have time, I really need to speak to Eric before the club opens.”

“Alright,” Pam said cautiously, “he’s in his office going over the bank statements. Go on in.”

“What kind of mood is he in?”

“Mood? He’s Eric – he is how he is…”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

Sookie turned the corner and took a deep breath as she reached for the knob on the door of Eric’s office. Taking another deep breath, she went in quickly without knocking.

Eric didn’t look up, but he acknowledged her.

“My lover – you are here…”

God, he was beautiful. She felt even worse now that she hadn’t changed. He was wearing a black leather vest with no shirt, probably matching pants that she couldn’t see, and she was pretty sure which pair of ‘Double H’s he had on under the desk. His hair was freshly washed and shining like gold under the desk lamp.

“Eric, I’m late.”

“No, my lover, you are actually an hour early – you haven’t changed?” He looked up at her confused about why she was still in her work clothes. They did have plans…

“No, not late for getting here, late, late. I haven’t gotten my period this month.”

“Are you ill? Have you seen a doctor? You know, these things would not be a problem if you would come over. I’ve told you many times that all you have to do is say the…”

“No, Eric, I don’t think I’m sick. I took a pregnancy test and it turned out positive.”


His blue eyes grew wide and then he furrowed his brow and she could feel the anger building… “Sookie, have you…”
“NO! No, I haven’t been with anyone but you for a year and a half! I don’t understand this…”

“You know I can’t …”

“I know, but you did because I am and there’s no other way!”

Faster than she could see, he was out from behind the desk, towering over her and gripping her upper arms. “Tell me the truth, Sookie. Who…’

POP! There was a noise and a flash, and there stood Sookie’s over the top Fae cousin, Claudine, in an aqua spangled dress. “Hold on, Blondie – back behind the desk.”

Eric’s eyes were fixed on Claudine. He let Sookie go and moved toward her with that look vamps get in their eyes when they smell Fairy.

“I said back up, big boy, and get behind the desk! We need to talk, but I want some distance between you and me so you can focus on what I’m about to tell you.”

Sookie put her hand on Eric’s chest. “Eric – snap out of it! Go behind the desk for a minute! Please!”

Never taking his eyes off the statuesque fairy, Eric reluctantly moved back behind his desk and sat down.

Sookie was crying a little – her nerves were shot, she felt sick, Eric was angry, and her fairy god- cousin was standing there looking like she should be on stage in Vegas. Great.

“So I take it you both know the good news?”

“Good news?” Eric and Sookie said in unison. There was news, to be sure, but there didn’t seem much good about it. The “news” was impossible!

“Look, Sookie, you know how Niall is always determined to give you a gift – something you really want?”

Eric was stunned. “What has this to do with Niall? What are you talking about?”

“Stop interrupting and I’ll get there. As I said, you know that Niall always wanted to give you something special, Sookie?”



“Well, it turns out there was something he was able to do for you after all. He was able to make one of your dreams come true in spite of your… situation?” she said with a little distaste, pointing from Sookie to Eric and back to Sookie.

“Situation…?” Eric sounded a bit offended and still angry.

“The bond you two kids have. Sookie will never be able to have a human mate, or even a Fae or a Shifter. In order to be with you, Northman, she had to give up any hope of ever having kids.”

“Claudine, I never…” Sookie started to try and let Eric know that she made the choice consciously. She didn’t want him to think it was his fault she couldn’t have a normal life.

Eric interrupted.”Sookie never told me this was a problem. I wasn’t aware this was a sacrifice…” Eric suddenly sounded sad, as if the concept had literally never occurred to him.

Sookie was around Claudine and around Eric’s desk in a heartbeat. She threw her arms around him. “Eric, I chose you. Things were a little rocky at first, but in the end I chose to be with you, knowing what that would mean. You have nothing to feel bad about.”

Eric’s eyes were rimmed with red. He closed them and tilted his head forward so that his forehead touched Sookie’s.

“Now, as I was saying…” Claudine began again, “Niall found a sort of loop hole.”

“Loop hole?” Sookie was confused, Eric was silent.

“Yes, a loop hole. Have you kids ever noticed that you have exactly the same color hair?”

“Yes, we’ve joked about it…” Eric said as he looked at Sookie as if he’d never seen her before.

“Well, kids, there’s a reason for that. No, you are not related, but you ARE of a type…”

“A type?” Sookie was lost.

“Yes, a type – a type of Fairy.”

Eric was getting antsy. “Fairy, you are making no sense, and I’m not in the mood for games. Say what you came here to say.”

“Well, it turns out that Eric’s mother… do you remember her, Northman? Eric’s mother was Fae.”

“What?” Eric and Sookie cried out in unison again and looked at each other, then at Claudine, then back at each other.


She continued,”Eric, before he was a vampire, was half Fae. His mother was from Ireland, taken on a raid, and she only stayed in Sweden long enough to have Eric before she returned home.” Claudine now had their complete attention. “So, what we have here is a half-Fae vampire and a 1/8 Fae human. It only took a little magick with that combination.”

“Magick… you mean I…” Eric was incredulous, but he was catching on.

“That’s right, Viking – it’s YOUR baby.”

Sookie’s eyes were wide and bright. “Is that.. Claudine, is… Eric is that possible?”

“I have no idea.”

“It’s not only possible, kids, it’s a fact. Sookie, you are pregnant with Eric’s baby.”

“Claudine, if this is a joke…” Sookie pleaded.

“No joke, honey, a gift from Great Granddad. He found a way to make your dream of having Eric’s baby come true.”

Eric was still stunned, but his mind was racing with questions.

“Sookie, did you ask this of Niall?”

“Eric, how could I – I didn’t even know such a thing was possible!”

“Fairy – this child – will it be Fae, vampire, human, what?” Eric was trying to wrap his mind around the idea.

Claudine shrugged. “We don’t know yet.”
“What? You mean I’m pregnant with a baby, and we don’t even know what it is?”

“Well, we know it’s a healthy boy, but that’s it. He might have Fae abilities. He might have a taste for blood. He will be very strong and live a long time. Or he might be human and have no special abilities at all. We have to wait and see – it won’t be that long.”

“What do you mean ‘won’t be that long?'” Sookie was getting nervous again.

“Well, Fae only carry babies for about 5 months. Vamps don’t gestate, but they do have healing power in their blood. We figure the combination will give you maybe 5 or 6 months of pregnancy. It will be much sooner than a human baby, but it will be healthy. Well, kids, I’m out of here. You know as much about it as I do now. Enjoy!” and with that Claudine was gone in a cloud of gold sparkles.

“So… this is for real…” Sookie looked at Eric apprehensively.


“Apparently.” Eric was still stunned. “If anyone had the power to do this, it would be Niall.”


“Eric, we never talked about anything like this because it was never a possibility. How do you feel about the idea of being a father?”

“Sookie, I’ve lived over a thousand years with the idea that I never would be… it’s going to take me some time to absorb this… but I think I’m delighted at the idea.”

“Really? You’re not mad at me?”

“My lover, there is no reason to be “mad” at you – this is not your doing. It is a shock, to be sure, but Niall had your best interests at heart, and there IS magick involved. It might be unwise to regret such a thing. It might be dangerous to reject such a gift. If the gods have allowed this, there must be a reason…”

There was a knock at the door.


“Master, I need your signature on a form…” Pam began.

“Pam, I am going to be a father.” Eric was beaming.

‘Wow,’ Sookie thought, ‘that was fast!’

Pam looked confused – “You are joining the priesthood?”

“No, Pam, I shall be a parent.”


“A father. Sookie is pregnant, and I am the father. I am going to have a son!”

Pam blinked at him. Sookie had never seen her speechless before.

“Is this possible?” Pam asked.

“It would seem so. There has been… magick…” Eric was trying to decide how much to tell her, “and we have it on good authority that it is true. We will have a baby.”

“Sookie, you are well?” Pam asked.
Sookie was surprised – Pam didn’t seem upset. She seemed genuinely concerned. “I’m fine, Pam, I’m just pregnant and a little nauseous. Eric, I could use a ginger ale.”


“Pam, will you…”


“Of course, Master, I’ll send one of the bar maids back immediately. Sign this please, and I’ll go back to my work.”

Eric signed the pink form, and Pam was on her way.

“It occurs to me, my lover, that I have not thanked you.”

“Thanked me? For what? Ruining your life?”

“On the contrary. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea. You will bear me a son, and a son like no other. He will be unique. You are his mother, so he will be beautiful. I am his father so he will be tall and strong. No other vampire will have such a nest!”

“Will any other vampire believe that it is yours?”

“Some will doubt, but that means nothing to us. We will let it be known that he is a child of magick, and that will suffice. No one needs to know whose magick or why, and no one will dare question my word.”

“How is the King of Las Vegas going to feel about one of his Sheriffs having a baby?”

“He’s going to be… surprised, to say the least!” Eric chuckled. Eric was laughing.

“You’re really OK with this?” Sookie couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, I’m “OK” lover. Are you not pleased? It just dawned on me that you have not said how you feel about this.”

“Well, if it’s actually your baby, then I’m… thrilled. It was always in the back of my mind that I would never be able to have your baby, and I have to admit, it made me sad from time to time. I might not have chosen this right now, but if I had been asked if I wanted it, I would have said yes.”

“Then you are happy?”

“Yes, I think… I am VERY happy!” Sookie admitted. “Talk about having your cake and eating it, too! I get to have a vampire lover, and I get to have a family with him!” Sookie jumped in his lap and hugged him.

He kissed her, a long soft, deep kiss. He didn’t want her to know that he was worried, or scared. He wanted her to enjoy this gift at least for a while. He knew that they must talk about the dangers this could create. Eric was a powerful sheriff, and he already worried about Sookie being used to control him. This was one more vulnerability – but he was going to have a son, and that was a blessing. He silently vowed to himself that he would kill anyone who threatened his family. He would have a son like no other – a god among men and vampires alike. He knew this. His son might have enemies, but his son would be king and he would live to see it happen.

Late Chapter 002


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  1. This was one of the first fan fiction stories I read…I cannot wait to read it again. I also just read what you have posted of Entitlement and can’t wait for you to add to that story. In the meantime. I will continue to read Late again!! Thanks for your wonderful stories!


  2. Wow…..I just found out fanfiction deleted this story and I went looking for it somewhere else. Really glad you are posting it now and here. I always loved it and have read it at least 4 times. I love it is a combination of SVM fan fiction and Goddess instruction. It looks like it will be Number 5 times now.


    • Hi, Melissa – it’s available in several formats in the Files section of the LATE discussion group on FaceBook. I can’t get to my laptop to send a link right now, but it’s there in pdf, txt, mobi and other formats.

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